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Quantum Theories and Spirit
« on: September 11, 2022, 03:18:11 pm »
Marty: Father, today on I watched "The Mind Bending Story of Quantum Physics (Part 1/2)|Spark.

Father: Do you have a Spiritual Explanation?

Marty: Yes, my best understanding at this point is that Quantum Mechanics is evidence that "What the Father wills and the Son desires is"!
This is consistent with Your conversation with me on 23Apr2021:

Father: "But with the Father "All Things are Possible"!  Know this, it is not Me that is doing all that is possible, it is You.  From all the possibilities that I have offered, You choose what "Will Be Done"!  In your choosing I participate.  I teach when you ask me questions.  I inspire when you seek it.  I shower my Love upon you when You make Me Proud!"

Marty: So at the Quantum level (that which underlies all physics) exists "all possibilities that I have offered" (Father's Will), "You choose what Will Be Done!".

Even further, this aligns with how Faith has power to manifest emerging realities.  To be more specific, True Faith, that which is based on a Knowledge of Our Father's Will.

How the Father's Will becomes manifest is not always evident, nor does it matter, as we know Father prefers His Will be manifest through His Family of God.  And so "what is" may manifest through Angels, Men, or any natural process of Creation.

And so this is also consistent with "God's Work is already done!".
Before we pray, Father has already answered!

I see Quantum mechanics as consistent with all aspects of Spirit.  "God does not play dice with the Universe.", Einstein was right!  But he did not yet understand how time and space realities are manifest through God's Will, and Son's/Man's desires.

Of course, we must put all of this within true context.  We (men and women) are, at best, Son's of God in the making.  Therefore the true power of the Son must await greater knowledge of God's Will, and greater appreciation of true desires based on God's Will before manifestation become instantaneous.

Therefore if your highest desires do not appear to be manifesting, redouble your efforts to seek greater knowledge of God's Will.