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Threads for New Transmissions / INFORMATION
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 01:50:28 am »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
T/R: Lemuel
30th Sept 2022  07:00 Local

I am glad to see that you do not waste your time trying to come to terms with
information that has no bearing on your present circumstances. So many 
others do. You are all bombarded with information coming to you from all
quarters of the globe all day and every day. It is a great pity that so many of 
you seem unable to protect yourselves from such a tsunami of information.

Information is be usefull or useless. You would think that it is easy to
distinguish between the two, and it is, but many of you think that you must
show interest in what others think you should be interested in. Not so!
You do not need to demonstrate anything to anyone, other than what is true.

It is true that information can be very interesting, but it is just information
and not knowledge. Feed yourselves on that which is beneficial and leave
behind that which is not. Your time is better spent following those impulses
that I give you, as they always lead you to the information that you are in
most need now, and not in some far off distant time and place.

You are fully aware of your need to be available at all times for the work that
you will soon be called upon to attend to. This is why you are here and this is 
what you are wanting to do, is it not?  We who Indwell you, know your heart
and mind and we are gladdened by what we see.

Continue with your normal daily routines, focussing on the here and now,
and don´t allow yourselves to be sidetracked by useless information. You will
accomplish much more this way.

Remember, turn inward to Me for information that is always usefull.

Good day.

You talk about the lies of the west but considering Putin's aggression against a peaceful neighbor and disinformation to the Russian people and this planet in general one might come to the conclusion that the Father sees what you do not. That Russia, North Korea,etc. are terrorist regimes.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Father, please update ...
« Last post by Ron Besser on September 29, 2022, 10:30:27 pm »
PJammer, we are delighted to see this for you and a breakthrough I hope you value as it is very valuable for you to practice more of that kind of contact.  I am proud to see you do so well with a transmission from our Father.  Thanks very much for this excellent effort/   Ron
Hello Prozonov,  I am glad to answer you.  The proposed Regency will not qualify nations to receive these gifts if they spend outrageous amounts for the military.  The United States will be advised to stand down on NATO expenditures in exchange for a civilian use of military hardware instead.  They do not forecast the nations  listed by that statement as agreeable to do that any time soon or ever depending on their choices of government uses.  The Regency is not biased by government style that much, but feels that nations which spend with a full military emphasis are too much of a gamble to cooperate with the Regency without military incidents arising, and their own rules prohibit gifting to such nations who do that currently. 

There is tape made today Prozonov which addresses the REGENCY that is experimented first inside the United States. and the transmissions instructs the issues it must address about how the divine will approach the US government administration and some idea in what way the President of the United States is to tolerate their incarnated presence as incarnated counsel on policy.  I am assured they decrease military hardware purchases and experiments and to learn how to use the vast resources of that military to begin humanitarian exercises.  The tape speaks to the problems spirit may have convincing the Department of Defense to exchange guns for plows, but that is what is in the offing.
Of course Prozonov this idea of the REGENCY is tied into the Second Return of Jesus, and Jesus finds nuclear weapons abhorrent, and I find his speech to me full of suggestions that if there is not a voluntary re-association of those weapons into the junk pile, he will order them non workable and all will have to throw them away anyhow.  Few understand that if God wills it, regardless of how improbable it may seem to our material minds, it succeeds as Father wills it.  The divinity of the coming REGENCY will develop spiritual means even to man on how to discern the will of God when they first learn to cooperate with a REGENCY for their government.  Russia and others mentioned are to receive REGENCY but under the present hostile conditions the spiritual government already established on this sphere, will not authorize China or Russia or North Korea gifts which authorize more expenditures for what they consider the wrong activities.  But a Regency is promised for all in peaceful condition when that time comes.

I hope this helps you.  Feel free to question, and if you can follow English speech, I transmit the Regency council in part on the tape with some of what they had to say here.  Thanks you and God bless, Prozonov/
Just listened to this tape. 

Thank you newstarsaphire and Ron for this recording as I think it is one of the most important to date due to what it contains. So many of the points made are so valuable to learn as to what it will do for all of us in the coming time ahead. It is wonderful to hear that the Cabal is removed and that the Divine Missions, the WTP Patent and the Magisterial Sons who will incarnate soon is now being approved by Father to go ahead with. I advise everyone to listen to the tape and a transcript of it would be so good  as well so all can follow what is good news indeed. Congratulations to Ron for standing up in the morning even though he thought why he did so while his body is so done with. Like Jesus said, "the flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing". So be it. 

Thank you all. I look forward to what more can be as Ron places more posts on the Forum between now and Sunday and yes reading those posts is refreshing as more goodness is coming, and "goodbye" to the Cabal!!
Another disciple still standing, so help us all Father!

Thank you PJammer, we indeed have much to thank our Heavenly Father for and I agree with you on your response to Prozonov as that will in time be better understood. I am also seeing why Prozonov is a little peeved but when we see how those who lead government, as in this case, are viewed in the eyes of our Celestial Family when, in particular, humans are being used in a manner so evil that it is not favoured very well. I know whatever is said here can be seen as controversial, but I think it best to leave it with those who know better,  our Planetary Prince and Planetary Manager and all who deal with Urantia in a planetary sense of care and management. May you have a good day. Thank you.

Thank You Michael of Nebadon, Jesus, Sue, Ron, and all Celestials who are speaking the Truth to us.  What a Blessing this is to hear such clear explanations to subjects we humans strain to sort out.

To Prozonov, I cannot answer your questions except to say give Jesus, Michael, and the Magisterial Mission a chance to prove, over time, that all Humans are  equally Loved in the eyes of God.

Truly we are Blessed to have the "Voice of God" speak through our beloved T/Rs and our dedicated Celestial Family.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks eloquently: “WE are sure Ron means well but frankly if the REGENCY places you on such a gold standard, then nothing matters except you are on a gold standard.

“WE have no intention of starting a run on the family bank account, but watch out for unscrupulous investors as those who own gold will become multi millionaires over night, and that should not be allowed either.  As a result of this dissertation, I now see we have to modulate the entire idea so that your dollar account (or currency value to the dollar) actually grows a little with going on the gold standard.  We can hold gold at $1853.20 without causing such deflation by ruling that the dollar value held in your bank account remains the same as the new US dollar.  That ends that argument otherwise.


Yes thank you Ron and Michael of Nebadon very much for clearing up that. I read again the last paragraph as you noted to me and see what I missed. Wow!!!! That is certainly a game changer! And for those countries to receive such and clear their debts is truly a great help and I hope those governments use this wisely and not abuse it by unnecessary and reckless exorbitant spending. Of course the current course of problems with the global COVID pandemic and the crisis with supply and transportation and energy cost that caused governments to step in to assist their economies to survive these financial fluctuations have made huge debts to pay. Australia included as well as all other countries. The gold standard backing the dollar and having parity with the US dollar would certainly make for affordability and calmer trading behaviours. 

I appreciate that and hope that what it presents will make some countries much more secure and stable. Without which we now understand how bad it could be given what Ron pictures as far more dangerous when a bag of potatoes is only worth 4 cents!! With the dollar parity it would make the currencies around the world become a dollar of value and  not one against the other as we have it in the current trading climate. The Aussie dollar is worth .64 cents to the US dollar and with Michael’s introduction, it would mean the Aussie dollar is a US dollar period. And for that matter all other currencies will likewise. I noticed how high the British Pound is or has been and that needs to be reigned in as that gets so expensive and makes it unviable. For currencies to be playing on a level playing currency it would phase out competition and profiteering. It would mean that world trade will change and become concentrated(if that is the right word) in the way supply and demand works. As it is now, it is highly competitive, drawing on the weakest and cheapest commodity to make a profit. When this is removed, the field becomes a balanced equity driven economy.

I learned a lot in the field of political geography and economics and in simple terms this is a game changer when these nations are able to have stability and security to be able to support their economies and peoples. It removes the idea of wars and inequality and poverty. I am pleased that the SE Asia regions will also get some help as these nations including Indonesia have struggled over their own economical situation against the western wealthy competitors with stronger currencies. It will become a world more occupied with innovation and improvements than with the existing inequalities and disparity. 

Is there anyone that wishes to speak as I sense a presence whilst I am typing my thoughts on a page here?

Yes Sue, this is Michael of Nebadon speaking with JESUS as well. We are with you on your thoughts here as you are realizing the benefits that this goodness from God can bring to your world and its economies. We are seeing how much more we can do and with the little we bring now it will steer it in a direction most needed due to the problems we see mounting so dire in all due respects as Ron now sees it as well. The coming financial problems will cause a great deal of pain for most and this can be assisted by forcing the currency to be parity with the US DOLLAR and backed by gold. The gold will stick to the $1853.20 and it will mean no increase or decrease in the value we hold to it. This increases stability and assurance for all currencies to follow. You are wise to consider the ramifications that this brings and how it plays out for the rest of the players in the field. It changes the narrative greatly when dollar parity becomes no longer a yardstick but a glue to hold all to its value. The Magisterial Sons have a lot of work to ensure there are laws placed to ensure it stands tall in the lives of all players and that there are no more disparity between them. It will take some time and I and JESUS will have our work cut out to pave a way forward as you can see in between the lines of what is being told. Much more is to be done and that it requires steady heads in the days coming as it will not be easy to see such a change as this and see what response will come. We expect some shocks and disagreements, but in the end after all that occurs, there will come an embrace to the new way that I, as your Local Universe Father, bring to the planet. 

Without which you are most acutely aware how vulnerable the global financial system is and how volatile it already is the moment you switch on to watch CNBC to see a rollercoaster of a market so nervous at every dime. Yes, I did say “dime” but don't change that word! [okay] Now this: I am now standing on a precipice ready to take action and it will come quietly at first, but mighty and swiftly when it needs to be at a moment so crucial so as the world will not know how it ever could get itself out of the mud it already is so mired in. It takes a big stick and that is in all assessments. I am Michael of Nebadon, and JESUS is here to speak.

Yes this is JESUS. I speak here because we are on a topic that makes a difference to the lives of the people on this beautiful planet. How I love you all as my brothers and sisters and how much it means to me to see your well-being is so cared and thought about by our wonderful Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. It is with Him that I work and toil to ensure you are in our sights and for your well-being to be considered before we even get to the point of your future path ahead. It is said that you cannot leap without looking first and that is the case here. We see people in peril and need help in a way that matters to your bottom line. The bread-and-butter issue must be addressed first before we get to the head and heart you all will need next. That’s where I come in and do my darndest to ensure you get the best of my sayings you all will love and adore. Know the Master and you will know the heart of God. It is in you and I in you. I am your brother and friend and I come to bring good news and peace. May my peace be with you and may you have a good day. Out. K. 

Thank you so much Michael of Nebadon and JESUS. This is wondrous and good and we look forward to the new day and what a day to be alive! Alleluia!

Thank you Ron and for the Vicegerents and all that come to bring such goodness for us to see how this can work and bring everlasting balance in our lives. 

Dear Ron. Please decipher your statement:
"Germany - one trillion in gold
Russia, China, North Korea must reform their governments to receive these gifts.”
What's this?
- Double standarts;
- Intervention for regime change;
- The desire of the "world" government to finally resolve the Russian question:
- Hatred of everything not Anglo-Saxon.
Question to Michael of Nebadon.
- Where did the Russian people come from on Urantia. (Russian is not a noun, but an adjective. Which one is Russian)
- Why the so-called enlightened Catholic Europe hates Russia.
- Why do some heavenly leaders support the lies of the West about Russia and also hate its leader.
Дорогой Рон. Прошу расшифровать ваше заявление:
«Германия - один триллион в золоте
Россия, Китай, Северная Корея должны реформировать свои правительства, чтобы получить эти подарки».
Что это?
- Двойные стандарты;
- Вмешательство для смены режима;
- Желание «мирового» правительства окончательно решить русский вопрос:
- Ненависть ко всему не англосаксонскому.
Вопрос Михаилу Небадонскому.
- Откуда на Урантии появился русский народ. (Русский не существительное, а прилагательное. Какой - русский)
- Почему так называемая просвещенная католическая Европа ненавидит Россию.
- Почему некоторые небесные руководители поддерживают ложь Запада о России и так же ненавидят ее руководителя.
Threads for New Transmissions / LLUSA THURSDAY - 29 SEPTEMBER - RB - PART 1 of 2
« Last post by newstarsaphire on September 29, 2022, 03:35:21 pm »
This special Lightline was requested by the Father through Ron and is identified as Part 1 of 2.  Part 2 is expected to be given on the SUNDAY LLUSA with Ron Besser as host.

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