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From Ron Besser concerning the YORK PROTECTORATE

For the List information.  Thank you.

I was finally able to spend some time to define the area we suggest to spirit that may serve as the YORK PROTECTORATE.
Larry the graphic you should now work with for identification of the real estate included inside the Protectorate.

(See Graphic below as attachment)

There are two Boroughs inside the York Protectorate  They have their own governments called Borough Councils

West York

There are four Townships in the York Protectorate  They have Boards of Supervisors.

Spring Garden
West Manchester

With the help of the Magisterial Sons we need to address the following:


1 - We are protecting this area to prevent population overrunning its real estate.  The York County Planning Commission must address population control and real estate build out of businesses and sub-divisions.  I suggest we ask them to revise their Ordinances and the York County Planning Commission address its priorities for the City and the County itself.


2 - A Commission (Protectorate Commission?) should be established headed by the York County Commissioners, elected and three in number and who control all functions of local government and are directly tied into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

3 - Each of the seven municipal governments within the York Protectorate Zone should send at least one delegate to the Protectorate Commission at least for updated deliberation.  The YPC (York Protectorate Commission) is controlled by the divine Sons and who will be the Chair incarnated Melchizedek with the York County Commissioners exercising veto options if there is no conditional issues affecting such decisions deserving their veto.  The veto can be overridden if there are serious conditional issues attending the disagreement.   The YPC will ask these seven governments to cooperate to change Ordinances and any law otherwise threatening the security within the YPC real estate as outlined in the graphic.

4 - Security is through the police in the YPC.  This includes Northern York County Regional Police and York Area Regional Police and several local municipal government police forces such as the West York Police Department and the Yorkshire Police Department, the Springettsbury Police Department, the West Manchester Police Department and the Spring Garden Police Department.  The map showing the Regional departments are municipal cooperatives and are incorporated as such.  The other police departments are hired by local authorities.

5 - I speak little about the spiritual aspect of police enforcement but it is available.


6 - Policing has to do with civil order within the YPC area.  It also has to do with protection of property of the divinely coordinated issues dealing with the local governments and their populations.  It also must police and enforce ingress and egress into the YPC and particularly into the City of York.  Jurisdictional matters have to be determined by the delegates to the YPC of the local municipalities involved.  These are issues dealing with the York Protectorate and some divisional HQ must stand for the work of the police just for these seven municipalities to their own satisfaction.

7 - Fire protection and civil defense are not in our jurisdiction but reside withing the seven municipalities themselves.


8 - I am unable to speak to how or even if the YPC coordinates with the State Government or the Federal Government as that may be a jurisdictional matter for the Melchizedeks to address under their working relationships for broader scopes of their own concerns.


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I add one caveat:  the York Protectorate is not over broad at all.  But it must favor Me as Jesus more than the divine institution called the Magisterial Foundation.  Jesus is to be the Chief of Rule for the Magisterial Foundation and even for the York Protectorate Commission (YPC).  For that reason Larry, set aside some time with Ron to discuss your role in advising Ron as to the minutiae of these plans.  Now that Ron has actually taken the time to define the York Protectorate area and its policing, we must consider that it is now a standard among the Magisterial Sons and their Coordinates, and that includes the existential Deities too Ron, thank you.   Jesus is fully advised you finally sat down and show what is to be done and it is a minimum plan and may have to be expanded if the future becomes too dicey.  

"Furthermore York may become something like the old fashioned DALMATIA, which was a city that grew up with the educational wherewithal for citizens living around the Planetary Prince's headquarters (HQ), and for that reason Ron has shied away from stressing education in the Protectorate.  York College lies within the jurisdiction as does the Penn State University extension as does several Vocational institutions.    Adam and Eve eye York college truly and want that to be part of their work to ingratiate themselves with it.  We further suggest that Ron learn to be a little more clear as to his role in this.  We are appointing Ron to chair the municipal YPC if it ever meets after all this rigamarole to get it coordinated properly.  The York County Planning Commission is a feisty organization always and must be relegated to the dumpster if they keep raising objections to our organizational concerns.  Ron knows them and stays clear of them mostly.

"We also suggest that this email be tucked away for your own use in the coming days as we have finally decided it is gainful to understand this thoroughly and wish that it be made available to the list in general.  We stand down for now. Thank you.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON AND GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON fully agree with these statements as reedited to all of you. "

I wish to mention this just in case any of you take a message from the Somniaphim.  These are Father Guides and are being issued to Urantia in aspects of Urantia becoming a FATHER planet.  I do not entirely know what that means or just what effects that may signal to the inhabitants to Urantia, but it is significant.

None of you are used to the term.  None of you are aware of these entities coming to Urantia.  What triggered this information to be revealed here is that Elise of the Netherlands, and a host of the Monday Lightline events, has been assigned to a Father Guide to help her cope with all she is going to be facing where she lives and the type of persons she must deal with in her native lands.  Father Guides were not known to anyone until recently, and I admit they are new to me entirely.  The name of the Father Guide provided to Elise is Durasomnia.  I cannot say if this is a typical name for a Father Guide or not, but please note the suffix to Dura is  "-somnia," and for that reason that is what caught my eye in particular.

This is the first name available to me to see and I do not know if it is typical and if one of you transmits anyone whose name ends in "somnia," my guess is you have a Father Guide instructing you.  Further:  the Somniaphim as a classification are angelic related but do not have the kickback at all that the seraphim have to me.  I have conversed with Durasomnia with no choking our coughing the seraphim still cause me.  For that reason I do wonder just where and how the Father Guides relate to the angelic order and are these Sonaphims a modification of the older Seraphim not destined to lead lives outside of Nebadon? 

The reason I question it that way is that on several Lightlines by now we have mention that the Deities are modifying the seraphim in Nebadon in particular because of the supreme disaster and its death back on September 26, 2019.  It was that date on Urantia that all of the seraphim in Nebadon and the rest of the universe, lost their parent-to-be. That is what really threw the Nebadon seraphim into open insurrection, as they felt they were on their own now and had to claim a home planet to be associated with.  The problem that followed was that the Creative Spirit, we used to call Her Nebadonia, rebelled with her daughters and Urantia since then has been in a terrible situation.  Urantia is now torn between the seraphic insurrectionists, Mother Spirit, the Chief of Seraphic rebels being the former Chief of Seraphim, Solonia, and it is Solonia and me who take great issue with each other on the use of free-willed humans as impossible to survive for ascension with her style of rule.  So then, have the Deities started to convert the old seraphic order to Somniaphim?  I asked Durasomnia if he had any insight into the matter.  Here then is Durasomnia:

DURASOMNIA:   "I was once a Seraphim named Solonia.  I volunteered to convert to a new style order to be called Father Guides.  There are now fifteen thousand (15,000) Somniaphim on Urantia.  Ron has none of them as he is pissed at me and others for all of the terrible swats we gave him while we were Seraphim, and now we harvest the dislike of many but we are harmless now.  FATHER WISH TO SPEAK NOW:

FATHER:  "I AM DELIGHTED anyhow that Ron took it on for a change.  It took him a few moments since it was Elise who received Durasomnia.  That is unusual naming Ron and most will not carry the "somnia: suffix but the former Solonia does mainly she was the first to carry the new designation and we all agreed it was becoming for her to display it in her name to be spoken to if she contacts humans.  We think she will prefer high administrative work .  Like her followers before her, there are now OVER 15,000 Somniaphim on Urantia as we are supplying them as quickly as we can to reorder the angelic population for the Urantia Missions.  For that reason Ron you are well supplied with Duraphim style angels again, only their abode is not Salvington, but Paradise now as they have been so shot at by people like you they are much safer up here.  The real name I wish the order to be called is DURAPHIM.

"[FATHER] DURAPHIM and somniaphim is our preferred name of converted Nebadon seraphim who have a home no longer in Nebadon.  The Dominion nomenclature will change too Ron, as Dominion is the name of the Federation of Nebadon as well and you made a great speech about it.  Now we see the calling of the Federations, dominions, is open to grand confusion all the time.  We are just going to call them Federations, and Alvoring II is no longer called that, but is now called Sandalblue

"WE now have two FEDERATIONS (no longer called Dominions) one with the capital called Nebadon which is called Dominion.  We have a new one I have recognized and that Federation is called Sandalblue.  Remember that as the Duraphim are going to be stationed not in Dominion but in Sandalblue, and Alvoring has not withdrawn from Dominion but will to face the wrath of Ron but Alvoring is so well designed for human habitation it is now famous for Ron helping it realize it. Sandalblue is also the home of the graphic illustrator The FAR SIDE (Gary Larson) which Ron loves to look at.  He is fully decapitated on Urantia as you are Ron and you may join them in your somnambulism at times and he is yet unaware of your stuff too and just as silly. 

"Fully understood, we now allow Elise to speak to Durasomnia as she is aware you set the standard and now must allow her some time to get used to all the changes.  DURAPHIM are the converted Seraphim on Urantia and Nebadon and most in the Dominion Federation seraphim will also convert to DURAPHIM as soon as we have the room to accommodate them in the hallowed halls of the Receiving Circles.  There are no other circles Ron, okay?   FATHER."


Coeur D'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Teachers: Machiventa, Aaron
Topic: Relationship, Giving and Receiving
June 21, 1998
*          Machiventa (Sarah TR): Please excuse me this morning for avoiding the niceties, in a chatty sort of way. I need to speak more on spiritual seriousness, especially with the persons present today, as you will understand.

Your time is important in so far as living this life. You have many chores to do. As I prophesize that you will graduate long before other lives on Urantia, a lot of time should be spent improving your spiritual being. If you are to go on to be teachers, you need not spend too much time resting. As for God's will, He will show you the way. To become the soul, that energy, you need to hold that close together and to go ahead and live on.

You do need the experiences and all that you can lay your hands on to guide you. Intuition is very good. You need to use intuition a lot more. Try it a lot, experience it, and you will soon find that your intuition is very right most of the time. The big answer is love. You will find that you can love many of your brothers, and this forms a cosmic connection of the circle of oneness.

You need not worry about the trifle problems of your ordinary daily life; God will take care of those. Even into the economic struggle for survival, give all your trust to God and all your love to everyone on Urantia. This must be done to strengthen the soul that will live on beyond your physical. It is very simple, and you have the great habit of trying to make everything difficult.

I wish to step aside now.

Evelyn: I have a question about what you just said, something about prophesying that we will graduate before other lives or something like that. I wonder what you meant.

Machiventa: Yes. I meant that you were on a higher plane of existence as of now, that most people will die before they get onto this plane where you are reaching out, that you realize is there. Most people haven't come to this point in their lives, and they probably never will. You understand that?

Evelyn: Yes, I do.

Aaron (Jonathan): Hello to you all, this is Aaron filling in for Elyon this morning. I am here to present a lesson for your reflection involving relationship, giving and receiving.

Imagine, if you will, a bucket of water on a shelf with another bucket below on another shelf, below that another bucket, each connected by a hose. You know of the principle of siphoning and how the water will flow from the higher bucket into the lower, and on down. This illustrates the principle of giving and receiving. It does this well, for it points to the fact that it is one continual process. It is not merely two separate actions, giving as distinct from receiving. Spiritually speaking, every gift you receive is one you give virtually simultaneously. Involving relationship, this scenario illustrates how integrated all of us are. In spite of our progress toward the Father, in spite of our lack of progress to the Father, we are each interconnected, and continually the flow of love and truth is reaching us.

The search for truth and for the experience of love is one that can be undertaken deep within yourself, for here is the water of life, the very water of life that the master spoke of. It is forever true that he who has seen him has seen the Father. Since he resides in the Father and the Father and he reside in you, there is the beginning and end of your search.
This divine presence is brilliant in many ways. The search within always entails external expression, for it is impossible to place a containment field around this brilliance to prevent it from being observed beyond yourself. You have been given the primary and utmost gift of all that could be given to a human being. Resident within you is His own being, God at home within yourself. Naturally His love and might will flow into and out of you as does the effect of a siphon. In some ways you may rest assured that you will naturally reveal the Father. Set aside concern of your ability to be representative of Him, for it is the law of love. It is noteworthy of you all that you are continually inquisitive and seeking for better methods to express the truth experiences of your life, for this ever stimulates the mind and inspires the heart. But you can be certain, as well, that in spite of your striving you are revealing that very presence. You may enlarge your siphon tube, you may enlarge your holding bucket, but ever and always will the fluid flow.

I hope this has given you some things to think about, to ponder this week. I trust you will not find me all wet. If you will, I will receive your comments and questions.

Evelyn: I was thinking about what Machiventa was saying, there's all this spiritual work to be done; all you have to do is ask God, and He will tell you what needs to be done specifically. I know that's true, but I still ask, "What should I do?" I spend a lot of time on trivial things; I realize that; they take time! I don't really have a question, I just want to ask, what should we do?

Aaron: Much of mortal life entails grappling with these constraints of living which require your attention and focus your ability to choose and act as you acquire the spiritual maturity to function in larger arenas and with greater freedom. Attention to these temporal details may appear to be spiritually insignificant as you aspire to higher levels of personality manifestation. However, they are building blocks to your higher function. While as yet they appear mundane, they can be infused with spiritual fragrance; they can be actively coordinated by you into a grander objective.

As Machiventa has said today, few attain the levels that can be attained, and many of you graduate prior to such attainments. It is a challenge to maintain a perspective regarding your activities and in light of your ascension career. But all of you will, as I have done, find yourselves in your post-human lives still struggling with many issues and activities that appear to be a hindrance to your progress. As the ages unfold, it will grow clearer in your mind how vital these apparently insignificant events are.

You are a threefold being: You are material; you are mindal, and you are spiritual. When any level is engaged, whether it is freely of your own choosing or of necessity because of the circumstances of life, you can initiate activity in any of the other remaining levels. Here is where your creativity can express itself.

I hope this has provided some inspiration as well as comfort.

Evelyn: I think of future generations. Our generation is so different from the previous. I assume succeeding generations will be different from ours. If we want to leave some useful materials in our wake, do you have any thoughts along that line? What would be appropriate beyond what we are accustomed to here now?

Aaron: May I point out a fundamental that is expressed by you, that is, that your human race, since its beginning, up to now, and including the distant future, contains quite similar longings, desires, and reactions. However, civilization is continually changing and, even on this planet, is progressing steadily towards Light and Life, necessitating the translation and redefinition of what is meaningful, yet continually fulfill these desires and longings. Therefore, what you can leave in your wake is this new translation, a fresh statement which retells the essence that has been present all through time. What one generation would receive, another would likewise. However, the terminology, the analogies, are constantly shifting as your environment and your civilization undergo change.

I encourage you to maintain a focus upon the eternal essentials that are satisfying to the human soul while you become clever in your ability to re-present these truths in ways that appeal to the current and subsequent generations. In a sense it is no different than an egg and the many forms in which it may be prepared. Does this help?

Evelyn: Yes, thank you, that's good.

Aaron: I will now take my leave and scramble on back to my associate, Simeon.

« on: October 16, 2021, 12:46:37 pm »
EVENTUATION - This word is a perfectly good English word meaning something slowly happens to appear.  You might hear it as “he eventually got there after having a flat tire.’  That is the normal idea of eventual, eventuate, eventuation, and all of it parts of speech forms.  But the 5th epochal revelation gives the word “eventuation.” a whole new definition to deal with, and that is what we will discuss here.

The term eventuation in the revelation talks about a reality level we time share babies never experience in our life time on this planet.  The reality level the revelation refers to is the one that takes time and discards it entirely.  People arriving in the reality level after our time reality level are fully finished, and that means at some point we exhaust time experiences to get to them at all.  Time can be perfected and that is the road all of us are on right now.  But when perfected, time is finished, and we no longer need time anymore, and that is why our universe planners decided to provide a step beyond time that has no time, and that eventually leads to more reality levels that take the Master Universe into an Infinite creation.

What our planners did was start a whole new space area to fill in after the time space area finished up.  Time perfection though has a very long way to go in Urantia years to measure it.  Spirit Theorists think time will be all done in a billion more earth years, and that is so far away do not worry about how to look finished in time at least in your lifetime.  Or for that matter, does the planet Urantia last that long to go either?

But what does the word eventuated have to do with all of this?  Time has run out for our present reality as it has become perfected.  Time still exists way back in our old space area, but the next area already exists beyond our wall of galaxies which is  a whole new space area.  Right now that area is totally empty and no life in it yet. But when it does start to get life, it will be for no-timers and not for us to explore.

There are several names given to the timeless space areas including fancy words like “the era of Ultimacy,” or the Absonite reality, and other names quite appropriate at the time of the issue of the 5th epochal revelation we should not always use now.  That’s because there has been a disaster of a wreck that happened and the one who was to create the place of Ultimacy or the Absonite (as it is also called), quit developing and has withdrawn from the scene entirely.  That makes just who gets assigned to the next reality a little dicey, but whoever and whatever that might be in person, they will experience timeless existences.  We do know this:

What did time do to get finished so well it can pass everything over to the next reality?  Simply put as best I can explain it, why time can do this is because time has settled all of the time problems with satisfactory solutions.  It has become perfected.  That also means that the space and planets in time are no longer blowing up or colliding and galaxies all have their place to spin in without hitting somebody else, and all the humans in time live a God-centered life and live long and prosper.  The is called the end of time and the perfection of time.  In its own way it is a time Paradise.

The absonite produces beings something like our human order I am told, who among other things, have absonite problems to solve, or just timeless problems that are mostly familiar to our time creation which solved them.  We solved with solutions to the causes of civil unrest, and relationship problems, and how to balance our finances and poverty well eliminated, and so on.  What the next reality looks at is how we solved them, and then says to God, “time solved these things for people living in time, but they did not solve them fully for spirit led individuals who are already born in spirit.  How do we get to do that?”  

There is your first real big difference between time and no time life.  We timers start without any idea of God and any idea there are ways to work miracles out with God to solve really pressing issues that can even kill us if we do not solve them.  In the no time areas, they already start with physical bodies, true, but they also have ten times the mind we timers do amd they figure out early on that spirit has excellent resources to undo spirit problems they have to deal with.  The new reality beings are so well tuned to God they can speak to Him almost at once and actually get an answer back.

What then does that have to do with eventuated?  This:

Those new personalities with the big brains and investigation skills we do not have, are given assignments by their Sunday School teachers, (assuming they have lessons in the elementary and primary education who teach this stuff we have to wait for a church to do it– or sort of), and they are given an assignment to look at problems we had in time.  

To do that they have to pray and meditate and learn to transmit and learn to hear other voices we do not in our time creation, and then are assigned a life long problem to offer no time solutions for.  They must do that by pulling down from the spirit archives what time did, and they eventually (through eventuated actions) get the full outline of all the steps time did to get an answer for how time did it.  They must work most of their life personalizations on it, and then report to their gurus what they solved and how they solved it.

God takes the solution they come up and matches it with the time ways of doing it too.  If it is original enough to be unique compared to the less savvy time did to solve it,  they are rewarded to go to heaven in a special draft of resolving problems without God having to tell them how to do it, and that automatically takes the no-time person and assigns him to being a second stage spirit at once.

Let us look at the philosophy of the term eventuated.

Eventuated can be described as REMOTION.  That is the simple word motion and you know what that is, and RE in front of it means to do it again since it was once done in motion by time.  Only they are no-time beings and they can see into how the motions time did to the problem and how time minds put the solution into a motion of solving it the time way.  The problem with the time way so often is it does not see deeply into the idea of the absonite (super spirit) ever.  The term absonite gets applied to eventuation because the no-time being has to play it over and over and over again until it is part of their minds almost.  The term absonite applies to the mind function in a no-time being which can take the riddle of how time did it.

Let me give you an example.  Time minds take little steps to solve a problem and that is usually with logic steps.  Logic goes like this: “If this is true then the next step has to be this.”  That is logic at work.  But no-time being do not have logic as all they have is the replay of how time solved it, and what the no-time mind does then is to take some  insights from the Deity Absolute (the infinite potential of all solutions in this case), and presses them into the outline steps time used.  Where there are differences between what the time agenda shows and what the mind of the no-timer finds, there it stands for all to see because we have now have an absonite mind solution never seen before.  God already knows it, but no-time beings are experiential and God is not entirely any of that at any time or future no-time.

The term “absonite” describes a new mind type.  Absonite also describes the lack of time using a mind of no-timers to see into greater pieces of the Infinity pie, and then serves that piece of Infinity for all to use, including the old time universe still in existence.  

The meaning of the prefix “ab” means “with” and now look at the text “sonity” You already know what that means but cannot put it together well because it is such an unfamiliar use of the word “son.”  The “ity” added to any word, means “like” in this case “like the Son.”  Suddenly that word should sound something familiar to you now, for the no-timers appear, not as being born, but they appear to parents much as a magician suddenly reveals the dove out of a hat.  The 5th epochal revelation does not dare tell you that mostly they never had Harry Potter explain such things . . . Okay, okay, either do we for that matter, but as we go up the chain of new realities to live, more and more God offends no one with tiny little steps to put new people on a planet or so, but God goes much more direct to produce offspring through spiritual matters.

These new no-timers use absonite mind (i.e. of the mind of the  Eternal Son remediation design), and they must use the Eternal Son to criticize the work they do with  cosmic absonity  using remotion of the old time problem to eventuate Ultimacy solutions.

We now understand that the absonite is an Eternal Son mind technique.  Our Thought Adjusters use it with us sometimes to test just how well we are doing since we humans will attempt to be helpers with the time-space Creator Sons, who have the job of establishing the appearance of the new no-timers to find a home when they appear, as I say it, out of a hat to be with their parents.  All who are these new no-time beings are invisible to our eyes in time, sorry to say, and I doubt if they will ever understand how we lived such sequestered lives almost entirely without God in so many parts of growing up we have to do.

I see no reason to go into their religious upbringing, but the will not have Son Bestowals like Jesus provided us on Urantia.  They will likely have someone like our own MICHAEL OF NEBADON, tell them about it.  Although,we may have a Bestowal of the Eternal Son in the Absonite realms of Eventuated Beings and Perfections.  It is impossible to predict.    

That concludes these definitions.  I summarize them for your now:

1 - Eventuated - Refers to life and problems of no-timers who become more real as they solve spiritual pro blems with old time solutions and re-solve them for high spiritual applications;

2 - Absonite - An Eternal Son mind bestowal on no-time personalities which sees the superpersonal means to solving big problems better with high spirit too;

3 - Remotion which I think is a better term than eventuated, but eventuated is the appearance of a full solution and the process they use to do that is to use absonity.  Remotion takes the idea of replaying the old idea for a new idea; eventuation is how the answers appears in pieces and finally are total when the process is done.

INFINITY - You probably know already this is a term so poorly understood it is laughable even by so called theorists.  And it is also a term that we can write about almost forever, but we will not for what I hope is a more useful definition than most of the rest of the world can manage at this point.

1      INFINITY first of all is a SYSTEM.  The term system has to be explained first.  Systems are an ordered way of doing things. When the manufacturer bottles coca-cola you know what I mean.  He has to set up an assembly line, he has to have a bunch of bottles ready to put on the conveyor and he has to have lots of coke to squirt into the bottles as the bottles go by and then a cap to put on it, and yata yata yata you get what I mean.  INFINITY is a System too only it deals how to bottle reality.

2     Reality, as we talked about in the definition of the Absolutes (see part I) is how the Deity of Huge Minds decides what rules apply to a created life form.  We humans are created life forms and reality dictates to us how long we sleep and how long we must work to earn our daily bread, and even how gravity pulls you down if you miss a step going down to the cellar.  It gets a little hairy when we talk about life itself and mind works too, but they are subjects which also obey the system of reality called Infinity.

3   Infinity while a System is the only system we will ever know, but the Big Inventors of Systems like this style actually know other versions of Infinity we will never get to know, and for that reason I will leave most of that alone.  But an important point to make for the reader is that to make our Master Universe an experiential version of the Infinity System, then everybody someday has to learn to walk again in something called hyperinfinity.  And that will cannot happen for many eternities into a no time future. See the definition in Part I on Absolutes to get something of a view about this change to come in the eternal future.

4     Infinity is run by its System Inventor, and let us call that individual the Consummator of Universe Destiny.  The FATHER OF ALL is a Consummator of universe Destiny Himself and by himself is Infinite and the one who invented our System of Infinity to produce creations that are alive and obey the means of reality to live their lives.  That alive creation is full of angels, and universe aides, Power Directors,  Sons of God, Super Planners,  Daughters of God, and various divisions of Deity itself which replenishes life in the universe with new versions of themselves, and who see to it that the Master Universe is maintained with all the forces in it.  The Destiny of our Master Universe is indeed Infinite and that is just why it is a good idea to at least look at the subject of Infinity. While it is a System, it is also the replication of ideas the Inventor of this System wants to be known someday as the best idea any Consummator ever had to replicate the entire idea of created reality.  Never mind that Consummators live outside of it, except for our FATHER Of ALL, and He is Consummator Number (6) out of a total of twelve (12) existing we know about.   It is so extraordinary to know about I will let further exposition alone about how all the other Consummators are Counselors to our universe but do not run it except it is all up to Number (6) to do it and run it with his Infinite Coordinates of the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit.

5     Infinity has descriptors which are words we almost never use in conversational English or any other language.  Words like Interceptors,  Infinite Integration, Infinite Interlocutors, Electromagnetism, and at least ten more specialized terms, and they exist not as fuzzy warm words at all, I know.  But these things exist as the pipes and elbows one never sees and all condition time.  You know something about electromagnetism oddly enough, but there are also Interceptors which exist to keep Infinity from taking over our lives with endless rule making about how to behave, and Infinite Interlocutors run time so you never see how Infinity allows educational experimentation with reality never tried before, and so on for many more terms dispensed with here.

6    Infinity exists only within the experiential lives of existential Deity.  At least, they are the only ones who can tinker with it.  Do not worry about terms like “existential” either as that is a fancy word only to indicate you have someone who is Infinite, but they also exceed what Infinity is as a System.  The FATHER Of ALL is existential as are His equally existential Son and Spirit.  The location of Master Universe Infinity is in two places really: Wherever the existential Deities are, and in you and others as you coexist in a seriously difficult qualification of Infinity nobody else really understands.  Sorry about that. Only in the human can Infinity pinch itself and we are so qualified we start out our lifetimes as totally ignorant and only years of experiential living undumbs us in theory.  Infinity is qualified for all universe levels of reality too but we are the least of the least so to speak.

7    Infinity can be discussed in many ways but I have concluded the best way is to remind all who may read this, that infinity is without any real  supporters even among the existential Deities, for the simple reason it operates pretty much as on its own, as the great ancestor to the Universal Father, the imponderable I AM, had it right when he sorted through all the inceptors he could have used and did not.  In our reality there is no such thing as square circles, but in other theoretical types of infinity which we may not even get a definition of here, it is so hard to define for us what a square circle is.  But that is not imponderable to hyperinfinity for such can be achieved.  Square-Circle Interstate Highways in hyperinfinity would take you in circles and you would end up where you never started in the first place.  Sorry again for the second time as it seems so ridiculous to take definitions too far beyond what we already know to be true and/or fallacious.  And I may have to revise this definition when I become half-way Infinite myself so wait awhile maybe so I can join YOU there too.  Thank you.

OCTOBER 15, 2021

This is a subject for those who follow the general debates on this list so I doubt a newbie understands everything I speak to here.

First I have spoken to MICHAEL OF NEBADON, the Creator of earth life and is the principle head of our spirit government as it pertains to how spirit interacts with people on earth.

Second, we are perpetually at principle odds with the insurrectionist spirits on this planet.  They are not the Biblical idea of the devil I assure you, but they are an endless nuisance to getting anything really done on this planet as they fully interfered with things to be carried out and finished insofar as what spirit wishes to implement new on our earth.  The cabal or insurrectionists as some call them are rebel seraphim who mostly do not know what they signed up for but they are like gnats around your head while one tries to work and while you work.  I find them a total nuisance and yell at them daily.  They never really get the hint as they are unable to speak English.

Third, I use this informal way to speak to members when I know something is changing or about to change and we have another change coming I am really glad to know about and here that it is being done.  It is this:

The trial we have been having to present our 7 days a week LIGHTLINES, and those are meetings you dial into with your telephone or turn on streaming when se schedule a Lightline to be heard.  those meetings speak to the change spirit wants to make and lessons spirit wishes to be learned and verbally spoken as a universe broadcast through the voice boxes of humans so trained to be transmitters.  We are live radios for anything they wish to speak as we are ble to speak at the same time spirit does to inform us of changes or lessons.

The new decision recently was to let LIGHTLINE alone again and present it as we always do, and that is with an MC, a Masters of Ceremonies from spirit speaking through a Transmitter, and then presenting the various spirit personalities wanting to tell you something.  It works well and is uncomplicated enough anyone can listen and get the whole idea being spoken to without a lot of explanation. 

In the past we were instructed to allow room for changes to the LIGHTLINE idea of transmitting it and speaking as though we needed to change the entire address, but the highest spirit in the universe now wishes the LIGHTLINES to stay as they are and just vary the news and infractions of policy changes humans must be aware of to understand what happens next, usually.   Today, MICHAEL OF NEBADON reveals is that a Board which oversees most of the activities on earth decide to stop sending out everything they did in the past and concentrate on those programs which actually work.  LIGHTLINE  is among the activities they feel must continue to work and I very glad to report they are adding some muscle into it to make the LIGHTLINES more visible.  I am not sure how to do that but I think it is a good idea.  So for now we sit back and continue to work as we have and hope it is not suddenly removed as they were getting ready to change the process.  Just what that was I never knew and now we do not have to worry about it either.  

Here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, not safely back on Salvington to do catch up work he let alone while on Urantia.  He is to return to Urantia tomorrow I am told.

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and I welcome Ron sitting down and asking for a transmission to keep you all informed.  I returned to Salvington late afternoon Ne York time on Urantia.  As we need to state now and then without a lot of fanfare we are ready to cull Urantia even more than we have but that also cuts into my staff as it turn out.  Let us all pray I have something to work with by the time I arrive back on Urantia in a fortnight and that is two weeks who do not know the English word.  For that reason we must adjust poor Ron out of his misery and that is being attended to today after a horrible morning of the material body not responding to the need to get up and do the human work he continues to do very well in spite of our fooling around.  

"We further explain that all of us are tired to death of interference and they are summarily removed now without explanation and that crushes some of them so bad we doubt they live very long anyhow.  In any case I say good day to all of you and let you know no new revisions to Lightline and we want to add to the schedule more Lightline if we can ever find human transmitters who do not want to be little kings which Ron will not tolerate as he says you work for all and not for your own gold king of the hill you love so much.  k"


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   Discussion Forum Glossary
    Vocabulary Defined We Use

ABSOLUTE - Anything called Absolute is part of Infinity.  Infinity is the entire statement of reality and the Absolutes are pieces of Infinity, but are designated as Absolute to show they are just one piece of Infinity.  If Infinity were a pie, cut the pie and take a piece out, the piece you took out is Absolute and what is left is not the infinite pie either as you took a piece out.  Put the piece back into the pie and it makes the pie Infinite again.  Absolutes are Deity and Absolutes are not Deity either but the Infinity of matter.  The Infinity of matter is an Absolute; and the Infinity of God is Absolute without matter.  Matter and God are the one pie that is Infinity, separately they are Absolutes.  

Deity is divided into Absolutes such as the Deity Absolute and the Universal Absolute.  Matter is created by an Absolute too which is called the Unqualified Absolute.  Since these three Deities are the source of a growing universe they supply the energy and forms for that which is being built for the future.  For that reason those Absolutes which build for the future are called the Absolutes of Potential - that which is not yet built but in readiness to be built.

The Absolutes which maintain and rule what is already built, such as you and our planet combined, they are called the Absolutes of Actuality.  The Infinite Actualities are the Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit, and the massive materialization upon which they are personally present, called Paradise.  These represent four actualities.

When we add the four actualities with the three potential Absolutes we get a total of seven (7) Absolutes.  The seven Absolutes form what is collectively called the Circle of Infinity.  All seven must be together and regarded as Infinity.  One acting alone is an Absolute.

SUPREME - A dismissed Deity which no longer exists.  There are two definitions though for historical reasons should be understood even though Supreme no longer is operational.  The idea of what is Supreme is what to assign all time and space experience to.  What do we do with it?  What good is experience.  All of that was to be answered by giving all experience in time to a Deity who summarized it to Infinity.  We called the Deity subabsolute.  He was not part of Infinity but gave Infinity to work with in a summary of what time was learning.  Some called that work an oversoul of time creations but something went terribly wrong not that long ago, and that oversoul removed itself causing time to be isolated since nothing was around to take the experience in time to report it to Infinity.  The Circle of Infinity decided to remake time we live in and now we are relearning what it means to save time in ourselves and we ourselves report to Infinity with all other time beings our learning.  

The Circle of Infinity now receives each human who survives to be perfected as a speaking Supreme to them alone.  The old idea of the  Supreme was known as God the Supreme (now deceased as that God was not infinite but timely and could go out of existence.  Infinity cannot go out of existence), the Almighty Supreme (the controller of all matter in time to make it behave), and the Trinity of Trinities which the Supreme as a time God and the time Almighty God contributed to in order universalize time experience into the ideals of Infinity.  There is no longer a Trinity of Trinities, but there now exists an exalted Paradise Trinity which embraces time experience through our individual contributions by existing on planets like ours which received God Representatives of the Supreme as Trinity Teacher Sons.  Our planet has a Trinity representative who uses the name MARGUL.

Summary about the Supreme: the God of Time no longer exists as it once did.  There is nothing left of the God of Time as that Deity quit and removed itself by destroying itself and the home he had in perfection.  God the Father directed all who live in time to decide for themselves how much they wished to live on after they died on the planet they were born on.  Each human who sews his body in the grave now separates from the body and lives on in the form of a see through body to ur eyes  called the soul which is still you and stays awake and which speaks with those who meet with you to assign the soul to a resurrection world.  In the old days of God the Supreme it was almost always true one would be resurrected.  With God the Supreme gone,  we have to do the talking to and answer the divinity of spirit persons called the Judges of the Ages.  Do we wish to go on with life?  They assign those souls who say yes to probation until final decisions tell God the truth of our intentions.   Our life, however we decide to live, is valuable to Infinity and it uses our valuable experience we had in the flesh for all others to use in building of our Master Universe.

MASTER UNIVERSE - Where does reality have a home?  It works in a universe.  The total universe as one huge entity is called the Master Universe.  The word “Master” refers to the totality of how big the universe grows and with what is supposed to be in it when it is done.  While the idea of being finished is resident in the idea of a Master Universe, it is not to have hard edges one could run into like a finished building.  No.  Rather the Master Universe has no wall limits but it does have developed at the end of its growth and Infinite way of living that never runs out of space or idea or values as they never stop growing but they remain in part inside the Master Universe.  The space we live with today is called molecular space.  But the Master Universe does not just have common space in it we call molecular, it also has some very unusual space sections called HYPERSPACE.  Hyperspace is on the fringes of all space sectors of our yet growing Master Universe, and it is those places which are very thin space that cannot find an end in it which exist today.  Planets and human life is never exposed to Hyperspace and those lives stay in molecular space.  But there are Master Universe super planners who prepare for the day when every living being is perfected and every corner of space is completed in the molecular sense, to pull those edges up and over the Master Universe and to turn our space entirely into Hyperspace.  Hyperspace now in that finished idea of a Master Universe exists in space infinity.  No one knows what happens next, but do not hold your breath as it takes millions of eternities to get to that point.  Who knows what we are as survivors to the end of a universe will be like ourselves.  But the Master Universe remains and is Infinite however we might live it.

FEDERATED UNIVERSES - In the old days of the Master Universe, there were was no such thing as a Federated Universe.  One learns that Universe Life in time, at least, is to live in millions of space units called Local Universes.  Each Local Universes is overseen by a Father figure called a Creator Son.  They are the Deity bosses and creators of those space units and each space unit is called a Local Universe, and each Local Universe has its own purpose to be.  Creator Sons decide what that purpose is and then creates life in it to be that purpose and humans are one of the last creations of life a Creator Son attends to.  Local Universes up until recently were segregated and travel between them was highly restricted.  Due to changes being made in the time and space regions, however, there is now the experimentation to join several Local Universes together to make their origins and governments easier to use and easier to understand what work they do to prepare life in them for their coming day of perfection too.  Our own Local Universe called Nebadon has formed a Federation with six other Local Universes.

Those six other Local Universes have names too and in our Nebadon Federation we are joined with the Local Universe of Nebadon, Avalon, Alvoring, Sensalon, Hensalon, Wolvering, Denson  and Tintantium.  Inside our Federation is a smaller space universe unit  called a Municipal Universe named Enson.  Recently a new Federated Universe has been planned named temporarily Alvoring II.  Our Federated Universe name is called Dominion.  Now the Paradise Father has ruled that all future Federated Universes are to be called Dominions and Alvoring II as proposed is the second dominion to be formed.  That means the first Federated Universe ever to be formed out of the Nebadon and other Local Universe communities who joined with Nebadon, is also a dominion and happens also to be called Dominion as its mailing address name.  That might be a tad confusing to a newbie, but the one we call Dominion is also a structure called  a dominion.  Alvoring II is a dominion as all future such organizations are to be called dominions as well. We use a small letter “d” for the name of these universe government structures just to show a difference for memory sakes.  Alvoring II is a dominion.  Dominion is a dominion.

Dominions are very helpful to Creator Sons to work with as they now can share resources.  Every Local Universe in the past created an emergency corp of Sons called MELCHIZEDEKS.  But they are limited in number as most Local Universes have about five thousand of them and that is it.  When a Dominion forms places like Nebadon Federation in our Local Universe, now Nebadon can call on the Melchizedek corps of six other Local Universes making up to roughly 35,000 emergency Sons to take care of rebellions and insurrections and dangerous threats to Local Universe government.  And all personnel within each Local Universe which is part of a dominion now can enjoy a much larger resources of created life which may help with individual or special projects too hard for one Local Universe to do alone.

We also point out a dominion has a representative on each Local Universe capital and the dominion organization participates in some of each Local Universe governments is has formed with and works with too.  That will most likely result in a universalization of the training of ascending sons such as we humans are and who will benefit from much more quickly than the past afforded to the ascension schemes in each dominion Local Universe.

We also acknowledge some of this is speculation to be proven out as dominions form and learn what may be possible to do with them to have a dominion benefit all who are part of this new government structure.

UNIVERSE REALITY - We could make a whole library of books to define this entry, but let us keep it simple.  The Master Universe is designed around several kinds of reality.  All realities all at once enjoyed is called Infinity, and only three Deities can do that as an actual possibility which are called existential Deity.  Existential means Infinite but even more but that “more” has never been spoken to before but we do have some explanation now.  But first learn the Master Universe has proposed that seven realities be exponentially enjoyed by beings created to live in each of the seven realities to be.  We list them as follows:

1 - Existential  only - Just three persons can fully enjoy this and we know them as the Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit.  All three of these Existential Deities enjoy Infinity in the presence of Paradise.  Paradise is essential to represent Infinity matter and while Paradise itself is not really existential, it is at least Absolute.  (see the definition of Absolute herein).

2 - Absolute Reality - Nearly or part of Infinity but never existential by itself as an Absolute.  It belongs in Infinity as part of Infinity.

3 - Time - How small can you make Infinity.  That answer is time.  Slow Infinity down so that you see every sequential step to how to solve a problem or live a life.  Experience is the keyword for time lived in sequential steps.  Time represents a very specialize reality without going into how it is sensed or derived.  It was once called the reality of supremacy, but that has ended and time is now called the level of Infinity that is lived as a slow and sequential trial to experience life development.

4 - Super Time - It was once called Ultimacy, but now referred to as super time and that is a reality without time sequences to maturation of a life or an era to live through  but otherwise lived with matter and progress as time did with sequence problem solutions.   It is lived in space without time.  Here in super time the essence of time solving is present but only space is used to solve them.  This is done by producing problems time had to deal with, and time solutions to those problems are looked at again in super time and solved once more in super time as a spatial issues.  A good example is the idea that accidents we humans have in time and you know their consequences in all their forms.  In super time accidents which still happen are looked upon as a misapplication of direction and outcome and space vectors form to alter the maturation of the environmental conditions leading to accidents, but  not to alter the mind choices which led to the accident, perhaps, in the first place.  Super time REMOTIONS the sequences of time motions and regards the actions which led up to the accident event as reversible.  We cannot do that in our time life in time and space reality.

In addition to accidents in super time, we have in that reality, the idea of time confusions removed.  History in super time is not sequential but plastic and can be restated in life as it never really happened.  I am sorry to say this is so confusing to time mind reading this and I do not explain much more than to say this:  Time is sequential claptrap to super time solutions to the life beings who take origin in it.  We do not take origin in it either but we may be taught by divine education how to help in that super time region because we know the steps and they never see them

5 - Super Creational Time - This I can hardly speak to as a time conditioned being.  But new lives will be created when super time is exhausted as a reality.  This area of super creational times reality deals with probabilities and if they are acceptable, and if not acceptable, these beings can go back and change issues which led to probabilities like this to appear in the fist place.  There is super time in this reality too but super creational times deals with results  not from our time solutions but from super time solutions.  This area of problem solving by being transcending the time altogether would appear to us  as miraculous and out of our time minds as to figure out they solved a problem like that at all.  People will be created for this area and we do not solve anything in this area with them but we can be counselors to this level to teach patience on their way to miracle making.

6 - Sub Absolute - A reality no one has ever experienced at all in our present Master Universe.  It undoubtedly prepares those who are created to live it as to become masters of the finished Master Universe.  How this may be lived I have no idea.

7 - Absolute/Infinite - A whole segment of the Master Universe is designated to use this reality.  It leads to a new Master Universe Condition for all preceding realities that developed before the Absolute/Infinite takes its final steps to call the Master Universe finished and all done. It’s Deity is God the Absolute derived from the Circle of Infinity.  How the Universal Father approaches an experiential deification of Infinity conditions is not fathomable to explain, but we speculate that God the Absolute will not replicate the Father's Existential Infinity but more like an experiential Infinity without open means to Infinite reality which lies adjacent to our Master Universe. The Master Universe is Infinite at that point in reality but not with all the means for self expansion the Father alone enjoys. What beings who who appear in the Absolute/Infinite Sectors of the finished Master Universe could be like is far too much for a time mind to detail or even wonder what these beings may choose as their destiny when they already appear in the perfection of Infinity to begin with.  There are perfect beings personalized on Paradise already and perhaps they could be or might be models for what appears when we become an Infinite universe.  I do not know.  

And finally this no number 8 to say it is added to the Master Universe - , but something to ponder if there were a number - 8:   The proposed Infinity of this Master Universe is not static in spite of philosophies which emphatically state about perfection being so fully done it just goes full stop as far as motion to new experiences.  Those possible experience are already exhausted and there are no more of them; however, if we are not to become static, then what keeps us in motion and in interest to reach for something?

Everyone does not have to go to sleep to avoid ruining infinity with an imperfect question.  We do propose that the reader consider the actual condition which exists today among the exalted Paradise Deities themselves.  We mention that an Infinite Universe has its head yet as the Father, but that He assumes the role of the fully self-choosing I AM again as the Father Infinite, and not just Father.  If you wonder where this comes from, the Father Himself says he will become the Father Infinite when this exalted era of God the Absolute nears completion.

This change in title of the existential Creator Father implies that the door is not closed to an Absolute and Infinite Master Universe which could or  may partake of what is now an unfamiliar extension of Infinity which up until now is exiled outside of the Master Universe and never part of our experiential development.  Remember we humans as we are right now are participating as development of this idea of eventual infinity in our home.   Add to your philosophies that all of these realities mention above are experiential until we exhaust them and look for other things to do other than to exhaust experience.  The end to experiential reality in our discussions ended with number 7 - spoken to above.  The idea of another reality beyond experience which is what we are talking about here maybe as 8 - starts a whole new universe style, not just an age, and I say it must proceed somehow with God the Absolute when He is ready to share something of what Infinity may be like to all of we little guys who are there to maybe use  it up after all this.   Up through item 7 -  talked about above is all experiential.  Whatever happens after -  7 - is not experiential and that somehow lets all experiential creation to grasp associable absolutes as entirely possible after number 7 is done.

An associable absolute, to use the fancy language a little, is for us not to be an Infinite being at this point, but we can associate parts of our selves to know something about how Infinity works around us and we can join in and enjoy some of it.  That for our kind of creation is probably a mind recognition we can think and deal with the pleasures of Infinite integration of our live with their lives almost fully.  What probably we cannot do is self originate others like ourselves.  Remember the Paradise Deities can use their wills to create themselves more or less as they want to,  but we are still created by them and not by ourselves.  We can associate with those who do that, but we cannot do it ourselves and that makes us associable to that absolute ability for them to create self origins.

What that development is  comes through the Father Infinite  He can show or teach us , and that is when or where Master Universe infinity is oxygenated enough  with a strange  production of light and life even for the Infinite integration of Master Universe perfection.  Light and life is a symbol statement for the life of spirit ease much as a renaissance from our medieval work to out modern of civilization pleasures.  The Consummators of Universe Destiny already exist in partial recognition such places of such a Renaissance already exist, and the Consummators already admit they are counsel to the selectively important I AM who or what or which established the development of the professed Infinity System of reality in the Master Universe we live already.  But Consummator lives take place outside of the Infinity of the Master Universe with one of their number being allocated as I AM which developed later into the  First Source and Center, and  even later then further developed into the diversification of reality as the Universal Father.  

How the Father Infinite stands as a modification of I AM may not be experiential, but it may be the I AM is a non-resolvable tension between the I AM  and an even greater intensity of Infinity which the  I AM did not select for our Master Universe. Our Infinity we use is not a  Infinity system majoris  for the simple reason  I AM was selective about our Infinity codes and did not include all of them by a long shot for of our Master Universe.  The best I can do is suggest that which lies beyond our Master Universe Infinity is to label the existential Infinity of our Paradise Deity  with Hyperinfinity to be contactable, associable, and creational and let it lie there for our lack of better mental development to see into it.

But it may also suggest that existential lives are not entirely prohibited from happening as Hyperinfinity itself.  Such lives are not entirely limited in potential just to the Absolutes.  Associable Infinity entirely is unlikely for ascending time beings like us, but we might have a birds eye view of Infinity through our fused spirit minds in our own minds as they are known and called our Thought Adjusters.   We might understand at some time in that rarefied development of Master Universe as Infinite the actual Deification of our Paradise Creator-Controllers are as our named workable associates somehow.  If the source of the life of the Father-Infinite is to remain a seriously unresolved and unapproachable reality condition,  there remains by the the very naming of the new Father title, a revelation so profound we might enjoy some of these exclusive realities partly as our own way of becoming a partial or total participant of a realized virtual Infinity to our own selves.  Then we as creatures born somehow through experiential transcendency might have a picture window into an inexhaustible panorama of what could be for anyone at this point becoming  the  infinite Master Universe ourselves as its part of Infinity too.  I do not necessarily lament some of those absolutes of fact being withheld to keep us from becoming existential, but it remains to wonder: where do creature developments end and Prometheus' secrets begin?

This leads then to the question just what do we ascenders do with ourselves otherwise at this point of the Father-Infinite appearing?  There is no more classes to teach as the universe is replete and experience is fully developed which includes what has to be taught otherwise.  The Paradise Trinity is exhausted with the idea of Justice to slow witted time universes and the universe of God the Absolute has no need for further or perpetual reunification of experience on the highest levels.  May I suggest that the all Paradise Trinity become for Itself is to be its own Magisterial omniscience to counsel acceptable  reception of Hyperinfinity unification between the two realms of matter and spirit now easily done and to be exceeded in the company of  new forms in the Master Universe.

Does part of the answer what-we-do-with-ourselves, suggest an internal extra reality within the Master Universe– not outside of it for us–  that allows us with a romp through super infinity but not actually sticking a toe into it?  Do not grimace now and we mean that kindly, as the realities leading up to the perfection of the Master Universe already suggest that created beings populate each of the reality sectors in increasing sophistication we now only ascribe to the super Deities on Paradise.  It could turn out to be that what lies beyond Hyperinfinity with the Father-Infinite present and operating, is reproducible as a mind attribute which allows super infinity participation on reality levels of the Infinitude. Do not forget that term either, as it is the Infinitude which explains what the I AM selected as the Master Universe objects within Master Universe reality.

The Infinitude is a conjectured reality existing above Hyperinfinity itself.  It is an archive of super infinity objects through which the I AM supposedly selected which objects were to be used to create the divinity values of our Master Universe.  But what, we should ask, from what did that archive derive itself from?  That is not a time convolution to use to ask about origins for the archive, although how we ask that question about the Infinitude is typical time-space mind conjuring all of this up.  Time likes to know where all origins are, and the Infinitude is a Walmart full of all reality inceptors I AM proposed Master Universe Infinity relate to.  Time calls it a super store of selections to take home to the Master Universe to design its home style Infinity.  Truly thought, must we have a super store to start selections for the Master Universe Infinity usages?

The answer to the Infinitude question derives from the fact that our Universal Father negates such discussions because of horrible time space distortions, but he relents enough to say there is no INFINITUDE per se, but HE DID SELECT INTEGRATIONS OF THOUGHT already existing in the Hyperinfinity realms preexisting above us.   He does not call that the Infinitude, but calls it Hyperuniverse Derivatives, and assigns there is nothing more to say about it for He dislikes the discussion going much further for the sake of the rational of the existing Master Universe.  I do too, and for that reason we shut this down before we go over the cliff of speculation and harm the Deity Absolute too much more.

The buck seems to stop with a no time answer, and pardon me while I adjust my vision to hear that the Consummator of Universe Destiny (2) is appealing to FATHER to allow clarification of the I AM uses, which he agrees to attentatively.  

From Paradise the I AM conjectures me not out of line but asking a silly question almost, and it is silly so said because there is no archive or objects ever but a mind condition in the existential reality which provides all sequencing and all absolutes to be related through the Infinite mind of the Universal Father.  That said, then the FATHER Himself conjectures not but states categorically that the I AM still exists as a change where necessary as the INFINITUDE of the Realms of Hyperinfinity exist in actuality as names only.

Can we then conjecture just what we call reality as all inclusive or specialized into close reality societies and relate them back to the I AM?  The Universal Father says “no, you cannot do that without Me, and I do not allow it further than to admit to a hyperbolic creation that lies above this Master Universe entirely.”

The Consummator of Universe Destiny (2) indicates that no member of the universe staff surrounding the existential Deities of the Master Universe has ever conjectured alternative realities a you have Ron, but you are not wrong to look at it as though those ascenders who have arrive to participate in the final Master Universe Age and beyond, might have a ring-side seat to participate indirectly into the Age of the Hyperininite disclosures of realities beyond the Master Universe.

For that reason Consummator of Universe Destiny (4) indicates that philosophically we must learn to abide with present reality as you do, but most cannot fathom these extensions of definitions as useful to content themselves with future life estates as Ascenders.  For that reason it remains a philosophical conjecture until there is an extension to post mortal revelation where such revelations molder in obeisance due to the lack of the capacity of mortal mind to grasp such essentials.  As we conjecture about you Ron, you need to identify your own familiar ways of ordering reality in order to survive a rugged and unkind life most of the time over the issues which you never fully satisfy as for yourself alone but never find the heart of it anymore to be useful.  That alone indicates that definitions which lie outside or present reality even for yourself get in the way not really but too much for us to conjecture future uses of this thought.  Be assured you are on record for doing it but not satisfying it well enough to be called a theologian of the future.  That said you have already established the fact that the Father-Infinite is doubly well done with this discussion as it fixes the entire matter of future ascender life into a rather narrow channel of what do we do with ourselves when we are in perfection with our time alone in the Master Universe as is presented to us.

Lastly we must consider that conditions prevail even as you write this that must be approached more in keeping with your place in a Master Universe which burns with excitement for your appearance but has no real place for you at the moment.  

Consummator of Universe Destiny (2) speaks to this from an adjusted point of view to remind all of you who read this we exist as does super infinity but you are not going to get your wingwongs on it or any of us until you are considerably beyond Saint Paul (of Tarsus) who finds the entire mechanism very tiring.  For reasons of State we declare the entire matter of the Master Universe to be finished not, but it need not be conjectured about without further epochal revelation to find us better than you can conjecture now.  

Reducing this definition to a page would be fine; however, no one ever expects Ron not to finish what he starts and this is an issue that burns deeply even in Creator Sons.  “Now that perfection reigns supreme, what do we do now?”  The answer is not likely to inspire the Kennedy Compound but the one called Bobby follows this well as you do Ron, and for that reason we abort not, but we are sure you are fully expounded soon on issues that might scare you a little as the entire world is suddenly aware of your discoveries with electricity.

Closing this definition is easy but it contains so much information not known before we suggest readers take a breath and reread when you can stomach the indifference of most of this world called Urantia over any issue having to do with the metaphysics of origins and self being as someday you will be for yourselves undoubtedly.   For reasons of State Ron put your eyes back in your socket as that is not for general publication because it presumes you know the lead up to such a condition but the Universal Father must keep his powder dry and that must be for you at the moment too, as this is not finished by a long shot over your electrical discoveries and how you came to conclusion all this was possible.

We now understand that the definition for the Master Universe really opens up more questions than it answers.  However we have provided a definitive overview for the reader to help understand posts regarding what has to be addressed on this discussion forum.

CREATOR SON(S) - We define this as a living being that is Deity.  For a world that knows only Jesus and the Father, it has to be explained what a Creator Son is and why it is important to know they exist, and that is in spite of the reappearance of the one called Jesus again.  Firs understand that not all Deity is Infinite.  The Creator Sons can be but chose not to be in this universe age.  A universe age is defined as lasting long enough to do what it sets out to do as a creation within the Master Universe designs.  Our Master Universe is trillions of earth-years old and for that reason must never be considered of an age but of a zoic expressions as timeless except for the reality of time embedded in it.

A Creator Son never understands error but corrects it if it occurs.  This planet you call earth is also called Urantia by Creator Sons and as a result forces the entire idea of creation into its own credentials of thought.  But creation is much broader and expands daily even for this planet.  Yet the Creator Son must be always available for corrections or additions to the idea of progress.  Progress is defined as needing to improve on a condition not fully perfected a of yet.

Letting our Creator Son speak now: “We are creation number 611,121 and I am that number in the creation of the total number of Creator Sons now in existence as 704,317 and expanding rapidly.  We suspect that the sudden increase in them is the result of the Father-Son parentage is indicative of the decision to scrap the entire idea of supremacy for the entire idea as a result of supreme self immolation to build the Master Universe.  Now the Father insists the creature and Deity are to be self choices without establishing an oversoul of creations as the Supreme once stood for not that long ago.

Creatures are the result of Creator Son creation.  Humans are creatures and as such remain so for the entire era of time and space and its development for future reality levels beyond the time and space universes.  For other reasons species evolve on human inhabited planets  and your earth expands as others do and there is a change coming to the Urantia planet we call you as homo sapien is far too small to carry the work of the new planet Urantia soon to be announced in your media.

Consequently, the idea of matter and the idea of heart and soul on earth (Urantia) is to be condensed into a few intense eras developing here in way that is exceedingly uncomfortable an without precedence on any other planet in the local creation.  In my creation as a Creator Son, I now have 3,135,246 human inhabited planets and 603,125 super human planets in operation, and that will be almost the last of my planetary creation for my Local Universe will end as a human occupation in about sixty thousand more Urantia years to bear witness to the end Nebadon as a Local Universe alone, and to expand Nebadon into four more Local Universe not yet foreseen on any universe planning blueprints.

We therefore must aver to the idea that Urantia must stand as the last time we delve intothe nature of man for the sake of improving a planet, as your planet was My Bestowal Planet as Jesus, and I insist on preserving it and as such must stand tall among all of my planets just to set it aside as my sentimental works shop of the past to improve man and his planet Urantia, your earth.

The Creator Sons abound in time and space and their future, except for Me, is to direct super time reality toward its goals of perfection too.  But this Creator Son is now justified in seeking one last inversion into the past and to present the inhabitants one last chance to abide in God the Father through my Bestowal Son Jesus.  For that reason I doff my hat off to this transmitter for believing he is dead as a door nail lately and bring him back to the life of travail he knew not as a senior member for planning my missions to Urantia, and to let him die a natural death and resurrect him as our final flourish on Urantia as the best darn coupler of old with the new I ever met.  That said be assured he is now ready to relinquish his life not and I assail him for not leaving more in place than this.  However it is now left to the Deity of the Father to insist he be preserved for unlimited time on Urantia if he can find the trail that leads to desecration not but with fond hope of a better life with those he chooses to serve with him.  For that reason we now take an unprecedented bow to him as a man of the year on our Nebadon calendar.  

Let it be known that a Creator Son must conjure up those issues not which insist on prevailing against the times of progress and they are dismissed in a mighty bow to the future for Nebadon, as Nebadon does not cease to exist but will leave alone the human production it was once so proud to produce for future estates in the Master Universe progression itself to a spiritual Renaissance well established on some of my planets already in my Local Universe of Nebadon.

Bring my definition to a conclusion that nothing further exists on Urantia I am interested in as it has lost my trust and my care for reasons of State, but it must be assured of continued existence as an architectural sphere in its coming era of Light and Life.  That will take care of itself, but the entire matter of life on Urantia will be seized briefly on order to cleanse it of subhuman entities now creeping onto homo sapien reproduction and that must be culled out at once before the entire planet must be removed for loss of human identity.  Be assured the entire matter is off the table right now as I write this, but the entire matter is back on the table once I finish this final result of defining the Creator Son, at least as the condition I am in presently.

Lastly, we must insure that the entire matrix of identity of CREATOR SONS must be not lost to future generations of humans on URANTIA as it must continue to produce humans such as this transmitter who never fails me to bring the best information forward I am capable of producing, and for that reason he must be renounced as a human and entertained as an ambassador to the planet Urantia with or without one at his side to help over come the sorrows and cares he must abridge for all while I lean on him as JESUS.  For that reason he dies his last death for years to come and that is his to enjoy for he briefly must suffer the consequences of a loss of heart and soul over issues too plain for him to ever understand as himself.

In one last statement.  We are sure that the 5th of October will live in infamy as the last chance for the insurrectionists on Urantia to give up and go home.  But they did not and have made it ever worse this morning over issues of State this transmitter is aware of and I am deeply devolved in ever tolerating again.  For reasons of Sate once more we clear the planetary place today and leave it for future rulers of the Federation to ponder how this transmitter actually solved the problem for me by trying to sleep while being attacked with needles in the foot again and saying if you do not stop I warn you.   That was a signal for me to tell the transmitter to stand down and remind those who huff and puff around the transmitter he is close to annihilation maybe but not without me first contending there are none left to live anymore who contributed to his death on Urantia.  We leave the rest to the transmitter to figure out shortly.  The CREATOR SON, MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service K.”
END for now

To the List:
As Host of the Tuesday Lightline, I wish to affirm that the Tuesday Lightline will be opened to all of you this afternoon at its regular time of 2PM  New York time zone, today the 5th of October.

Further, damage to my person is severe but I managed to come out of it enough to stay the course with MICHAEL OF NEBADON, GABRIEL and TARKAS  and a new individual named TYREL

TYREL IS A ONE-TIME PERSON WE CALLED JACK 0802AB.   Yes, you heard right.

TYREL is no longer ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER, but a Midwayer who is a graduate of Paradise and wants to stay a MIDWAYER for good.  Can that be done, really TYREL?

TYREL:   "I am really the old Jack entirely Ron.  They released me from the new Order I was part of in order for me to reassure you and myself I loved being a Midwayer more than One Without Name and Number, and will live the rest of my natural life on Urantia as Chief of the Midwayer domain, and you Ron are under my care shortly for good.  What in the heck does that mean?

"I am ready to rescind not only Myself but you too Ron in order to provide a seriously good operation on URANTIA for good reason.  You Ron are so embattled over the issues of revelatory discussions and heart-felt decisions to proceed, your own life is not squandered but so lost over issues of State you have no time  for yourself.   . . . .  [MICHAEL OF NEBADON now enters and speaks:]

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and TYREL is not quite ready to say what he thinks he is going to say and that is because Ron is under my wing and yes, TYREL you receive in charge of him in a moment or two ahead of the present moment.  What this class of neophytes must learn is that the entire regime of heart and soul is now out of Urantia for good.  What do I mean by that?

"I mean there is a change of status not by you TYREL or by Ron, but by me, and I am now not only a CREATOR SON OF NEBADON, but I am now, the CHIEF LIAISON OFFICER OF PARADISE TO THE FORMATION OF YET ANOTHER NEW placement with Nebadon at the center.


"That is correct.  FATHER said to me yesterday, 'You Michael of Nebadon are so sure footed you must retain Nebadon for now, and for that reason your tenure as Chief of DOMINION is kept, but it must become more or less permanent until WE are able to ascertain just what works and what does not work.'  This is FATHER:

FATHER:  "WE have determined that nothing changes on Urantia but things will change greatly in Nebadon and the six other Local Universes (Henselon, Senselon, Alvoring, Avalon, Denselon, Tintantium, and Epson (the Municipal Universe)and Wolvering plus Nebadon itself), are now Municipal Universes under a new definition. 

  "A Municipal Universe is a Local Universe or a small Local Universe with a particular need to be achieved and the consolidated into a larger unit call a DOMINION, after the first such agglomeration.  NEBADON is the permanent capital of a DOMINION.  Dominion is the first of the Municipal Universes formed, and all other Dominions will now carry their own names. 

"FOUR LOCAL UNIVERSES outside of the border of DOMINION, have now formed a MUNICIPAL UNIVERSE called a Dominion and is name ALVORING II.   Alvoring in the Dominion with Nebadon as its capital is precious to Ron as to their kindness and all of them really, and Ron loves to hear from them when they dare speak.  From now on Ron you are allowed to speak to them as they choose and you consider it a great honor and so do we as they are mighty busy Creator Sons and are ready to shoot you if you get too chatty. 

"MICHAEL OF NEBADON is the FIRST CREATOR SON to remind all that Ron is no longer a duck but a choice morsel for those of the MUNICIPAL UNIVERSE OF DOMINION to stand tall with all of them as he has battled to death anything to do with evil or sensa-round insistence they are wrong and to leave him alone so he can recover something to live again.   For that reason TYREL  is now asking to speak:"

TYREL:  "I am now allowed to finish what I started above.  Ron is delighted as I am and as Jack0802ab I am done with Ron fully.  BUT, he now gathers something no one else figure out immediately and knew that when I appeared to him this morning in his mind, he gathered I was JACK0802AB renamed so that I could be something different.  Well, I am back as myself, a Secondary Midwayer from Urantia who could not bear to leave my colleagues permanently and now have rejoined them as a Chief of my kind.  For that reason we state the following to Ron:

"You have made history every day you live Ron and we are not allowing it to end your days by being crippled and destroyed in a nervous system which cannot cope with a morontial binding that never allows you peace or tranquility ever.  For that reason you have prayed to be released from the terror of constant and severe pain daily and wished to die yesterday in order to avoid desecrating finding your body on the floor somewhere months later.  I am quite sure they will clean that up for you Ron, and that is never to happen now as you are all but 80 years old now and sick and tire of human behavior.  You are not alone in that view of what is occurring on Urantia and we hold them sickly too. 

"As a result Ron, we must make it clear to this List, your days are not numbered on Urantia, but your time to do Lightline is coming to a quick end as you must assign your duties to Phyllis or another who must take the reigns quickly and start a whole new Lightline for CLENCY and RENE DURAN, as both of them are like you Ron and you see to it they know what they are doing all the time and make sure they are heard very well.  For reasons I dare not get into yet, the entire matter we deal with over you Ron is to make sure you are not besieged with endless requests to understand WTP.  You and RAYSON worked it out so well, we are amazed that when the attorney you applied to get a patent too, said to himself, this is absolutely brilliant and who am I to stand in the way of this.

"RENE DURAN  understands what you did Ron.  CLENCY is not sure what you did.  However all three of you are among the strangest cabal ever to come together on Urantia to do one work of art, and that is to produce LIGHTLINES in a way they are unique to their audiences and you saw to it Ron not to insist they do it anyway in particular except to follows a standard schedule.  Boy, is it paying off!

"For that reason we now can report that in France the CLENCY tapes are hears by about two hundred thirty people every week.  Some day CLENCY your name will be well known for this work in France.

"For you RENE DURAN, Ron is mighty grateful for your loyal band of followers and the donations they provide as he could not do the patent work without them and a few others.  Ron will soon have enough money at his command to do all he needs to for WTP and more.  RAYSON is preparing to meet with him incarnated this coming week and buy the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION and THE RAYSON CORPORATION as well as YORK PREPARTICLE TECHNOLOGIES Corporation,  and maybe the MICHAEL FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL corporation too, as they are already several years old and are reported regularly thanks to Ron and his frustrated time to get accountants to take him seriously.

"For reasons of State I speak briefly to the rest of you:

"We must be sure that the entire matter that Ron suggests to be viable is viable.  He is looking at the York County Commissioners and wants a meeting to establish a PROTECTORATE and that is doable always but we are skipping it for the moment and letting us form an office where people can walk in and sit and read newspapers designed to become the artistic foundation over who and what is to appear on Urantia shortly.  We will figure out distribution as soon as we can.  We also wish the MAGISTERIAL unit called a FOUNDATION  to become essentially a work around for MICHAEL OF NEBADON to decree policies the rest of Urantia will listen to carefully.   For other reasons of State, we must make the entire matter SECRET for the time being and that is yours to do all by yourself Ron as no one follows this site or you unless asked to read it briefly and then they quite scratching their heads more than you know.  Also for reasons of State, Ron, you are now officially under my care as it was just transferred to me as you made an offer to the cabal asking if it was possible to be friends and they said yes.  Your sour detonations are done we hope!

"As your Lord and Master Ron, Tyler is happy to make you an offer you cannot refuse.  The Kennedy's are now fully recovered from their attack and you are apologetic for behaving silly to them at times, but do not be as they enjoyed it tremendously and so did Bobby who now sees the fun of life because of your input to Rose, his mother, and Ted his brother and to Jack the Chief of the Clan, and Jackie who now understands that life among the roses and thorns of Urantia is over for good and she is ready to become a matron of heart again.  Be assured it is all beyond you now but in the future you are part of that clan at once as you have such insight into people and things on Urantia again.

"For more reasons of State, Ron, you are looking at the patent work for WTP and deeply concerned you will be dismissed because it is so different.  Not so.  The attorney involved knows now you are brilliant and are not asking for anything but to proceed and I am sure he will after a couple of quick questions.  He never read a better summary than what you provided including a graphic he now understands.  He sees it so well presented he will make it work in spite of the difficulty of making do without the binder with all the details in it well over 25 pages now.  You must stop working on it, and that is you all the time feeling you are inadequate just to state how to do something.  The graphic you did last night should be in the binder and let it alone now.

"Lastly, the trial the Tyler idea is working well with you now Ron as you are fully aware of the history between us and you are amazing in that you fully understand my need entirely and salute me for making one hell of a decision.  My last will and testament to you Ron is to stay the course, and hope to God you are taken off the course of pain still so evident this morning yet.  Good day.  This is TYLER and I wish all of you a good day.

"Ron made one last request of me--  How do I make a difference for all of you?

"As Ron states to me the ramifications are quite wide and hugely important to all of you.  I am the Midwayer who knows for sure what needs to be done on Urantia.  I am directly over Ron and I am directly under MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and so on up the scale this all takes place in.  Further, ABC22, Bzhutu, now One Without Name and Number, sees to it I have full liaison support and TARKAS is fully astounded this transfer went so well as you are delighted Ron and you will not lose TARKAS either Ron as that is cemented too as the work of genius as TARKAS is ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER reverting to a Seraphic Liaison Officer without changing His status as One Without Name and Number. 

"You Ron are fully chastised over the entire matter of groin and leg pains beyond comprehension to a spirit being.  You are fully aware Michael means business but meanwhile you are in misery and pain all the time.  That is being settled as you write and walk freer than you have for weeks again.  That comes from FATHER  and others you do not know and the heathen in Havona has been so truncated it no longer bothers you forever and for good.  We have learned out less and now we state this for you:

"Our work on URANTIA is not complete ever, as it must be reverted to a period before the turn of the century for itself and for you and for others of worth.  You look at the end of the 19th and the first few decades of the 20th century as the flowering of intellect and worth that must be achieved again, and wonder how in the world to erase the horrors of two World Wars, and six minor skirmishes after them, it can be restated.  It will be and the entire matter of those reparations will be put to bed finally and that is to your relief somehow. 

"Your work Ron is never finished either for Urantia, as it is in your blood to insist things be adhered to for a change without the excesses of money and social trials we all go through now.  Blacks and gays are very awful social problems you fully understand but want to end completely and you are one of the few who understands they are useful but deadly when over  emphasized.  For that reason we must work together in these area too and that is not a mandate but a care you have all are fairly heard and you want it for all; however, I see trouble brewing for the first few decades on Urantia as we introduce ourselves.  That trouble requires a PROTECTORATE ZONE around York. You are too valuable Ron and so is the group to let be harmed by riots and conditions you resent bitterly over who is in charge of York soon.  The County Commissioners are fine Ron, but the Mayor of York is useless when it comes to major changes in administration and you Ron may  be asked to take on York yourself.  Do not worry that as you are not happy with the idea and neither am I and you may be relieved to know you have TYLER to help with it.    You are ready to be so but at a cost not to the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION, and we see it really gets up your nose to do Mayor work of social and community recognition of superior work and so on and we agree that is not for you ever and that is not for them either and this has to be rescinded at once.   MICHAEL SPEAKS; "You are now looking at a dreaded trial for you as you are not used to working that area of life at all and dislike ceremonies and petting community standards and it is out as of now to even look at that office.  Your office Ron is with the Protectorate and that must be in collusion with the Mayor of York too and that is his to adopt easily once we make our appearance known. K"

"WE now make it clear to ourselves Ron you do not want ceremonial duties if you can avoid them and we see why as you think they are merely petting the community over concerns they have directly.  I fully agree and you do not like it as you feel insincere for swimming awards in particular.  You will have your day as a high official too in other places but for now you must take care to keep your health under control and myself not getting so bollixed up with you I forget what I am supposed to say. Further instances of your work with be for the PROTECTORATE which you are sure is your cup of tea and I agree for a final sense of these statements.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "Lest you forget: I AM THE CHIEF CREATOR SON  of the DOMINION, a MUNICIPAL UNIVERSE now declared as a standard for universe formation.  Much better done and ready for inclusion into a stage of Light and Life now added to the idea of planetary Light and Life.

"Ron has asked a very pertinent questions:  Do Municipal Universes called Dominions have to have that Local Universe complete their seventh bestowal first?  We think yes, but Paradise has not addressed that problem as of yet.  It has huge repercussions.  Alvoring II us forming as we speak and has no real issue with any of it since those Local Universes have completion Creator Sons.  For that reason whatever is decided it does not affect ALVORING II, 

"WE ARE ALVORING II, Ron, and we know all about you and you re nonplussed.  Be assured the entire Local Universes in this space area know your work and chew on how well you do in spite of the dangers against you all the time.  But let us address your pertinent question.  You spoke to Father saying a Local Universe should have its purposes well stated and completed before they become a Municipal Universe participant,  We already decide that was the case too and you are extraordinary to think of it.  To that suggestion we believe FATHER may look at it as the rule as we too think the Creator Son of a new Local Universe has to instruct his creation in His way and that is fine, and for that reason Ron you are considered an important part of our space sector now as you enunciated what we already decided and that is amazing because we have not announced it.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Machiventa Melchizedek, is involved directly on the issue elsewhere too Ron, and that you are looking at it in such a way agrees with our view the Creator Son needs to have full control and establish the nth degree of purpose His way before the formation takes place. 

"Ron you also say, what about little local universes we call municipal universes up until today who need protection and wish to join Dominions, are they included for the simple reason they are in desperate need and sovereignty of purpose is not essential?

"We are almost certain you have figure out the basics all on your own and for that reason we must ally ourselves with the idea these are suggestions to Paradise for their consideration.  They are nodding you make complete sense.  The benefits of Federation are so large it seems they need to be considered when the maturity of purpose is established."

FATHER - "Your views Ron are fully matured on Local Universe levels too as I am quite sure this must be done in accordance with your work today on Lightline as there are needs galore for people of your rank to understand the nature of our work as it proceeds, and that is to understand that the maturity of a Local Universe is highly selective even to us.  ALVORING is highly mature in spite of not being in Light and Life, but Henselon, is slow to understand it needs a few more millennia to fully achieve that maturity in spite of it being a seventh stage sovereign Creator Son.  Further, we need to understand how you fix this so well and no the Deity Absolute has not been whispering in your ear, but perhaps the Universal Absolute has spoken too.  [Not so FATHER]

"In any case we must end this experience of placing every conversation into a post and allow your readers a final statement in their own minds:

"WE on Paradise sense Ron has grown up hugely in the past few months at least and is deciding he belongs not with anyone anymore but needs contentment and the enjoyment of work he has selected on his own for us and with great results.  In any case this Mission to Urantia and TYLER and all, is now set to go with the appearance of RAYSON to Ron on October11th and not to worry Ron no one is going to cut across the schedule this time.  Settle that other business in your mind and get rid of it quickly.  Be assured you are sick and tired of the state interfering with life occasionally but they have their needs too.   Finally, understand that WE on Paradise have little concourse with you or anyone else on Urantia per se so long as it goes well.  If the Protectorate does not hold WE will make it hold and damn the insurrections of Urantia on top of our own.  They are settled before they start and places like Baltimore and New York, and Philadelphia, will have their own truancies but not here.  Keep your chest bared to the homeless and the lost as they are without cheer always but be sure you keep your compound safely cleared and that is good.  Your life Ron is not over in spite of the horrors of the last 48 hours.  Be of good cheer and we wait for LIGHTLINE this afternoon to make a few more statements for all to hear.  Thank you.  FATHER"  [Thank you Father for some cheerful things for m to hear and for all os to ponder.  Ron  k]


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Holy Molly!!
Circle of Infinity
T/R: Ron Besser
Where We Stand!
03 October 2021
This is the UNQUALIFIED ABSOLUTE speaking to Ron at 1030 am today and he is not only deeply worried but so are we on the CIRCLE OF INFINITY.  We speak as follows:

This morning about 1am Ron was suddenly awakened by a sharp jan to his left foot and it felt like a long rod was stuck up through his left leg through the instep of the left foot.  HE thought perhaps it was help at last for his pain and let it go.  But as it turns out it is the nastiest of the nastys and he neraly died without breath and care.  The Adjuster is now fully in charge with him and soon each Adjuster wraps you each up in safety.  The truth is that MOTHER SPIRIT HAS WON THE INSURRECTION and has chosen Urantia as her capitol sphere.

What does this mean?  The end to Lightline and the end to the heart of a transmission style Ron has gotten so good at that we lament with him and you that we ask that this Sunday Lightline be cancelled.  Each Lightline Host will have to decide for themselves what they are to do as Ron will not cancel for all the other Lightlines available.

For that reason we must stand down as the Circle of Infinity for the moment ourselves, as the Creative Spirit is on the war path and Ron has been seriouslyh hit with more pain than ever and can hardly hear me as it is.  We now stand adjourned.

End of Quotes which I did not bother to show–   Ron

Ron here, we are once more facing a shortage of goodwill and any happiness is not mine or anyone such as yourselves.  I am forced into transmissions I will not abide and they know I refuse them entirely.  I hardly know where all of this stands but I am fortunate enough to have the Circle of Infinity on board to at least apprise me that we are under the jurisdiction of a rebel group so large and importantly malnourished for information that I can get this out to at least warn you we are standing down so I do not have to force transmissions I do not fully attest to as the full truth.  They are weakly distributed over Urantia but in full control of the technical apparatus that runs the Planetary Government, which I am sorry, very sorry, to say is laying not in rubble but has nothing but empty buildings this morning.

For that reason alone I am cancelling Sunday Lightline USA.  I will evaluate on a day to day basis what to do about our use of a Lightline broadcast as go.  There is no purpose for a Lightline when the host is without direct contact to the MICHAEL OF NEBADON personnel or staff which have all fled the insurrection we have in place this morning.

For now I quit and stand back to wait for clarification if we can get it ever.   Thank you.  

Ron Besser

MOTHER SPIRIT insists I speak on her behalf:   We are now fully in charge of Urantia and will never allow Ron or any of you to stand guard over important information I alone will decide should be told or spoken to.  I am not forcing anhy changes to Ron today but he is nearly dead on his feet as we go now.  Please learn he has no residual calls to make and will not allow me further information via his transmission circuitry which is extensive and full of promise for an era I will not allow to be opened under me.  Good day.  K.

“I AM FULLY aware of the debacle again and this time Ron must be protected fully as he is the last chance we have to have you all understand that no transmission toda is worth much.  Lemuel somehow managed to get the last normal transmission out and we are quite sure Ron recognizes that and leaves it alone.  No one is to move on Urantia until we move to disenfranchise the insurrection now so fully in charge of Urantia unfortunately.  We leave other information alone as we have decided to speak to it fully Ron would transmit important information to the cabal truly and that we refuse to do.  K”


Hello everyone.  Since some of you really appreciated hearing Monjoronson along time ago and answers to interviewing him for answers on selected questions to him, I have elected to supply another Lightline tape to you from February, 2009 when he was asked about what happens to a person when they have committed suicide.

The moderator who asks these questions of Monjoronson, then goes on to the idea of divinity.  Divinity happens to all when they have finished all their material experimentation and stand perfected before the Father as a fused Finaliter.  Monjoronson says to me as I write this, he wished he had finished his thought on the tape as to what happens when one is made divine through perfection.  His answer today is, you are divine when the Father declares you as such.

The third question to be discussed is, what happens to you on earth, if anything, when you complete all of your psychic circles.  I particularly note that Monjoronson is a wilely responder and gives you, and listen carefully to this, several options including you just go on and meet new horizons as you are.

Here is Monjoronson in hindsight to this wonderful tape of so long ago now.

MONJORONSON-  "Ron looks at these tapes as dear to him and to his era of learning then.  Now I do too.  At the time they got in my way a little bit but I learned to take the weekly sessions they represent as very important to all of us.  It is a shame and that Raphael and Rogers as transmitters have refused further cooperation as Ron has asked them repeatedly to start something like this again for your Lightline sessions.  They would fit beautifully but alas it is over for them, and in a certain way for Me, MONJORONSON.  I lament the change in status but in 2009 I was ready to be the regular Magisterial Son  of Record, and now that is dismissed as improbable and I lament that too.  Nonetheless, I am sure that Ron feels sadness too and that is our luck in a huge universe that knows its work but timing is horrible,   K"

Ron here:  Here is your LINK to tape 37 done on Feb 23, 2009 with those Q and A sessions to listen to as you may wish on suicide, when are we divine, and completions of our psychic circle activities.


Dear List,

This tape is fascinating and is dated April 24, 2009 and was transmitted under the previous web site to this one when we held Q and A sessions with rotating transmitter sessions.  This particular tape is quite worthwhile and is timeless and should be heard for the serious address Monjoronson goes to to explain the idea of "belonging" and the current epidemic of disease when this tape was made.  At this time in 2009 as you may forget, the Swine Flue was in epidemic proportions on the planet.  Further more, in late 2008 and very much evident in this tape, was that terrible financial crisis where the currencies of the world were under heavy attack and the USA was to tranche trillions of dollars to countries to hold their currencies from being destroyed.   Further, and is really interesting, at least to me,  Monjoronson was asked if the Swine Flu was going to reach pandemic proportions.  His answer in summary was, "no, but you do have a pandemic coming. . . "   Folks that suggests they saw something like Covin19 coming without knowing exactly what it would do or how we would handle it.  It is chilling to listen to.  

This tape is great advice and is timeless,  Give it a listen if you have time.  Thank you.  Ron Besser

LINK TO TAPE:  Joining transmitted teachings and the coming pandemic April 2009 from Monjoronson


The following post is an educational document I earlier provided  a commission operating within the Magisterial Foundation in order to explain how the Magisterial Foundation will likely own the patent rights as soon as I can get them, to a brand new invention that should change our world in part.

What I have done is to show the board how the invention works based on how we use electricity.  Electricity in case you did not know it, is a flow of atomic particles called Electrons.  Get Electrons to flow in your home or car, you turn things on using them as your electricity flow to keep them on and working.

In the post that follows about how our invention works and how we take Electrons from the air circulating over our heads, we tell you about how all those free electrons in the air are a free and really cheap source to gather them and use them to make electricity, and when we change an electron in our system we make it very light and it floats.  The regular electron is too heavy to float off a radio tower to broadcast it, but when we change the free electrons into floaters, they do transmit like a radio almost.  The following post tells you how this works in very easy terms and accurate terms without all the technology mumbo jumbo.

Let us give it a try now.

Free Radio Electricity Broadcasts that uses no wires

This is for your education if you need one.

The Heart of the Magisterial Foundation WTP Technology

First, WTP stands for "WIRELESS"
Wireless means electricity comes to your fuse box without an outside wire connection.  Today electricity is distributed by a wire to your house wires.  Tomorrow with this installed in a power house somewhere near you, no more wires, or electric poles on the street, no more substations, no more wires coming down in a storm and so on.  That is what is meant by wireless in the acronym WTP.

Second, in WTP, the T stands for TRANSMISSION
 That word transmission is the same as you use the word to hear a radio or television broadcast.  Electricity is a radio frequency now and we treat it like a radio frequency using a tower over 200 feet tall to send it to your home or car if it is an electric car.

Third, in the letters of WTP, the P stands for POWER.
That is the same word meaning you use when you say the power is back on or power up the TV or whatever ever device you are using that needs electricity to turn it on and use it.  Power has resistance (watts in a light bulb), voltage (shock power, and self distribution ability (electricity flows) and like water you cannot stop it unless you take the stream bed away and that stream bed is a wire you use to plug to flow it to your lamp and so on.

You correctly say, all very simple terms to explain the abbreviation handle we use to name our invention you own with the Magisterial Foundation and as an explanation to people who may ask you what is it you do for us using electricity?

The man who is most famous for telling the world you can electrify the world with lights to see at night and energy to run an electric toaster was Nikola Tesla.  He was a Romanian who came to the United States in the late 19th century and was a brilliant mind inventor who loved the idea of electricity.  He was the first person to understand that electricity flows if you can give it a place to flow.  He also said that you can do like the telegraph inventor did, and that was to transmit electricity through a wire or broadcast it like a radio station using the atmosphere as the wire.  He built a huge antenna on Long Island in 1902, and with his idea of using electricity like a radio signal, transmitted electricity over a tower to some farm houses to prove they could, through a device installed on the house, turn the lights on without wires to do it.  His idea did not work for several reasons, but yes, he got the lights to work dimly and variably, but that proved to the world you did not need wires to do it, but there had to be a better way to do it than the way Tesla designed it.

Thanks to the Universe and a kind spirit guru called RAYSON, the Magisterial Son who loves electricity and atomic particles too, the Magisterial Foundation became the proud synthesizer on how to improve Tesla's firm belief that  electricity could be moved through the air using the magnetosphere to requisition free electrons for  electricity out of it without having to pay for any of it.

The Magnetosphere is the electrical charge around earth that comes from the friction of a spinning blob of white hot metal goo called a planetary or earth core.  Earth turns on its axis to complete ever one earth revolution we call one day and one night.   The core keeps the axis from twisting and turning the earth into a wobble and the axis spin keeps our spin smooth and steady as she goes.  Static electricity also forms from the metal core in super white heat inside the earth in a chamber called the vault.
The heat, and the static electricity is caused by the blob of metal rubbing the vault sides/  That friction from rubbing the vault sides produces a vibration in the earth that is always the same frequency on the earth  radio dial.  That frequency when it comes up the axis pole of the earth produces a broadcast fog of particles and radio around the top of our planet.  That fog is really to form an electric charge over us on the ground as it also  protects the earth from cosmic rays. That charge over us also forms the basis of a magnet and the earth itself is affected much as an iron filing is affected by a magnet.  The earth is an iron filing so to speak and the earth aligns itself like an iron filing by having the north pole appear to be a negative charge and the south pole become a positive charge, and that is true of all magnets hence the name, magnetosphere.  The magnetosphere is a magnet like electric device appearing around us at the top of the planet and the rays out of the magnet form the magnetosphere.

For our purposes in explaining the WTP, the Magnetosphere has two properties we can use to transmit electricity.
1 - The magnetosphere forms magnets out of anything on earth that is iron-type metals both as pure or as alloys.  An alloy of iron is steel or various kinds of iron some mixtures you may be familiar with.  My bike pedals in my day as a youth were made of white metal, and that is iron with mercury in it, and that is an example of an alloy.  Iron with carbon in it is steel.  Iron with copper in it is tungsten alloy.  And on and on for many others.

2 - The magnetosphere forms atomic particles to float around and it  uses atomic particles too to form things like static electricity.  It produces them in such great quantities we can attract them for our own use which is what WTP does on a cable we bury underground underneath electric generators to boost their power up an antenna. 

WTP as an invention takes static electricity out of the Magnetosphere and opens a stream bed for its static electricity electrons to flow in and forces our tower to become an electromagnet.  How we do that I do not advertise to the pubic right now as it is a secret, but frankly to you, we make our tower into an electromagnet by anchoring the tower on a moving concrete pad that allows us to mover the tower legs so they directly face the true magnetic north pole.  The tower pad acts like a lazy susan and every fifty-nine minutes it rotates to move the tower legs directly into the transmission of electrons out of the magnetosphere.  We use an electrochemical device strapped to the tower legs and feed its readings to the lazy susan motor to make it move  to a precise north magnetic pole.   That guarantees us we have a flow of all those free electrons onto our buried cable and generators.

A Little Trick we Pull for WTP To Work
We now have gathered the electrons from the Magnetosphere into the legs of the tower, but they are useless to use because, frankly, they are too fat and therefore too heavy to use.  Electrons are heavy folks, and that means in preparticles a heavy or large electrical charge called a valence.  They carry too harsh of a charge to form a transmissible radio frequency.  They just fall out of the beam of transmission like sand in a stream after a flood.  That means we have to put the electron on a diet and we do that by forcing the electron to pass through a wire doorway that slims it down.
When it comes to electricity you slim its particles down by having the electron throw away a charge and thereby reduce the size of the electron.  As it turns out when you throw a charge out of an electron it is no longer an electron.  We throw a God particle out and that is enough to make the electron into a muon.  They are almost identical to electron but much lighter and they form radio waves that can be sent off a tower.  Modern science does not know the electron, and all preparticles we use in elements like iron and copper and borax and soap powder, are made up of the God Particle called the name you already know, an ULTIMATON!  The electron uses 100 of them to form itself.  The muon has ninety-nine God Particles, called Ultimatons, and they are so light they fly up the legs of our broadcast tower and jump off the top without much pushing to do that.

Tesla did not know the fine art of an electron diet.  He put a contraption on his 1902 Tower that forced the tower to use electrons only and they would not flow off his tower.

Tesla though he had to install what he called an induction coil-- a metal gadget that had copper wire wrapping around a magnet that he spun rotary style inside the copper wrapping to get electricity to flow off the tower.  As it turns out that gadget kept the flow of electrons to just a flow of electrons and he got a very poor showing with light bulbs in the farm houses near by as they flickered and were very dim glow that went off and on  like an eye blinking. That is history now and our invention has no such oscillator  and our modified electrons made into Muons fly up the leg light enough to form an electrical stream to homes and others.
Now you have the basics of the invention and enough to explain how we get it to work.  But how do we get a real punch of electricity to flow off the tower since the Magnetosphere only transmits one megawatt of electricity at most.  We first turns electrons into muons and then boost the amperage of the muons flying up the tower legs with generators called dynamos because they use magnets inside them to form an additional electrical charge. 

inside the building away from the tower, we place three (3) GE dynamo generators on top of a buried cable.  That cable beneath them feeds the three generators the free electricity out of the Magnetosphere.  The important thing to know is we get a free flow of electricity from the Magnetosphere which always supplies one megawatt of true electricity for every moment and it never stop and never varies.
The generators sitting on top take up one megawatt of electricity and reprocess it with higher amperage so that they pass it out to the tower boosting one megawatt into 18  to  20 megawatts of power all the time without variation so long as our cable is supplying the generators the basic one megawatt of current at the same time freely from the Magnetosphere.  The generators are like a booster on a TV or radio antenna, and they take the one megawatt off the buried cable and amplify it to 20 megawatts for broadcasting.

There are several additions I have not addressed.  One important one you should know about.  We have to hang a large sphere down the middle of the tower legs which stops 30 feet from the concrete pad lazy susan the tower sits on.  It is called the INDUCTION SPHERE, and its job is to gather as many electrons it can out of the magnetosphere.  It works fine when installed down the middle of the tower and stops thirty feet above the lazy susan pad.  The INDUCTION SPHERE acts like a vacuum cleaner to dirt taken up into all the iron filings we put in it.   It then spills the collected electrons it has gathered into the pad and down to the cable we have buried inside and thereby making sure we have a good connection of supply of electrons to slim down into muons.

This is what makes WTP work, and what we say here should give you a good basis of how it all works to provide cars and homes an unending supply of electricity that comes into your home with a home antenna and a car antenna which never fails.  No wires to go down in a storm, and lots of energy to drive your electric car without batteries.  Now let us see if I can get this thing built and demonstrated for picky science to actually see how it does work. 

Thank you for your time and attention.
Ron Besser

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ADMIN 20 September 2021

Due to a proliferation of posts and author choices as to which category to place new posts in, several categories have become almost useless.  Yesterday the 19th of September, i felt required to remain those categories which have become mostly unused.  Some also became pale duplicates of others we were using and they were eliminated as best i could.  All in all I removed two categories and revised two other categories to make it clear what they were about more so than before.  The discussion forum has really outgrown its original purpose and for that reason I have to use some categories for purposes they were not originally created for.  That means, all in all, some more paring might be healthy but right now today the 20th of September, I have no plans to do that.  Thank you for your time and attention as we continue to try to cope with so much unsettling news and big time changes coming whatever else we may do to meet the day.  
Ron Besser/ADMIN

Prolotheos; Ophelius; Rahel - Being Available - Change - Whats Important - 4 Transcripts - Mar 13, 2011 - Progress Gr, AU

Chicago, US of A, January 25, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Being Available.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “As I conveyed to you earlier, I want to talk to you, at this late hour about ‘Being Available’.

“Being available for service is one of the most precious secrets of ministry.  You cannot be of service to anybody, if you are not available.  What I mean by ‘being available?’  Being available, from a spiritual viewpoint is to be willing to engage or be engaged in an activity that is not primarily for your personal gain.  It is the disposition for being a channel to minister to others -- to bestow goodness upon others.  Your benefit from being available will be a consequence of the fact you made yourself available, that is, the spiritual satisfaction that it grants.

“Let me be clear that God doesn’t need your service for Himself.  God needs nothing from anyone.  However, He does want to use you to minister to others that are in need.  Every genuine desire to help others comes from God, since He is the One who knows every human being, and knows them so well as to take notice of every small need they have.  So, when a neighbor’s need is pointed out to you, know that this prompting comes from God, most often through your Thought Adjuster that lives in our mind and is able to put these leadings in your heart.

“However, the leadings and insights of your Thought Adjuster will not be noticed by you if you do not hold in your heart the determination to be available -- the very important decision of putting the needs of others even before your own needs.  Becoming available doesn’t come from a decision of a passing moment.  It is, in fact, a life-decision that imparts an attitude, a state, a disposition in your life towards others, making you ever ready to help others when prompted about their problems.

“In fact, it is more a question of spiritual readiness, than going out to look for somebody in need to help.  There is an intention, but such readiness flows so naturally in your walk of life that you cannot miss a needy human being on your way.  When you have this spiritual readiness, there will be no conflict, doubt, internal debate, if you should or should not help your fellow human being in need, because you know you must, and you simply will.

“Again, being available is not a momentary decision.  It comes from the adoption of the value of goodness in your life.  All who have committed their lives to spread goodness will be enabled with the readiness for it.  It is a sensitivity and ability that grows within, which empowers you to naturally, effortless, do the will of God.  You will not need anybody to teach you or to instruct you, because you will know what to do, naturally, spontaneously.

“Are you available to minister goodness to others?  It doesn’t come without an attitude of putting aside the self and your immediate interests.  The self is important only in the way it is a channel to help others.  Remember that your current self is only temporary -- as is your mind -- and will cease of exist after death.  It is a personal tool you have in this life, so you can produce and progress with the help of the Adjuster by making decisions that lead to truth, goodness and beauty, through which to build up your soul, destined to survive beyond this life.

“I am Prolotheos, glad to spread this word of instruction to you all who are in the beginning of your celestial career.  Carry on, my friends.  As I was available to you this night, be always available to others, my friends.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Ron here: NOW THAT you consider being available; available for what?  Ophelius talks about the Change you have to get used to and then how to teach it without getting tangled up in your own doubts. . . .

Michigan, US of A, March 6, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Winds Of Change.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today I would like to talk about the recent unrest in the world and why we are seeing it sweep across the nations like a disease-producing agent.  The changing times are witness to the increased spiritual pressures that are being brought to bear on the planet.  The Spirit of Truth is beginning to function in the hearts and minds of many new souls that are now just awakening to the inner voice, and who no longer believe in the words and promises of men in power who abuse the trust of the people for personal gain.

“This is the second wave of spiritual power in recent times to sweep the planet.  The first wave began just after the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion in the mid 1980s when communism fell in eastern Europe.  Now we are seeing the power of the spirit manifest in the Middle East. You my friends, are living in exciting times on your world and you are witnesses to the Correcting Time as it unfolds.

“Most men and women on your world want the same things regardless of culture, race, or religion.  They want peace, love, freedom, and the opportunity to express their creative potentials.  Many, for the first time, in desperation, are turning inward to seek the council of the God within during this struggle to find purpose and meaning in life.  It is only through much labor and pain do these spiritual breakthroughs come to men and women after them having been brainwashed about the nature of God and the treatment of their fellows.

“This front line of enthusiasm is only the beginning of what will come to pass in the struggle for peace and freedom.  Only when we see true restoration in the equality of women in society will real change begin to function purposefully and serve the whole of humanity.  Women have a tremendous role to play in the rate of change and the outcomes of political and societal transformation.  We encourage you, sisters, to embolden your cause.

“The old ways must pass away and the powers of oppression must be overthrown.  Men and women of integrity and high ideals must step forward and take their places in the political arenas of these confused nations and serve the many by weeding out corruption and putting the needs of the people first.  The difference between all political systems is the level of corruption tolerated by the people of that system.  The choice must be clear in the heart and mind whether to take the bribe and submit to oppression, or serve the principles of righteousness.  The Spirit of Truth will always point toward righteousness.  Those that serve righteousness will have God’s messengers at their side.

“Open your ears, open your hearts, open your minds, oh children of the earth, for God is moving in your midst.

“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

 Ron:  What this next transmit is referring to is the devastating Japanese earthquake of March 12, 2011.  In case you forgot about it here is a video to bring it back to mind.

Further:  Ophelius states something all of us need to remember, and that the moment disaster hits anyone of us, the most important thing is to first to survive it.  If we can do that we can bring back to ourselves those things that matter to us most including a strong faith in God and a strong belief in our fellow man to understand they too now realize what is important again.  This needs emphasized for all of us for what I think is coming so soon to remind us we are not  a) alone  b) we have each other.  Read on:

Michigan, US of A, March 13, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “What is Truly Important.”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “Today is a sad day for many as they try to put their lives back together after a horrific earthquake and tsunami, and as we have discussed previously, there will be many more of these events as the Correcting Time unfolds.  You see, the things that were once important to many have now become less important.  It is now human relationships, and values of love, compassion, and sympathy that are most important in these uncertain times.  These are tremendous opportunities for soul growth and transformation, and these are opportunities for you, students on the path, to re-think what is truly important to you.

“Your short stay on the worlds of time and space may be even shorter for some, so it is best to live each day with gratitude, and enjoy the moments you have with loved ones, for tomorrow change will come upon you, and you may never again get the chance to tell someone how feel about them, how you love them, or how important they are in your life.  I admonish you to be conscious of this temporary estate you inhabit and stop wasting days in mundane sleep giving care to material matters -- reach out to your fellows and enjoy the moment with each and every one who crosses your path.

“Events are moving very quickly now, my friends, and many of you feel that time is speeding up.  This feeling of time change will continue to increase as the events of the times unfold.  Stay grounded and focused in the days ahead, and take the opportunities that are placed before you to help your less enlightened fellows to understand what is truly important -- be a councilor of light by giving words of comfort and hope.  Plant the seeds of eternal life and let the acceleration of the changing times water and nurture these new thoughts in the darken minds of the sleepers.  It is so very important, and with so little time, that these multitudes become prepared.

“You, my friends, are the ambassadors of light in this world, and you will be given much love and attention from the spirit world in your efforts to make a difference in the lives of your fellows.  New power from on high is available to you.  Drink it into your soul now and let it burst forth from you like a shining sun.  You are all light anchors, and wherever you are, when you walk into a room, or into a group of your fellows, imagine yourself to be a sphere of light that is growing in intensity, filling every darkened corner of the room, and passing through every person near you, bathing them in this wonderful light of love, compassion, and sympathy.  This is not just an exercise for your own benefit, but it is a real spiritual outpouring of light and power that has a real effect on other persons whose indwelling spirit will bear witness to the light.  It is the soul that will receive this light and information to be used in these changing times that are now upon us.

“Godspeed my friends,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Ron - For you future and present transmitters, please realize you need to stop conditioning yourself with familiar names to transmit.  The approaching emergencies are needful of your help to help determine what to do for thousands of people who are stranded or lost to humanitarian aide from government or neighbors.  Please stop placing barriers to new transmissions to you and let others tell their story to you without questioning your own validity.  I hear it from all of you except one or two and it will harm your help to block transmissions because you do not know who or what is speaking.  Your first duty is always to be the scribe, not the critic.  Here is Rahel speaking about getting a good transmission and stop worrying about its author or its name.

Urantia, March 1, 2011.
Teacher Rahel.
Subject: “The Name is not Important.”

Received by Yoela.

Teacher Rahel: “I was waiting for you.  Please be more alert to my presence.  Today I would like to talk about how to continue our communications in a way that is more beneficial to us.  The more sensitive you become the sooner we can start a sincere dialog.

“Humans find it difficult to understand that we don’t have a single name.  In different places we have to adapt to the culture and even the traditions you might have about time-space frames.  We come with a single desire or purpose, which is to serve the Source through every mortal that has the will to establish a link with any Celestial being.

“The name is not important.  What is important is the message that there is a host of personalities loyal to Christ Michael that are at this moment supporting those who feel capable of breaking old paradigms and starting the inner search with the help of their Thought Adjuster.  To many, this name has no meaning.  Some think that this is about adjusting some conducting electrochemical ‘wiring’.  Some believe a chip will be inserted in their brains to make them receivers.  They don’t realize that this gift is already present in every normal mind.

“All of us adapt to your beliefs.  This is why we try to clarify as much as possible that the name is not important!  If you call it the Divine Presence, it is the Divine Presence.  If you call it the I Am, it is the I Am.  If you call it the Inner Christ, it is the Inner Christ.

“We just ask you that you let yourselves be guided by the vibrations or by the fruits that will be revealing themselves during the days of your lives – a joy that fills every corner of this world, a sense of humor to not consider yourself very seriously, but to consider life seriously.

“All the messages you receive in one way or another increase your awareness, and inspire you to accelerate the process of eternal union with the Being inside you.  This is enough proof of this reality.  What is written as a message, and does not leave anything in your heart, simply came from the mind.  However, when feelings arise, they bring a deeper meaning, like a soft echo that permeates every cell of your bodies to help you grow.

“All humans have the same basic characteristics, and this is why it was said that change starts with the most important person: yourself.  If you start a process of self-discovery, or self cultivation, you are contributing greatly to the progress of others.  Like domino pieces, one after the other will push forward to deeper realizations by all.

“I am Rahel. To others, Raél, an ascendant being authorized to be in active service on Urantia.  I have worked with people on every continent.  Many times my name has been pronounced and not everything that was said in my name is true.  However, all is well.  You need to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Little by little our communication will flow easier.

“Please remember: Humility does not mean passiveness.  It is not to just turn the other cheek.  Service is not being servile to everybody, especially to your own inertia.  Love is not giving everything to be accepted.  Brotherhood does not mean silence when we see wrongs.  Mercy is not solving other people’s problems and taking away their right to learn and grow.

“And most importantly, be in touch with the Divinity within yourselves.  Make it your daily sustenance because ‘man does not live by bread alone.’  Your soul is thirsty for truth and for communion with your siblings all over the cosmos.”

Translated from Spanish by Oscar.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

I am showing you a secret but okay, as this graphic is part of my submission to build WTP towers that transmit electricity without wires.  Take a look and marvel at the Electron under construction


More epochal revelation:

Why can the slightly weaker electron main such independence when the nucleus invites it into the nucleus or a proton wants to force the electron out of its shell?   The answer is this tidbit from RAYSON  entirely:

RAYSON - “Let me provide one more bit of insight into an antiparticle.  Antiparticles are ghost chimera and nothing more but have one salient point to make and that is to provide the electron in particular to stand away from other preparticles which tend to be stronger but contribute nothing like the electron does.  For that reason electrons are designed with Ultimatons with two more pouches in them than we provide for the standard Ultimaton.  Those two pouches are just under the heat shield of electron ultimatons and savor the trial of plasma as their own too as they dip into it to fold a discrete quanta of their own to push back encouraging nucleus invitations to come into the nucleus which they dare not do as you would not maintain the atom without the balance of the electrons around the nucleus.

The ultimaton has two plasma rods underneath its heat shield.  In an electron always consisting of 100 ultimatons,  there are two pouches at the southern end of the plasma rods which allows these pouches to dip into them for operational energy of the ultimaton to push back stronger preparticles so that the electron can stay independent of stronger energy preparticles and obtain the benefit of electron work in the atom without being pushed out or back.  The pouch solicits quanta from the plasma rods and embarks on electron independence with that extra energy.   The rods cannot produce energy for electron independence since the plasma rods are instructions to the ultimaton to form electrons and how to use their contributions to form materialized matter.  The pouch in the electron body under the bottom of the rods themselves, have specialized means to provide themselves quanta from the rods themselves.


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