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Ron Besser:
TODAY we are making available a still incomplete web site we designed with Charles L. who did the work of putting it together and working for all of us to see.  The Magisterial Foundation thanks you very much for this contribution to our work.
Design and organization means are being worked out as we go and please feel free to feed back your suggestions and comments here. 

Thank you all for your interest and concerns.

Ron Besser/Director
Magisterial Foundation

Majesthia Gondo:
Thank you Mr Ron. Very Happy for this Rayson scientific website.

Many thanks to the designers of this beautiful website ( ) I now had the time to brows and read the site completely. Wonderful graphics and topics, although not always the easiest subjects, they are written in a comprehensible way. I encourage everyone to take the time to read the site, it's more than worth it. When the site is visited by many we might see more of these special and helpful articles. Thank you Rayson, Ron and Charles L. for making this available to all.  SophiaVeronica

I have been looking through the glossary of and noticed that God the Supreme comes up three times. In the article  (Ghostmatter) it mentions the Supreme Being but I'm not sure if God the Supreme is the same celestial. 
The article (Master architects of the Universe) it states God the Supreme, and in the (Will of God) it mentions God the Supreme. Maybe the glossary should be updated,otherwise it's a nice site to visit and I enjoyed  its contents. 

Ron Besser:
Pliktarious, you are correct.  That Glossary was created about seven years ago and I kept the file in case we had a new Rayson web site.  The Glossary is rough compared to what we know today and it needs a re-working and edit to throw out some of the definitions entirely and rehearse Infinity better.  My problem right now is getting the time to refresh it although I did cast an eye over it before we put it up.  So at some point we need to redo it.

God the Supreme regulates all space time energy as it is or was his to balance the forces perfectly.  Remember Pliktarious that part of the supreme that balances universe energies is not God the Supreme but the Almighty Supreme.  The Almighty Supreme is in big trouble since it was that elelemt of the supreme that invaded Nebadon and stole the horses that allowed Michael of Nebadon to return to Urantia as Jesus.

Now that is a huge story we have not broken for reasons of State, and frankly, how conceptually we have to be updated just how a Creator Son works the material worlds and energies to use them for Bestowal purposes.  I am not sure we will ever be let in on how that is worked, but Michael of Nebadon says that the Supreme targeted all of that equipment in the invention lab he keeps running to do these unusual things and utterly trashed every scintilla of work they had done to bring Urantia the Bestowal Son in 2019 or there abouts.  God the supreme directed the break in and invasion, but the Almighty is the one who stood around and directed which transformers and machine inventions were to be broken apart and never allowed to be reassembled again.

All that should describe to you Pliktarious we are dealing with an extremely powerful energy entity in the Almighty and that is not even mentioned in the Glossary you looked at.  It will do until I can revise it but that might be weeks due to other demands on my time for now.  I thank you for looking at it and commenting for I appreciate criticism when it improves what is there.  Ron


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