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The Millennial Gathering of The War Hawks  (click on graphic to enlarge)

AUKUS - That is the name of a new defense pact to counter Chinese influence the indo-Pacific region of Urantia.  Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, have banded together to offset the aggressive views of the Peoples Republic of China.  This is what we wish to point out to the audience who follow these Breakfast Tapes and who monitor the idea of the SECOND RETURN.

I do not usually make political statements, but this development requires some coordination between the concept of the divine Second Return and the man made disaster nuclear war places on Urantia.
According to the President of the United States on Monday the 13th of March 2023, these new subs that are accepted to be based in Australia defense ports are not nuclear armed, but are nuclear powered, and can destroy targets thousands of miles away if challenged.  I cannot read between the lines well enough, but conventional missiles may be used (cruise missiles assuredly).  Australia is to get three of them and trained in the United States to handle the new style submarine Washington is giving Australia to bolster its own defenses.

That nasty looking submarine pictured above offends the spiritual capital on Salvington, the capital of the Local Universe we reside in whose sovereign head is the Creator Son, we call MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Nebadon is the name of this Local Universe, and he created its appointments and policies without doubt.
I speak now to the heart of this post:  The Second Return requires PEACE to planetize.  What is "planetize?"  IT is a spiritual term for making real, visible, and obvious the incarnations and material bric-a-brac of a major spiritual mission that has to show itself for humans to participate and see it too.  

JESUS SPEAKS - "Ron plans to do tape #33 to emphasize why this development through the work of Defense of the United States to share nuclear technology so easily with the southeast Asian community can derail anything we have planned.  He says to me:  the 19th century fable of God arriving on earth on a white horse, shield, and so much self-righteousness, the sun sets behind such a figure with full peace established once again for the Christian who live on it.

"That picture is smashed and destroyed by that black ugly thing pictured above, be assured I intend to get on Urantia before those three ships are deployed to the south Asia war zone, as that is what it will become if Chine responds with its own nuclear war ships under the water and over the fleets they now deploy in the South China Sea.  Ron carries the heat of discover this morning and notes that the President of the United States, stands in the middle of the British Prime Minister and the Australian Prime Minister, who all three together celebrate what they call a deterrent to Chinese aggressive policies.  I, JESUS, accuse Biden of plain talk, but making sure there is no space between the these western allies and the need to assure Malaysia and Turkmenistan, the US is ready to wrestle the dragon down.  I JESUS remind you that if the United States unleashes all of this power, China is doomed.  I carry this not out of the psyche of this transmitter, but remind all of you who read this, we in spirit know the game very well, and the US and China will not get into a world war ever, but they will out maneuver themselves into Armageddon assuredly if they are not very careful to avoid me and MY PEACE AGENDA.

[JESUS CONTINUES TO SPEAK:]  "Should you or they dare to start this broom sweep against China or Russia via nuclear threats too, then be prepared to fight ME, and I dare not say it further, for the United States is a true world power and it must not be threatened by pygmies from any other nation except for and from its own dangerous hegemony in your Congress.   Ron rightly senses that if the United States rejoins the bitter rivalry of the cold war, it joins the end of Urantia, for sure enough: URANTIA WILL BE EVACUATED by SPIRIT, if this keeps up unabated.  Listen to this tape now.  JESUS OF NAZARETH."


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Re: 33 Tape #33 Breakfast News14March 2023The Gathering of The War Hawks
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Automatc transcription :

33 Tape 33-- Breakfast News - 14 March - The Gathering of The War Hawks -Father- Machiventa Melchizedek and Michael of Nebadon

Ron, China, United States, Urantia, AUCAS, hawks, cruise missile, war, 20th century, Kingdom, Machiventa, God, Australia, Missions

Tape number 33, 14 March 2023.

I am your host, Ron besser. Today we speak under a title called the gathering of the war hawks. And for that reason, I submit to the following voice. I am God the Father. To all of you who listened and care about these states, please understand, we are now at a crossroads you can turn left, you can turn right. But you cannot go straight ahead. This has to do not only with the second return.

It also has to do with the life of Urantia on Urantia. Ron determined when he heard President Biden speak yesterday, the 13th of March in San Diego, California, with the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the Prime Minister of Australia when they decided to form the alliance called AUKUS, A U K U S. AUKUS is a military alliance that strengthens primarily Australia to defend against the aggression, particularly on the sea of the People's Republic of China. China has made the air to show its flank and it's unwise decision to reclaim Taiwan far beyond their need. For that reason, the United States, the Southeast Asian South Asian countries have decided to defend themselves and the United States has made nuclear powered submarines of a new type a new class entirely different from the present class of nuclear subs the United States affords for its own protection. For that reason, Australia and Great Britain have agreed to cooperate to make sure that the People's Republic of China understands there is a line they dare not cross. The United States refuses nuclear war. China does not. They are in the position of making or breaking the future of Urantian too obvious to spirit not to comment. This is tape 33. This is our comment. For reasons of state the United States has seen to it that they are going to Brooke no opposition either from China or the Russian idea of the Soviet Union. They want it to come back. We will see just how Putin decides to bring it back. The People's Republic of China does not care particularly to get involved with the Russian idea. But they may have to the United States is not invoking NATO. It is not invoking AUKUS but it is invoking that a red line exists in the seas around China. You cross it too much China and you got a cruise missile up your nose. Do not make the mistake of Using the power of your military to state the reasons you feel so strongly against the hegemony of the United States.

For that reason, we now provide not only the father's cause and speech, but this from Machiventa Melchizedek, a close aide to the Universal Father on Paradise itself I have a Machiventa of my kids. I see to it that the entire reason for this tape to be made is to warn you to not take sides. You are of the kingdom. The kingdom is its own power and its own use. And the kingdom is not for war. It must have and will have peace. Peace, peace. For that reason, please understand. Jesus has made a comment in the narrative that surrounds this tape.

While you can read it, we doubt the internet will survive. What is to come so shortly. Ron has an orange to a war. But the gathering of war hawks do not allow them to convince you. You have to join them. One day a year ago almost to the day today. Ron has six trees that line his driveway. And they were filled unbelievably, with four dozen Hawks. The big guy they are not the Red Hawk. But a hawk. That is the size almost of a turkey. And there were at least 40 of them gathered in those trees. A year ago today. Ron had never seen anything like it. The Hawks knew the reason but they are a symbol to you on Urantia. Don't let the war fever grab you and make you mammal or Mammon. Again you're safely in the kingdom remain there remain away from the pretense that a nuclear strike or a cruise missile is sufficient to push a man or a nation back over the red line. China will attempt to overrun it and may well do so.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek. AUCUS is scary. AUCUS must be dissolved. And finally this is Michael have never done. I have ruled that today is not to be a spokes person or man or transmission for anyone. But Ron is not using me or spirit for any reason other than to make a tape to remind you that a simple gathering a three prime ministers in San Diego, San Diego yesterday should go without notice. It is highly dangerous. It belongs in the 20th century, not the 21st I'll leave you with one little note. Ron knows a great deal of what is to happen. I have refused that he may say anything. He does not say anything. But I am going to for goodness sakes listen the Magisterial Missions are now deleted not when George Jorgensen is in the flesh on Urantia today Serara is in the flesh. We think by tomorrow. The Announcements may come any moment 10am 10pm You're gonna have to catch it on the fly. We're not promising you any time or schedule. Be alert. Remain in the comfort of the Kingdom. Do not pretend you know more than you do. And you really know nothing. Silence please. Let the announcements occur naturally. Well, and in full measure of silencing the awful cacophony. That is now television and radio. Ron says thank God, they'll be brought down at least maybe 12 hours a silence. I am now ready to tell you one thing more I vowed I would not say the truth of the matter is that if we continue to speak as breakfast tapes, I will have little to say myself as Michael I've never done or Jesus that will be let loose on Urantia as a separate entity, a separate company if you will. And it will speak on its own favor its own way and its own means to explain to you what the new Regency will do. Fine is a creature of the 20th century we need a regency to guide him into the good policy for the 21st century. For so help me God this planet will be evacuated and the whole damn nightmare of China, Russia, United States, Europe and the wars of endless attribution. Our SK scattered to the winds the only thing left on Urantia by 2030. If you do not comprehend and obey piece 20 Something will be your last day you will not see 2100 I thank you for listening. Don't be Chari. Don't be concerned. Do your best and you will survive our missions had built the doorways to Urantia fully and you will see us soon. God bless and happy day for you. I am Michael Nebadon. Returning to silence Good day
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