ADVISORY 24 on Corona Virus to Magisterial Foundation send to readeres 06 July


Ron Besser:
06 July 2020    Advisory 24    

From: The Magisterial Foundation
TO:  URANTIA BOOK  Readers and Organizations
Subject: Corona-19 Virus Status on URANTIA
ADVISORY:  The Magisterial Foundation has been advised Urantia citizens of the general conditions on Urantia are now being saturated due to a world-wide pandemic of disease that will not abate, generally speaking, until about Christmas time.   Further advice is that the pandemic known as the Corona-19 virus is equivalent to the power of the vaulted SARS virus of several years ago and was quickly defeated by mass inoculation against it.

The Corona virus is without precedence only in that it is raging as a mutation of the Corona-17 virus and the SARS virus in that the animals that were involved in the Chinese origin were inoculated for SARS but not for Corona of any derivations. 

Corona 19 is now out of the mode of using humans only as transfer agents and is now infecting certain amphibians to begin with and will infect salamanders, toads, frogs, and some water snakes.  These creatures are easily killed with this infection but the virus is intelligent enough to know that a virus killer known as Corona - 12 is coming on line quickly.  Corona - 12 is an immune antigen in those with immune systems reacting to Corona -19 as the primary antigen against further infection.   The antigen Corona -12 does not survive transfer in serums with other antigens to others from the original patient infection with Corona - 19.   We are classifying this Advisory as beneficial and resolve the concept that the Corona 19 virus will be ancient history in about two years.  It will become extinct.

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CNN reports that “authorities in the Chinese region of inner Mongolia are on high alert after a suspected case of bubonic plague, the disease that caused the Black Death pandemic was discovered in the city of Bayannur, located north-west of Beijing, on Saturday. By Sunday, local authorities had issued a citywide level 3 warning for plague prevention, the second lowest in a four-level system. During the Black Death in the middle ages the bubonic plague killed an estimated 50 million people in Europe. Bubonic plague, which is one of plague’s three forms, causes painful, swollen lymph nodes, as well as fever, chills and coughing.” We are not yet done with the COVID-19 and here we go with another plague, pending over our head. Despite the hassles, I pray that the Magisterial Mission will be still ongoing. Domtia

Ron Besser:
Dr. Mendoza speaks:
"Clency this idea of plague of the type you refer to in China, IT IS TRUE.  However, authorities in China are not as concerned as you are.  They report that the rat infested Grange is well kept but filthy.  The rats in that Grange are so over powered by rat diseases they nearly fall on the ground in a death stupor themselves and yes, plague is among the many diseases found at that is Grange, but it will not trigger a pandemic or anything like the 1612 plague outbreak to which you refer that was also in China and go not further than the nation due to the rationing of food and cereal grains then in force as that plague arose then.

"in 1612 and again in 1310 and again in 1024 -  all Chinese dates of plague and not recorded well in the Western world history books, China had to fight endemic plague issues and never knew what it was to have what happened in Europe where there was no protection against the type of flea that got exported to Amsterdam that killed nearly fifty million people you report.  In this particular case, the rats involved are Mongolian style rodents and are hampered by their own genetic background that some day will determine the entire population to die out as this rat species.  Yes, there is black death or plague as you report but it is well contained under rather specious conditions withing the ruling Politburo-style authority.

"I am Dr. Mendoza, and I report to you Clency you are among the worst carriers of tattle tale mongering to start these kinds of reports, for you must report them fairly but announcing that in the same article is the statement that the world health authorities do not consider it a dangerous situation for the world or does Corona 19 virus pandemics tally into part of t his incident.  When reporting scary stuff just make sure you give it the proportion it operates as in world wide decisions and operations of medical difficulties such as this one surely is.  China is a place of great traditions and harsh realities and difficult politics for the world to worry with, but it is not going to be the locus for a black-death plague outbreak in this day and age."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Clency you are an inveterate gambler and you and you have your reasons for doing so.  I am a Creator Son, and I have to gamble too, but we should never report things like this without being sure you also report how things are really under control.  I am using Ron wisely today as he is with this heat in America in dangerous territory to even be out of bed in these conditions.  However, he runs air conditioning all over and keeps out of mischief by staying in.  You Clency have the same problem if you are not careful as you are no spring chicken yourself and must abide  by the same idea that it is dangerous to press yourself into speaking and living in a world of pandemics and to protect yourself better too.  We are spirit and we are safe from pandemics, but when we lose Ron or you or anyone else who can do this important work, we lose a lot right now.  Ron is hating his fate hut is bravely hoping he can transition out of here soon, yet there is much to do for him and you.  I will not give up easily but will not let foolhardy behavior by any of you to unpunished, and that goes for wild eye cries of plague before you realize it is minor and under full control and poses no world wide threat ever, at least a it is being handled right now.  Michael of Nebadon. "


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