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October 13, 2022 AND REVISED 06 MARCH 2023
T/R: Ron Besser
A Report from the POWER DIRECTORS and MASTER FORCE ORGANIZERS 403, 404, 405, AND 407.

The report begins with a copy of a tweet message from Chinese scientists who discovered the earth core was very hot and not just iron material. They called it so hot it acted like a fluid and a solid at the same time. That is condition they call super ionic. IT is a break through really, but the Chinese government supressed this news and it now lies dormant in experiments on earth core identification. (Ron Besser).

See graphic at the end of this post please.  It refuses to enlarge on my computer and you may find it difficult to read, but it shows you the core which they show about twice the size it really is.  Thanks and read on as it is fascinating and we may be at the end of core problems according to Rayson, our Magisterial Son science officer.

CHINESE INVESTIGATORS shot . . . [the core] with a laser (used to determine depth of quakes) AND IT IS NOT IRON AND IS NOT SOLID and is superionic. That is a term used to say . . . it is more liquid and gasses diffuse through it as they appear and do not get trapped. The original idea about our earth core was that the inner core of the Earth was mostly made of solid iron, giving the planet it's magnetic field.

However, the research now points to a totally different makeup of the inner core.

'It is quite abnormal,' said Yu He, lead author of the study, 'Our result shows that [in] the Earth's inner core some light elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, behave like liquids and diffuse freely in the lattice of solid iron. This suggests that the inner core is not a normal solid but a composition of solid iron sublattice and liquid-like light elements.'

How was this discovered?

The research was undertaken using earthquake readings. These suggested to suggest that the inner core was likely composed of elements in different states including 'mushy"' material, not simply solid iron.

It suggests that the liquid-like elements prevent as strong seismic currents from traveling through, making it clear that there are non-solid aspects of the core. End Quote with some editing I did.

[Updated 06 March 2023 for present conditions]
From the Transmitter Ron Besser and about the report from the Power Directors who actually maintain work on the earth core to keep it healthy, or at least try to. Here is what they say about our earth core compared to what the researchers are speculating:

POWER DIRECTOR #3: “We see these researchers as making a marvelous contribution to earth science. The graphic does over exaggerate the size of the core, but not over much, as there are some suggestions that the earth core inside Urantia (earth) is twice the size it was meant to be.

“In year’s past the entire matter would have been shunted off into a top secret examination of why Urantia has to go through these perturbations so much so all the time. That is true, but lately we are discovering that Urantia ha two dipoles, and what that means is there are two poles of electrical activity on Urantia, so unusual we have no data to explain what to expect from such a condition.

[Note added March 6, 2023 - RAYSON here - there are two dipoles on Urantia, and we now know that means the planet is “HERMATIC.” To be “hermatic is to be a planetary wild card in planetary assignment of electrical activity. The magnetosphere is lost never, but the entire matter of the earth’s core is not clearly understood by even the highest Power Director authority. For that reason, the Chinese involved here have carefully ruled this announcement as not valid entirely. However I do consider it quite valid and they should e recommended for Nobel Prize for discovering the earth core to be superionic.

Superionic means the heat is so great ions that form on the cooler fringes of the pile of material that represents the earth core is flowing and not rolling in the earth core vault is stays in. For that reason the wobble Urantia used to have is now almost gone, and we are issuing a rare day in planetary history for Urantia without time deviations we had years ago when NASA determine the earth core was too hot to handle and warned of a pressure explosion.

That kind of explosion is NOT possible now, but one should be caring that the heat in the core has to be vented or other problems will come into existence. Friction is not the cause of all this heat, but the loss of a diurnal means to discard refuse out of the core has been shut off for years now, and now we are faced with lots of magma flows to vent the core maybe more than it should be. IF it cools too much earth can experience a shrinkage impace and that is a lot of wild earthquakes as the tectonic plates adjust inward. RAYSON at your service. K”)
[End of March 6th notes added]

[The report continues as follows:]
“The Urantia earth core is now twice the size it was forty years ago. Does that mean an explosion? Perhaps. We are not sure and that is not yours to worry about Ron; however, let it also reported that the inner sector of that core is so hot it is a new state of matter never observed before. Those Chinese researchers deleted their material about heat because they thought it was a bad reading. Actual temperatures in the innermost sanctum of that core is now about the temperature of the electronic boiling point. If that is the case, the inner core is not iron or lithium but plasma di-tritate and that represents NO ELEMENT you know on earth outside of the core.

“A PLASMA DI-TRICATE is a simple iron compound that does not exist on your planet in any pure form, but it always appears in super hot plasma existences. A Plasma is super hot, but it does not reach the electronic boiling point either. **

(Note ** from the Urantia Book: Paper 41. Section 7. Paragraph 12 - “You might try to visualize 35,000,000 degrees of heat, in association with certain gravity pressures, as the electronic boiling point. Under such pressure and at such temperature all atoms are degraded and broken up into their electronic and other ancestral components; even the electrons and other associations of ultimatons may be broken up, but the suns are not able to degrade the ultimatons.)

“For that reason we must defer any speculation as to this unusual condition back to the MASTER FORCE ORGANIZERS for comment. Thank you, Powder Director #3.

MASTER FORCE ORGANIZER #412, 413, 415, 419, 422, 435, 450, 451, AND 452. “We All report to you as one:


1 - The substance of iron dioxide core Urantia once had is now removed;
2 - Iron Tricate is now the material in the core ;
3 - Magnetic anomalies once common are now rare in the magnetosphere;
4 - The earth core now subsides in no motion permanently and is now recentered in the vault and is perpendicular to the axis tilt of 22.5 degrees as of this month (October, 2022 and as of March 6th, 2023 when this paper was edited and revised for posting).

“We the Master Force Organizers regard this report well done for a change when advising us for the changes in the earth’s core which started we believe sometime in the late 1500's and we think those changes are finally done as of this date in March of 2023.

“If so, that illustrates that the Planetary Prince of Urantia, that being MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK at the time of this writing in 2022, has paid off and the interior of Urantia has stablized again and finally to you Ron, thank you for redoing this report so it stands as a regularized type of report on the earth;s core without using extransous material to balance it other wise. WE are MASTER FORCE ORGANIZER 403 now reporting, and we agree this method is excellent, but future reports will contain much more information for your scientists to look at it again.

“Insofar as we know, the Urantia earth core is secure and is operating as it is supposed to be and the heat loss is now appropriate enough to lessen the chance of a heat0-pressure explosion. Thank you and best wishes.”

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Thank you Ron and Universe Power Directors, this sounds like very good news!

My question is, can we now expect any lessening of earthquake and volcanic activities in the coming years?

Will this have any beneficial effects on global warming?

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks PJammer:

Your questions:

My question is, can we now expect any lessening of earthquake and volcanic activities in the coming years?

Answer:  The Power Directors all responded and said they think it will increase earthquake activity for years and the reason is that core is superionic and when that happens the heat makes it just barely move around the floor of the vault they exist in.  With that happening the tectonic plates sag more and such a depression in the tectonic plates causes the plates to move more trying to find a better fit between each other.  The answer then is :  'MORE QUAKES THAN USUAL.'

Will this have any beneficial effects on global warming?
The Power Directors State: "There is no direct affect between tectonic plates or the earth's core and heat on the earth,  Heat on the earth accumulates in the atmosphere from too much carbon atoms, and too many dusty cars and trucks always mixing the lower atmosphere with a lot more dust than it likes in it to clear itself.  Dust is the greater problem although science on Urantia thinks it too much carbon and sulfur, but that is not the case although those atoms are a little problem too, but they cause not heat sinks or creature exhaustion for clean air in and of themselves.

"Something called carbon tetrachloride is the real problem in the ionosphere but science has no equipment too measure the accumulation of that gas up there and a a result it is what eats away the ions of chlorine such as the ozone layer which gets eaten away from too much carbon tetrachloride which is the real culprit causing too much heat in earth's atmosphere.  K  The POWER DIRECTORS AT YOUR SERVICE. "

Ron - Thank you POWER DIRECTORS FOR YOUR EDUCATIONAL RESPONSE.  We are most happy to accommodate your lessons as you wish to provide them.  The people at the discussion forum at your service to spread the word too.  Thank you! 

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Thank you Ron for this excellent report and good news. Questions are coming to me, but I understand that you may not have all the answers.

I still would like to understand better the possible outcome of having the core twice the size of its original.

- Is that considered 'normal' or acceptable due to its new composition? Is the core expected to retain its enlarged size for the future?  OR likely shrink back to its original size?

- Is there a physical / mathematical standard (equation) for the size of a core in relation to the size of its planet?

- May the shrinking be possible by releasing the heat and excess pressure? What consequences the shrinking might have on the magnetosphere? Rather, how is the current magnetosphere? 

Quote" Urantia ha two dipoles, and what that means is there are two poles of electrical activity on Urantia, so unusual we have no data to explain what to expect from such a condition." I   - Is this still the case having two poles? What will that do to life on a planet? Oceans? Plant and animal life, especially birds?

- Will its liquidity result in increased magma flow now that the  pressure lessened? Will the magma flow likely lessen also?  

- How will this entire situation effect the tectonic plate movements? Given that the earth core is considered stabilized. Why then the movements would take place? 


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