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Threads for New Transmissions / The Tree of Life
« Last post by Ghost Dancer on March 25, 2023, 19:52:03 pm »
This is Eve The Material Daughter here to speak to you along with my husband Adam The Material Son by my side always. We have come together  to speak as one through this transmitter Ghost Dancer. 

Rather than dwell on that infamous moment you  all know us from when we partook of the famous apple that got us kicked out of paradise.  We would like to share a lesson on what life would have been and still can be here  on Urantia if we had stuck with the Tree of Life instead.

Genesis 2:16
"From every tree of the garden you are definitely to eat."

Now, now we can hear you all growning on such a fantasy, as if all of you also had just taken a bite into a sour apple. Indeed the bitter taste is and was everlasting, let me assure you.

Genesis 2:17
"But from the Tree of knowledge  of good and evil you may not eat, because  on that day on which you eat from it you shall surely  die."

We speak only of this version of temptation  rather than the one in the Urantia book only because the first is more well known than the latter. And we indeed want to expand our reading audience  past the collective few that we have now, with all due respect. 

But what then inquiring  minds might ponder was the big difference between all the trees and the one that was forbidden ? Indeed that knowledge for some of you at this time is being offered in this very lesson.  But only if you are willing  to let go of what you thought was true, to partake or exchange  with that which will set you free at any moment if you choose it ?

What we're offering is a kind of fruit that you've never tasted before. Likewise we're  asking you not only to open your hand to receive it, but open your minds to it's  delectable savor.

I'm now to speak of a spiritual food and not one of material. You see to partake of the Tree of Life is to wholly depend on The FATHER'S uninterrupted  perception of truth and goodness  for you. Because back then humans were as innocent as doves, you see innocence is an attribute of GOD, the FATHER  and so it was and still can be an attribute of His children,  if they so choose right.

The forbidden Tree closed the door to knowing the truth that would set you free, so to speak. And instead opened the door to perception  of themselves  and the temporal world around them. Much like a tourist visiting a new country with no maps or guides.They did not know whether it is safe to drink the water or what street would lead them to a safe house or hotel. Lost in paradise,  yes. The people from then on had to rely on their physical senses. 

We have all been there. Indeed that is our common ground we share as Adam & Eve with you all. You need only turn on a television set or open up a newspaper these days and wonder what has this world  come to ? Where has love gone to ?

We are here to share a secret. Love has gone nowhere, it is you that have gone astray. I would like you now to to take that word nowhere  and create  a space between the letters w and h, both  on a piece of paper and in your minds class. Now repeat after me and say, Love Is Now Here.

This my children in GOD is both how you can receive again  the fruits from the Tree of Life and how this transmitter receives our voices as if we're standing right next to him.

This lesson is over. This class is dismissed for now. This has been the Material Daughter Eve and Material Son Adam. Now go and play nice in this garden Urantia that we have planted in you. Good day.

Ghost Dancer : Thank you Eve and Adam Material Daughter and Son for this transmission. 
Threads for New Transmissions / Adam and Eve Speak to Some of their Plans
« Last post by amethyst on March 25, 2023, 12:55:02 pm »
Adam and Eve speak:
This is Eve speaking for both Adam and myself and we must chide Amethyst to some extent for not making herself available for our transmissions as we need her to be a part of our work. In her defense, there has been great fatigue and pain for the past few weeks as well as a full plate of responsibility, but in this moment there is a pause in both the pain and activity for her to transmit today.

We have a couple points of news that may interest you. As you have probably surmised by now, our part of the teaching missions has been moved up to begin earlier than we had originally projected. We are playing catch-up in getting our plans together to proceed as the call may come at any time.

You may have noticed that it has been quite vague as to what Amethyst will be doing in the missions. She is not on the Committee, she is not currently a Lightline host, and has been on a hiatus from the many transmissions she has provided in the past. This is by design as we, Adam and Eve, have from the start of our planning for this, been hoping to use her as a teacher of adults, especially those who are open to the missions, but are starved for more information. She has not been aware of it, but there is a possibility that her upcoming book might be used as a simple primer for those with little or no understanding of God's plan for this planet as the topic "Reclaiming Your Divine Heritage", which is the title, is the point at which many students will need to begin to understand  just who they were designed to be and why so many have fallen by the wayside. It is not clear to us at this time exactly when it will be available or if it is certain we will be able to use it, but it is under considerable consideration.

Now to another topic. My daughters have approached us lamenting about the obvious decrease in the nurturing feminine energy on your planet since the loss of your Mother Spirit. The supreme's demise has created a void in the 'mother' sparkle that had a very healing and nourishing element.  This upheaval  has taken out not only your former Mother Spirit, but the angelic help you had previously enjoyed. While this is not normally part of our wheelhouse, we do think we will be able to provide some comfort in this area as well as our teaching. Starting with our 34th daughter  and those who came after, we are petitioning our superiors and others involved directly with the missions to provide us a venue to revitalize this much needed energy. Have you noticed that there has been almost an exact correlation between the time the mother spirit was removed,  to the almost complete insanity on your world in your social and familial characteristics being taught to your young people?  Since we are deeply involved in family matters, we have a real stake in how this madness unfolds and is healed in the coming times. We are not yet sure exactly how we will be able to address this at this time but are hoping to be able to provide a team of our daughters to deal with these issues in a more direct manner. Stay tuned, for more information will be forthcoming.

We leave you for now, but ask all transmitters to be especially attuned to us if they can as there is much we need to share in the coming weeks and months and we need all transmitters to standing at the ready. We both thank Amethyst for her attention to us today. It is overdue. We both have a bond to her and look for the time when we can have more clearly defined information to give to your planet.

Amethyst here:  I thank you very much Adam and Eve and am heartened by your message today.
General Discussion / Today is 9 months before Christmas 25 March 2023
« Last post by Ron Besser on March 25, 2023, 12:36:46 pm »
I am looking forward to the holiday we can all celebrate together if only it were December today and not the ugly sky over me this morning in Pennsylvania the 25th of March.  Insisting I am to make a post without anything to say, I use the hope of a holiday to decorate my mood and let things stand nice and neutral as one might say it really is by now.

The statement to make for most now is that the entire matter of a holiday for the birth around the birth of Christ is still a merry Christmas and the rest of the year has become doubtful and cheerless until the gods figure out just what they want again.  I really have no good contact working the last fifteen or sixteen hours, and while we are promised a lot, the mailbox is unusually empty right now. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I disagree with that but I just say this:  CHRISTMAS i possible at any moment but right now Ron has to be satisfied with this gift of thought:

"Be happy there is a 25th of March today at all, as we must fight everybody on Urantia over their decimation decision by the USA to stop Russia in its tracks in Ukraine by offering Ukraine firey missle states not, but nuclear detection devices to be sure that if and when Ukraine may be hit by a tactical nuclear weapon, they know it for sure.  I assume this means to you Ron the end of Urantia?"

RON - I hate being put on the spot for such a question.  I do not know what the end of  Urantia really shows as an effect or why it must be considered under those circumstances to happen at all?  May we ask just what you may mean in that idea of "end?"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "WE will abandon Urantia with spirit entirely and let the gross idea of man being fully in charge of the planet entirely.  That means no restraint on people who hate.  That means no restraint on people who kill wantonly.  And it also means that no one is ready to stay  the course as you have Ron, even today in one of your black moods.  I stay back for an announcement you all ought to read. [AND FRANKLY most of you do not know the words "to read" but here the announcement is anyhow:]

"WE ARE SURE  you all know the difference between  "good and bad."   But hear this:

"The UNITED STATES has lost its head again, and Biden is listening to the Department of Defense not, but to the Department of Justice, and that is to ban all nuclear devices to be used in retaliation against the Russian idea of tactical nuclear weapon use.

"That sounds great, however, hear this:

"The United States has determined that the entire idea of nuclear use is so awful it will not retaliate unless Russia signs an arms control treaty at once and renounces the use of nuclear weapons, or the USA will send an armistice agreement to the Hague to suggest that any use of a nuclear weapon will cause retaliation by NATO to send its own package of nuclear-sized weaponry to Russia to see what it might do against such an attack against itself?  Ron says, "Good Lord!  How awful!"

"Ron hears it correctly, as it guarantees a nuclear war.  I stand down now for a moment reflection with Ron hearing it correctly as you should do as well:

"I, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, will retaliate correctly and fully with Ron over this impasse over nuclear war materials suggested buy the USA, if and when we have a full meeting in mind with people like Ron, and that is to state you hear no more to say or do about anything on Urantia, once again.  That was what happened to Urantia for millennia when Lucifer let lose on Urantia.  Now this:

"Let this ride a little Ron, and shut this post off.  Right now I am facing an insurrection among staff as they believe you are the one who could speak but you are not recognized and are actually demoralized over the entire nature of man and his professional inversions and stand down on WTP proving exactly what you thought all along:  You cannot create a silk purse out of a sows ear.  Sounds right now.  Correct.   We feel the same and allow you Ron to stand down briefly as you have as of yesterday, to let this sink in to all of you:

"GOD HAS NOT COMPENSATION FOR FOOLS.  Let that one sink in.  Ron you believe the entire democratic  process in the United States is seriously wrong and as such it much have a Regency to bolster the idea of right and good choices for government in the US to learn how to manage a population that has no idea who or what God is, and that no full awareness is possible unless it is pointed out to them how to manage choices that are hard to make.  I fully agree with that and you are reminded that the JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT, RUTH BADDER GINSBERG is fully correct she stands down too unless there is a hearing to properly inform her you are tru and correct on these matters alone.

[Ron here: an explanation to the reader - my transmission ability opened up a channel conversation with here over the past 48 hours, and she is shocked to learn I hear her so well and is now restless to end any conversation with her from my side of the aisle.  That is fully her choice, but it happens to be over the idea of how much I really know and that shocks her that Michael of Nebadon fully supports my view she needs educated truly, and that she is refusing to do over one issue alone:  how can Ron know all this when even Generals are not informed up there?  Ron says that is her problem to face as he is as he is and regards her as fully honorable to disagree as she chooses.]

"This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and you Ron need to shut this down not, but I suggest you are keenly aware that the rebellion makes all of this a double indemnity if pressed, and we leave it to all of you now to let this idea of a NATO reprisal if Russia uses a nuclear weapon that dire consequences follow from NATO.  WE are sure it means a general nuclear war and this time Russia is not frail about who the enemy really is to Russian oligarchy style government."


TRANSLATIONS / 25.3.2023 - Trwa silna burza geomagnetyczna
« Last post by Andre_P on March 25, 2023, 06:41:31 am »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku i po rosyjsku :
Przekazał : prozonow, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : ZBLIŻAJĄCE SIĘ ZMIANY NA ZIEMI, O KTÓRYCH TRZEBA WIEDZIEĆ / Piątek, 24 marca 2023 r, trwa silna burza geomagnetyczna
« Odpowiedź nr 2, 25 marca 2023 r., godz. 05:13:37 »

25 marca 2023 r., Samara, 12:30 czasu miejscowego. Wezwanie z lewej stronyy.

-  Dyktujcie, jeśli to dla mnie.

Dla ciebie też.

Atmosfera planety uległa silnemu działaniu słońca. To trwa i nie wiadomo jak może się skończyć. Nie wtrącamy się. Niech sprawy toczą się swoim torem, tak jak postanowił Ojciec.

Musicie być uważni i ostrożni. Mogą pojawić się niespodzianki. Bądźcie w kontakcie.


- Dziękuję.
March 25, 2023. Samara, local time 12.30. challenge on the left.
- Dictate if it's for me.
And you too.
The atmosphere of the planet was strongly affected by the sun. It continues and it is not known how all this can end. We don't interfere. Let everything take its course, as the Father decided.
You need to be careful and careful. Surprises are not excluded. Stay connected. End.
Thank you.
25 марта 2023. Самара, местное время 12.30. вызов слева.
- Диктуйте, если это мне.
И тебе тоже.
Атмосфера планеты подверглась сильному воздействию солнца. Оно продолжается и не известно, чем все это можем закончится. Мы не вмешиваемся. Пусть все идет своим чередом, как решил Отец.
Вам надо быть внимательным и осторожным. Сюрпризы не исключены. Будьте на связи. Конец.
I have been following this quite intensely as the consiquences for this planet can be very detrimental for life. Thank you for posting. 
Source: Science website (Apollo 11)
March 24, 2023, Friday - Strong Geomagnetic Storm happening:
Strong geomagnetic storm hits the planet this weekend
An intense geomagnetic storm of great intensity has been under way on the planet since Thursday afternoon and in the last few hours it has strengthened impressively, with chances of causing anomalies in electrical systems and breakdowns in location and communication devices.
My comments:
There is a gigantic coronal hole (in the sun) (see attached photos).
From time to time I check the solar monitoring.
So, in my view, possibly, there will be much stronger solar storms than is predicted for now and this next weekend, possibly in 15 days or so, or less.

I remind you that this year 2023 and 2024 will be at the solar maximum of the approximate 11-year cycle of the sun.

The last solar maximum was around 2012, when there was a very strong possibility of changing the geographic axis in that period.

I believe that in the year 2023 or at the most in the year 2024 there will be strong solar storms that will cause the change in the planet's geographic axis, including the gigantic catastrophes linked to this natural phenomenon, which has already happened on the planet several times and that everything indica will happen again in a very short time.
Yes, I already had the opportunity to talk about scientific phenomena that demonstrate this. Once again, I summarize the three main ones:
1) extreme weakening of the planet's magnetism;

2) rapid shift of the magnetic axis that is close to the geographic north pole, going in the direction of the north of Canada to Siberia, Russia;

3) the great magnetic anomaly of the South Atlantic.
I already had the opportunity to comment that I pray for God's missions to come to our planet before the change in the geographic axis of the planet and the gigantic catastrophes around the world, but yes, in my view, there is a strong possibility that the axis geographic change and cause gigantic earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanic eruptions all over the world before God's Missions.

Yes, there is a possibility that it could happen at any time, even with less severe solar storms, like the one that is happening right now.

In any case, regardless of destiny, the will of God, Father, be done.

Fonte: Site de ciências (Apolo 11)
24 de março de 2023, sexta-feira - Forte Tempestade geomagética acontecendo:
Forte tempestade geomagnética atinge o planeta neste fim de semana
Uma intensa tempestade geomagnética de grande intensidade está em andamento no planeta desde a tarde de quinta-feira e nas últimas horas se fortaleceu de modo impressionante, com chances de provocar anomalias em sistemas elétricos e panes em dispositivo de localização e comunicação.
Meus comentários:
Existe um gigantesco buraco coronal (no sol) (vide fotos anexas).
De vez em quando eu verifico o monitoramento solar.
Então, em minha visão, possivelmente, vai haver tempestades solares muito mais fortes do que está previsto para agora e este próximo final de semana, possivelmente daqui a 15 dias, aproximadamente, ou menos.

Eu lembro que este ano de 2023 e 2024 estaremos no máximo solar do ciclo aproximado de 11 anos do sol.

O último máximo solar foi por volta de 2012, quando existiu fortíssima possibilidade de mudança de eixo geográfico naquele período.

Eu acredito que neste ano de 2023 ou no máximo no ano de 2024 irá acontecer fortes tempestades solares que irão provocar a mudança do eixo geográfico do planeta, incluindo as gigantescas catástrofes ligados a este fenômeno natural, que já aconteceu no planeta várias vezes e que tudo indica irá acontecer novamente em pouquíssimo tempo.
Sim, eu já tive oportunidade de falar sobre fenômenos científicos que demonstram isto. Faço, novamente, uma síntese dos três principais:
1) extremo enfraquecimento do magnetismo do planeta;

2) rápido deslocamento do eixo magnético que fica perto do polo norte geográfico, indo na direção do norte do Canadá para a Sibéria, Rússia;

3) a grande anomalia magnética do Atlântico Sul.
Eu já tive oportunidade de comentar que eu rezo para que missões de Deus venham para nosso planeta antes da mudança do eixo geográfico do planeta e das gigantescas catástrofe em todo o mundo, mas sim, em minha visão, existe forte possibilidade de ocorrer que o eixo geográfico mude e provoque gigantescos terremotos e tsunamis e erupções vulcânica em todo o mundo antes das Missões de Deus.

Sim, existe possibilidade de ocorrer a qualquer momento, mesmo com tempestades solares menos severas, como a que está ocorrendo neste exato momento.

Seja como for, independente do destino, seja feita a vontade de Deus, Pai.
General Discussion / Final Preparations Still Continue ( March 24, 2017)
« Last post by Jose Vargas on March 24, 2023, 08:59:18 am »
Michael of Nebadon – Final Preparations Still Continue – 24 March 2017 –Larry Gossett – Florida
 Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
Subject:  Final Preparations Still Continue
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 24 March 2017 – 14:00 GMT
T/R/Larry Gossett
“This is Michael, and it is well and good that you come and make time and effort to receive My thoughts and communication this morning.   You have given to me  your mind and asked that My thoughts be as yours and so it is.
“As you have perceived, situations are busy, we are actively engrossed and engaged with all that is being prepared and finalized but that does not mean that we in Spirit are any less there for you who come to receive.   We still come, we still give our attention and blessings to each of you who desire to do this work with us. .  I as Jesus,  am ready and the final approaches that need to be made are indeed being put forth.   There are, without doubt,  many last minute details that have to be yet accomplished in order to get  these Missions finally on the ground in the ways we want as we carry out these mandates of the Father.
 “To say that the stage is finally set is accurate and we will move when these final contracts and dispositions  are completed so all of you need to just continue on to be patient, watchful and yet ready at a moment’s notice.  There is still yet much that must be done.
“Urantia is well overdue to receive the very intervention that has been prayed for,  planned refined and know, dear ones,  that it is coming.   As all of you sit at this level of preparedness, keep your calm,  maintain and remember the directives given to you and  that your safety comes first, especially in these opening and inaugural days.    We and I,  in particular, have given you every notice to keep your powder dry, meaning to trust in the Father and remain cautious and prepared for any emergency.   The world upon which you all reside will kilter, and be thrown into chaos for a time and  yet the balance that is required to bring Urantia to that place of renewal,  to rectify and completely remake Her will be carried out in due time, as Jesus and Serara and  the Missions begin to be well established. We know that all of you who have kept the vigil and thrown open wide the doors  for us to enter  into your lives, are ready.
 “I do this morning want to touch upon something that was hinted at yesterday.  And that is the emotional and devotional path that many prefer to take.   I said then that that was fine yet I want all of you to know that this work that is about to be required of you will take all that you can muster up within yourselves to be productive and to be right with the Missions.   Many on Urantia have taken this devotional and emotional path, but my children, know that what will be required of you,  every ounce of your intelligence, every job that will be offered to each of you, will require that you take all that you have been given, increase your vocabularies, enrich your educations,  your  views of languages,   elevate and  refine your skills to higher levels and values as you will be representing the Father, and all of Spirit.  It will necessitate an upgrade of your thinking and mental processes.     Refine and upgrade your thought and mental processes and elevate and expand your physical and spiritual acumen.  This new advancement on your spirit journey and career will lead you to profound experiences and will need your alert and constant attention and focus, for my children, what you now do is no small measure.
“As you have many times understood , the very ability to understand the profound expansions of thoughts, ideas, ideals,  and concepts that are presented in the Urantia Book, puts  each devoted reader at a higher level, at an  advanced placement,  for the very reading of the Urantia Book so expands your awareness and  your individual views of  the Father,  the Beings and Personalities that exist with the Universe.  Your Uranta Book, though and it’s “intentional ”design has greatly increased your knowledge and your journeys,  your very foundations and the ways you look and perceive life.    Do you know find this to be so?
 “Once these many profound concepts and knowledge have been assimilated into your world view, you cannot go back,  cannot not know what you know.  I know many of you have felt a type of loneliness, feeling set apart from the rest of humanity, feeling as the proverbial  “lone duck” and even the stress of  being as they say “out on a limb”.   But know that this has had its definite purpose.   Because you have accepted these new Revelations, you shall always and ever be among those whose very journeys have assumed a greater responsibility as you will help in large measure, to lead your brothers and sister out of the darkness that has embroiled this world.
“We cannot emphasize enough  just how important each of you are to the successes of these Missions and you must know within your very beings how much you are loved and how deeply Spirit appreciates the work that you have done thus far.   And yes this is but the beginning of a rebirth of Uranta  and even a rebirth for each of you and all who are now living on Urantia and even equally important,   for all that shall ever call Urantia  “home.”
 You have many times been instructed just how important these coming days months and years are to not only each of you but to lhe universe at large.
“While none of this is new news to any of you, we can’t say often enough and emphasize deeply enough to you, the imminence and unprecedented values  of the roles that a each of you shall play as you come to serve in and with  these Missions that come to alter and uplift and remake Urantia.
“I and all of Spirit, foresee great experiences for each of you  and you will gain , though your experiences now, immeasurable training, understanding and wisdom that in small way will forever set you  apart from others by your participation  in the reshaping the affairs of Urantia.      These experience that are about to unfold on Uranta will be an achievement that is unsurpassed and you should welcome  these coming experiences and see them as a great and priceless  gift to you for, in truth, that is exactly what they are.   Most in  all of the Universes will never get these rarest opportunities that now lie in front of you.  When I tell you that these experiences are immeasurable I truly mean that.   Few in all of history in the annals of  time and space will have been given these opportunities and  they all realize  just how fortunate all of you are to be able to learn such lessons through “ experience”that is about to unfold.
“The entries that will be made in the Book of Life that is recorded for each of you  stands ready to be written!   Through the choices and dedication that you show and have shown will usher in a new standing.  As the Age of the Agondonters now  comes to a close, each of you now take your first steps as you help to eventually establish the Era of Light and Life and as a future Finaliter.  Does this not fill you with love and a true sense of pride that you have made such progress in  this short human life?   I tell you truly that is does.   Your destinies are set into upward and inward motion and now it is up to you to see through what is begun here.   
 “Continue on in your journey of love,   human emotions  and feelings  of devotion and now add to that a renew sense of learning, study,  and growth and a advancement in education in what you will need to further achieve  and refine your  knowledge which will give you the abilities to better and more fully participate with the Father and with all of Spirit who  now beckons you to enter in to this sacred service to the Father.  And to climb to the heights of glory to eventually bow before Him and hear Him say,  “Well done my good and faithful servant in whom I am well pleased.”   What better words to hear, what better honor to be bestowed upon those who began here on this troubled and backward world.   For, my dear children, this is what we all cherish beyond any other experience.    I give you this day,  these comments, these loving encouragements and thoughts to think upon and cherish as we finalize those many last minute details before the promised return of Jesus and the coming and Serara, Monjoronson, the Melchizedeks, the mighty Midwayers and all of the other many Hosts of Heaven that  come to bring  and establish the Kingdom of the Father of us all.  To close this off for today, I borrow a popular phrase on Urantia.   “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”    Make of it what you will, it is your choice.   This is Michael and I give you my Love and Peace    Good day….good life. “
General Discussion / Re: The Magisterial Mission (June 09, 2012)
« Last post by Ron Besser on March 23, 2023, 18:37:23 pm »
PJammer and Vargas,
That above transmission you quoted Jose is from myself.  I was at IC05 and a controversy erupted which I chose to set straight in 2012 after hearing them bicker over the transmission originally made in 2005.

Below is the original heading for the original transmission which is not what I filled in but it still carried the reference.  When I archived this in 2011, I added the editorial note you see just under the the heading

Conference - IC05 Philadelphia PA Villanova University -Aug 04, 2005 - John the Apostle - Celebration - IC05.  Ron Davis has confused the situation hopelessly by archiving a motion followed by renaming the transmission.  I am not sure how you got this one Jose, but it carries the insinuation of appearing on the Barnard site and reproduced by a Spanish translator and likely published there in your rendition.  I cannot rule out that Monjoronson made additional remarks to the Spanish translation which you have the English transcript you printed here Jose.  Please see the archived original transcript after new remarks here from MONJORONSON.

I am quite sure Monjoronson appreciates you reprinting this edition of his remarks.


MONJORONSON --    "ALL OF YOU ARE WARNED TO STAY THE COURSE TODAY!!  Ron gets upset Jose when you do not write why you post old transcriptions.   Is it to just revisit another time?  Is it to restate the obvious in the old transcript?  Is it a problem with the old transcript?   Tell us in your own words what moved you to place the old transcript back into the modern notice of this discussion forum again?

"Ron wrote that but deleted it and ask me to straighten out any of this if pertinent!

"I am doing so.  IT is like this:

"When Ron saw George Barnard list reproduce the original, it was full of errors as he was there. Rick Voss no longer does transcriptions but in those days he was on the top of his form and could do what Ron still can do.  But you by copying a contraband copy of the original Jose, managed to confuse the situation about the exact timing and voicing of a IC05 transmitter who no longer transmits today.  We are sure Rob Davis stepped in to the beginning of the confusion and fatally made it impossible to know the geneology of the work.

"Ron stepped in on June 9th, 2012 and redid the transmission to operated with what I requested him to do.  That work for 2012 is right as far as it does, but you should at least comment Jose, that what is spoken to there is both right and wrong.  Let me make this statement then:

MONJORONSON SPEAKS AGAIN - "I am sure the entire matter must be settled now Jose.  You are forgetting that the announcement was made through Ron in the past couple of days that MONJORONSON and SERARA, are both INCARNATED on URANTIA right now!  Do you know what the means Jose?  IT means you can see ME and SERARA once again.  Donna D'Ingillo heard the tape and is amazed she did not get the message herself, and now wonders why Ron got it and she did not?

"THE REASON RON GOT IT IS BECAUSE HE IS IN LIAISON WITH EVE OF ADAM AND EVE.  Donna D'Ingillo is not in league with anyone since April of last year and she has no idea why she does not receive much now?

"For that REASON, JOSE, begin to catch the reason all this is happening in what you  may think is a peculiar way, and that is that Ron has been selected to proceed with the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION for the MAGISTERIAL SONS. as that FOUNDATION was named for them alone!  Keep your sense Jose as there has to be some reason you do these things, and it is in this instance because you are asked to remain interested, not only for your mother, but for us, and yourself.  Now you are making waves up here because you do not know the reason you made the post.  That is upsetting Ron and me because you are not forcing any good reason to appear tothe membership on this site as to the importance of the transmission you chose to make again.

"I AM MONJORONSON and you are fully being advised not just by ME, but by the cabal not, but by Ron's Adjuster that unless you make better use of the old transmission and check, somehow, to see to it that the information is correct, you work against us and we know that is never your intention.  Weydevu reads you well and understands it, but Ron reads even better because he authored the English text to archive the text for posterity which he looked up and prints for you above in the original.  He is also aware of the beastly behavior by Rob Davis who detests Ron for finding him out as a thief.  In any case the entire matter is not over and let me retransmit this in the current state of affairs:

MARCH 23, 2023 525PM EDST,  York, Pa
Ron Besser/Transmitter

" I AM MONJORONSON,  and I insist this be well prepared.

"WE have experienced endless subterfuge over that transmission ever since Daniel Raphael through the gauntlet down and refused to transmit MONJORONSON OR SERARA anymore in 2012, and again in 2015 and again in 2017.  For that reason Ron stepped up to the plate and willingly took me on fully and happily.  I refuse to deal with that Raphael insecurity of who he is and why he must be blessed always by an audience that has no fare with him unless they comb his pelt there and then.  For that reason says Ron, I have no pelt and help yourself as I will serve you gladly.  And he does and well.

"Now this:  I have to report that my first visit on Urantia to a human endeavor was to a Baptist Church, and found it invigorating until that ass of a preacher referred to himself as the man who knows God well enough to disfigure the Baptists who claim Him ready to take down Jerusalem and give Cincinnati the chalice of the covenant to America.

"Please insult me okay, but do not insult FATHER ever, and Ron yhou did not insult God today asking for a premature blessing to die without further insult to your body.  We know the trial and you are at loss ends, and we go on now.  You are fully deciding it is valuable but you are so miserable with no feeling in your legs but pain etc.   For that reason let us state succinctly the condition I am now finding myself in both with SERARA and the lovely EVE with ADAM  at her side now.

"It is not yours Ron to feel bad for EVE as she received a notice today that unless she refreezes your work, you and she are lost to the ages ahead without being mentioned.  You wrote Bill Kemper not but you made a reference to others we shall not name as those Goddamn Hosts of Satan, and they were from FATHER TO REDRESS the unkind remarks of a maniac called Pato Banon about you being the devil.  You are not but they got you mixed up with Pato Banon not but you slipped a syrup into your remarks and made them ill over who they were and they let you have it and they got it back and now the remorse is big time over FATHER AND YOU not, but EVE AND YOU because you enjoy her approach and want her as a liaison officer to the ANCIENTS OF DAYS if that is their pleasure.

"That is no longer so, as you refer to EVE as piece of work and she laughed and so did you, and now we hear the ANCIENTS OF DAYS cry wolf to you Ron, and you are far from being so.   However, they have not corrected themselves and I say this,  you are without a liaison person yet but that will be amended shortly as it was nothing to do at all.  They are weary of you not Ron, but you carry huge amounts of persuasion when you get going with your comedy routines (Ron - Monjoronson means my delectable recitation of the real history involved), and thank you Ron.  Now this:

"EVE IS RESTATED as your liaison officer not with the ANCIENTS OF DAYS anymore but with the UNIVERSAL FATHER    AND  The ANCIENTS OF DAYS.  Let this be of record to all of you as members of this list:  Ron just said and I believe him, this reminds him of SEINFELD AND SONS, the TV comedy program not of that title, but you know close enough as he says, and I believe him, "anything they touch is an absolute disaster for everyone!"

"I AM MONJORONSON and the capitals are flying because protocol demands them of Ron and he complies as best he can and listen to this:

"I MONJORONSON have been ordered out of incarnation!  Why?  Ron asked ME to tell him how many hours it is to go until we meet.  I said within days.  He said I prepare.  He sat down and watched JEOPARDY then.  He was with DOMINICK OHRBECK.  Dominick says to Ron, "am I to be here?"  Ron says to ME, " MONJORONSON, what is your wish ?"   I said it is impoverished if Dominick is not here too.  All went quiet.  The next morning Ron reported to Dominick he felt horrible again.  Dominick said to Ron, I have a terrible headache and I can hardly remember my name."  That was a sign to me they had removed some important information and Ron says to Dominick today, this is a terrible day for me again as I feel internal collapse without energy and feelings.

"Well, guess what?  EVE was relieved of her duties before she could begin them and Ron met a new liaison personality for him to work with, the recently passed Supreme Court Judge, RUTH BADER(sp?) GINSBERG.  Ms. Ginsberg has made contact and well.  EVE was surprised by how well she and Ron get on together and it is safe to assume she is a liaison personality now or again or whatever.   Be assured EVE is now the chief intelligence liaison with Ron again too as they both enjoy the contact with this human as I do.  HOWEVER: please understand the ANCIENTS OF DAYS are worried Ron becomes affectionate not, but that they become borrowing flour cups from him too but they are not the type and Ron says, "no. no.  we are all business really and they are true business ends for FATHER AND THE SON.  and for that reason I fully enjoy the repartee with them all the time.  I must add the same is true for Marion Rowley too who knows enough to be terribly fun."

"Now this:  the entire matter for Ron is being settled again but he wonders why all the fuss since he feels destined to walk out of his body very soon given today being so bad again.  Be assured you forget who you are talking to Ron since the Adjuster is absent and the DEITY ABSOLUTE is in charge of translation for us now.  For reasons of State the ADJUSTER has returned and you are in a normal mode now Ron.  For reasons of your own Ron you felt oppressed with the Deity Absolute so close by.  [Ron:  the Deity Absolute feels tremendously heavy and it is like typing walking through big drifts of snow without help.  All I said can we lighten up a little so I can type?]  HE leaves the rest to you to imagine.

"I am the DEITY ABSOLUTE, Ron, and you are very good at all except concentration when it is so heavy as you pay attention to the pressure and not the wording and off you go.  K"

"I am MONJORONSON, Ron, and no wonder; however, let me now state my business!

"WE MAGISTERIAL SONS have been recalled back to the spirit realm.  You do not understand Ron, and you are very nervous about this.  You are among the few with a righteous cast to your name as you are in so much pain you ask for resolution and you get it, but today is an example where death is more available than life.  For that reason you must take things very carefully.  Thank goodness you have Dominick coming over and stay the course as usual.

"WE must make this understood too:  WE MAGISTERIAL SONS HAVE BEEN RECALLED AS OF 4PM DST over one issue in particular.  The file you wrote Dr. Ilok many years ago Ron is now coursing its way back to earth over the issue of the carbon atom and the huge discovery you two made and never mentioned it to God or anyone again.

"You wrote in a WHITE PAPER ON ULTIMATONS in your Paper that the GRINDER in 1944 broke ground and went into hyperfusion.  Scientists today finally agree you are a genius waving no flag but reporting your work gratefully to get it understood.  Now they are sure you are a successor to Jesse Oppenheimer not, but you are so original no one dare criticize you further until there is a good reason to do so.  They never heard of the term before and you did invent it, but why?  I will tell you:  you are in full liaison with the MASTER FORCE ORGANIZERS for time along.  Now this:

"Your work with RAYSON is so highly placed up here we must take time for all work to state the following for the Besser regime to be called "wireless electricity ala Master Force Organizers"  and for that reason we must state categorically, you are highly trusted to follow the course.  ILOK knows nothing again as he has been sequestered to operated a coal barge in Czechoslovakia not but to describe just what happened, and he loves you for the memory work you do with him and he is glad to without the tailing you add to get it across really well.  HEISENBERG knows you intimately well as you held back on the atomic experiments and why? [Ron:  I decided this was far too important to toss off a tell all novel and held it back when we can speak to it fully again.]  You are something else Ron and you are grateful for HEISENBERG and GINSBERG as well.   I am MONJORONSON and as Ron correctly states, those trying to read this are hopelessly confused if we do not state this as the rules now:

MONJORONSON as the PEACE KEEPER/  - "You Ron are truly upset at such body misery.  It is taking its toll and is heartless, but never mind the change in Adjusters, YOU ARE NOW UNDER MY CARE EXCLUSIVELY and for the rest of your life FATHER AND MONJORONSON and MICHAEL are your cheer leaders.  You are mking this hard not but the truth must be spoken to the members on this site:

"You Ron now deserve some attention for healing as this is a good example of how Urantia can be archived to have received epochal revelation through you unintended, and for that reason the ANCIENTS OF DAYS is rewarding you with both girls, but they are indeed lovely, and that makes it all fit again.  You and Ginsberg are very well together and so does EVE, and so does ADAM when he can get a word in edgewise between you two.  Now this.  Millie is listening intently as she now knows you carried huge responsibilities on certain nights and at times it fused all your energy away and you had to be honest that night because it was zero and you were broke.  You do not say because you do not know or do you care but she now understands you never broke the friendship.  In most cases this is MONJORONSON again.

"MEMBERS OF THIS DISCUSSION forum must learn patience again as the MAGISTERIAL MISSION to Urantia is now considered a closed issue!  That is not because of us, but FATHER, as HE  feels there is injury afoot for the MELCHIZEDEKS unless they are warned a nuclear holocaust might occur shortly over, not the Ukraine, but careless handling of nuclear bombs by staff under their hired military arm.  He [commander of the hired military arm] is fully incapable of understanding what he is fooling with.  EVE you are now reminded to step back into safety.  You Ron cannot step back and God forbid if one gets lobbed to New York, and you are outside as the radiation burns are severe on Morontial beings.  Let this ride for now folks.

"What we must state fully is that the entire matter of wireless electricity is now put aside fully until there is good reason to state why Urantia should have it.  Be assured the remaining years for you Ron share it but it might fall victim to a change in the magnetosphere, and that lithium dioxide still exists as a proponent of the central earth core, and you correctly remember it.  You must warn scientists that so long as the earth core is viable so is wireless electricity but you can manufacture protons enough to keep the generators out of mischief but you cannot forecast what happens the Muon chains on the south tower leg if attacked by gamma ray sub particle quite lethal to materialization.  Be assured you have it well now.  Be assured you explain it exactly that way or else. "


Location: IC05
The Apostle John
The Time for the Incarnation of Monjoronson Has Arrived
August, 2005
Rick Voss T/R
[The original message was given during the IC05 (Fellowship Conference ran approximately from July 30 to Aug 4) in Philadelphia. Correction of the transcript is of record as of September 7, 2005. The disagreement about the original text was the wording, and the T/R asked for a clarification which was forthcoming from John the Apostle. Additional remarks were made by Monjoronson. The corrected edition of the transcription is what is archived. TMA Editor]

The Apostle John:

"Greetings, this is the Apostle John who speaks to you now. At this time I would like to honor your request to repeat the message given to you at the Villanova Conference known as IC05. The message I gave to you then and the message I give to you now are one and the same. As you know, as you heard me say before, there is much celebration on high. For this is a great time in the history of your world. We, who bring you this message, have much joy in our hearts, for the time has come for a great Magisterial Son to incarnate on your planet in the likeness of mortal man. At this time we would like to announce that this has occurred. Rejoice in this news as we rejoice with you. For this is a time of great correction. And now we would like to bring to you the voice of Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son."

"Greetings dear Rick. This is Monjoronson, your friend and brother, who speaks to you now. I come hear today to let you know that the good news that John brings you is very real. And we would like you to present this news to all your brothers and sisters who have the ears to hear. This is a great time in your world. Great changes are continuing to take place. We are honored to be here and to join with you in this monumental effort to bring your world into light and life. Be in my Light"

I would also like to share part of a personal transmission to me recently received thru an experienced T/R.

Additional Comments by Monjoronson


T/R Donna D'Ingillo

(My question to Monjoronson} In regards to the personal transmission I received from you about you being here in physical form, did I hear you correctly, and if not, what part of the message did I get wrong? I would like you to please help me have a better understanding of the message.

(Monjoronson) As you know, the process of transmitting and receiving is not without human involvement, and there are always some overlays of the human mind patterns and thoughts that leak through the purity of the information we wish to convey to you as a individual and as a group.

With this said, I wish to inform you that it was I who spoke to you during this exchange. I will not speak to the question of whether I am physically present or not. What does it matter to you because I am not physically in front of you at this time in material form, in flesh and body? And so, what I say to you is that you can partake of me through the Spirit, through the inner knowing, and the inner perceiving of my presence. And when the time is right, you will see me in the flesh standing before you. You will be able to embrace me and I will embrace you. And we will look into each other's eyes, and you will know the truth of who I am because your heart will have perceived me in Spirit.

And all this is a prerequisite for you to perceive me in the flesh. You could have ten men walk up to you and say, "I am Monjoronson, I am the Magisterial Son", and they could be sincere of heart in believing that they were. But how would you know which one was the real one and which ones where the imposters? It must happen in the Spirit. And so for you now to come to me more in Spirit, will you come to know me. And then when I am indeed physically present in front of you, will know me. And you will know!

The times of change on Urantia are affecting the human thought patterns. There is much agitation in the mind and even in the emotions of individuals now. Your ability to rely on your intellect is shifting so that you are more interested in perceiving things from your intuitive sensing mechanisms, primarily the heart. And I would encourage you to one, educate yourself as to the importance of perceiving your reality from the heart, and two, to practice receiving reality from the heart center. This will steady you and give you more emotional equilibrium. And it would have the added benefit of giving your over stimulated intellect an ability to feel and be at peace. And this is what you need now my brother is a deep unburdening and peace. For the changes that are to come and are coming and are here are very tumultuous to the fragile human psyche. And you now must be anchored in a peace so firm and so unwavering that nothing will be able to sway you. Do you understand what I am describing for you?

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