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Audio Link (17m)

  • Mind Circuits, Spirit Circuits, Physical Circuits
  • Will and Mind Together with a Personality
  • Distinctions between Trinity and Deity, Personalization and Purpose

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Greetings and thank you very much Majesthia Gondo for this other extraordinary document that should give us all a lot of hope. From here I also present my thanks to Wivine and Monssoen Melchizedek for such valuable information that they testify as expected, regarding world geopolitics but especially the war in Ukraine, what we all hoped to confirm about the Prince of Darkness. of Hate. This information makes me very happy because it is the same thing I expected to hear about the end of the domain of those demonic forces that have ruled Colombia for decades, and this coming Sunday, June 19, in the second round of elections, we are very confident that it will be elected, with the will of the Heavenly Father, Senator Gustavo Petro, unquestionably a being of light, I don't think I'm wrong.
On the other hand, the information given about the morontia mote is quite interesting, because I did not understand how it was possible that our soul could be receiving instructions in the mansion worlds while we exist in a material world. Thanks again Majesthia Gondo
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Transcript of Volume 8 - GOD TRANSMISSION. Will, Mind, Extra-Mind Endowments. 06.16.22

Speaker: Arthura by Dominick Ohrbeck

June 16th, York, PA

In Volume 7 there was talk about the Sevenfold expression of Trinity and its relation to the coordinator called your mind. Overall an aspect of the Infinite Spirit, and associated with things like the Creative Spirits adjutants. And before the tape was turned on we discussed the driving force, the aiming capacity, the dominant aspect of the overall personality is the will. And where the will intends to go the mind typically follows, not the other way around. And if you are not careful the mind will go on autopilot (to) carry out certain habits (and) conditions within its environment to the point where the will is not so exercised very well, say in an environment such as this planet provides. Insomuch as your will is not carried forth with the awareness and acknowledgment to utilize for example the adjutant spirits and additional capacities of mind and spiritual circuits contributing with mind, such as a Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, morontial mind, mota, Thought Adjuster, etc., angels, all of those things are say, secondary to the initial steps of utilizing the stepping stones, such as the adjutant mind spirits of prayer and worship, each individual circuits unto themselves. In other words prayer being corresponded to the number six and worship number seven.

The will when unshelled - and we're providing a picture of a pistachio nut with the will inside it, already exposed, already out, and just waiting to be released from its shell - when the will is properly unshelled it becomes the master of your mind. And properly unshelled means your will is associated with the originating and properly aligned agencies of deity, who are part of that. Not just given to you and watch you flail about, but literally connected and co-participatory with you, to the extent that they are the human horticulturalist farming growing souls. it's a tough analogy for you to gravitate as the mindless carrot going to the harvest, but we use such a crass agricultural analogy for you to understand the grand scheme of things as why we create planets with humans, a free will endowed Thought Adjuster endowed beings, to populate and serve in a purposeful Universe function. In other words it is not a happy accident but very well designed, so there you have it. It's part of that science and philosophy of Creative Design which unfortunately still is wrapped up in unscientific dogma of a storytelling concept, such as an earth being made in seven days, or something closely associated with such myths. Which from a storytelling standpoint brings the baseline of prescience fact to the pre-science mind. Now back to the mind.

The mind is the canvas media coordinator, more than a canvas but the platform, to add and subtract and coordinate the sum of its parts into a greater whole that functions better than any one individual part working isolated without the aggregate contribution of the other parts. Such as, you have a biochemical brain with matter functioning with that energy, you have vitamins and minerals, different subcomponents, glands that act as the media to overlay and exercise certain other circuits, endowments spiritual in nature, quasi material spiritual in the morontia mota form. and of course the emotional, mental, physical, and soul level we tend to call morantial, but you call, say, the biofield or spirit field, which is in reality an extension of that light body we've been mentioning.

The other thing we mentioned is, the lack so far of an overall identity associated with a transmission. in so much as it is a team effort to connect in a transmission, and we need not provide such identity distraction in the moment and chose to contrast this with past transmissions which attributed everything to a capital G God. For the capital G God does connote and represent a family as we have spoken to. So, to that extent when the capital G God speaks to you, there is a team effort to bring you that God message. There is any one aspect or several combinations thereof of God and Trinity function. A Trinity is a function, a Deity could be a function, but also an identity of an entity personally known. Whereas a Trinity is a function and then any one personalized expression of that becomes a personal entity. And so much as a divine Son or Daughter becomes personalized and not born, such as in your case on a planet.

We are pousing to recognize the speed at which this message came out today and volume 8, since our time to create this, say, 4 days ago might have been twice as long and just as effective. So perhaps we will endeavor for additional contact at a later time, but for now we pause. But to wrap up the lesson to explain all of these aspects of the mind is to also repeat the God given free will, which we attribute this gift directly to the Universal Father, who gives the functions and attributes of three very key components that make you who you are:

  • The personalized entity you are which we just discussed. You are a person, so you are this mysterious some, greater than all of your parts and that personality is survivable.
  • Next, there is a will and that will is more than your mind. And it is the driving force that the mind follows and manifests what the will aims for and intends to.
  • And then also the Father bestows the infallible guidance system spoken previously of your pilot light Thought Adjuster, a fragment of the Father himself of pure Deity spirit within you that is pre-personal, in other words it is not your personality, but that personality is you, and it's the gift you give the Thought Adjusters spirit within what it wants and craves, as you likewise crave communion between you the personality, and it, the spirit together, and will.
And we thank you for listening and have a great day.

Well, thank you team and God.
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