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I post this just mostly as a curiosity of the worth of the Urantia Foundation and its income.  I am not making comments about any of it except to note for you that the Magisterial Foundation is a poor cousin when looking at the endowment of what operates now a flawed epochal revelation and can perpetuate it until it is somehow removed from using these assets.

This information was filed to the IRS on form 990.  A form 990 is what we also file in short form as our income does not exceed a certain amount.  However the Urantia Foundation must file the long form of the 990 and must disclose value of its assets and liabilities in specific amounts.  I am publishing from a screen shot that section of the Urantia Foundation's 990 just to show you the kind of money that is involved today to run a revelation of some scope.

Thank you.
Ron Besser

From the 990 form of the Urantia Foundation filed lately:

Assets and Liabilities
Click to expand. and scroll to your right for what displays off your page when expanded.
They do not show a 2020,  990form  which means it is not submitted yet in 2021 by due date

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