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Title: Over-population
Post by: Clency on May 02, 2021, 08:23:08 am
It is estimated by the United Nations that the earth can sustain around 1.5 billion to 2.0 billion people and worldometer, the world population clock, indicates that the total number of humans currently living in 2021 has reached 7.9 billion people, but I am not sure the world death toll from corona-virus is included in this statistic. The latest update, as from May 2021, shows 3.19 million people died from the COVID-19 disease worldwide, with 576K in United States, followed by Brazil 406K, India 216K and still growing strong. If the pandemic lasted for one or two more years, adding to it the long announced cataclysm, the world population will be decreased by billions of people to reach the sustainable level, in my own analysis. The Celestials Team on Urantia would not have to regulate the world population, leaving the task to the pandemic and natural disasters.
Title: Re: Over-population
Post by: Moses Ouko on May 02, 2021, 12:06:44 pm
Hi Clency,it is true Urantia is overpopulated much more than the world population clock indicates.This was mentioned in one of  Ron's posts
(You Need to Know This clarification fact (https://forum.serara.org/index.php?topic=17116.msg93080#msg93080))
Urantia is signalling to the powers who run planets on Paradise that it is so over populated that it needs pruned back to a better number so that the planet can provide resources for all again.  Right now it no longer can with a population now stated by the CENSOR who regulates what I say here, and He concedes it is well over nine billion human creatures without sufficient food and clean water.  The Federation is interested in using Urantia as a model human planet, and as such, Urantia not only becomes an architectural world as a university to study rebellion, Urantia also becomes a candidate for a rapid change over of human species to a more spiritually activated species immediately.  That alone requires a reorganization of the spiritual forces on Urantia, as well as a Life Carrier transformation of the birth regulation on Urantia.  Yes, you heard me right:  INITIATION OF BIRTH REGULATION.
Title: Re: Over-population
Post by: Ron Besser on May 02, 2021, 12:33:54 pm
Hello Clency, the world population according the spirit censor which is an entity created to provide a number for populated planets like ours, says the world population adheres to the principle of continued growth instead of any pandemic except when a planet is decimated by a plague like the bluebonic plagues of past centuries which did reduce world population at the time.

The Universe Censor who stands above me a lot, reports that the world population as of this morning my time and that is 11am New York time 02 May 2021, is 8,134,152,212 willed beings.  That does not count babies too young to provide willed choices yet.  As of today the emergency nature of the world population crisis is not enough to declare Urantia invalid due to over population, but to declare Urantia quarantined until the filth of natural volcanic eruptions can be cleaned up enough to clear its atmosphere and provide better breathing for a homo sapien design species a last resort to better health than we have had for too long on Urantia.

The pandemic is slowly eroding some country's abilities to make good ways into financial health ever again.  India is a worrying situation to spirit due to its lack of central control and a government failing badly to meet th demands of vaccine production enough to stop the spread of Corona19.  India has a mutation of the Corona19 virus so virulent it spreads like wildfire if not contained by a massive effort to stop people gathering together.  Yet they gather in hordes in the rivers to do religious ceremonies and to bathe  in the dark waters of several well known rivers which are so polluted even the fish cannot live well in them.  Yet they persist as worn out religious practices dominate the population incessantly.

Here at home we have the EU ridden over done with too little participation by people who do not take the vaccine and who ignore the social rules.  Fortunately the cooler climate makes the area easier to stop the spread of Corona19 by the simple fact people do not gather when it is to cool to be outside for the most part.  Corona19 is still the number world killer of people on Urantia today, and for that matter it will not relent until later this year when the Michael administration enters the picture to start to eradicate the retroviruses.  Corona19 is a retrovirus, and as I keep telling you all, a retrovirus can only reproduce by killing its host in order to obtain certain ions made in a dead body that cannot be obtained elsewhere in living bodies.  That is that famous potassium ion Rayson keeps speaking to.

Here is RAYSON:
"Clency, you and a few more never seem to absorb the truth.  The truth is that the world health organizations are very slow to recognize there is a population endemic issue which no one addresses on Urantia.  IT is this:

'Populations of anything eventually collapse because the reproduction rate slows to very low in old societies, and Urantia will reach that in about a millennium not, but in about sixty years to come.  Then homo sapien will begin to disappear off this planet and a new human species will enter.  You Clency represent the new species intellectually, but physically you are badly dated in body design to the point that style of body no longer is issued with the present DNA available on Urantia anymore.  For that reason our spiritual compromises must stand ready to stay out of the reproduction issue for another decade at least before we start making amends to insure that Urantia receive a much better species of humans than it currently has.

"Homo Spiritus leads the pack as the one to replace Homo Sapiens, but unless Homo Sapiens brings back a better body type, even Homo Spiritus may be too weak to stay the course of millennial development needed to perpetuate a human population at all on Urantia. For that reason I, RAYSON, and my staff worry Ron not as he must live as he can for now, but his body is as old as yours is and they are not well done to live for a long time.

"I complete this analysis to complete the picture here:  Ron, and you Clency, as well as Elise and Amethyst, are preparing to stay longer on Urantia for longer than your natural life span would allow.  For that reason you must undergo therapy for life sustainment shortly.  Ron has most of his therapy completed but fights tooth and nail the reduction of free will and will never allow it to be truncated to provide better advice to the body and soul just how to behave before the tribunals which arrive on Urantia wholesale shortly.  Rayson here speaks to many issues about population entirely, for both you and Ron agree that the behavior you see around you is awful and never something you would enter into yourselves.  Yesterday spent the day mowing forgetting he had a Lightline to take care of so Phyllis stepped in and did a great job, but she too forgets that the Saturday Lightline is moving back and forth between several transmitters, and that the entire matter of schedules for LIGHTLINE may have to be repaired for several of you as Urantia will lose the ability to  transmit easily when we bring down the curtain on familiar ways of producing transmissions.

"Transmissions as you do t hem now are easy to do and take no real time to produce; however, Ron cannot tolerate the spirit which insists on playing the boss on transmissions and for that reason is in constant battle to get rid of their presence around him.  The population centers on Urantia ,  Clency, hold no real goodness at this time and are ready to be removed for t he sake of the planet shortly.  But we also report that people like Ron, and to some extent yourself too, will not  tolerate the mess the Spirit intends to install in place of free-will assembly.  For that reason those free will attuned individuals will leave the planet in droves in about sixteen to thirty years and may never ever be associated with Urantia again in spite of their gallant effort to keep Urantia alive and well.

"The LIGHTLINE transmission must continue for years.  Ron looks at them and worries they are too little too late, but their presence is beginning to be acknowledged on high and even reverently portrayed among some of the subscribers for their value.  Ron sees them as essential as I do, but FATHER sees them as a connection that is extra to  the present concept of spirit communication, and worries that Ron may over do some of it but sees the effects are always positive and allows them to continue for Ron.  For that reason the Sunday USA LIGHTLINE series, as well as the French, the Hispanic versions, and the English and Dutch versions are to continue as long as we can maintain the spirit connections to them.  I know Ron looks at that as faltering at times but is happy to report we never let you down and will never let ou down either.  But we must also state that the general practice of transmissions as you have them now will not last for the year to come.  Something else will take their place and Ron can dismiss those who fail to catch up and make things more difficult by processing old information alone.  Good day.  This is RAYSON with the help of MICHAEL OF NEBADON to keep the frequency alive in Ron enough for him to hear clearly.  

"Remember this:  Urantia population growth is almost exponential now and it has to be beaten back.  You will have 10 billion people on the planet by 2045 and no one will curb the sexual appetite of groups who are useless now as progenitors of the human race.  Curbs will be installed with the new Missions.  We greet you well when that times arrives shortly.  RAYSON"

"Ron is granting me special favors not but faces a huge fight over his right to live at all over the issue of free will and he will never relent at the inroads the spirit is trying to make on the human population on Urantia.  We agree that Spirit is not doing what it should.  Neither is mankind for that matter.  The result is that none of us are willing to go the extra mile to st and behind what we promise so fluently from time to time.  Ron is furious over the inroads of Spirit near him and makes sure they never get a chance around him to say anything they want as they are liars for the most part and few of them are truly beneficial to your human species. 

"As a result, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, must attend a seminar I am giving shortly to approve the right of man to ascend without the real work of Spirit to amend such ascensions from Urantia in the true manner of the old ways.  Those old ways are made to be sure that there is an understanding of all people who go to the mansion worlds we are in charge and they make no real contribution until spirit training is replete. 

"For that reason, Ron does not fit the routines up there at all anymore, and frankly, neither do you Clency or Amethyst or Rene or Elise or Lemuel for the most part.  For that reason we must take the ascension careers you all are capable of and truncate the idea of Spirit training to something other than what you hear about in the Urantia Book as the 5th epochal revelation.

"I see the battle Ron has to fight every time he writes now and that must stop and they are not understanding what the problem is.   The problem is that Ron does not synchronize anymore with the Creative Spirit or the Supreme.  He could but not longer wishes it to take place and  thrown them out when they approach to make it happen.  Spirit now must report they have lost Ron as a subject and therefore Ron is subject to removal and  that we will not allow.  For that reason all of you need to understand that the issue of work for Ron is sometimes just to stay alive and fight the devil Spirit back as useless and liars without a place on Urantia ever if he had his way.  I agree with Ron fully and with Clency who insist if we are going to work on Urantia to clear it of all horrors of the past and refund the idea of Jesus as intended in His day and let the future become rosier than it is currently planned for.  I fully agree with this scenario and must abide Father's will that this is to be the true case.

"Meanwhile, the Spirit bitterly fights all changes Ron insists upon as I do as most of you do.  However, the Spirit is now looking at Ron as a loss not but as an adjunct to make the transition to ME, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, easier to do as the Spirit now understands Urantia is not the place to take a stand especially with Ron at the helm with all of us ready to make Urantia livable again.   For that reason we must constantly clear the rooms Ron works in and he is exhausted by being forced to take harsh stands every moment just to get his work done.  We offer this  to all of you  then:

"If you want LIGHTLINE  to continue then work at it.  Ron does and so do the other Hosts, but we see things failing if Ron cannot get allies outside of the present forum and Ron sees that clearly and makes efforts--  useless to him mostly but pays dividends more than he knows--  and we make no amend to the present readership of the Urantia Book as one of the poorest efforts we have ever seen over an epochal revelation period.  Now this:

"Lightline today, Sunday the 2nd day of May, 2021, has some smart remarks to come regarding what must be spoken to in the coming Missions.  Adam and Eve are at Ron's side right now to speak:"

"We are now convinced Ron you are not the shy boy once spoken to up here as ready to help but without a single boat to row for us.  You have now spoken briefly to the list of Readers as we know them, and they are among the poorest done in decades to even say they are readers.  The are so admixed with idolaters that they cannot make decisions without hearing "what would Jesus do?" material in their ears.

"As a result, Ron flows right over them and refuses to participate in their constant parties over Jesus and themselves as Agondonters.  One woman insists that once an Agondonter then all and everything one does is in accordance with God's will.  Hardly. But then she is mixed as a Eurasian with so many strains of intellect it is hard to classify her style as anything but a new addition to the Tower of Babble in Mesopotamia these days.

"Lastly this:  WE need to hear Ron makes a double statement to all of you:  GET BUSY! and then STAY QUIET!"  And it is for this reason:

"The 5th EPOCHAL REVELATION is withdrawn!   It is to be eschewed no longer by people who know what they are doing and must be thrown out with the bathwater shortly as Ron uses it for accuracy of spelling, names, and concepts he refers to, but no longer promotes it as essential to life due to its loss of accuracy over a rebellion that should never have occurred but must be quelled and put out for garbage collection. He is truly aside of all of it as he hates the ways of operation that are cruel and painful.   For that reason Ron is called home not, but must be repaired and is done as it can be done.  We are Adam and Eve, and this too:

"Our decision not to use Ron in our schools was based on his repairs being fully morontialized.  Now MICHAEL OF NEBADON rescinds that decision entirely, and insists that he must enjoy what is left of a human life forever and soon enough as Ron will be the first human to fuse entirely before  the public in a few hundred years as that is how life will be valued again on Urantia.  Meanwhile we use Ron as is and that is flattering him and not us because the whole  idea of blood line improvement is not working with the idea that even Homo Spiritus is  the best idea anymore and that resides deep within the thinking of the Deity Absolute who speaks to all of you next:"  ADAM AND EVE at your service."

"I am not upset with a thing Ron.  You are preparing the life of a scald not but hate them with a passion I have seldom seen on Urantia before and likely afterwards either.  Your dislike is the unfairness of their power to do the wrong  thing.  I fully agree and they are losing the battle bit by bit with MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and MANTUTIA and RANTARASON, and even more if you knew the true scope of how disliked they are.  Be assured it comes around  that nothing is wrong with free will and as you went through yesterday, the true gift to FATHER is self dedication of your own will to His.  For that reason you win a day of  the Life of Riley as of yesterday alone as you are back in the soup shortly over ORIGINS and the INFINITY which is progressing more than well, as you will set the physicists off on a tout that will brain you good for being obsolete not but fully apprised as the new theoretical physicist with out regard to education but to revelatory work so superior we wonder if it is possible to do the new revelation without MANTUTIA.  Besides Ron could not do it without any of them as he is totally dependent on all transmissions to make it work for himself too. 

"That said:  you the readers of these transmission must understand that the entire matter is coming to a close not for Ron, but for some of you.  WHY?

"You are not listening anymore and pouting about your own worthless ideas that get no shift from Ron or anyone else when you insist to do as you please but never enough  to be seen for us or anyone else for that matter.  Clency you are doing more and better work than you ever have before but you get caught up in conspiracies and Ron knows them as soon as you relate them.  Be caring to use your logical mind Clency, and that will end conspiracy support for them for you.  This:

"I am the DEITY ABSOLUTE using Ron as one of the best transmitters we ever fielded par non.  But Ron must be free to do other work and I decree his is to remain as our chief  transmitter on Urantia, but the LIGHTLINE USA is no longer just a Planetary Broadcast, but Ron is to be assigned its best location for hearing anything soon as we are going to assign him to using the brush of all good universal means, and that is the fact the transmitter he is will be assigned a special place of use when JESUS arrives shortly.  He will become the spokesman for what JESUS wish to think and announce to the public.  He will have a column for  the best publications around the world, and Ron it is not Nelson's marble, okay?

"MICHAEL laughs too.  However, be aware that the entire matter of ORIGINS is brewing big time we think Ron for reasons of State now pervade your work as some of the best spoken spiritual reporting ever seen on Urantia and even the Urantia Foundation is beating a path to the book as one of the best exporters of the truth without making it obvious where it comes from either.  They will never give credit but you are forcing that issue with INFINITY and  that is some book you have gotten together so far with already  100  typed pages set, and more than double that when we are done.

"As I complete this, ladies and gentlemen we must make amends to all of you to some day as Ron and you are exhausted with heartless damages to skin and bones and heart and so on,  for the time is coming he can relax a little and enjoy the fruits of his spoilage of the old ways.    I AM THE DEITY ABSOLUTE and good day."


Title: Re: Over-population
Post by: Clency on May 02, 2021, 01:36:38 pm
Thank you Ron for taking the time to make a long and laborious discourse and thanks also to MICHAEL OF NEBADON, RAYSON, MACHIVENTA, ADAM AND EVE and the DEITY ABSOLUTE for stepping in. I have to go over it again one more time to grasp all its nuances, but I am taking note.