Ron Besser:
Last chance to see Comet Neowise for another 7,000 years as it is moving away from earth.  Its name is derived from the fact that this was the observatory that discovered it this past March.

Look at the information at

The last time this comet showed up was over 4,000 years ago which was in the ancient skies likely of Mesopotamia while Adam and Eve descendants were battling out the Sumerians.  

It appeared some 400 years before Machiventa Melchizedek appeared as the Sage of Salem in what is now Jordan to the goat herder of old as he was preparing to eat supper before going to bed.  When Machiventa Melchizedek opened the tent flap of the herder's humble home, the man was bent over his little stove of straw and lamb's wool kindling.  The fare was lamb stew with not potatoes in it but with a mushroom based gravy we would enjoy today.  This comet had no name in the old days because they were not sure just what it was, was it God sending a message or just a sudden light to go away shortly?

Today in the United States it is barely above the northeast horizon at about 650 am.  The blog writer means SUNRISE NOT SUNSET just so you know.  I cannot see it because I have a bunch of pine trees in the way, and in a day or two it will disappear really forever, as it is a comet of little note, and no one has predicted its return to Urantia skies at all, except the fellow who writes this web site I reference to you above.  It is a nice blog and so we have an omen of a comet in the skies really over the end of an American attempt to force China out of a power game in the South China Sea.

Happy Monday to all!

A leading scientist, internationally respected, made a warning on November 25th 2019, weeks before the coronavirus emerged, that there will be pandemic and he based his prediction upon the theory of “disease from space”. He said that there are bacteria and microbes in the stratosphere and that “viruses transit more or less constantly to earth from space and infect our planet’s fauna.........a significant fraction of this vast number of falling microbes must actually originate outside the terrestrial biosphere and come from cometary sources – viruses and bacteria that are expelled from comets.” The most intriguing of his theory is that comets are connected to the origin of life and that throughout history, comets and epidemics appear to be casually linked. Domtia

Ron Besser:
The appearance of comets in history is challenged not by astrologers as foretelling huge disasters that affect the public.  I call your attention to the meaning of Pluto in astrology and this January conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter.  That was considered as powerful as a comet explaining the death event of Julius Caesar in 44BC

(copied from Wikipedia bext)

"Caesar's Comet was known to ancient writers as the Sidus Iulium ("Julian Star") or Caesaris astrum ("Star of Julius Caesar|Caesar"). The bright, daylight-visible comet appeared suddenly during the festival known as the Ludi Victoriae Caesaris – for which the 44 BC iteration was long considered to have been held in the month of September (a conclusion drawn by Edmund Halley). The dating has recently been revised to a July occurrence in the same year, some four months after the assassination of Julius Caesar, as well as Caesar's own birth month. According to Suetonius, as celebrations were getting underway, "a comet shone for seven successive days, rising about the eleventh hour, and was believed to be the soul of Caesar."[12]"

His adopted son August Caesar built a Temple (25BC) he wished to dedicate to the cult of the comet but I do not think it ever caught on as important to the religion of Rome at all.

Just to make the point that a comet is one of those events that man and beats look back over their shoulder to be distanced from at all possible because of its ill omen to overcast the fate of humanity in history.  This comet is an ancient one having been seen over 4 thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, and was declared fit for a king and was thought to forecast the Messiah to arrive shortly.  Israel was already forecasting the event of a Messiah too, and the 7th century BC Zoroaster community was bedeviled by the idea of a Messiah arriving but so ill fated it would return to the Light before he was finished on earth.  That certainly speaks to the tragedy of the cross if you want to interpret it that closely.  No comet that I know of forecast the birth of Jesus, but the three wise men were told to get their camels to Jerusalem by Gabriel himself when Jesus was born there under the hefty starlight conjunction of Jupiter, Mars, and Venus all at the same time.  

By the way, for you astrology fans, I have recovered some of the horoscope of Jesus, and Pluto sits right in his first house of ascension and foretells epochal deliberations and meanings for his entire life on earth.  I only know that because I did hold a long conversation with Michael on planetary locations in 7BC on 21-22 August.  What astrologers do not realize and cannot get their heads around is that the constellations on the horoscope wheel are somewhat different than today.  Orion and Cepheus replace Aquarius and perhaps Scorpio, but too difficult to prove right now.  That is because mostly, the earth had one heck of an earthquake in 7BC before His birth and the axis tilted to bring Orion into the birth chart.  Orion is a sign of the man of the hour and who builds Kingdoms. Orion is fully intercepted in his first house.

Insofar as I can tell no comets in that period and no real issue with other omens of that day, although the supreme conjunction of three planets in a row is a power circumstance to give meaning to any chart.  They tell me that the conjunction of Mars, Venus and Jupiter, that day was in Pisces.  Pisces in the Jesus chart is on the cusp of the 4th house and the stellum appears in the third house but in Pisces also.   He has a Virgo sun a few minutes past the midheaven.  

So you do not always need a comet to portend great events.



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