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What You Can Do now
« on: May 26, 2023, 15:47:20 pm »
2023-05-26 8-30


Good morning All! I expressly invite you, Father of All, to speak through me as you will. May all things in my heart, soul, intent, Thought Adjuster, deepest being, spirit, emotions, and the totality be in resonance with you.

So many times things interrupt. Let your voice be heard through your transmitters, whoever they may be.

How to focus? Stillness. You know our frailties. Where we hurt, and what we are distracted with.
Don't go far.

I love you Father.

Speak as you will.
I AM FATHER. How do I speak to a people who don't know me at all?

Where is there a connection. I am looking at America. What a mess. The influencers are those with big money, or big mouths. People listen to them because money is power and big mouths override rational thinking.

I look at other nations with repressive regimes. People who want to speak out are "removed" either to strange detention places, or possibly death.

How may I speak to these people? Jesus spoke to those of his countryside and some heard and some didn't.
You little ones are waiting for some event called the "return" . Don't be disheartened. Don't become sarcastic or cynical. Don't become like those around you who don't know how to think, don't know how to sift out good from bad.
The Psalmist said rightly "Create In me a clean heart O God!" and "Restore unto me the JOY of thy salvation" .

Heaven comes to you, my children. My presence is the "heaven you seek" .
When you deeply accept and feel with your whole heart my presence, you will find JOY. and that is without explanation. I know things for you are on hold. But for the celestial realms, it could not be busier. So many new ideas to try. So many new ideas of universe governance. You may wait a long time, Even sleep. But I know who you are. I know your efforts to "do good" as Jesus did throughout his life.
That's it, people! "Do good!" As I would do. As Jesus would do. Don't let the pressure of money and power stop you from doing the real good -- and that is connecting with your fellowman, and connecting with Me -- in every way you can.

Many people are trying to do just that, without knowing Me at all. Observe! Join in! Wherever good is being done, heaven takes notice.

I AM FATHER. Be in my peace.

Thank you Father!

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Re: What You Can Do now
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2023, 16:35:11 pm »
Thank you, Father, for this message, thank you Carol for taking it 

Message well received, for we are not in the holding pan for doing good when we see the need. Only have to put away indifference as the need may show in a very different shape or form from the expected. We are free in you Father to do just that without religious tunes that hinder. Be you exulted in and through us, touching other lives.