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« on: February 19, 2023, 07:07:43 am »
Yes, this is ARTHURA. I would like to comply with your request and continue what we started. Let us discuss some of the things you may all face in the near future. First of all, you must be prepared for unusual situations, the many things that you are not familiar with. Various dangers and situations threaten the planet and this can cause panic among the population, creating the biggest problem you have ever seen, due to its scale and because of what people will do in times of danger and huge uncertainties circulating on the planet, in addition to the fact of the appearance of Jesus with a policy plan of revolutionary proportions and incredible constructions to carry out for the continuation of human existence and that of the planet.

Those who stand up, those who endure and live a worthy life, that is, those who have developed a soul that belongs to the Father, who strive to treat others as they themselves like to be treated. Those who have learned to share all that the earth produces and give their hearts to God and His creation. Those who recognize God become a useful part of creation and will join us in serving the Father in pursuing Earth's destiny to the future age of Light and Life.

That time is still far away and cannot yet be realized, but that is what this world is being prepared for and what everyone should strive for to create together a new reality, a unity, a world of brotherhood. This is the time when you must be willing to step forward and show faith and trust. This is the time where we demand your full trust and willingness to work for the Father, the Missions, the Scientific Programs, the Second Return, for the betterment of your world by participating in the progress that your planet so desperately needs and where we bring people together to learn the truths and the rules of a well-organized universe. We ask for your abilities and expertise for a world in need of proper education, law and order and to stop exploiting the planet and continue to take life for granted, but to recognize that there is a toll to be paid for every wrong step taken and that every human being will be held directly responsible for unnecessary death or damage to the environment.

These are things that must be learned and lived as a natural attitude and responsibility of human beings towards each other and towards your Creator who gave you this earth to live on, to grow and to gain the living experience that will take you on your way to other worlds, where you will learn to apply these basic rules in order to move on to the next step in your journey through your ascension career, which is constantly offering you new experiences.

Listen carefully, it is very difficult to remember all this when you allow yourself to be dominated by the so-called prosperity the world offers you, or when you might be in a state of high anxiety or despair. Be wise, be humble in deed and possession, and learn to control yourself and not let others convince you with their lies, doctrines, deceptive promises and false media reports. Always remember that the Will of the Father must prevail in all circumstances, by surrendering your will to the Will of your Universal Father, who has given Himself to you as your Thought Adjuster.

This is ARTHURA at your service. 

Thank you very much for your words ARTHURA.