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Lightline USA - TUESDAY - 23 NOV 2021
« on: November 23, 2021, 03:29:42 pm »
Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Appreciation and gratitude to our celestial family Tarkas as our MC, Michael of Nebadon, Megatron and Jesus for being with us during today's Lightline.  Thanks to all our attendees via telephone, internet and streaming.  (once again apologies for streaming issues).

Here is your link to today's audio tape:

I insert here the transmission text received from Megatron just prior to today's Lightline call:

"11/23/2021 1:05 PM

This is indeed Megatron and you have asked for my classification or order as you desire not to be confused with Metatron which you recall is aa group of high powered entities that have addressed the Urantia situation through transmitters in the past.

I Megatron, and you note “I”, and not “we”, am not a group of high entities formed for specific targeted tasks, but an entity unto myself, and by that I mean I am a created being brought into existence by the Father I AM and the Eternal Son to address from Paradise itself certain issues of concern in the current realms of time and space.  You see me as a huge arrow aimed at a bullseye and that is an adequate analogy.  Oftentimes (to use a space/time acronym) it is necessary to address a specific situation at it’s very core and thereby cause it to completely dissipate and be forever dealt with.  Such action causes ripple effects through space/time, that also must be undone as well, to insure full repercussions are dealt with.  You ask yourself “is it not the Absolute that deals with such situations”? and I address that now for you.    The Absolute is involved in correction and reset in so many ways it would make your human head spin to divulge them all, including just to clarify why it is that your terms “correction and reset” are not accurate enough for full disclosure.

You do realize that it would take you reams and reams of paperwork to even give you a satisfactory introduction to myself and the Absolute, broken down into terms you might even be capable of processing in your current state of being.  With that explanation ringing in your ears I wish to say this to you (all)  I am Megatron and have once again been pointed to Urantia aimed at the complete destruction of  a specific target that must be completely and fully destroyed (according to specific mandates I have been given) and I assure you (all) I never miss my target nor fail to fulfill my mandate.

Good day to you all."

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Re: Lightline USA - TUESDAY - 23 NOV 2021
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2021, 08:08:47 am »
LLUSA Nov. 23, 2021 transcription

Phyllis: Good afternoon, this is LLUSA for Tuesday November 23, 2021. this is your host Phyllis Simpson speaking and we have currently 20 callers online and welcome to each and every one of you. There are two currently on the streaming. it has gone couple of times but I have asked our lesson forces to please intercede and prevent interruption of our streaming service, and thank you to all who have joined us by streaming and Internet as well as the direct calling. Can I ask please for our host for this Lightline call today to step forward?  

Tarkas: Yes, Phyllis, Good Afternoon everyone, this is your MC, Tarkas, I believe Phyllis said host while she should have said MC... and I as Tarkas am your host for today and was completely delighted with the turnout and everyone for giving your time to join with us today as part of one family. You have your immediate blood relatives your mothers, fathers, children and some uncles, grandparents, etc., etc. You have your planetary families, other humans on Urantia and yet as well we as your Celestial family are just as much apart and would like to be just as much a part of your everyday lives here on Urantia. And just as your family members are divers so as we, our Celestial family, and our care and concern for you is just as real and just as valid, so as your MC for today, Tarkas. I turn him over now to your local Universe Son, your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon.

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you Tarkas, thank you for being a host once again. Phyllis said it wrong again, it is an MC. Thank you once again Tarkas for being an MC for this Lightline call and Phyllis, I have heard your prayer request for assistance with the streaming service, which is constantly turning itself off on you today few times already. And for whatever reason this is not just the cabal, there is something wrong with the Tuesday streaming service. We are keeping an eye on it from our end as well. It seems to be some kind of a glitch in the setup of the Tuesday streaming and I have to ask for that to be looked into. Anyway, carry on with Todays Lightline. I, Michael of Nebadon, once again commend each and every one of you for being here. Commend you for your longevity in your persistence, and for your interest not only in your personal ascension carriers in your connection and commitment with your Father fragment, but also your connection and commitment and your desire to be with your local Universe family members and involved in any way you can of what transpires on Urantia, your planet known as earth and beyond that into the local Universe of Nebadon and even our new federation of Dominion. Just to site the fact that we also amongst all of these enormous changes and challenges dealing with a New Universe Age.  And with the discretion of our Father this was a necessary step to ameliorate the situation that had taken place in the previous Universe Age that you, I believe all on tis call are aware of, in the described self-destruction of the Supreme. And the large gap that was created from that destruction of communication work-projects connection and a great and various disruptions in the existing plans of that Universe Age. And this has been addressed many times to you, but still I like to come back to this topic and revisit it from time to time, simply as a reminder to let you know that you are in no way forgotten and in no way have you ben orphaned and left to your own devices, and you can relate in so many ways with others throughout all of the Universes effected by this necessary change to you a New Universe Age, and all the restructuring that has become e necessary  to put in place all what the Father desires and deems necessary for this New Universe Age and the success of the Father’s will, his plans and his purposes. Nothing will be left out that needs to come to pass. And the Father himself has decreed that he is on board always to keep his will and his ways moving forward. Not just for his own purposes, but the possibilities and the potentials that he knows are available to each and every one of you as individuals, as those to whom he has not only bestowed a unique personality gifting from himself, but also to whom he has bestowed a very fragment of his beings as your thought adjusters.

These are two immutable ongoing gifts that each of you have received and the knowledge and awareness of these gifts themselves alone should provide you solace, encouragement and peace as to the Father’s dedication and love for each of you as individuals. We know, your Celestial family is very aware of the difficulties of everyday life on the planet Urantia. And we know also of the dedication and the commitment and the perseverance that each of you has in your own personal lives to continue to walk in the desire of the fulfilling of the will and the ways of your heavenly Father as he himself lives within you and starts constantly to encourage and uplift you all through your personal connection with his via his Thought Adjusters. Do not forget as well that each of your personality gifting that Father has seem to it that you have received also play a huge part in who you are and who you are to become with your existence at this time in this place, and the purposes and the destinies that are encapsulated within those personality gifting that you all have received. I as your Creator Son and the Father Representative for my local Universe am truly aware and always thankful of these gifts that Father has bestowed to you for as a local Universe Creator Son and my watch care over you is deep within my being, rooted always in the desire for Father’s will to be done and for potentials to be reached.  But as you are also aware the Luciferian rebellion, the loss of the Supreme, the insurrectionist and the cabal just to name a few that have relegated such difficult situations just on your planet alone are also played out not only through your planetary system but also of the local Universe of Nebadon and effected throughout the new federation of Dominion. The Supreme was not on board with the corrections and the choices that Father was enabling us to make to push behind the disruptions and the distractions that the Luciferian rebellion and even higher seated being manifested.

Phyllis: One moment. Pardon me Michael for that interruption, and the streaming service went down again and that is five times already on this call and we welcome those back on streaming and remind you that if its works for you, you can also go to the forum page and click on the internet connection as for whether the reason for streaming is still providing instability today on this call, and we give our deepest apologies for that. Thank you to the four of you who have returned. Thank you Father Michael, please continue.

Michael of Nebadon: Yes, Phyllis, as I always thank each of my beloved children on this call today. The higher entities working in conjunction with the Luciferian rebellion as we know it continued unbelievably right up into the higher assailants of the Universes. And it’s distracting us and disturbing that was and still is at times, the New Universe Age protocols that have been put in place and the reorganization that has been necessitated is an ongoing reality for all of us that is being brought into existence by the continued cooperation and commitment of your Celestial family and those who stand with the Father and his heart to see all of creation come to its fruition and potentials to be reached and potential are ongoing. This is something that is extremely difficult for you as those who exist still in the state of a mortal on your world of nativity, it is difficult and understandable that the potential that Father has do not have an end. For you know the Father himself is the beginning and he is the end. He is the continuing infinite and hyper infinite existence. There is nothing that holds the Father back from anything that he chooses to create and that which he gifts to his creation, it is ongoing and he works with the existential Deities, the Son and the Infinite Spirit, to constantly explore and initiate new objectives, new potentials and new realities. So do not be disturbed, dissuaded, or concerned, this is a wonderful realm of opportunity that is set before all of us.  

Phyllis: Excuse me, one moment.  This is Phyllis again, streaming just went off and it’s very distracting. It’s back on again. Thank you Father Michael, please continue.

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you, Phyllis. It was my intention to attempt to raise your level of expectations. Not necessarily even to your conscious mind which is currently incapable of grasping the potentials that continued to evolve throughout the Universes of time and space, and beyond. But I feel as your local Creator Son, it is necessary to provide you with this encouragement in such difficult situation and such turmoil as you have been and still are experiencing. And I thank each of you as my loved ones for hearing my words this day through this transmitter and I step back for the moment. Thank you.
Phyllis: Thank you Father Michael, and thank you our heavenly Father for granting us all we need. You have our conscious and subconscious mind expanded to receive your truth and possibilities as you make them known to us. I turn this back to our MC, Tarkas.

Tarkas: Thank you Phyllis, this is Tarkas, your MC, I would remind you now of the transmission you received before this call today, and Megatron is here to continue this connection.
Phyllis: Thank you Tarkas, and please go ahead Megatron, and I ask for forgiveness of the quality of my voice.

Megatron: this is Megatron. I called upon this transmitter before this Lightline call today. Her first response was a request for clarification, for she is also aware, as many of you are of Metatron, as well as myself, as Megatron. And as a clarification I will reiterate that Metatron is indeed a grouping of powerful entities that has in the past been sent to Urantia with certain directives for fulfillment. I Megatron am not "we", I Megatron exist through the desire, the influence of the Father - Son as a special manifestation to achieve a specific manifested target. I have once again, at their request bee pointed as what you in your mind’s eye could perceive as a very large, very sharp arrow. And once again, I have been given a mandate to hit a specific target and this target when I am released, for I am as an arrow that is always aimed at the bullseye and I never miss my mark. When I am released as Megatron and I hit that bullseye there is an absolute reaction that takes place. When I hit that bullseye, the mandate is to be complete destruction of all things that are associated with that core point of existence of a specific issue. When I hit that target that issue is completely and, forever destroyed and its radiates out like the rings that radiate out from the bullseye on a target.  All things associated with that core issue will now also be destroyed and cease to have any effect that they previously had, for their existence is no more. This is not a threat to Urantia. This is not a threat to the Urantia populace. This is a spiritual target and the Father and the Son have deemed it necessary and fruitful to allow the Father’s will to go forth and destroy issues that have constantly plagued, interrupted and desired to have the will of the Father aborted through their existence and their actions.  Be assured there is, as I say, no threat for the peoples of Urantia and its populace, nor to the planet Urantia itself. This is, as you might be able to perceive, similar to a targeted surgical procedure that is removing issues that adversely affect life and progress as it should be. I step back now as Megatron and I wish you all a good day.    

This is Phyllis, thank you Megatron for coming to us today, and thank you for announcing your presence and clarifying your purpose for us, and we look forward to that manifestation of the dissipation of that core issue, and all issues connected with it, that you are purposed and mandated to destroy - and I firmly believe - that of course for our benefit and the will of the Father. Thank you so much. I give this back to you Tarkas. Thank you, Tarkas.

Tarkas: Thank you Phyllis. I would ask as MC of this Lightline today if Lemuel would be willing to receive and bring the voice of Jesus to this Lightline. If you are so willing Lemuel, I would ask that you would unmute yourself to confirm your availability.

Lemuel: Yes, I am here, Phyllis, thank you. Just give a moment here.

Jesus: This is Jesus, and I would like to thank Megatron for appearing, and stating his purpose so clearly for all of you to understand.  I am sure you all can identify with the need of such a high ranking personality as Megatron is, having accepted such an assignment. And for myself as Jesus I also look forward and wait to see if we are able to see as soon as this possible, the result of Megatron’s arrow hitting the bullseye. Now a complete change I want to mention the fact that even on this afternoon Lemuel was thinking about not just the problems that the New Universe Age presenting, but also the good things, yes, the good things that will come out of the necessity of the New Universe Age. When something is needed something must be invented, and when Father took the decision to end what in fact in many ways it ended itself with the demise of the Supreme and to allow, and to in all greet a New Universe Age. So many new things that had to be developed, now you all know that certain things had come to light that we were able to streamline, or to bypass, or to shortcut, whatever way you wish to describe it, certain things pertaining to your ascension plan. Was there any need for example to replace, or be found missing, that is to say, is it necessary to replace a Supreme. Is it necessary to replace God the Seven Fold with God the six fold? All of a short time says, no, if a way can be found to replace the responsibility and the task of what the Supreme exercised through the whole orthopraxis supreme age. Well, it has been discovered that it is no longer necessary, and this is the direct fruit of the bad turning into good, as most often is the case. You say yourself, out of bad comes good and so, it is. Your ascension plans are streamlined now. You have been told before your beloved indwelling Thought Adjusters having new responsibilities and they are delighted to have that responsibility knowing well that it bypasses that kind of filtering system put in place by the supreme. And that filtering system was there with the end of purpose of denying your free will. That has gone and it will not be replaced ever. I Jesus now thinking to myself, and  I can also feel each and every one of you listening, and those on streaming and those on the Internet, you are all so dedicated, you are all so very sincere in your desire to help to bring Father’s will to this planet. It gladdens my heart because I know; I and we can depend on you. As we know Thanksgiving is this week taking place in the United States of America and I would like to be able to give you something else to celebrate, but I am not going to. Accept to say keep your minds open, keep your hearts open, and keep the hope of a better day tomorrow always in your breast. I did mention just the other day that I would like very much to appear before Christmas, but you now it cannot be amongst you. You understand that and you all accepted that. But if I can I will make an announcement on television.

To have just received such a message from such a one as Megatron is really inspiring for all of you, in fact as it is for me, and so I have nothing else to say to you really. You know my situation, you know what I am hoping for, you know what my preference is and of course I am fully aware of yours.  And so, let us together pray with me now, just a few words to our beloved heavenly Father. Dear Father! we come before you in prayer this moment, first of all to thank you for all you have done for all you are doing and all you will continue to do for your children here on Urantia. We ask for your blessing and we ask that you continue to give us your peace and your love and that we may indeed look forward to a festive season with truly something remarkable and wonderful to celebrate. We thank you Father. Amen. And so dear ones I also leave you with my peace and I bid you all a very good afternoon. Thank you.

Lemuel: Thank you. This is Lemuel. All right, Phyllis, I hand this back to you now. Thank you.  

Phyllis: Thank you Lemuel and thank you so much Jesus. And we certainly do join with you in your payers with thanksgiving. I am muting you now, Lemuel. Please go ahead Tarkas.


Tarkas: this is Tarkas. Phyllis, you may open the call for a short question and answer period.        

Phyllis: OK, Tarkas, thank you. If anyone has a question please rise your hand, 5* I believe that is, and if there is anyone on the internet call in has a question I don’t think you have an option to raise your hand, but you could unmute yourself and I will keep an eye on the dashboard for anyone who may have done, so that you may ask your question. Thank you. I see your hand raised Weydevu and I am coming now to unmute you, please go ahead with your question.  

Weydevu: Thank you Phyllis, can you hear me?

Phyllis: Yes, we can.

O1: Weydevu: OK. Megatron spoke as an arrow to hit the target, the bullseye. And I am trying to understand he is talking about to hitting the root of evil, or removing the head of said evil?
Phyllis: Thank you for your question Weydevu, and I will give this over to Megatron and while I am waiting for him to come in I will say, I was posing the same question, that was my impression, but I did not receive a specific response to it. So let me see what Megatron wishes to say.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas. (Phyllis: I have heard from Tarkas because Megatron is otherwise engaged at the moment, but he has instructed me to tell you that) he is not at liberty at this time to provide the specifics of the core issue that he is addressing, or about to address. There is a possibility that it could be disclosed at a later date, but for the moment he simply gives the reassurance that Farther knows the business that he is about and for now, as he gave instructions earlier not to be distressed in any way as mortals of Urantia and not to be concerned about your planet, but simply to know that the Father is addressing issues, a specific issue in his own way and when he is ready to disclose that information he will do so. This is Tarkas and thank you Weydevu for your question. Do you have any others?

Weydevu: No, I do not. Thank you Tarkas, thank you Phyllis.

Phyllis: Thank you Weydevu. I am going to remute you, Weydevu, and I am checking the board for any other questions, which I do not see any other had raised at this moment.  Yes, go ahead Tarkas.
If anyone has a question you still may raise your hand or unmute yourself if you calling in via the Internet web connection, as you I believe unable to raise your hand for a question, but you can unmute yourself to ask it.    

This is Tarkas and I have no others here who have any specifics for today’s Lightline. This information from Megatron and his addressing this Lightline today was unexpected to us as well as yourselves, as there are many things that the Father keeps close to his breast and he has his reasons for doing so. The board is not showing any other hands raised at this time … oh yes, Weydevu, go ahead.

Q2: Weydevu: I am sorry, I have another questions and that is about karma. Has karma been reinstated?

Tarkas: Could you be slightly more specific on that, because I am the one who is addressing the question.  This is Tarkas, were you are asking referring to your planet specifically?

Weydevu: Well the saying is what goes around comes around, the actions that we do with a … in the past after the supreme give himself in there was like the karma went out the window, there was no karma anymore, if I am not mistaken. so, I am asking if karma, the effect of karma, has it been reinstated? I hope I am explaining myself.

Tarkas: So, your statement I believe is that in my understanding, you say that karma was the part of the supreme and was it gone with the destruction of the supreme for Urantia?

Weydevu: Yes, I believe so.

Tarkas: OK. One moment Weydevu.

Michael of Nebadon:  This is Michael of Nebadon stepping in to address this question Weydevu. Absolutely there are a plethora of changes with the destruction of the supreme and everything that needs to be reorganized and readdressed. Karma as it is understood and practiced on Urantia is a subject where I need to lead you into an area that has to do with free will. Where free will exists, as it exists on your planet, Urantia, earth, you know that you are talking about choices, and you know that actions have consequences.  That here are laws and governing  mandates for planets oversight to take care of the basics of evolutionary existence. Some issues have had to be put in place in the past and some of those can vary from planet to planet, especially where free will is concerned. The supreme, as you know, manifested his dislike in many ways for free will, when it especially interfered with his believed right of authority to counteract or disregard free will, and you know this has been an ongoing issue. For karma that you describe on Urantia you’re relating to the area of choice and relating to the area of the knowledge of reaction to choice, and the individual decision to make those choices regardless of any possible repercussions. When the supreme destroyed himself a great part of that was his anger at the realization that he did not have supreme authority and free will was interference, in his opinion, to his existence. Father on the other hand has his rights and obligations, mandates and potentials that, as the Creator of his creation, is his absolute right to enforce or release or even change should he do so. This whole idea of karma as it was practiced and perceived on Urantia, and I will keep this most specifically an issue to Urantia, is an issue that Father himself has decided to keep in his own prerogative of how and when and why he will deal with that now and in the future. For it has to do in some ways, in a very small part, with need for change in this new Universe Age and how evolution itself must be addressed and choice incorporated in that whole scenario going forward. That may not seem to you as a full response to your question but that is the situation as it stands now. Do you perceive what has been said?

Weydevu: Yes I do. Thank you, thank you Christ Michael, thank you Phyllis.

Phyllis: Thank you, Weydevu, for your question. Did you have any others?

Weydevu: No that’s it this time.

Phyllis: I am remuting you and refreshing the page to see if there are other questions, I see no other question at this time. Our hour just come to an end, I am going to stop the tape and I am going to thank all of the twenty two callers and attendees via the Internet who have been with us today, and those who endured the issues with the streaming service, we are currently have three. we thank you all for your participation and your interest in today’s Lightline call and I will stop the recording and bid you to say your good byes.

--- End of transcription ---    

Corrections made by Newstarsaphire.   Thank you Sonsofgod for your transcription.
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Re: Lightline USA - TUESDAY - 23 NOV 2021
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Thanks you Phyllis,  et SonofGod for the transcriptions.