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In the Interest of the Kingdom of Kingdoms. ARTHURA & Delegate
V2 L45
Tue, Oct 18, 2022, York, PA, United States
Transmitter Teacher(s): ARTHURA & Delegate
Receiver(s): Dominick O
Audio Link (12m)

This is Arthura.

Welcome Arthura. Go Ahead, we welcome you in protocol at least.

Thank you. I am with a delegate today, and we will proceed. Continue

Hello, I am that delegate. As you see from the example you took in your media source the other day, things such as race politics, religion, the style of government, at a high level for example, democracy or autocracy, those types of things; all of these things combined can make strange bedfellows. And illogical associations seem quite rational. And in fact, resemble some facts of the animal kingdom where even the same species of fire ants will go to war with each other over a chicken bone, simply because they are from different colonies. Similarly, having the same type of government, or having a shared religion, having a shared style of government, and/or even having the same religious beliefs, are not enough to establish Peace. In other words, one's past actions, current relationships, alliances, and tensions do not determine a state's trajectory towards peaceful coexistence. So, this naturally begs the question, what does create peace amongst the kingdoms? What will establish the kingdom of Kingdoms?

On a normal planet with typical operating procedure of the Superuniverse, or within Nebadon, our Local Universe, is that the kingdom of Kingdoms, representing the Creator Son, the Father of the Local creation, jurisdiction; this Kingdom is represented from a fairly early stage of planetary development, and on into the future. Through a series of bestowals and missions, endowments, evolutions, etc. And what we are dealing with is a complete disturbance, interruption, in fact rebellion, even warfare, to disrupt this, confuse this, and ultimately, well, have a completely abnormal function and establishment of the Kingdom. To the point that it threatens the planet and neighboring System that it is in. And by that we mean your planet is not alone. It is part of a series or associations of planets that experience this together.

But of course, your planet is unique just like every other planet is unique in its specific evolution and histories. So, it requires a special re-establishment, re-introduction, and re-alignment to establish a kingdom of Kingdoms trajectory. And this is represented an executed, meaning it's done, accomplished by the physical representations of the so-called Spiritual Government, which is in fact, officially named the Salvington Government. That being the capital complex of the Universe of Nebadon.

There is a plethora of reasons why this planet is especially challenged. But also especially challenged in positive ways, or ways that you could consider positive. One of those being it is a Bestowal Planet, having hosted its own Creator Son, which is a fairly unique event. Another is the fact that this planet is an experimental planet in its design. And then some of the unfortunate things are related to specific epochs and events in its planetary history. Such as a series of Defaults and its missions that should have, well, not defaulted. And of course, Rebellion. And some of these repercussions are not even history. They are in relative timeframes, almost current history, and in fact, are related to the present day. And therefore, is discussed because the next series of Missions aim to realign and readjust.

And we use the example in your own mind that is quite truthful. And that is, the Spiritual Kingdom of Spiritual Governance, which is going to be, truly and physically, incarnated and manifest onto the planet. It is the only thing relative to what you've experienced in the past, that is capable of establishing a Peace that is in your collective and individual self-interest to abide with and by. In other words, it is in your best interest and your self-interest to cooperate.

I as a Delegate have no specific information on the mechanisms of this. I am not authorized to. But I am part of the diplomatic and state corps and staff that will help institute and execute the commands of the Administrations. Establishing the primary mechanisms of Universe Governance reestablished on the planet.

Thank you for hosting me.

Thank you. It was well received, and we thank you.

I step down.

This is Arthura. We will assess this reception lesson soon. Keep this down to your records. I do not have anything further. What I do aim to do is to have consistency and delivery of day-to-day lesson plans so to speak. In favor of consistency over depth of a particular lesson. I thank you for your attendance. And I bid everyone reading and listening a most good, and pleasant, and wonderful day.

Thank you, Arthura. And thank you delegate.

You are most welcome. We are out.

Here is the media content that was referenced. A video analyzing the complex geopolitics of Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict
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