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This thread should be examined again.  I am using symbols revelation does not recognize as useful, but they are a way to get at a tough situation for you.

Here is my vocabulary to understand what I have to say in definition form:

Planetary Retrograde:  That is the appearance of a person living on earth, to see planets in our solar system reverse themselves and seemingly go backwards.  Several planets in our solar system started that recently.  In sun sign astrology, if those planets affect your forecast, add the word "delay" to any thing you really wanted to get done recently.

The Constellation called Capricorn:
In prophetic astrology Capricorn is the soup of the daily grind at work.  It loves to work though and is quite discriminating about how it lives and stubbornly so even if there is very little money to buy what Capricorn wants to buy to live well with.    Choice words:  stubborn, discriminating, caring, stay the course with your fingernails holding on to appearance well done and proud of work done to the point you would paint yourself into a corner to stay the course-  that means the job is almost your body!  You get the idea I hope.

Pluto:    That is the planet and what it symbolizes in prophetic astrology.  I take it very seriously and one does not come out of a Pluto influence unchanged.  Divorce, the ugly ones, are Pluto arranged sometimes, death of a loved one just as you got to know them well, and any revolution in a country is a visit from Pluto in prophecy aspects in astrology.  The bloody Russian Revolution in 1917 and the vast changes it brought still felt in some respects, is an example of what Pluto can bring when it is not so friendly.  That is what I want to talk about in this post when we are done with definitions as Pluto today, the 10th of June 2023, is RETROGRADE in Capricorn now.  IT is telling us something prophetically we might expect:

PLUTO RETROGRADE in CAPRICORN and the United States and Its Allies
Let us use normal conversational language to talk about these symbolic and very rough changes the world might expect over the next six months.

Number 1:  When Pluto starts backing again into Capricorn as it is doing today, it stops things from developing that could change anything that was starting to show signs of repairing itself, or blooming for the first time, and disagreements get worse and worse.  Since this happens in Capricorn, that is usually a work slowdown on important issues of national importance.

Number 2:  There is a legal aspect in this one too.  Capricorn is unusually difficult about reselling old good virtues to a young crowd.  Youngsters, men and women up to age 30, tend to take things for granted, but Pluto is going to teach a few lessons they need some old virtues to be adopted to get through some punishment.  Look for bankruptcy and dislocation every where even though the stock market seems to be trying to start a bull market again.  That is an illusion and Pluto will take a chunk of money away from you if you are not very, very careful.

Number 3:  Theft, sedition, and over aged cheese (Bit Coin my dears), are on a Pluto list for Germanic revisions/  Bismark stated one day in the revision of the German State, "why don'twe just call it a day, and then let this whole matter fall into place by itself!"  He was a Chancellor of Prussia before it was part of the German State at that time, and he called it right, as a depression hit and the  German Dutchies came calling for safety and care under the Prussian Chancellor.  Modernize this, this time, and read: the United States becomes so wealthy it does not really know what to do with a change in fortunes, but Pluto has a wise courage to say, eat while you can kiddies, you will beg for food in a little while, whether that is financial security or food on the table too.

Number 4:  Now this one is probably going to gag you:  It is not impossible something happens so seriously in the next 12 to 24 months to this world, the US election of 2024 could be delayed.  Pluto goes direct and begins moving back to Aquarius in January 2024, and blasts the normal bridges to the transition of power with crazy Uranus (invention and unpredictable and bizarre behavior), becomes the guide for Pluto to cast a spell over politics. We have been through this once before with Watergate, and my 19th century history memory recalls that mess in 1897 to 1905 through 1909 when J P Morgan had to lend the US government treasury enough money to stop a run on the banks and restore currency stability.  Then Pluto was in Sagittarius just coming out of Neptune driven Scorpio.  Secrets and horrible debts when people started paying monthly for homes and Fords and JP Morgan was smart enough to keep his money in gold bars and coins in France!  I just say this: the election of 2024 will be quite a show stopper if Pluto gets to finagle the means to produce it.

Number 5:  Most of us, you and me and our neighbors, are never sure what we have left at the end of the day.  I mean the salary or the social security check is all eaten up and you got the lawn mowed or the apartment straight anyhow, and suddenly the bank is in your life again!  Well, Uncle Sam, might have a bank in its life for a few months when currencies in SE Asia attempt to use the  Yuan instead of the Dollar.  That almost happened in 2008 and the US had to scramble hard to cover its debts and regulate international currency back to value normalcy.  This time China is the culprit not we think, but the care of a the EU Bank to regulate sales of power grids based on nuclear energy production could really foul up the issue of how much is paid to run power production.  You watch!  Europe is going to be unstable due to need and not finding easy solutions very soon.

Number 6:  Uranus is the significator as Aquarius.  The term "significator" refers to the controlling characteristic of the majority of power to command meanings in prophetic astrology.   I am very careful to note these things more than most do, and hopefully avoid surprises not even contemplated.  I therefore speak to this group which knows far more than almost anyone other group about the promised SECOND RETURN:

Roll your eyes about this okay?
Let me be the first to speak a prediction based on prophetic astrology work, and that is as follows:

Number 7 - It works like a charm.  Now, for a change, the harsh changes naturally lining up with these meanings is working right with the returned Bestowal Son, to move quickly and well.  What does the Second Return affect first?

Answer:  Business - capitalism and trade.  Other than that more to come later/

Number 8 - Pluto is a Renaissance planet when it clears the rotted debris of centuries of tradition and obscuration of truth that the debris have accumulated over it.  With Renaissance comes clear skies and too much light maybe, but the Italian Renaissance was quite a pill popping discovery to the Medici who got to rule Italy and trade all in their favor.  It could happen here too, but it cannot be predicted.  Until there is a consensus for a military show down out the door, the entire planet might find itself revolving around two super powers and I leave it at that by 2027 or 2028.  And that might happen even with the Bestowal Son apparent in our lives.

Number 9 - What happens to Christianity after the sacred cows of capitalism are disabused of their power?  Pluto suggests the oligarchy of the Vatican and the Baptists combined might reconsider dedicating their ministries to a different way of speaking of the Christ.  I will not get into that one for sure.

And finally Number 10:
I am never sure of anything in my personal life and that just gets worse I think.  Pluto for me enters right over my ascension starting in May of 2024.  That is a killer for self identification as the ascending sign is a prediction about how you wish to be known and how you want to influence other people in your life.  Pluto sitting on that like big fat wet hen incubates huge changes in my direction advising myself I could be dead long before that time though.  Personal issues about Pluto for each of you depend on where Pluto is in your sun sign chart, and that is to guess at millions of possible locations and impossible to tell you each.  Just know this however:

So long as the Bestowal Son rules in favor of THE PEOPLE, he has you covered too in spite of this Pluto influence.  It is a really rough time coming says predictive astrology, and I stand back now for the Creator Son, who was Jesus, also called MICHAEL OF NEBADON to speak to all of this finally:

,MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks - "What a story Ron can throw up when he wants to.  This little post is worth a few million rubles too, as it indicates that Russia is in for a tough time too.  It is very small in the universe of Nebadon, and this is your earth as we see it, but it has a huge inventory of meanings we in the Master Universe take as a long study lesson in what is to be  done with a plane that has lost its way so many times, we tend to let it make noise and wait for it to go quiet again to bring it a new Mission.

"The Second Return is my Mission to earth once more.  It has gotten bumped out of line twice so far, and we expect not further bumps at this time.  However, let us speak to Ron first, and his unusual abilities to speak prophecy at such a tender age of 81, and frankly there is more to it than that; however, recognize the prophecy Ron has spoken above as PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY is remarkable close to what we predict up here in our secret deliberations about what to do for  this wayward planet.  I stand back because FATHER wishes to intervene with a statement too:

FATHER - "Ron, you best the best of us with your wide ranging views.  You are well read and know the characters on Urantia, your earth name.  For reasons of State we also place you in a box again so you do not upset the powers to be up here but being too sure Pluto is the real culprit.  You do not believe it, but that it is a predictive symbol and you use it that way I see.

"However, let me state this too:  No one understands earth (Urantia) better than I do as a way to explain Jesus this time:

"JESUS is remarking to me as I speak here: 'What a wonderful way to explain something now:

"JESUS bears no resemblance to the 1st Century AD Bestowal Son then working Galilee and places known to you.  He is now a Deity of His own and for that reason is seasoned enough to know that the second return of Jesus is far different than when we knew him for the first time.

"JESUS is never too old or too young now to understand you, our human family on Urantia.  For reasons of State,  Ron is an Adjunct to these Missions, and will live long enough to see to his job to keep us together at first.   WE intend to incarnate many Sons but not a Bestowal Son except for the reappearance of JESUS again.  For that reason we suggest the reader learn to spell as well as Ron tried to do so, and that is to be sure that Jesus runs well with anyone that knows he is truly the Son of God, but he was once a son of man, and as such ran his bestowal differently.  Let me reiterate that:

"JESUS is different now.  He is perfected.  I made Him Deity!  He has own place in heaven, and runs a small universe of his own way out on the outskirts of  time called Tintantium.  That is not for you to know further; however, be advised I make one additional revelation for all of you to understand:  God the Father loves Jesus very much but there are other little sons who make me proud to be a FATHER of them too and Ron has managed to get my attention with all of you too!  Let these things ride for now, and get this posted before and accident happens to all of us Ron.  I am FATHER, and thank you for your time and attention to all told here.  K" FATHER.


TRANSLATIONS / 10.6.2023 – Głos z nieba
« Last post by Andre_P on Today at 05:17:00 »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Podał : Rene A Duran, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / GŁOS Z NIEBA
« 9 czerwca 2023 r., godz. 23:27:06 »

Ten przekaz został odebrany przez Evelio Rivasa

San Miguel, Salwador, 8 czerwca 2023 r.

"JESTEM GŁOSEM NIEBA. Docieram do ludności Urantii w tych dniach, w których kultura tego świata wydaje się nie znajdować drogi, która zapewniałaby jej przetrwanie i na której każda istota mogłaby swobodnie wyrażać siebie. Należy rozumieć, że weszłaby ona w krąg, w którym wszystkie istoty mogą się teraz ujawniać i być znane. Ma to na celu wygaszenie strachu przed zmianami. Jesteśmy w momencie poprzedzającym poważne zmiany geologiczne, które pokażą, że świat naukowy wpłynął na naturalny rozwój tej sfery i straciliście kontrolę w tym scenariuszu.

"Przywództwo, które prowadzi ludzi, traci kontrolę nad wydarzeniami, które w konsekwencji będą się nadal zdarzać. W rzeczywistości potrzebny jest nowy horyzont, aby pomóc każdej osobie w dziedzinie przetrwania, aby była bezpieczna i wznowiła drogę dobrej administracji publicznej.

"Istnieje priorytetowy element, który przechodzi przez wszystkie regiony i jest celem administracji publicznej i organizacji państwowej, którym jest ochrona swoich obywateli, przyjęcie roli Ojca Opiekuńczego, ktorego motywacją jest, żeby ludzie utrzymywali zorganizowany system rządów, w którym podstawowe zadania istnienia państwa narodowego są podporządkowane ochronie i zachowaniu narodów. Jest czywiste, że zawsze istnieją segmenty ludności, które wymagają pomocy i towarzyszenia im, a państwo jest po to, aby się nimi zająć i pomóc im wyjść na prostą. Cele całej administracji publicznej muszą się teraz zmienić i skupić się na dobrobycie ludności. Nastroje rasowe, braterstwo wszystkich żywych stworzeń musi być teraz uznane, a widmo wojen musi zostać na zawsze odrzucone w ramach tego, czym wszyscy na tej pięknej planecie są, jednym ludem. Jako bracia mamy nadzieję, że to nowe podejście szybko się rozwinie.

"Tu wasz UNIWERSALNY OJCIEC. Kończę tę lekcję tego świeżego poranka. Miłego dnia."

OJCZE WSZECHŚWIATA dziękuję Ci Panie. Niech się dzieje Twoja wola, a nasze życie niech służy nieustannie Twoim celom PANIE.

France LIGHTLINE Tapes and Comments Your Host Clency / Re: June tapes
« Last post by Clency on Today at 05:08:55 »
We are pleased to receive JACK0802AB as our MC and He introduced MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK and RAYSON/SERARA, speaking as ONE.
Here is the link to the audio-recording :
You are invited to attend our next online conference on Friday 16/06/2023 at 8pm local time. See you there.
Threads for New Transmissions / THE VOICE OF HEAVEN
« Last post by Rene A Duran on June 09, 2023, 23:27:06 pm »
This transmission was received by Evelio  Rivas

 San Miguel El Salvador, June 8 2023.

 "I AM THE VOICE OF HEAVEN reaching the population of Urantia, in these days in which the culture of this world seems not to find the course that ensures its survival and in which each creature can express itself freely, it is to understand that it has entered into a wheel in which all beings can now manifest and be known, this has in line the extinction of fear of changes, we are in a moment prior to major geological changes that will show that the scientific world has come to affect the natural development of this sphere and You've lost control, in this scenario.
  "The leadership that leads the people loses control of the events that as a consequence will continue to happen. In fact, a new horizon is required to help each individual in the field of survival to be safe and resume the course of good public administration. .

 "There is a priority element that is transversal to all regions, being the purpose of the Public Administration and State Organization to protect its citizens, assume the role of Protective Father from the motivation of why a people maintains an organized system of government, the basic tasks of the existence of the National State is subordinated to the protection and conservation of the peoples, it is evident that there are always segments of the population that require help and accompaniment and the state is there to take care of them and help them level themselves. The objectives of all public administration must change now and focus on the well-being of the population, racial sentiment, the brotherhood of all living creatures must now be recognized and the specter of wars discarded forever within what everyone on this beautiful planet is, one people As brothers, we hope that this new approach will move quickly.
 "This is your UNIVERSAL FATHER ending the lesson on this fresh morning. Have a good day."

 -UNIVERSAL FATHER thank you LORD, your will be done and our lives be at the continuous service of your purposes LORD.

General Discussion / Re: Birthday
« Last post by Ron Besser on June 09, 2023, 15:48:24 pm »
You are all very loving and kind and thank you very much from one who hates age but is full of it at the moment to not enjoy.  Actually, not bad today and my brother and sister and law took the reign-deer out of the garage and put a cake down my chimney:  Chocolate with peanut butter icing made from scratch!
Now you can watch an 81 year old man break out on his face.  I will advise when you can get tickets.
Meanwhile, thank you so kindly to remember me.  Michael of Nebadon tells me has an announcement later today too.  It might be late getting up depending when he giveth forth but I guess he means business of some sort, and I will be back to hopefully cheer us up somehow.  Thank you very much dear friends.

A course in miracles - The announcement of the second coming of Jesus is the main miracle that we hope and trust will take place when it is so determined by the destiny traced by God, the Father.

An important reflection.

One more topic to post in the comments on A Course in Miracles.

An encouragement for all people with a good heart, who seek true values, about the second coming of Jesus, the public announcement to the world.

All of us who want a better world are waiting for the second return of Jesus and the missions of God that are foreseen in the Urantia Book and also discussed in the Serara Forum.

This is the main miracle we pray for.

I have been actively following the Serara Forum since February 2015.

But since February 2015, important religious days have passed and apparently nothing has happened regarding the public announcement to the world of the second coming of Jesus, as well as of God's missions, such as, for example, the week of Easter, the day of Pentecost, the of Corpus Christ, which was yesterday, June 8, 2023, and the date of Jesus' birth according to the Urantia Book, which would be August 22, among other dates.

The spirit I write here is that it is in the Bible that the second coming of Jesus, the public announcement, will be when humanity least expects it.
And that it is for all of us to be vigilant, as it will happen when we least expect it.

And if this is so determined by God, that is, possibly, the date will be when humanity is not expecting it. And the date, then, possibly, will be on an ordinary date, with nothing of significant religious record for this specific day of the announcement of the second coming of Jesus.

So, I keep praying for the second return of Jesus to happen as soon as possible, whatever the date, whether or not it happens on an ordinary day like the vast majority of days of the year.

On the other hand, I just remind you that certain dates happen after a specific date. For example, on the Thursday following Pentecost, Corpus Christis takes place, which celebrates the Eucharist, that is, the memory of Jesus at the Last Supper.

Then, a new date may happen for the return of Jesus, that is, so many days that may or may not be many, in relation to a religious date. For example, Pentecost is 50 days after Easter Sunday (date of Jesus' resurrection), unless I'm mistaken.

These are just reflections, so that we can continue with faith, awaiting the announcement of the second coming of Jesus, when God the Father thinks the time is right, even if it is an ordinary day like any other of the year.

Be that as it may, in God we entrust our destiny.


New Gospel
Gospel according to Luke
Chapter 12
verse 40

"Therefore be ye also ready: for the Son of man shall come at an hour that ye know not."

Luke 12:40



Urantia Book
Document 176
Tuesday Night on the Mount of Olives
2. The Second Coming of the Master

176:2.6 (1915.3) “And now concerning the tribulations of Jerusalem, concerning which I spoke to you, even this generation shall not pass away before my words are fulfilled; but concerning the time of the return of the Son of Man no one in heaven or on earth can presume to speak.



Um curso em milagres - O anúncio da segunda vinda de Jesus é o principal milagre que nós esperamos e confiamos que será realizado quando for assim determinado pelo  destino traçado por Deus, Pai.

Uma importante reflexão.

Mais um tópico para colocar nos comentários sobre Um curso em milagres.

Um ânimo para todas as pessoas de bom coração, que buscam valores verdadeiros, sobre a segunda vinda de Jesus, o anúncio público ao mundo.

Todos nós que queremos um mundo melhor estamos esperando o segundo retorno de Jesus e as missões de Deus que estão previstas no Livro de Urantia e também comentadas no Fórum Serara.

Este é o principal milagre que rezamos.

Estou acompanhando ativamente o Fórum Serara desde fevereiro de 2015.

Mas desde fevereiro de 2015, passaram dias religiosos importantes e nada aparentemente acontece do anúncio público para o mundo da segunda vinda  de Jesus, bem como das missões de Deus, como, por exemplo, a semana da Páscoa, o dia de Pentecostes, o dia de Corpus Christ que foi ontem, 08 de junho de 2023, e a data do nascimento de Jesus conforme o Livro de Urantia que seria o dia 22 de agosto, entre outras datas.

O ânimo que eu escrevo aqui é que está na Bíblia que a segunda vinda de Jesus, o anúncio público, será quando menos a humanidade esperar.

E que é para todos nós estarmos vigilantes, pois irá acontecer quando menos esperarmos.

E se é assim for determinado por Deus, ou seja, possivelmente, a data será quando a humanidade não estiver esperando. E data, então, possivelmente, será em uma data comum, com nada de significante de registro religioso para este dia específico do anúncio da segunda vinda de Jesus.
Então, continuo orando para que o segundo retorno de Jesus aconteça o quanto antes, seja qual for a data, aconteça ou não em um dia comum como a grande maioria dos dias do ano.

Por outro lado, apenas relembro que certas datas acontecem depois de uma data específica. Exemplo, na quinta-feira seguinte ao dia de pentecostes ocorre o Corpus Christis, que celebra a eucaristia, ou seja, a lembrança de Jesus na última ceia.

Então, uma nova data poderá acontecer para o retorno de Jesus, ou seja, tantos dias que podem ser muitos ou não, em relação a uma data religiosa. Por exemplo, o dia de pentecostes são 50 dias após o domingo de páscoa, (data da ressureição de Jesus), salvo engano.

Isto são só reflexões, para continuarmos com fé, aguardando o anúncio da segunda vinda de Jesus, quando assim Deus, Pai achar que for o momento certo, mesmo que seja um dia comum como qualquer outro do ano.

Seja como for, em Deus confiamos nosso destino.

Post Scriptum:

Novo Evangelho
Evangelho conforme Lucas
Capítulo 12
Versículo 40

"Portanto, estai vós também apercebidos; porque virá o Filho do homem à hora que não imaginais."

Lucas 12:40


Livro de Urantia

Documento 176
Terça-Feira à Noite no Monte das Oliveiras
2. A Segunda Vinda do Mestre

176:2.6 (1915.3) “E agora a respeito das atribulações de Jerusalém, sobre as quais vos falei, mesmo esta geração não passará antes que minhas palavras se cumpram; mas a respeito da época do retorno do Filho do Homem, ninguém no céu ou na Terra pode presumir falar.


General Discussion / Re: Birthday
« Last post by roger krupa on June 09, 2023, 13:58:28 pm »
Happy birthday, Ron. 
General Discussion / Re: Birthday
« Last post by Rene A Duran on June 09, 2023, 10:21:46 am »
Happy Birthday Ron !!!
We are excited for all the good things the will arrive to your life as blessings for all the incredible things you have done to make the will of Father tangible to all Urantia people.God bless you !!!

General Discussion / Re: Birthday
« Last post by SonsofGod on June 09, 2023, 07:09:52 am »
Happy Birthday RON! I am so excited for you what will happen on your promised trip to the mansion words. I pray that you will be transitioned into a painless form that will make your 81st birthday the best ever! May Father bless you every step of the way, and forever. Cheers, 
Valerie, sonsofGod
General Discussion / Re: Birthday
« Last post by Jose Vargas on June 09, 2023, 06:39:08 am »
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ron! May this day and your new year  be filled with much joy, happiness, blessing and above all… success in the upcoming Missions!!

Bless you brother Ron!!

Jose L. Vargas Núñez
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