Author Topic: Volume 5 - TRANSMISSION Spiritual Nutrition, Light, Frequency, Density. 06.13.2  (Read 613 times)

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Transcript Volume 5 - TRANSMISSION Spiritual Nutrition, Light, Frequency, Density. 06.13.22

York, PA, Monday, June 13, 2022

And it's a late day transmission with a different frame of mind at a different time and a different biorhythm. Nonetheless, I've been asked to take a transmission and we'll see how it goes. Prior to turning on the tape we gave you a concept with spirit, density, and light. In other words, we are discussing the health and nutrition benefits of spirit in your diet of living and the effects on the body.

Now, you have an effect on your light body, those are the auric fields your body comprises of and gives off.  The fifth state of matter also responds to this at the ultimatonic level of your body and for simple conceptual reasons we explain a person is considered a dense or exudes a density even further than someone who is not as dense and in fact made with more light in their bodies, because of the spiritual intake that their bodies have received. And therefore they are a lighter color, a faster frequency, and that means a higher frequency and less density. Now, this light is literally given off in your environment very subtly so. These are not going to be a conscious recognition rather an intuitive recognition. There are ways to inexactly measure this now for example in color auric readings that correspond to various attributes that relate to each other. The most superstitious being say a mood ring, and the most advanced being the light spectrum analysis measuring things that your bodies give off that correspond to frequency and color.

Therefore, thought has in some sense a frequency, and we on the spiritual side can detect its color. You cannot and that is fine. but you have your traditions of light gazers and so forth, where spiritual nutrition equates with light. You have expressions ‘light on your feet’ and ‘’effervescence’ and so on, and less corresponding positive expressions such as ‘dense as a rock’, ‘obstinate’, ‘concrete’, etc. The weather also likewise affects moods, emotions, and the human being needs light to live. Emotions last not so long in the body. They affect the body but they can be recognized for what they are, and that is a response and not necessarily truth. Truth and emotions need light in order to reconcile the beauty and goodness of the truth value of the emotion. You may not understand if that even makes sense or not, but it is good food for thought. Perhaps an equation for success as you call it. There is no recipe for living, it is a constant flow. and it is best filled with habits of light.

We leave it to you to figure out those meetings and values. But if you fill in nutrition with your bodies understand spirit provides the body good and at the very least this can be in the beginning attained through examination of light itself and then it's correlating and corresponding analogs with your decisions and behavior translated from your inner life into the outer world and into the more complex things such as relationships so that is a very short transmission for today to keep a to keep it light

Well, thank you for everyone who brought us this delightful message. Thank you
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