Author Topic: 01 February 2021 - MONJORONSON on URantia with Michael - Big Decisions  (Read 807 times)

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The Magisterial Son: MONJORONSON speaks:
I am On Urantia Today with Michael
York, PA 730am Local Time
T/R Ron Besser
February 01, 2021

“We are announcing this day is to be cleared of interference on Urantia of all that abrades all of you very much and Ron in particular.  We are on the planet with MICHAEL OF NEBADON this morning and He is making plans to insure that there is more stability in national governments than there has been since the late 1990's when governments were well designed to face the perils of a world slowly going mad.  Now it is mad and the insurrectionists are in control in some places and we will not tolerate them anymore.  For that reason, I MONJORONSON, take the view that nothing will last long on Urantia unless we start clearing the pile of debris left by the January 6 th insurrection party on the Capital of the United States of America, and subsequent insurrectionist movements in that country too.  For reasons of State we move without further comment, but do as Michael of Nebadon suggests and watch your news programs as we intend to set some things straight over the next few days.  K
“For Reasons of State as well, we say this to all of you.  Ron is well aware of what is going on as he never misses catching commentary on what is happening in the world, and he uses the BBC mostly as the best outlet for such news reporting.  We agree and for that reason when you look on line in your browser place BBC news in your search window and read their home page as it gives you an excellent run down where the American news outlets are so consumed with their own problems they stop reporting news.  That will stop and we intend on making the USA an excellent news source again too when there is ample time to get such things reordered.

“I conclude this announcement by saying we are now in our tenth offering to move the MAGISTERIAL MISSION forward into the world of American jurisprudence and we will as it is still the best place to headquarter our work for Urantia.  However, we also look at the Canadian lands as working very well for us too and Ron is not against placing the Magisterial Foundation office there if the Canadian Government is willing to close one eye on the control of such a Foundation to be under the divine officials arguably ME and SERARA and others if this is to be done at all.  For that reason I am making no claim to a change but Ron is fully disgusted with the politicians who are meal worms and not men and all should be embarrassed that Biden cannot get a word in edgewise to take down the militias with one punishing law: ‘If you try to unseat the American Government and succeed we will execute you for treason.’   

“I am MONJORONSON and I stand with SERARA too over this issue as I do with Ron as he also agrees that sedition is an illness that cannot be cured once it is entered upon.  We leave it at that and close this statement with the following”

“I am never sure who is with us these days, but I am sure that his particular discussion forum is and that it is worthy of praise for its particular style of live and let live unless character assassination appears and then such persons are gone.  I thought it very harsh of Ron to view things that way, but he reasons it this way: you are welcome to join us and express your views, but we have established why we exist and if you do not like it the place is not yours to tear up.  I fully agree with that and apply it to our views as well as there is no way to appease those who disagree with the basic premise that “God is Everything!”   For Reasons of State w3e leave this all for now.  God day.  MONJORONSON”


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Re: 01 February 2021 - MONJORONSON on URantia with Michael - Big Decisions
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