Author Topic: Security for "Resons of State"  (Read 174 times)

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Security for "Resons of State"
« on: April 25, 2021, 04:38:53 pm »

After today's Sunday Light Line and talk of sensitive information and Ron’s mention of working in a Sensitive Classified environment reminded me of my days working many times in such an environment too.  I flew in many world-wide training and some real missions and many times worked in the headquarters planning section that generated the orders that told all participants when and where and the targets they were to execute.  During those training exercises we used secure communication system so as not to let the players know what friendly and opposition forces should know what is going on. Well sometimes secure lines were not available or you had to go to another building and other reasons some would use a regular telephone and try to “talk around”  the subject and make up their own code words to talk around the subject.  They thought they were smart enough to disguise it. Well they disregarded some of their training and forgot that the intelligence sections were monitoring those unsecured phones and by the end of the day they pretty well knew what was scheduled to happen during the next days exercise by piecing out and connecting little disguised bits.  No real damage done on a training exercise but it was a good training point they learned for any real world exercises that could happen in the future.  So the point I wish to make is this. When we are getting information from above and they mention “Reasons of State” Think before you ask a question that even the question could give something away.  I would say don’t even ask a question about “Reasons of State”  You should know if your answered question was okay they would never have claimed “Reason of State” in the first place and your question would have been answered then. I also feel sure your question will be answered at the correct time and everyone will be happy and ready then.  My thoughts of the subject.

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Re: Security for "Resons of State"
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2021, 06:32:42 pm »
Right on George and thank you for explaining the nature of a secret classification.  Both George and I apparently were subject to the brotherhood of silence we learned to deal with easily.  One just does not talk about what is classified as a State secret.  The President of the United States can talk about secrets to the public for he is the only one who order a declassification of State Secrets.  I handled it easily when someone said the room is cleared and communication is encrypted, I spoke directly with my colleagues as to when and what we had to say.  This tape today does not deserve to be classified object, but I asked Phyllis not to post it and destroy it on the service archive for the simple reason it raises more questions than it should and with no real answer to genuinely good in quires from those who listened. 
I am sure you are not missing much from our Sunday Lightline and I summarize the news you received from today's Lighline as follows:

1  -  The Jesus Return has not been fully decided but it has not be rescinded at all or ever;

2 - The Jesus Return is sacrosanct and has no measure of further planning but must wait until the Urantia political and moral situation clarifies itself further in the short term.  The entire Jesus Return is what we often speak of in the vernacular as "hanging fire," as it real and ready on the brink of the lip of a cup to be poured down on us fire and all that it brings.  One or two drops have already spilled on the population we might add;

3 - RA is busy watching over us as a LIGHTLINE Network.  He is convinced that the three other transmitters who refuse cooperation will learn of our Network of LIGHTLINE calls for cooperation purposes.  If they fail so does their appearance as hosts of any outside Lightline event.  It is not my intention to say this but I am asked to state it clearly as Jesus requires peace even among his adherents and peace he will have;

4 - MICHAEL OF NEBADON and the test is also including myself under his watch care so I can survive long enough to propose how to run a mission with a human at tribute, as this is the first mission ever in any universe that has a human component to fulfill to make it successful, and the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION is the first corporation to take on such a high standard to fulfill and we believe it has already done so by half;

And finally:

5 -  The Hosts of the present LIGHTLINES are all ready to sign an agreement that bans insurrectionists from entering their conversations as Lightline Hosts.  Part of the reason for not posting today's post was the constant intermittence Ron had today and refuses to compromise one word that is not uttered as the truth.  That tape is history now and Phyllis has buried it in a diplomatic way to inform all of you that it is gone and not to be used.

Those are the basic areas discussed in that tape and hopefully we need not erase a tape again over interference issues.
Thanks to all for listening.
Ron Besser

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