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Lightline USA - SUN - 2 MAY -
« on: May 02, 2021, 03:38:53 pm »
Afternoon Everyone,

Thank you to Tarkas as our MC, Machiventa, the Universal Father, Deity Absolute, Jesus and Unrevealed Deity associated with the Eternal Son for your messages to us today.  Thank you to all who have attended and participated in this Lightline today via phone, internet and streaming.

Here is the link to today's audio tape:

Next USA Lightline USA hosted by Ron Besser is schedule for 2pm York time Tuesday, May 4, welcome all.
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Re: Lightline USA - SUN - 2 MAY -
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2021, 10:46:24 pm »
Hello everyone, here are notes for today's Light Line:  
Light Line 05-02-2021 Sunday
Ron and Phyllis.


Be at peace. Be in the Father's will.
Larry: let us all be focused.


I am ready to speak to all of you in a particularly nice way.
Ron has seen to it that you are aware that when we transmit the Father, we downsize the frequency so your brains can take it.

(With the use of robots, batteries, and transmitters, the energies are reduced to the appropriate level). Ron has his own energy supply which reduces the number of batteries needed. We make changes as we speak to make sure we have the proper volume.

Now this: We are of the opinion that all of you know the story well enough, to catch variations throughout the air broadcasts. (TV, radio, internet, etc). They will be misinforming, all over the place, and be a problem to hear.

Rayson has requested that Ron become a central broadcast to keep the news truthfully spoken. How we are going to do that we are not sure. But it might be wise for Ron to have a broadcast daily, if only for 10 minutes, so that anything you hear can be verified directly from the Salvington emergency areas.
Urantia is still quarantined.

It does not have representation in Salvington. There have been changes in Satania, and Norlatiadek. The constellation Norlatiadek now has 107 planetary systems. It has become a super constellation.

Urantia is a big burly problem in importance. We need peace.


The trial for Norlatiadek is to pick up the broadcasts, and to make sure that we can deny or confirm reports.

As Universal Father, Ron forgets who he is transmitting. Ron has a memory loss. We will correct that bit by bit.
We insist that hereafter, that Ron is available in all areas of Light Line distribution. but necessarily the main transmitter. He doesn't listen to the other language Light Lines.
Clency is doing great. Elise is improving by leaps and bounds.
Phyllis might be asked to take the Saturday broadcast in the future.

Ron has no recollection that he was supposed to do the Saturday Light Line yesterday. He mowed the grass. Phyllis did a splendid job being host.

Your book Origins is doing well, selling 60 copies a day average. After reading it, people know precisely what happened. But they are confused why you put AIDS, autism, Alzheimer's and lupus all in one book.
It is a catalog. it is not a serial report. The book was originally planned for AIDS alone.

This Light Line does particularly well because of the connection Ron has to Paradise, and to the circle of infinity, the Deity Absolute in particular. Phyllis, Larry, Lemuel have also transmitted the Deity Absolute. If you can transmit Deity Absolute, you are very good as a transmitter. Not just anyone transmits him.
The trial to do so is not difficult, we add more batteries and transmitters in between to make it bearable.


We want it to be known that these lists-- we believe that USA LL will become quite popular. and will not be able to hold the numbers of subscribers who want to listen. Charles needs to address this. We want to change the streaming apparatus.

Now this:
Each of you has the ability to transmit, Robert, you can do it. Find your voice.
Jose: You can do it if you sit down and write.
Valerie: you are the exception. You have the problem of constant worry and harassment. When that ends, you can transmit too.
All can transmit.
Lemuel: you have been subject to a transition situation that has you wondering what is going on. For the moment, it is over, but the problems will return.

Those problems you feel are the result of changing the vascular system and the pressure that is applied by the heart. Ron's vascular system is old and a pipe broke early April. Ron does not have the Covid shot. If he has a thermal reaction to the injection it could kill him. Not enough blood supply.

Elise will not have many effects.

Covid 19 is a retro virus. A Retro Virus has to kill the patient to reproduce. It cannot reproduce unless there is the chemical in the body which is given out at death. The body needs to be buried in 12 hours, or it becomes a transmitter of the virus.
SARS, and AIDS are retroviruses. AIDS must kill to reproduce. There will be another pandemic, count on it.

The Covid 19 will be removed by fiat when Jesus returns. It can't lay dormant around the world waiting to make a comeback.

The farmhand in Wuhan contacted the virus. It mutated, and became Covid 19. The World Health Association has no idea what started it. We were in horror at what he had done. When he contacted the virus, He took off his clothes, sent then to the laundry. It was covered with Covid 19. She passed it to the rest of the family, and then to Wuhan by social acceptance. Then spread.


Covid 19 has 5 mutations. British, South African, Brazilian, United States, and North Korean. We warn Japan. because those bodies of those races have no natural defense. There is no immunology for the Asian races.

It was decided that by fiat, we are removing SARS, Covid, as well as mutated viruses of HIV infection. Be glad. They can decimate the population.
But the population will be decimated by other factors.

Speak to this, Jesus?

Lemuel: This is JESUS. I bid you all a very good afternoon.
You have just been informed that I, when the time is right, at my appearance, that by fiat, I will get rid of Covid 19, AIDS, and the other viruses.

Not just because they are killing so many people, but because I will insist on a new order, a social order which will include an increased help supply for all, and the viruses will have no place in the economic and social structures of this planet.
This is the main reason I will have peace.
Everybody needs to be healthy and strong. And of course, that is totally impossible. But what I can do by fiat is to rid the world of the viruses, so that my future social structure, which includes health aid, here, but especially throughout the world, and all governments will supply free help. It is our right to health.
I have mentioned before, that everyone needs the same t hing. Yes. You need health, and healthy human beings in the future. The future human will not be homo sapiens, but homo spiritus.
So bear this in mind. That once through fiat, the viruses are dead and gone, my new social reform will have a much better chance of succeeding, quickly.

There are other things as well that I will put in place. It is important because you have been talking about it.
I am Jesus, and I say to all of you: I look forward so much to the day I can go among you. I bid you all a good afternoon.


I AM DEITY ABSOLUTE. It is not normal for me to come through any human. It has been mentioned there are some who can transmit me.
I encourage all of you, you can transmit. But not all of you will be able to transmit ME. The world needs transmitters, by the hundreds of thousands in the future. It will save lives.

Yet it true, that the world population will be decimated. But it is to be repopulated by homo spiritus. We must let homo sapiens die away. The truth is, they have failed to come up to the standard we had hoped for in the past. This not just the default of Adam and Eve. There are other factors too.

You can transmit. GO FOR IT. See that it happens!
I bid you all a good afternoon.

Back to you Ron.
Ron: Thank you Deity Absolute and Jesus.

Now to Phyllis to continue the rest of this Light Line.

Phyllis: Tarkas, MC for today?
Tarkas: Yes, Phyllis. I have nothing further to add to this LL today as your MC. I suggest we turn over to Q and A.
Larry: Ron: say something about effects of quarantines and defaults, to the end that Urantia goes further down the rat hole.

Deity Absolute: The truth of the matter, it is a very long and complicated answer. You have no representative sent to the high counsels.
The Universal Father is ready to allow counsel to Urantia even though we are still under quarantine. It prevents any human visitors to the planet.
The UFOs visiting are the material sons and daughters, and staff who are arriving.
That will have to do for the answer.

Thank you.
Weydevu: you mentioned another pandemic. Is that AIDS?

Ron The forecast has to do with retroviruses. If Jesus can get here fast enough, that will be prevented.

The Rhinovirus actually tunes up the immune system. This is the common cold.

Weydevu: What led to the subhuman mutation?
Ron: Careless genetics, interbreeding, mostly Asian.
The stocks of homo sapiens in North America, European Union, and Middle East is sufficient to carry to conclusion. But we don't have enough time to wait for the improvement to come about.

The homo spiritus, is already underway, and it is not robust enough to take on Light and Life as it must be lived.
Another human type will come out of Homo Spiritus. The entire matter of procreation will become subject that will not be done physically.

Biblical "men of old" is reporting of Nodites who did reproduction, without sexual liaison. They could live to 300 years. But they mixed with the homo sapien race.
Now for that reasosn we are interested to see if any of you at your advanced age to reproduce, but not sexually. Rather through liaison, to reproduce.


Ron: Speak it. (unidentified entity).
We have decided this is an avenue that has to be pursued on Urantia, not only for the betterment of mortal lives, to bring this population into light and life. and to work with the missions and to become a populace that can contribute not only to its own welfare on the planetary level, but also these new evolved species will become a home base used from Urantia, which will not only be an educational sphere, it will be a revelational sphere. Beings are destined to work with high spirit, within not only the local and federated universes, but for the purpose set by the Universal Father, for the setting up of new ways of being and doing, and in the NUA this change is being set forth for the outer space levels l, 2 and 3,
destined for the partial population, and the administration of the outer space levels.

The outer space levels have been repurposed. That is all we are going to divulge at this time.

But this topic of procreation and how it is being moved into a new area of evolutionary processes, starting from changes to a dedicated group from the Urantia mortal population, is coming forth, and this will be a prolonged situation and carefully monitored and encouraged in its processes, and in the choices of those who are qualified to participate, chosen uniquely and specifically by the higher realms of spirit.
We leave it at that for now. Thank you.

(FYI: That is unrevealed Deity associated with the Eternal Son.)

Weydevu: about a year ago you mentioned you had celestial offspring.

Ron: those are projections, there is a difference. They aren't offspring.
Michael: you tend to mix things up in your mind, because you don't have enough foundation in place. Offspring is a human son or daughter. But a projection is from the soul. They are not established as truly operating as an identity on the mansion worlds or in spirit.
Ron said that most of you can spin off projections.
We leave it at that.



Robert: How to transmit?
Ron: Transmitting may not always follow the process you expected.
Please sit down and stop worrying about mantras, quiet time. Put your feet on the floor, with your hands on the keyboard. Start to speak to it, and write as you speak.
You can speak: I am Robert. Is there a message ? Speak and write as you speak.

At some point, your your teacher takes over your speech mechanism.

Ron: here is Michael:

Michael: Pick up your headset Ron.

I am now speaking through Ron who says you go first, the other one, no you go first!

Ron has a tendency to be a little pressured in the brain, because he has had nothing but transmissions for the last 5 hours. It has a certain drain on energy. When someone else transmits, he gets complacent.
It is a lark for Ron, but it is a tremendous effort for those of you who can't seem to get started.

Ron's instruction to Robert is right. Don't forget.

There is a valuable and valid connection between your hands, eyes, and brain. Help the hands and eyes help the brain, Robert, and speak, at least when you start --- Is there someone there? :This is Robert. I speak and write at the same time. Now is here is Tarkas." Keep typing. Let the hands open the door, let the brain and let the hands speak for you. Toss the ball up to your teacher, and they will use the mechanism and go from there.

We used to say on Light Line that quiet time was needed to keep the transmission. Breathing deeply, and lighting candles has nothing to do with transmitting. Your mind is mature, Robert. You don't need this. Use natural ability to write, speak, question, Type anything until Tarkas or some teacher picks up and starts.

We have another one on board here who has learned to do that. Ron admires George Meyer who is teaching himself to be a damned good transmitter.
Pjammer can also be a transmitter. He has posted a couple as George has.
It is right on.
This is Machiventa. I hope they hear this.

Ron, Please transmit for infinity. This is DEITY ABOSOLUTE.

Your life is needing repair, you are now able to receive the morontia synchrony. You will be feeling better.

For Phyllis: you are severely ill as is Ron. You need to be hospitalized. You are not taking any advice, and shame on you. The day is coming when you will receive manifestation to the truth of your health. You are too young and useful to pass over. The library is critical but it is put aside.
Ron has a brand new book.

Don't go to Phyllis. She can't take the strain. Ron has 100 to 200 more pages to write on infinity .
Phyllis, Gitz, Gossett and the hosts are a real team and see to it that it works with questions and unreasonable discussion.
Maruchi and Moses are wonderful contributors. We could do with 20 more.
This is Machiventa. Hear me.
I am placing this Light Line on special status so that people in spirit and those more advanced planetary humans, understand that Ron is without vocal cords.

We are making available physical manifestations to correct that.

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Re: Lightline USA - SUN - 2 MAY -
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2021, 11:53:22 pm »
Thank you Phyllis for posting the recording.Thank you all our Celestial family for your great contributions.Thank you SongatSunrise for the notes.I was fortunate to attend via internet audio.

Thank you very much Jesus for your intentions to rid Urantia of the retroviruses which have devastated the population for so long.We look forward to your second return to put Urantia on the path to Light and Life.

Love and Blessings,

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Re: Lightline USA - SUN - 2 MAY -
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2021, 08:29:39 am »
Thank you all. Thank you SongatSunrise for this transcription. 

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Re: Lightline USA - SUN - 2 MAY -
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2021, 12:01:42 pm »
Hello, some parts were excerpted from the recording as below:

1. About soul projection to Mansion Worlds for the answer to Waydevu
[Michael of Nebadon] 1:08:04 The soul is the projection that is a future Ron. Your soul is a future Waydevu and so on. Those of projections becase they are not establisehd as truly operating yet as a identity on the Mansion Worlds or in spirit. What Ron was refering to is that most of you spin off projections into spirit that can learn and return at learning back to you unconciously. They are persona that spirit recognizes but the Mansion Worlds do not. Yet, there are up there learning as those beings student on the mansion worlds. We leave it at that.

[Ron] It isn't spirit projection but is persona your self projection. You can project without being in the first place. Your soul is a good example. To project the soul as a student to Mansion Worlds.

2. How to transmit by writing for the answer to Robert
[Ron] 1:12:06 Please sit down and stop worrying about matras and quiet time and internal communication with prior or not. Sit down. Clear your mind. Both feet on the floor with a pencil in your hand and a tablet or keys your hands on the keyboard whichever you prefer. And start to speak to it and write as you speak. You can say "I am Robert. Is there a message?" And you're typing that: "I am Robert. Is there a messages?" And you just keep speaking if only to yourself. Speak it and write it as you speak it. At some point your teacher takes over your speach mechanism. Try it that way.

[Machiventa] 1:15:50 Ron's instruction to Robert is precisely right, Robert. Don't dismiss them. We must somehow engage those minds who cannot transmit with the idea there is a valuable and valid connection between your hands, your eyes and your brain. Help the hands and the eyes help the brain, Robert. And speak at least when you start "Is someone one there?  This is Robert. Now I speak to myself. And I start speaking and writing at the same time.  Now I here, this is Tarcus. Hello, Robert. Keep typing. That's what you will find Robert. Let the hands open the door. Let the brain understand the hands feed you. And that's your voice speaking as you write even your own material. Toss the ball upto your teacher. And they will use the mechanism already there, Robert. It works even during the day and you have no idea. You are using it. Now this is Machiventa Mechizedek. We used to teach that the quiet time needed to proceed or preceed the transmission. Ron says: Oh forgot six! What is all this meditation and quiet time and lighting candles and breathing deeply when it dosen't have, darn thing, to do with transmitting. Well the baby minds it is necessary to quite them. But your mind, Robert, is mature. It is steady. It doesn't need that. Please stop it. Use your natural ability to write, to speak, to quesiton and allows the hands to open the door. Type anything until Tarcus or someone, some teacher picks up the word or speaking and type them or write them or whatever your processes.

Thank you.

For a human to live in love is to think truly, word goodly and act beautifuly.