Author Topic: Jesus speaks this morning on time and the Second Return  (Read 102 times)

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Jesus speaks this morning on time and the Second Return
« on: September 22, 2022, 09:46:12 am »
September22, 2022 (the first day of fall by our calendar)
Jesus spoke to my Journal and I reproduce his remarks here for you to read them too.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “Now I made it to Thursday in this Journal and I am happy to be presently speaking.  

“Last year at this time we were all hoping that by Christmas all would be over and the entire mechanism of the SECOND RETURN was operating.  IT could not happne that way because it was premature to start something that had implications beyond Urantia to the point it would cause harm elsewhere.  

“So JESUS recalibrated the timing, and now we are left with a hardly visible issue of the Second Return working at all.  It is, but slowly being debased by an insurrection so wildly construed even they do not make a lot of sense to what they are attempting to do.  As Ron points out to Me and them, ‘so what do you win if you win?’  He is absolutely correct and I fully agree with the question and what does it mean to win now?  I am put surely on this dais that nothing makes any sense to you or this scribe or to the Universe itself, just why and what this insurrection is about and what for?  I look at the various Luciferian leaders and ask what it is you want to win, and they are honestly lost as to the answer.  Ron asked that a year ago and they laughed at him.  Now they wonder the question what themselves.

“For one last moment, let us look at the situation, and that is to tell you the Second Return is rosy and red and flowering in place and soon seen.  Ron is quite sure he cannot see it soon as he is dying so rapidly.  Not so, but until that transition is done he is done in his heart and mind at least.  His soul knows better and keeps them freshly together as Ron is deepening in gloom over so many loses all the time.

“Time is suspended not in the sense of your calendar or actually in your perception of birthdays, but let it be known Ron posted to post of Lemuel about time that there is a mechanistic view of time you all use that feels like time is still passing.  Indeed it is that way, but in the importance of LEARNING about God, it is stopped as the FATHER is not happy how Urantia humans play the game of life without Him at the head of all configurations of progress.  For that reason I close this down for you Ron, as you are not clear bow revelation suffers that way.  IT does not and you set the precise temperature for me to say this to all of you too:

“GOD NEVER GETS LOST in the sense of timing for his appearance on Urantia or anywhere else.  Be assured that God knows his place and how it must be presented, and your sense of revelation Ron continues as you keep learning, as do others here, because none of you are dependent on the spirit polarity pole like you used to be for everything to help you to learn about God.  That you have already accomplished in so many ways, and for that reason you still learn in spite of our recent revelation that FATHER has stopped the mechanism to keep the SECOND RETURN ready for all to enjoy as a new learning experience, as JESUS now has the switch in his hand to learn, and not the pole.  I leave that for now only to tell you this scribe:

“The lass of your heart over and over again makes it so difficult for you to be happy over so many issues you have prepared for, but you are going to win the big one and provide the world WTP, and for that reason the soul of man will celebrate with you too once it is seen you have modified nothing but understanding how God works electricity for real, and that is ours to have fun with too!  Good day everyone1 JESUS AND MICHAEL OF NEBADON as ONE.  K

[We thank the Son of God and the son onetime ago, of man, now Deified on high.We honor our presence and give unto you all that you may desire, as all here support your views and your wish to provide Urantia its place in space once again!- from Ron]  
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