Author Topic: Lesson 37. MICHAEL, JESUS, ARTHURA. Personality Identification and Association  (Read 61 times)

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Lesson 37
MICHAEL and JESUS then ARTHURA: Personality Identification and Association
Thu, 9/22/22 York, PA, United States
Teacher Transmitter(s): MICHAEL of NEBADON, JESUS, ARTHURA
Receiver(s): Dominick O
Audio File (9m)

Dominick, this is MICHAEL. The miracle of miracles is how I can get to know you and all, My children
of My universe. You truly are My children. And I do enjoy, at the same time, Sonship brotherhood with you. As I am your Creator but also a Son of the same father, the Universal Father. Today, I would like to share that insight I gave to you through the office of OCILLIAYA, who prefers to be known personality-wise as SUZZA. Now, a lot of the times there is the feeling of high and mighty personalities coming through all the time. And the truth is there are often a myriad of individuals communicating. So, many, you would be overwhelmed, just like life. When say a large entity were to contact you, there are so many individual personalities operating within that entity, that you condense it to say, you communicated with the entity. You did not bother to understand or catalogue every single individual Dick, Harry and Sally, or Muhammad, and Manu. No, you say company XYZ called you today, to your friends and family. Likewise, we give you such large entities so that it makes sense. And you don't get bogged down in the minutiae.

And the miracle is you do not get bogged down in that minutiae ever when you truly connect with Me, Michael of Nebadon. In these cases, I can commiserate with you, as simply Michael. And the ultimate commiseration would be to wield my high office together as Jesus, as a human amongst you. Where I, too, yearn and desire, fellowship and association amongst my brothers and sisters at this point. But also, fully knowing that I am also MICHAEL, your Father; and that I do wield a High Office, and I do have My responsibilities and My tasks for something greater than simply chatting. Thus, I wish to be respected and loved. And I guarantee I will give that back to you. But just don't be crazy. I am human when I am Jesus. And truly, the rubber hits the road when you see Jesus, you are seeing a real thing, you aren’t seeing some altered representation of Michael of Nebadon or Jesus. In so much as we say, here is a message from Master Spirit Four, OCILLIAYA, when, indeed, you're talking to, likely, someone from the entity representation or organization representing the Master Spirits.

So, I thank you and I leave you this good day. And I wish a good day for all of you at least to tackle it, no matter how challenging it may be. I leave.

Dominick O:
Thank you, Michael. And thank you, Jesus

Thank you, MICHAEL, and JESUS. This is ARTHURA. I want to assure you that when you speak to Me, you are speaking to Me, not some delegate entity as we spoke of just now, with Michael. When you are speaking to a Son of God, it is most likely you are speaking to that personality identified Son of God. And that is why I enjoy phasing as a Melchizedek, to do just that. And as we are finding out, all of us together, I have a personality.

Oh no

Yes, watch out.

So, that is today's lesson. That the protocols of asking for, say, Clear-channel, or this and that formality, that it is possible on many occasion to ask to associate, and identify with, at the personality level. That it is okay to do within reason, and that it is enjoyable for the personality transmitting on the other end. Just don't abuse the association. Good day. Get to your tasks. And thank you.

Dominick O:
Thank you Arthura, and we are honored by your presence and your personality. Thank you.
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