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Master Universe # 5
« on: December 02, 2020, 04:46:48 pm »
Dear brother Ron:

Wow! Our Master Universe is number 5 !!!  How many more Master Universes are there? Are there an infinite number of Master Universes?

José L. Vargas Núñez
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Re: Master Universe # 5
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2020, 09:27:36 pm »
Jose, you are asking for something that if answered I think would reveal what happens if our Master Universe becomes Infinite.  The Urantia Book speculates it might never occur as even the Revelators do not know how that is possible.  But the fact that the Deity Absolute now confesses HE is God the Absolute, might tell us a little bit more than we had in 1934-1935 when the 5th epochal revelation was indicted with the Sadlers in Chicago.

I said to the FATHER this evening when I saw your question, "Does this fact st and up as truth Father?" He said yes.  I then asked Him, does this fact that our Master Universe has the number five, lend itself to the idea that there is more than one Master Universe.  He said, "No, there is only one Master Universe, but it is to be subdivided into seven parts and not all are Absolute and not all are Infinite but all are of TRANS-SPACE."

TRANS-SPACE i have spoken to before but never in a post of its own.  Fully explained I cannot guess, but it is modified space that we have today that makes it permeable to move between all seven sectors of the Master Universe, providing you have the reality  quality to mover through various Trans-Space sectors without having to kill yourself first to do it.  That is kind of a joke but if you cannot cope with the absonite you cannot move out of Sector 3, the old time-space area of the Master Universe.  But if you have completed you Absolute adventure, you can move fully through the Master Universe.

This is where it gets interesting though Jose:  Transpace (spell it now without the hyphen which they now prefer), allows the Infinity of our Master Universe to be an adjunct to the Transpace that lies outside of Infinity.

That means, I think, an open door to the never ending adventure of learning and progressing.  I do wonder if that could imply that certain Orders of creatures may become so useless and outdated, we simply cease to exist?  Father says perhaps for a few but they will be rescued and made into other  types of entities to refute out classification and purpose.  But he also says that the idea of humans will long be gone then and no such Order will exist in those far reaching and distant developments.  It is for that reason I do not pursue it further Jose but we can speculate a lot but without purpose as it must never be said we get so big we have no room to expand further in any of our attributes as ourselves.

Ron (with the help of Father and my Adjuster and Michael of Nebadon and  Michael of Avalon.  Surprised?  This implies to me we have the Federation involved with these developments today too.)
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