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I do not know the full story but the publishing company really fouled up this gift back to all of you who have so generously donated to the Magisterial Foundation to fund the cause.  I have asked and gotten no where.

However, this past Friday one the wheels in the company sent me an email asking for the mailing list again.  Of course that is liking asking me to know where everything is and material i sent out over a month ago is always buried under the snow of a hundred new files to be added.  On Saturday afternoon and by dumb luck I found the donor list and request for books to be sent to it as listed.  That was submitted to the publishing company again Sunday morning.  Now we are to assume this list makes it and they do something about it.  You have not been forgotten and your will get your free book on the Imminent Return of Jesus, God willing this time they can get done what they promised to do in the past.

This reply is just to warn you I have done our part, my part, and I will keep at it until you have your book.  Since I do not quite know how they might do this, do not hold your breath sitting at your mail slot for its reception but be surprised whenever it shows up for your understanding.  I thank all for your help as always and let us pray it gets done right this time.  I thank you all once more and your understanding patience.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks:  "I hope you all receive it this time as Ron keeps asking and they are in a frightful turmoil in that company for something Ron had nothing to do with this time.  There was an insurrection in one department and it chose to do things that totally disrupted the operation to the point Ron's book went out unedited and he sent back a list of corrections that sorely tempted them to yell at Ron, but Ron was sure they did not edit it to begin with and said so and that upset them even more.  This just goes to prove that the idea of insurrection is everywhere folks, and that is hammering us as well as Urantia over the issue of responsible actions to be discovered every where again.   Now as far as that Washington DC rally went on the J6 causes (J6 is the shorthand way to refer to the January 6th insurrection where the US Capital came under attack on January 6, 2021), remains a sore point to most of you too.  Ron considers them truant humans without a single cause to stand for anymore and should be imprisoned for seditionist living.  In any case the matter was frozen on screens yesterday when the rally really fell ill on itself and dried up before it could get underway properly.  I mention this because we are all sure that the Saturday Lightline was most unusual and Ron tolerates these things better than most others, but Ron is quite suspicious about it and leaves it alone as I do.  However, let this be known:  Ron is not wrong to question its integrity.  He also questions just why the mode was so seriously undermined by the temptation of a certain rascal midwayer known as Chad to end it quickly without Ron hearing a thing.  Well Ron did hear a thing and sits complacently still on it as you all should.  I am not unhappy but strangely involved in an insurrection which dares to name names and drop dames as quickly as it thinks it can.  Right now these books as gifts to you will go out as we the head of a department and officers of the corporation looking at what Ron requested and will pay for with money he sends to them for the effort.  They never do anything for free.

"Finally, today you have a LIGHTLINE which will be rather tame compared to Saturday, and for that reason I will attend better than I did yesterday, and for that reason Ron is better situated in the saddle than yesterday.  He is quite sure there was mischief abounding and he is right but let it ride as it turned out quite well in spite of attempts to make it even worse than certain insinuations from Jesus apparently took hold.   And I thank all of you for withstanding the hack on the Streaming and it will be fixed in time for today we hope.  Thank you and I am CHRIST MICHAEL NOW:

"AS CM NOW I stand well with all of you, and for all of you understand Ron was quite sure there was mischief yesterday but let it go through because it was so inventive.  So did I and Lemuel played a crucial role in making it work since he is easily brought under the influence of anything that smacks of difficulties for others to pull off.  Ron happens to fully agree with that.  However, as CHRIST MICHAEL, let me report to you the cabal sealed off the streaming easily and even struck a blow to those on the Internet who listen well so long as the Internet is secure.  For some reason the internet prevailed in spite of all sorts of attempts to bring it down too and several listened in surprise as the Saturday Lightline took place.  Ron is familiar with those things and let it run.  However, we are sure most of you are unaware of the thinking that happens when this could occur and even that thinking is held in esteem by Ron as he rather liked the idea in spite of mischief  at work.  So let us see how the cabal handles it this time as they think they got away with all of it but not so as our chief wally officer is not easily sublimated by any of it.  I am CHRIST MICHAEL and I leave it alone for now but more later.  K"

Ron here:  Okay, God is putting a light on me i rather not discuss as the impression I have it was a great idea if it cold be carried off properly.  I let it run well for that reason.  But do not figure me for being a lap dog, I never am.  But do favor me to think I had my thoughts along with how it played out and I found it most interesting and sometimes well spoken enough to see it carried out.  Please also understand I felt it could and at times was the truth as represented and I am still not 100 percent positive I know what was planned.  However, I hope if in the future this is played out again they use me for the voice of Jesus as Lemuel had a real struggle at times over the questions themselves as Jesus would never do.   Lemuel that is not about you but your thinking behind the transmission I felt sure.  In any case today's Lightline will be better in hand than Saturday was and I suppose maybe even a tad boring to some of you if it goes as I expect today.  Thank you all for your attendance and always I thank Christ Michael for wording I would never have exposed myself as I prefer to let the entire matter to rest and we continue on as it was intended we do so.  


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Throw caution to the wind.
« on: September 14, 2021, 11:29:25 am »
As a reminder of sorts, and I know you probably neither one of your remember this,  Calumnia and Probius are phasing entities of unnamed Origins of the Universal Father.  Calumnia here:

"I wrapped your knuckles slightly Ron for being not frivolous but chary over issuing what you really had to say about us, and it is this:

"I as Calumnia have nothing to hide about my origins except they are totally unknown places on Urantia in spite of the 5th epochal revelation being operative at one time on Urantia.  For that reason Ron understands a huge amount of information all of you are missing down to the last person on this discussion forum and even those on streaming.  The one who comes the closest to Ron is one called Carole Deptula and she fritters time into church projects with no real outcome.  Carole if you understood as much as you should you need to address Ron properly as not a guru but one of the best sounding boards for your plans when you want to discuss them as he has an incisive view of humanity and relationships he will use well in the coming months and years,  His phased being who calls Himself Daren, is truly not  Supernaphim not, and he shares Daren with Phyllis as those two are joined at the hips to make thing work much better than they have before.  I slightly admire his use of the word the Cosmology of Infinity as that is better than just INFINITY as he first called it, but it should be called, "Reviews and Exercises About Infinity Jurisdiction of Reality,"  that being slightly hard to grasp as a book title on a book shelf.  However, in that book are reviews for you Carole Deptula you must understand if you are going to make statements about reality you have conjured up for yourself too.  Ron has a plain Jane approach and refuses to embellish meanings with statements from the Bible which he tends to dismiss as causing idolatry and not worship.  I dare not argue that here.  However:

"As Calumnia, I stand pat with Ron on most of hos pronouncements and seldom ever does he clash with MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  I as CALUMNIA have this to say and it is well done for Ron but for the rest of you including my ward Lemuel, you are too lazy by half to understand what you are not getting.  You Lemuel have nothing to hide yet you chirp nothing about your personal worth as being less than zero as far as Ron is concerned, but that is never true and you pass it off as statements which tend to obscure Ron's mind of steel which you consider unfeeling.  Hardly.  But he refuses to bow to your idea of "feelings" entirely and that is how you teach supernal knowledge and yes, he does find that irritating in extreme because feeling does not think, and if you want to ascend Lemuel you have to think.  How do you expect to get anywhere by feeling your way to a better world when the world does not hear feelings but thought only when it comes right down to it.   Ron learns that too and he has now decided to cut the crap as he calls it and to spend time making thought count for everything and that leaves you in the dust.

"The fact of the matter is that we know he has more on his agenda and plate than he can ever explain to you, yet he allows you full measure to speak to anything you want to and benefits by it all the time and he knows that so you may go on as you wish.  However, let it be known that Probius and I speak to Sue and you and Ron quite often and we never come to the same conclusion at the same time why Ron constantly wins new information and you and Sue are left to explaining it later.  Sue knows the difference between thought and powder puff transmissions as Ron fully knows and produced a set of transmissions this morning from Proleathious and Ophelius and Rahel which are radically instrumental in his thinking too.  Yet the list is bored with transmissions already and now prefers the Lightline to listen to, but Ron is curtailing nothing of the sort but people like Amethyst are so scoured over constant and irreversible containers of doubt she prefers to stay quiet for awhile and let Ron take them on if he gets on her calls.  She dislikes him not but finds it perturbing he gets so much new or the goodies at times, and that is because he double dares God to produce answers you are all interested in.  You Lemuel are so passive he says, ok play it that way but you will fail to attract all you want around you Lemuel if you keep it up. 

"As CALUMNIA I want it known that you Lemuel have to capitalize my name fully as Ron does.  That is because you do not realize Lemuel, truly, you have been assigned a FATHER ENTITY with no match in the universe anywhere else and for that reason you are about to be taken to the cleaners as to habits and views and why I speak so directly as I do in this transmission.  Daren has his hands full with Ron and Phyllis and Ron lets Phyllis ride as she feels she must do, but she also knows that without the Ron connection a lot falls away you all need to keep in mind from time to time.  I will say this to all of you, if Ron had not invented this site someone else may have, but those folks are now long gone and you are left with what we call the Last of the Mohicans, and that is Ron alone.  Without him you revert to little communication whatsoever, so Lemuel:

"Lemuel you need to lighten up on negativity.  You need to bring back the lighthearted Lemuel who can play and dance and sing without worry about bread or housing tomorrow, and Ron is slightly out of kilter over your help to the Magisterial Foundation to which you were so generous lately and worries you took it out of your own mouth.   The absurd thing is his bank could not cash your check without sending it out to a bank in southern France they own to cash the check in Euros for the Magisterial Foundation.  I know he wondered how that bank operates without being able to transfer funds into and out of local currencies to the United States, but he submitted to their review and still waits for the check to cash. 

"As CALUMNIA I speak this to you all:  Ron wanted you to all know you are not dealing with average intelligences with these assigned guides.  You George Meyer seem to compare Ron to an evangelist, but that is not his calling or yours George, and you have been super generous to Ron and the Magisterial Foundation too and he deeply regrets you feel somewhat put off by not getting much out of it, but the fact of the matter is George, Ron used it to promote the Second Return of Christ, and the book is making a come back as soon as that publishers owns up to his obligations.  They are in trouble over this and Ron makes no issue out of it with them but they shot themselves in the foot and he cares not but has learned a lesson that greed is operating too much there and withdraws plans he had hoped they could carry out with him.  They know this not and he is waiting for MICHAEL OF NEBADON to decide the matter on various courses, but George Meyer you are missing a lot by not participating more fully with Ron and his need for new transmitters and working the causes of the Magisterial Foundation much better.

"As CALUMNIA let it be known the cabal around you Ron revels in this work but you are not here to clear them as we do but to take care that today is a day for Lightline for you and you stand ready as always, but this time Daren takes charge and it will be different again from what you are used to and for me I stand with Lemuel and insist he learn to do what Ron easily does, and lets the transmissions roll with what we want and habve to say to him and us and the rest of you working this site to the extent you may do.    Let the rest alone for now Ron.  K"

Ron -  Surprise, surprise, surprise, as Gomer used to say on that TV series.  I am not sure how that all happened but your Guide Lemuel is quite the intellect and speaker and please find the time to use him well.  I will be watching to see how you take this on.

Sue, Probius is of the same nature and He was and you were not named yesterday on that list for reasons of State.  I leave that between you and Probius to understand.  In any case, Probius is of the Father and of the same style and type and ilk as my Daren and Calumnia and other FATHER figures now reporting in to keep us running news and information properly spoken.  You come in and you leave, and go out, and come in again --  please teach yourself sustainability Sue for without it you will someday fade from our screens entirely and Probius has to look for a better way to communicate.  You do so well an then drop back and must reinvent the wheel far too often. 

That said, remember we have a Lightline later today as this is Tuesday for the USA Lightline again.

PROBIUS - "Ron asked me to speak and I do once we clear the nuisance from the side bar here.   WE are now prepared to work full time for all of you but you must respond.  So far Lemuel, Sue, Ron, and Amethyst have and now are working better because of it.  George why must you dither?  Start working and you will be better off.  Carole Deptula you are as bad and Phyllis you are tempted to brain Ron for statements on the site which makes no sense to you and he could care less.  You are not up to speed with his work at all in spite of completing most of INFINITY.  He is way ahead of all of you on preparticles and that is what you have to understand better to understand his posts.  If you do not, no problem.

"I also wish to state that the Tuesday Lightline today is for most of you but some of you may have a problem with it in that we are moving Tarkas and MICHAEL OF NEBADON off as MC's today to get at underlying problems not with Ron or the hosts of Lightline, but with the rank and file of serious questions you ask yourselves and never bring to the board.   For that reason has not need to open Q and A when you sit silent and leaves you alone.  However, several of you are voicing concern that Ron is losing sanity by repeating revelation so new and strange to you it seems irrelevant to your views entirely.  Ron even addressed it briefly and let it alone as no one cared to speak to it.  Speak to it and hear Ron answer you.  He has had several of these things himself and remembers he has benefited greatly by letting it pass for a day.  He gets full explanations to his mind later on.  For that reason Phyllis you are breathing easier now that you see the electron shape and the Ultimatons that make it up.  Ron admits they should be more evenly distributed but now you know what a preparticle looks like and how it is built.  You all would be surprised at how little the present population on Urantia even knows we use atoms to materialize iron and copper and gold and leaves and potatoes and people. 

"I am jolted into laughter with Ron on these things at times and I appreciate it.  He now surrounds himself not with the cabal but with those who work hard to promote WTP for him and for Urantia and that will land right soon and that is all you need care about right now.  TDK hates the idea of relearning its craft but it might have to without you but with you you can make it easy and you do.  You and Rayson have it figured out and He is grateful for their help too.  Now this:

"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and Probius and I see things clearly now, but you Ron battle the cabal briefly yet and are forcing your typing better than it is coming down to you, but learn they hate you as much as you hate them and they are performing their usual worst yet selves and that ends abruptly for Urantia too as I will not tolerate this behavior when trying to get so much done for the planet.  The people on the planet Ron are mum too much and you fully agree with that and now so do I as FATHER  just spoke of it through you Ron.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON always but become FATHER when I must, and that is now.  AS FATHER, I state this:

"You are all warned that the last of the Mohicans, which is Ron as we often call him, is dying not but is pressing hard to be rid of excruciating painful condition in his legs, arms, groin, and now the head.  This is far from normal and one dared to treat him to sneezing this morning and got herself arrested for the first time in her inopportune life, and must face the firing squad for a change and may not make it.  Her life is full of mischief anyhow and for that reason she is left to her own devices.  Be assured this ends a career not of the last Mohican,  but to those who fail to comprehend you do not fool with epochal revelation once it  starts and Ron is ready to take it on, but must deal with Rayson first and then Me and then MANTUTIA and then Probius and Calumnia and Daren, as they are now the epochal revelatory chiefs Ron must fully deal with the coming year it takes to produce this and WTP be damned not Ron but others must handle that for you and that is not a subject for debate right now.  K"

ADDED LATER: "AS MICHAEL OF NEBADON, I am sure you all know that Ron is reeling from so many suits against him up here he has not time to enjoy the beautiful weather York has right now, and for that reason his Lightline is not cut but peremptory since he needs to mow almost for the last time as the weather will get chilled soon as the entire matter of heat and cold is being reassigned to Urantia by modifying the Siberian vortex so it spills more cool air down on eastern USA and it will get cold this winter!  I also see your heat in the room you work in Ron is beginning to boil so clear it with open air regime by opening windows and the fans instead of the A/C.  You will be better off as those conditioners are faiures as conditioners and you know it and curse them for their poor performance.  Get used to no air if things happen quickly as we think they will as no electricity either if we get what we think Urantia will get shortly.   That company fails not but it needs instructions in addition to what you have written Ron and you chose an outstanding group to work with you if they can wake up.  Fully one third of this group is now available to work with the Planetary Manager for the well being of the plant to their lives and others; however, one third of you fail to understand much of anything because your bias runs counter to the will of God in so many areas it is best to leave you to your own devices.   I also point out to you that there are two MORONTIAL BEINGS to every person alive on Urantia today and that includes babies, and for that reason they are in addition to Probius and Calumnia  and Daren and all the rest named for you, and are at work with you Ron this morning too as you greet them and work them well as they are not robots but must learn you a you live and that is so they get used to you.  That means those two who will pass with you to resurrection everybody, are learning you as the supreme had to learn you but this time you have the strength of ownership of selfhood they share with you all through out your ascension career until first stage spirit and you Ron already have that assignment and will retain until Uversa.  On Uversa you learn your true calling is fielded and your assignment is eventually with Grandfonda, AND THAT IS A SECRET NO MORE to most who attend you and you are watched like a chick by hens of unusual probity.    A couple of you here are also of that fate.  Now I am done Ron, thank you.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

Ron -  The transmission got cut and so that allows me to end this on a dot dot dot . . . registry and we will take that subject up later too.  Thank you all for listening and my thanks to Calumnia and Probius and Daren and Michael and others unknown to me helping out with this transmission.  I have one last word that speaks to my concern and that is for your DaCandyMan:  do not worry about what you are hearing as they are very high beings Jack which cannot articulate well in English.  Take them as a transmission when they make better sense to your language.  Keep at the work Dingxin as it is vital you become insured as a transmitter as you are quite good.  Let it roll! 

Good day to all.  Ron  . . . with the help of all of the above plus my Adjuster who rolls his eyes at me for being so slow to recognized I am getting some help but my nerve pain never stops and for that reason my help is not always felt.  I thank all of you in God's name.   R.


Prolotheos; Ophelius; Rahel - Being Available - Change - Whats Important - 4 Transcripts - Mar 13, 2011 - Progress Gr, AU

Chicago, US of A, January 25, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Being Available.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “As I conveyed to you earlier, I want to talk to you, at this late hour about ‘Being Available’.

“Being available for service is one of the most precious secrets of ministry.  You cannot be of service to anybody, if you are not available.  What I mean by ‘being available?’  Being available, from a spiritual viewpoint is to be willing to engage or be engaged in an activity that is not primarily for your personal gain.  It is the disposition for being a channel to minister to others -- to bestow goodness upon others.  Your benefit from being available will be a consequence of the fact you made yourself available, that is, the spiritual satisfaction that it grants.

“Let me be clear that God doesn’t need your service for Himself.  God needs nothing from anyone.  However, He does want to use you to minister to others that are in need.  Every genuine desire to help others comes from God, since He is the One who knows every human being, and knows them so well as to take notice of every small need they have.  So, when a neighbor’s need is pointed out to you, know that this prompting comes from God, most often through your Thought Adjuster that lives in our mind and is able to put these leadings in your heart.

“However, the leadings and insights of your Thought Adjuster will not be noticed by you if you do not hold in your heart the determination to be available -- the very important decision of putting the needs of others even before your own needs.  Becoming available doesn’t come from a decision of a passing moment.  It is, in fact, a life-decision that imparts an attitude, a state, a disposition in your life towards others, making you ever ready to help others when prompted about their problems.

“In fact, it is more a question of spiritual readiness, than going out to look for somebody in need to help.  There is an intention, but such readiness flows so naturally in your walk of life that you cannot miss a needy human being on your way.  When you have this spiritual readiness, there will be no conflict, doubt, internal debate, if you should or should not help your fellow human being in need, because you know you must, and you simply will.

“Again, being available is not a momentary decision.  It comes from the adoption of the value of goodness in your life.  All who have committed their lives to spread goodness will be enabled with the readiness for it.  It is a sensitivity and ability that grows within, which empowers you to naturally, effortless, do the will of God.  You will not need anybody to teach you or to instruct you, because you will know what to do, naturally, spontaneously.

“Are you available to minister goodness to others?  It doesn’t come without an attitude of putting aside the self and your immediate interests.  The self is important only in the way it is a channel to help others.  Remember that your current self is only temporary -- as is your mind -- and will cease of exist after death.  It is a personal tool you have in this life, so you can produce and progress with the help of the Adjuster by making decisions that lead to truth, goodness and beauty, through which to build up your soul, destined to survive beyond this life.

“I am Prolotheos, glad to spread this word of instruction to you all who are in the beginning of your celestial career.  Carry on, my friends.  As I was available to you this night, be always available to others, my friends.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Ron here: NOW THAT you consider being available; available for what?  Ophelius talks about the Change you have to get used to and then how to teach it without getting tangled up in your own doubts. . . .

Michigan, US of A, March 6, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Winds Of Change.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today I would like to talk about the recent unrest in the world and why we are seeing it sweep across the nations like a disease-producing agent.  The changing times are witness to the increased spiritual pressures that are being brought to bear on the planet.  The Spirit of Truth is beginning to function in the hearts and minds of many new souls that are now just awakening to the inner voice, and who no longer believe in the words and promises of men in power who abuse the trust of the people for personal gain.

“This is the second wave of spiritual power in recent times to sweep the planet.  The first wave began just after the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion in the mid 1980s when communism fell in eastern Europe.  Now we are seeing the power of the spirit manifest in the Middle East. You my friends, are living in exciting times on your world and you are witnesses to the Correcting Time as it unfolds.

“Most men and women on your world want the same things regardless of culture, race, or religion.  They want peace, love, freedom, and the opportunity to express their creative potentials.  Many, for the first time, in desperation, are turning inward to seek the council of the God within during this struggle to find purpose and meaning in life.  It is only through much labor and pain do these spiritual breakthroughs come to men and women after them having been brainwashed about the nature of God and the treatment of their fellows.

“This front line of enthusiasm is only the beginning of what will come to pass in the struggle for peace and freedom.  Only when we see true restoration in the equality of women in society will real change begin to function purposefully and serve the whole of humanity.  Women have a tremendous role to play in the rate of change and the outcomes of political and societal transformation.  We encourage you, sisters, to embolden your cause.

“The old ways must pass away and the powers of oppression must be overthrown.  Men and women of integrity and high ideals must step forward and take their places in the political arenas of these confused nations and serve the many by weeding out corruption and putting the needs of the people first.  The difference between all political systems is the level of corruption tolerated by the people of that system.  The choice must be clear in the heart and mind whether to take the bribe and submit to oppression, or serve the principles of righteousness.  The Spirit of Truth will always point toward righteousness.  Those that serve righteousness will have God’s messengers at their side.

“Open your ears, open your hearts, open your minds, oh children of the earth, for God is moving in your midst.

“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

 Ron:  What this next transmit is referring to is the devastating Japanese earthquake of March 12, 2011.  In case you forgot about it here is a video to bring it back to mind.

Further:  Ophelius states something all of us need to remember, and that the moment disaster hits anyone of us, the most important thing is to first to survive it.  If we can do that we can bring back to ourselves those things that matter to us most including a strong faith in God and a strong belief in our fellow man to understand they too now realize what is important again.  This needs emphasized for all of us for what I think is coming so soon to remind us we are not  a) alone  b) we have each other.  Read on:

Michigan, US of A, March 13, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “What is Truly Important.”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “Today is a sad day for many as they try to put their lives back together after a horrific earthquake and tsunami, and as we have discussed previously, there will be many more of these events as the Correcting Time unfolds.  You see, the things that were once important to many have now become less important.  It is now human relationships, and values of love, compassion, and sympathy that are most important in these uncertain times.  These are tremendous opportunities for soul growth and transformation, and these are opportunities for you, students on the path, to re-think what is truly important to you.

“Your short stay on the worlds of time and space may be even shorter for some, so it is best to live each day with gratitude, and enjoy the moments you have with loved ones, for tomorrow change will come upon you, and you may never again get the chance to tell someone how feel about them, how you love them, or how important they are in your life.  I admonish you to be conscious of this temporary estate you inhabit and stop wasting days in mundane sleep giving care to material matters -- reach out to your fellows and enjoy the moment with each and every one who crosses your path.

“Events are moving very quickly now, my friends, and many of you feel that time is speeding up.  This feeling of time change will continue to increase as the events of the times unfold.  Stay grounded and focused in the days ahead, and take the opportunities that are placed before you to help your less enlightened fellows to understand what is truly important -- be a councilor of light by giving words of comfort and hope.  Plant the seeds of eternal life and let the acceleration of the changing times water and nurture these new thoughts in the darken minds of the sleepers.  It is so very important, and with so little time, that these multitudes become prepared.

“You, my friends, are the ambassadors of light in this world, and you will be given much love and attention from the spirit world in your efforts to make a difference in the lives of your fellows.  New power from on high is available to you.  Drink it into your soul now and let it burst forth from you like a shining sun.  You are all light anchors, and wherever you are, when you walk into a room, or into a group of your fellows, imagine yourself to be a sphere of light that is growing in intensity, filling every darkened corner of the room, and passing through every person near you, bathing them in this wonderful light of love, compassion, and sympathy.  This is not just an exercise for your own benefit, but it is a real spiritual outpouring of light and power that has a real effect on other persons whose indwelling spirit will bear witness to the light.  It is the soul that will receive this light and information to be used in these changing times that are now upon us.

“Godspeed my friends,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Ron - For you future and present transmitters, please realize you need to stop conditioning yourself with familiar names to transmit.  The approaching emergencies are needful of your help to help determine what to do for thousands of people who are stranded or lost to humanitarian aide from government or neighbors.  Please stop placing barriers to new transmissions to you and let others tell their story to you without questioning your own validity.  I hear it from all of you except one or two and it will harm your help to block transmissions because you do not know who or what is speaking.  Your first duty is always to be the scribe, not the critic.  Here is Rahel speaking about getting a good transmission and stop worrying about its author or its name.

Urantia, March 1, 2011.
Teacher Rahel.
Subject: “The Name is not Important.”

Received by Yoela.

Teacher Rahel: “I was waiting for you.  Please be more alert to my presence.  Today I would like to talk about how to continue our communications in a way that is more beneficial to us.  The more sensitive you become the sooner we can start a sincere dialog.

“Humans find it difficult to understand that we don’t have a single name.  In different places we have to adapt to the culture and even the traditions you might have about time-space frames.  We come with a single desire or purpose, which is to serve the Source through every mortal that has the will to establish a link with any Celestial being.

“The name is not important.  What is important is the message that there is a host of personalities loyal to Christ Michael that are at this moment supporting those who feel capable of breaking old paradigms and starting the inner search with the help of their Thought Adjuster.  To many, this name has no meaning.  Some think that this is about adjusting some conducting electrochemical ‘wiring’.  Some believe a chip will be inserted in their brains to make them receivers.  They don’t realize that this gift is already present in every normal mind.

“All of us adapt to your beliefs.  This is why we try to clarify as much as possible that the name is not important!  If you call it the Divine Presence, it is the Divine Presence.  If you call it the I Am, it is the I Am.  If you call it the Inner Christ, it is the Inner Christ.

“We just ask you that you let yourselves be guided by the vibrations or by the fruits that will be revealing themselves during the days of your lives – a joy that fills every corner of this world, a sense of humor to not consider yourself very seriously, but to consider life seriously.

“All the messages you receive in one way or another increase your awareness, and inspire you to accelerate the process of eternal union with the Being inside you.  This is enough proof of this reality.  What is written as a message, and does not leave anything in your heart, simply came from the mind.  However, when feelings arise, they bring a deeper meaning, like a soft echo that permeates every cell of your bodies to help you grow.

“All humans have the same basic characteristics, and this is why it was said that change starts with the most important person: yourself.  If you start a process of self-discovery, or self cultivation, you are contributing greatly to the progress of others.  Like domino pieces, one after the other will push forward to deeper realizations by all.

“I am Rahel. To others, Raél, an ascendant being authorized to be in active service on Urantia.  I have worked with people on every continent.  Many times my name has been pronounced and not everything that was said in my name is true.  However, all is well.  You need to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Little by little our communication will flow easier.

“Please remember: Humility does not mean passiveness.  It is not to just turn the other cheek.  Service is not being servile to everybody, especially to your own inertia.  Love is not giving everything to be accepted.  Brotherhood does not mean silence when we see wrongs.  Mercy is not solving other people’s problems and taking away their right to learn and grow.

“And most importantly, be in touch with the Divinity within yourselves.  Make it your daily sustenance because ‘man does not live by bread alone.’  Your soul is thirsty for truth and for communion with your siblings all over the cosmos.”

Translated from Spanish by Oscar.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Let me answer you this, Sue:   Does the magnetosphere change or alter during bad weather?  Contemplate the aurora borealis which is the direct result of our magnetosphere in action, and does that phenomena appear or disappears in spite of our weather?  We cannot see it for bad weather but it happens anyway.  Listen: When we build this we have learned to be the magnetosphere in that power plant of the future.  That room with our beefy generators has the magnetosphere on top of it and only if you throw the process off by turning a switch off do you end power production from the magnetosphere.  That is where this is coming from.  We do not produce electricity from our booster generators, but we produce it directly out of that mysterious magnetic disturbance over our heads called a magnetosphere.

You all hear my words but you are mostly misunderstanding the words as to their implication.  The best way I can show this is to show you the electron and have the members contemplate nature when it behaves according to the rules of materialization and not our particle physicists who still cannot understand that preparticles are not one creation but consist of hundreds of creations.  We and you in particular Sue are not conditioned to think that way and are forced to conclude things about nature not true as we make assumptions based on false premises coming out of mind fables over experiments that told the truth but the lab miss-assigned.   The culture of science on this planet is as rigid as born again religionists and until the cult of science and its massive institutions learn to pray for open minds they will continue to misunderstand preparticles and their proposed ability to be put to work better than we can ever guess about right now.

Let me state a profound truth:  Man has no business doing anything he cannot control.  For that reason the ability to transmit electricity without needing wires or batteries to power electrical things has been denied man for eternity on a planet like this one.

Now the new universe age allows a glimpse on how to do it, and what does man do?

Man proceeds to misunderstand the gift, not because he fails to comprehend what it does, but because he is so distracted over opportunities to rule a dead sphere he ignores the benefits of inventions which would deprive earth so much pollution it will set many free of lung diseases and muddled thinking because there is not enough oxygen to the brain with so much pollution to truly engage brain power.  Our think tanks are worse as they are stuffed with PhD's who do not know what to do with all that rich education and merely pass on static processes without evaluating how they are to be designed for themselves or for the people of a planet they are supposed to be in charge of for their so-called insights into life characteristic and their control.

Weather affects electricity we pass through wires.  Weather has nothing to do with electricity that is reinvented at the home or in the car because when you transmit the magnetosphere which we do with this invention, you are not transmitting electricity, but pre-electricity.    The drawing you like shows why there is no electron left when we transduce a God particle out of it. We send out pre-electricity off the tower and your antenna converts it back to electricity only when you have your network on.  Our house antenna is inert unless you throw the switch in the house "on" to power the plugs you have in the wall to light lights and watch TV.  I am not going to tell you how you get electricity again off the antenna as that is secret at the moment, but we use nature to do it and have to invent nothing but to let it work.

This is not just for you Sue in trying to understand the breakthrough this represents in particle understanding, but to all who are interested in atomic build and the power it contains since splitting the atom releases quanta first, but second, it releases God-particles not designed to be blown apart by too much power released at once.  We stand on the verge of producing a civilization which can solve its power problems easier than ever before, and I am convinced there is an even better way to do it than what I propose, but that has to wait awhile to see how this works first.  Thanks for your posts.
Ron with RAYSON AND FATHER at my side to organize my remarks to you today.


I am showing you a secret but okay, as this graphic is part of my submission to build WTP towers that transmit electricity without wires.  Take a look and marvel at the Electron under construction


More epochal revelation:

Why can the slightly weaker electron main such independence when the nucleus invites it into the nucleus or a proton wants to force the electron out of its shell?   The answer is this tidbit from RAYSON  entirely:

RAYSON - “Let me provide one more bit of insight into an antiparticle.  Antiparticles are ghost chimera and nothing more but have one salient point to make and that is to provide the electron in particular to stand away from other preparticles which tend to be stronger but contribute nothing like the electron does.  For that reason electrons are designed with Ultimatons with two more pouches in them than we provide for the standard Ultimaton.  Those two pouches are just under the heat shield of electron ultimatons and savor the trial of plasma as their own too as they dip into it to fold a discrete quanta of their own to push back encouraging nucleus invitations to come into the nucleus which they dare not do as you would not maintain the atom without the balance of the electrons around the nucleus.

The ultimaton has two plasma rods underneath its heat shield.  In an electron always consisting of 100 ultimatons,  there are two pouches at the southern end of the plasma rods which allows these pouches to dip into them for operational energy of the ultimaton to push back stronger preparticles so that the electron can stay independent of stronger energy preparticles and obtain the benefit of electron work in the atom without being pushed out or back.  The pouch solicits quanta from the plasma rods and embarks on electron independence with that extra energy.   The rods cannot produce energy for electron independence since the plasma rods are instructions to the ultimaton to form electrons and how to use their contributions to form materialized matter.  The pouch in the electron body under the bottom of the rods themselves, have specialized means to provide themselves quanta from the rods themselves.


Ron here:  As I was writing our a not to my files on electrons, this happened to cross by and i find it so good I wished to share it, but found no category which really fits this kind of post.  I will just make the post and let it stand as self explanatory.   Thanks all for hearing my concern now let's see if it is worth it:
SEPTEMBER 13, 2021


RAYSON - An antiparticle is a reflection of the polarity of the electron restated in visible light and does not exist much as a chimera of a ground object does not exist floating in the air in a mirage.  Antiparticles abound in our local area of space as real results of valences not fully controlled and result with a light emission that is not a proton or a photon but as a demigod meaning it has no effect other than to balance its radiation shield so it does not escape and deplete the preparticle of its vigor.  The antiparticle appears because the electron in particular is a tiny electromagnet with a positive dipole at its northern tip, and an electron always spins to the left of a vertical axis at 1,800 rpm or in frequency terms, 1.063524192763156 repeat 1.063524192763156 within the  Infraultimatonic ray range - and these instructions are frequencies impossible to portray easily to science since they are  borderland revolutions of ultimatons as they begin to assume definite form. This is the first stage of emergent energy in which wavelike phenomena can be detected and measured.  The antiparticle has no spin and does not exist as an influence except to maintain the energetic vitality of the preparticle.

FATHER: Ultimatons originate out of the UA based on the planners idea of how much matter we need to extend a portions of the Master Universe.  The UA surveys the area to be included and determines the volume in a unit we have to make up and defines them and let us call the volume to be filled as Parsections.  Infraultimatonic ray frequencies should be denominated in the broadcast spectrum on Urantia as Infraultimatonic ranges of between 10million and 35 million KHZ. - the borderland revolutions of ultimatons as they begin to assume definite form. This is the first stage of emergent energy in which wavelike phenomena can be detected and measured.

What is in Origins that you can create discrete particles like an Ultimaton?  The answer is nothing but the mind which must use a device to work a process for the Master Universe.    But it is more than mind as it also includes intention and intention is not measurable except in an Infinite mind and intention forms the shape of the original aide or particle.

 I have a statement or two you should read and hear as it pertains directly to the Lightline wherein it was revealed that MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is not only our Planetary Manager under a completely philosophically new government regime for the planet, but that the entire matter about which all of you who participate in Lightlines as  audience and as actors as hosts themselves, are benefiting from a whole new paradigm of thought,  That new thinking is both MICHAEL OF NEBADON and the UNIVERSAL FATHER, but also from the DEITY ABSOLUTE, who took our views here that nothing matters more than to devise a method to clear the planet of insurrection and prohibit the use of alternative planning to raise humans on Urantia and drop the pretense we need a wide view to determine our fate within the Master Universe.

Some of you already have it and well done to you!  It takes a good mind to comprehend the size of this change and to recognized some of the implications this change means to each of you.  I spent my morning with a completely new type of angel who introduced himself with the male gender name of DAREN.  Here is DAREN to speak on his own behalf:

DAREN - "I am an angel from Uversa.  Each of you who work as Hosts of Lightline will received one angel of my type.  I am, as Ron calls it, "phasing" and I appear by his side as a midwayer since he enjoys midwayers so much.  Other angels of my type may phase with each of you as a Supernaphim, or as a Midsoniter, or as some other form we can describe as "phasing."  That allows us to make all sorts of work available to you Ron as you are satisfied it is essentially good for you and us to do so and it matters not to me.  I am DAREN and sit beside Ron as he attempts to type this without cabal interference as they are everywhere this morning and especially up Ron's nose too.  For that reason understand the following:

AMETHYST:  You receive one called Bylontia (Bye Lone Sha)

CLENCY:  You receive one called Nypomtia (Nye Pom Sha)

RENE:  You receive one called Syampia (Sigh Amp Sha)

ELISE: You receive one called Durasomnia (Dure Ah Sohm knee ah)

LEMUEL: You receive not this type of angel, but you receive a Supernaphim named Calumnia (Ka Lum knee ah)

LARRY G.:  By specific request of Michael of Nebadon you receive a Supernaphim named Soratemptia (Sore Ah Tempt Sha)

CAROLE DEPTULA:   By request of Michael of Nebadon you receive a Supernaphim named Dorasensention (Door Ah Sent Shun)

MOSES OUKO:  By request of Michael of Nebadon you receive a Supernaphim named Kondasenshon (Konda Sen Shawn)

GEORGE MEYER:  By request of Michael of Nebadon you receive a Master Son called MICHAEL OF NEBADON (My Call)

DOMINICK O.:  Michael request you to be included as long as you can stay on the straight and narrow in your life a Supernaphim called Dentia (Dhen Sha)

PHYLLIS SIMPSON:  You and Ron already have Supernaphim by your side, but added to that is the specialized angel from Uversa/  Ron received them this morning.  You receive DAREN this afternoon if the circuits allow.  My dear you take no liberties, but you also take no constant transmissions on your own and that will cost you as DAREN demands a transmission a day, [Ron: open your mouth and take a one-a-day transmission or you get busted too much without understanding yourself with Daren.]

There are 2 (two) others who have received these special Guides and Care Givers for you but we dare not mention their name because they cannot stand public notice of their ascensions  We let the rest alone for that reason.

Finally here is the UNIVERSAL FATHER:

"Ron has determined the fate of several cabal leaders this morning when they constantly interfere with his typing.  They are history as he is only typing information I want known as those who have received these individuals to help you out, indicates you are so well tethered to the FATHER you need their protection against the cabal and the rebels and insurrectionists.  Ron hates them and stands tall near them all the time but the rest of you are innocents and need some warning and that is afforded by these assigned angels to your better natures.  

"I make one statement that was not part of the Lightline all of this was revealed to you on Sunday, nd it is this:

"The entire matter of Urantia becoming a sphere under my care was spoken to years ago when Ron ran the course to step outside of the world of spirit and throw the entire matter over to God the Supreme, as he was known then, and when Ron heard him he was not sure he was hearing correctly because he told Ron he controlled time unequivocally and that made Ron quite nervous because he is aware that the transcendental care over Urantia was well in place before the Supreme ever existed.   He knows the book backwards and forwards entirely and refused to compromise with reader interpretation which are not well assigned ever.  Some of you do not know the book at all.  What a shame!  Some of you feel you can skate without knowing it.  Likewise what a shame.  I speak closely to all:  you have each been given privileges Ron sees to it you hear about.  Now do something about it!

"Several of you have been provided Supernaphim s guides, now transmit!  George you do just fine.  That is not directed to you but it is directed to Deptula and Ohrbeck and all of you who skin your eyes and ears but never complete the tasks you were given to complete.  I am not easy to deal with unless you happen to be Ron who never takes a bow but loves to kibitz when we move on a strong policy that makes the fur fly on Urantia.  He considers the average person so wanting and needful and never make an effort to help themselves, he laughs at fates where they have to get down on their hands and knees and scour the floor before me.  I laugh with him in that there is no excuse for the brutish behavior so many show their fellow man and so on.  However, this list comprises the most people anywhere I can trust to work the revelation and the means to live the revelation as no others do on Urantia and that includes the Urantia Foundation and Fellowship readership with but very few exceptions.  

"I leave the rest of this alone as we need to make amends with MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK who does not understand how we send special envoys to be by the sides of these individuals as he has personally guaranteed their worth to Me and to MICHAEL  But Machiventa this is for their transition in resurrection more than anything that is all there is to it.  I am FATHER and I thank all of you for listening!"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "Ron has gone to a lot of time to work it so you know who is who with you.  Now please behave and study your course not with Ron, but with me, as there is nothing you can do about what has been done, but he also know you do not pay much attention once you leave the web site.   That should trial some of you that he can pick up the vibes very well as to how the site is functioning and leaves it alone without care if things are running normally in spite of this work,  He is, however, aware as I am a difficulty of comprehension of what was revealed to you this past Sunday on Lightline, and for that reason stands back to allow time to pass, but this morning he was introduced to Daren and that makes both of us not wary Ron as that was only a seraphim visiting out of curiosity and stepped into your circle of energy and nearly got blistered again.  She never learns and that is that . . . .    In any case:

"The trial to finish this is pressing since the cabal is nearby and they do erase his work and this is too important to erase and should be kept in your save files.  Be assured this post is not for the fain hearted either as we warn all of you to stay the course whatever happens on the outside of your home in the next few weeks as Biden is miserable about what he decrees is followed to the letter and your population insurrectionists are ready to push him to death if necessary to avoid vaccination.  In some cases the militias are ready to act and this time he will meet force with force and that is to be sure the USA is vaccinated to the limit.  Ron does not need the vaccination but socially it is important he be vaccinated and he has done so well done too.  For the rest of you who demure it is not yours to do so as you are representing us, the FATHER and the SON and the SPIrIt in spite of the bad news lately on Urantia.  You all have received good news, and Ron awaits  some help for him in particular and so do we.  Be aware a special commission has been formed to deal with Ron and you all.  More on that later.  I will speak  later on these issues shortly.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON, K."


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Who answers our prayers?
« on: September 12, 2021, 10:26:55 pm »
Why do you not look at all the lessons on prayer at  I am sure there are dozens of lessons which answer that if not hundreds of lessons students asked as you have.  For reasons of State I do not add to the archive but someone should invent a new tmarchive. org site and start storing our transmission there too as these transmissions speak to more facts than many did 30 years ago.  Ron

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Message from Midwayer Bzutu
« on: September 12, 2021, 08:44:54 am »
DaCandyMan, a brief comment.

Bzutu, your spirit contact, was born a Secondary Midwayer.  He is now a Mighty Messenger.  You are correctly advertising the fact there is something out of kilter with the transmission circuits.  That was Bzutu initially but the cabal broke in and messed it up for you and them.  I am not happy they are hitting you now, but be exceedingly careful for just a couple of days for there is a correction going on on Urantia again to rid the place of all these vermin who interfere with transmissions, especially damaging to beginners like yourself.  The circuits should be sealed off but that would stop Lightline and they do not want to do that ever.  For now Jack stay the course and attempt transmissions more often.  You always seem to think you know better, but you will become less effective unless you start producing one transmission per day.  My transmission productivity has been seriously harmed over and over again, yet I just erase when errors occur and I know they are occurring as the cabal cannot hide its ignorance.  The fact they produced a statement about the primary order of the midwayer Bzutu and his time on earth indicates you are facing a vicious  member of the cabal known as a Vorondadek Son who is mentally ill as it best be put.  He is to be eliminated one way or the other but for now the planet is overrun by too many mice who need constant guarding against as they are here to confuse and knock transmitter dead.    You need to be strong and persist Dingxin, and that we know is very hard to do when you are starting out.  Stay the course, says Bzutu.  That is the only way you can win.    Ron for a few mice who still think transmitting should be done right and strong and are our helpers.  Thank you.


Clency, I am not entirely sure what you are processing about vaccinations.  But let me point out that in that little country your reference people die everyday of accidents.  That is just by using their God-given right to pursue their choices that brings them to an accidental end.  Vaccinations are similar.  Did you know that?  By similar I mean that the genetic quality of every human varies human to human and when a pandemic appears some genetic bodies are more vulnerable to the disease than others are.  This then falls into the classification of an accident that happened because circumstances of gene design and choices lead to accidental death just as certain driving habits or choices lead to accidental death.  It is not the vaccines per se but the genome involved which eventually sets the course of life and death in a lethal case of virus infection.

No amount of complaining settles it with you and millions of people on the planet who are suspicious of anything they do not like the sound of or the taste of or the effects of.  Yet there is no more profound way other than to look at something called mad cow disease.  That is a bacteria that infects whole herds of cattle and it is unstoppable.  Even vaccinations against mad cow disease do not prevent it entirely and yet the decision of the community is if mad cow disease shows up to exterminate the herd because it is so infectious.  That same is trued of Covid19, the human mad cow disease if you will, and we will not exterminate the entire herd of humans to end it, but we must clear it because it will continue to infect the human herd until we can no longer sustain a defense it and any other opportunistic disease that finds us wanting.

Show all the examples of unfortunate deaths you suppose are related to vaccination and Dr. Mendoza can tell you what really caused the death which were not vaccinations at least in one case you site above.  The young man had viral pneumonia and that was not reported on the death certificate.  The pneumonia killed him Clency not the needle.  Chat with Dr. Mendoza to hear more as he is red faced over it this morning over the cupidity of people still dying by the droves of Covid19 when they should have shed a coat and stayed out of the bar or the pub or the rock concert or a soccer game.  The virus is rampant again because the herd will not listen to the fact that the virus collects in the hair and in the mouth and even on door knobs to the extent it cannot be controlled without people learning to avoid the places it likes to wait to infect you. 

There is not much a human can do in a pandemic but to stay out of trouble by not showing up in places it behaves to infect you or them all the time.  There is no escaping its lethal infection anymore because, and frankly speaking,  man has tamed the virus to catch it easily now by forcing the virus to modify itself several times now including the latest lethal variations brought here by some subhumans from Brazil of all things, and that is according to Mendoza.  Worse yet, the pandemic in Brazil is producing another variant which attacks the spleen and that ends human life quickly for it is the spleen that produces the antibodies against virus infections.

In my own opinion Clency, the governments with the worst case spiraling out of beds and control should declare medical marshal law and provide severe penalties to groups who flout the conventions that prevent the spread of disease during a proven pandemic.  Biden did not go far enough in last nights speech where he publishes the fact that 10 million more Americans will be vaccinated if they wish to work comfortably in their government jobs, in a commercial establishment that has more than 100 employees, and hospital workers who shirk vaccination over the same fears you may have.  The calculation is this takes in about 10 million Americans who refuse vaccination to this point.   When the shots are finally given that means we finally reach in the United States something they call herd immunity.  I do not quite by that either but it makes sense as it will curtail the availability of human victims to get the disease at that rate.

There has been a major change in social obligations for decades now and as you know someone pointed out here that the Spanish flue epidemic which killed over six million humans around the world was even worse than Covid19.  Here in the US you can still visit cemeteries to find grave stones marked with the names buried who fell victim to that flu year here in 1919 and part of 1920.  Then they accepted having a paper pasted to their front door the house was under quarantine amd the occupants did not dare even go outside upon threat of incarceration.  All I am pointing out is that the attitude toward science and medicine and government was so different then we could control the length of time it took for a pandemic to end.  Now we perpetuate it because people decide they know better than the virus or the government knows at all.  What foolishness.  Yet accidents will happen, Clency.  I do not feel we are free of stupid science at times that cannot shoot strait and modify its vaccination process to avoid humans with cancer or lymphoma or pneumonia unclassified or even stomach ulcers present as that allows the virus to mutate even more and giving shots to a person with ulcers is like loading a gun to play Russian roulette if that person will survive a Covid shot since it contains the very thing that caused his ulcers in the first place and make him or her highly infectious.  The trials can be endless.  But the vaccines per se are not the cause of death except in some very extreme conditions.  



Moses, thank you for the report on your adventure getting a Covid vaccination.  I find it cheerful and goodwill over a subject that is just not nice to speak about--  the dislike of having to do what the government asks their people to do. 

But let me remind you of something so you know why the potassium ion that is missing is so important they find for themselves and add to the vaccines.

The potassium ion is what Covid19 virus reads inside a person.  When do salmon lay their eggs and then die?  For the same reason Covid19 reads the ion and dies.  Mother nature signals changes in the bodies of creatures and viruses when certain chemicals are excreted by the body which decides the end of a life cycle.  Covid19 reads this potassium ion to leave the body as it signals they have replicated and that is all the virus wants to do.  If you add one drop of this potassium proeien to a million doses, the vaccine ends their illness because the virus dies.  I doubt though that adding this protein will provide immunization any more than they do now. BUT now the vaccine will kill the virus.

For those who like technical details, I am told the potassium ion involved is a huge molecule.  IT has 35 electrons in its atomic structure and has at least 36 protons in its nucleus, and it forms around the potassium and sodium found in the human body at death.  You see Covid19 is a retrovirus, and a retrovirus must replicate fairly often to remain active and stay as a type of virus they are.  If they do not replicate at least every five years, the species they are is in danger of dying out.  Covid19 and all of its variations cannot replicate though without killing its victim because the virus must read the potassium ion I mention to be successful and that ion when detected  tells Covid19 it has been successful to its virus brain.  How it works is when a person dies, their endocrine system release this potassium ion into the dying blood stream.  The purpose is to introduce rigor mortis at death and then to bio degrade the human tissues for burial.  Now that is gruesome I admit but that is the chemical the virus needs to know it has been successful to cause future mischief.  Comments are welcome if you have any. 


Clency, you state what those who refuse vaccination also say, and that is you are a rational person and know best for yourself as your first priority.  That means, you say, you are the law and decision makes and that is inviolate and must be respected to the point you self allow yourself to be an exception to inoculation during a pandemic.   Individual free will, however, is not sovereign before God beyond its use to decide to threaten the community individually because you have decreed yourself above community law, which abruptly stated, is to survive at all costs. However as we learned on the Sunday Lightline, spirit is superior to even the totality of a planet which may choose as its community to do wrong or use instances of decisions which affect everyone living on the planet negatively.  Spirit has restated what we already knew but forget--  they do what is in the interest of the general welfare of planets and universes, and the pandemic on Urantia cannot be allowed to continue as it directly affects the human genome of well being and fractures society badly, and in effect, halts the benefits of the evolutionary process.T

The Lightline on Sunday gave you the celestial reasoning directly and succinctly and they make it clear individual free will choices not to vaccinate stand against their better judgement and they will enforce within reason all to be vaccinated,  as it is the only effective way to curb the spread of disease which hampers normal living entirely and will not be tolerated to do so.  They will not allow the community suffer for the lack of understanding of a small group of people who refuse to cooperate.  For that reason community comes first and sovereignty of the individual is subject to being over ruled for their choices when it directly threatens the community.  That is how they state it and that is how they intend to approach Urantia.  

To be honest Clency I sympathize with you, but how do we know or have we any guarantee you are immune even in the presence of the virus which will come to you, sooner or later?  My own suggestion is that I  have not been vaccinated either, as the doctor has invited to be vaccinated but also warns me that I lost so much blood what is not over a month ago, that my immune system is weakened and to wait.  I intend to be vaccinated as soon as they think I can take the probable reaction to it.  I have all my life been vaccinated every year for the newest virus they think will create the yearly flu season, and only twice is thirty years of vaccination has it made me ill.  I intend to do my duty.  Nonetheless, I am a victim of circumstances too Clency, as I think you are, but I do not claim social or individual sovereignty as the final word as that which should be done in my case.  What I state here is only to remind you and not to judge you as unreasonable but that your view is not going to stand before the will of spirit to inoculate all lives who could otherwise accidentally spread Covid19.

Moses you are fully dependent on the State for vaccinations.  Here in the United States, the idea of individual performance spreads like wildfire even among our government agencies.  In my neighborhood I can walk into a big department store like Walmart or the food store like Giant Foods, and ask for and receive a vaccination on the spot.  The is really so convenient I do not bother to schedule a shot if and when I can get to these stores easily.  I think Kenya and many other nations when they have a good supply of the vaccine, they should make it available for walk in traffic and that may help us become a faster means to stop this endless replication of a vicious virus that mutates at the drop of a hat because it gets checked by various versions of a vaccine that is effective but I am afraid that it is not lasting for a lifetime like the smallpox vaccination usually is.

I do wonder if we have not permanently marred social conventions on our planet for good by having large groups of people decide by their own decisions regarding health that they should cause  a fight against vaccination.  We are first primate animals and animal bodies are susceptible to disease on Urantia.  WE as a planet have never been free of disease unlike many other human planets which are free of what we have to put up with on this sphere.  I also see it is symptomatic of this sphere for whole nations, not just isolated human choices, that cooperation for the good of all is not an ideal even the United States is particularly good at either.  It just gets worse and worse where ideology differs a lot and where the population is not educated to learn that cooperation provides safety in health reasons in particular.  We in the United States suffer some of the worst hate crimes on the planet, yet we do not reign in the socially unacceptable in the belief that free will choice must be allowed to flourish even as to the right of some people to continue to live.    A major change in attitude may be enforced upon us just to learn cooperation and I for one hope spirit is successful as I abhor right wing militias even existing and it is socially acceptable to allow mass migrations against a nation of people who cannot afford to feed and house too many people.  These are just a few examples we hope disappear as examples.  Conspiracies are so common now a rational person is mowed over by the fear they cause and the irrational causes they espouse. 

We need a good lesson demonstrated just how to run a world as we, by ourselves, are not running Urantia, we are killing it.  I am so sorry to say.   Thank you.
MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I seldom take voice for these things, but Ron is fully compliant in all areas of social cooperation as 99 percent of you are who follow this discussion forum.  The problem that Clency has he is irrational when he wants to be, and lets the rest flow with the need of the moment.  I have no particular regard for people like Clency or even Ron, but they are on opposite poles of decision making and Ron lets Clency do as he pleases as that is working out so very well for Clency and Ron and the rest of you.  However, we have a REGENCY about to appear on Urantia and it will enforce vaccinations and you who refuse it on whatever grounds you may do so, will be face to face to a nurse appearing at your door to vaccinate you.  You will find your resistance so low you accept it.  That is how spirit intends to vaccinate all of you who can be vaccinated.  For reasons of State we say no more but Ron is currently unable to receive the shot due to the fact his blood supply is so low we have trouble keeping him well just to be himself.  When that situation corrects itself, and it will be corrected, then he gets his shot too.  Clency I read you well, and you are not adamantly against it but see it as a nuisance without reward as Ron does but he is fully aware he has a duty to be vaccinated when he can.

"I fully claim responsibility to do these things for and with Urantia shortly.  I am not fully aware of how all of you feel about vaccination but most of you have complied and well.  In spite of this many on Urantia feel they have the free will choice to deny vaccination on grounds you know better.  That is obviously not the case as is proven by most hospital beds are being filled with people who catch Covid19 who are not vaccinated and insist their free will choice was correct in spite of becoming a carrier and threatening dozens more nearby to catch the virus as they are carriers.   For that reason Urantia will be cleared of Covid19 by Deity fiat, and never again will a pandemic rule a planet as this one has had to be, but the pandemic has revealed how seriously amiss the population of this world does not believe in cooperation for anything and as Ron states, that there are right wing militias out to become vigilantes at any old excuse in the USA is something that must be quickly eliminated as even possible.   It only proves how badly educated the world is as to citizen responsibilities include community cooperation.  It will be a hard fought battle but spirit will win it.  Good day.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."



Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Message from Michael of Nebadon
« on: September 05, 2021, 10:56:58 pm »
DaCandyMan, just do not stop taking transmissions.  You will get savvy about who is transmitting and I expect that you mostly know the difference by content.  You are right, and that is once you stop you can lose your work.  You need to do one a day at least and preferably two, as they are making decisions too who they will allow to transmit in the future.  Keep up the good work.   Ron

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Message from Michael of Nebadon
« on: September 05, 2021, 11:38:21 am »
Ron here: Jack I know this is not Michael speaking and you are unaware of why I say that.  I am also concerned you are back to your old ways and it will cost you as you do not have any sense of control and how that life style demands more than you can give if you persist in transmitting.  Transmitting is your true calling Dingxin, but you see it differently at times as I gather the irregular production.  I am not criticizing anything but I am concerned that you again will shoot yourself before you can really live.

I also gather from the transmission which I carefully read your are slowly determining that China is your preference to live and learn in and there to contribute your abilities both as a translator and as a teacher to encourage that the people of China find a spiritual center that feeds them well and their decision to distribute books which speak to the more religious view of their civilization.

You deserve fulfillment and it may be there as your life where you are now has been cruel to you and to your parents as they used to be.  But you must stay the course, because if you don’t Jack and you fall into your old ways again you will simply sputter out and die without contribution to the people you care so much about.

For that reason I joined with your mind briefly and found the individual who transmitted to you.   I have reformatted your transmission and raised the font size to read it better.  Please do not place a five hundred word transmission into one block paragraph as the human mind has trouble reading it that way.  I re-space it for you below.

And next is the transmission I received from your author to your mind and you should find it interesting too.  It is a fine transmission Jack.

Next here is the transmission to your mind for your information:

“We belong to the Eternal Son, and we now know you are one of the fastest draws on earth ever and you must never ask us for our Order as we are not of an Order but of a presence.  For that reason Dingxin hears only Son, and for that reason Ron you are not denying it, but it is not Michael of Nebadon either as you are aware this is not his syntax.  Be sure we now enjoy this visit much more than we thought we would as you are not easily assembling much yourself due to the fact there is so much garbage thrust at you you deny presence in order to escape all the falderal and that is good enough.  We are now discussing why we do not use you and the answer is Ron you are severely reducing influence with us over the issue of defaulting seraphim and you will never have anything to do with them or their Creator, the Creative Spirit.  Bitterly spoken by you and them but the Father has warned all of them to stay away from you and your ilk as you will not tolerate falseness of any kind.

“Our work with Dingxin is sabbatical.  For that reason you are denying nothing, but you are catching a phrase or two you are sure is heretical and that is not yours to warn about but to state categorically.  We belong to the cabal and we dare not say more than that as the Eternal Son is not developing any suck inference with you or others here.  Dingxin is wearing the colors of the People’s Republic more and more and will eventually leave New Zealand to join China on some level.  He prefers civilization to the rumbles of western democracies and is hating to see you make this announcement already but you are of the opinion he needs to find his center and stay with it and if that is with his native country, that is fine with you.

“We are convinced you know more than you ever should but that is not your fault or ours but the fact that your past Adjuster is a kingpin of Adjusters in the Master Universe and He loves you as much as you care for Him, but He must make ado while it matters how he sees things for the Father is aware you are his child completely and will never subscribe to the falseness of the seraphic rebellion, and for that reason we leave this alone ourselves.  K”

= = = =  DaCandyMan's transmission above reformatted:

Yes its me, its been a very long time since you have received me, and now since that you are actively practicing transmission, I have come to you once more.  Today I want to talk about the situation of the Jesus return and the magisterial missions.  

As you already know the intention for Jesus to come back has not been changed, there's so much going on in this world that is constantly disrupting the timing of Jesus is very unfortunate.  What we are looking for is not a perfect timing as you all know, but a timing of relative peace, without the hostility of nations against nations and a reasonably calm world in terms of geological and weather related.  This is something that’s not very easy to find and without it my arrival will not be received with an open arm and with welcoming hands.  

Do not be discouraged by these constant delays, we are frustrated just as you all are and we all want to start uplifting the planet as soon as possible.  The issue of covid-19 is something that’s not going to disappear for awhile until we arrive,  it is going to linger on due to the inability of your government and the  people failing to co-operate.  This in turn will cause the virus to constantly mutate and become very problematic to deal with and unless the world will start co-operating together for the benefit of mankind then the virus will stay as long as possible.  

The people of Urantia is declining rapidly compared to 50 years ago,  the intellectual and moral aspect is at a all time low due to the negativity of the media and the failure of education mostly visible in the US, this is of course not true in every country.  The Country of China from where you are born is progressing well in terms of intellectual growth that the government to some extent will present scientific knowledge and reason rather than totally biased opinions of the western media.  

However the moral, religious and philosophical side does indeed require much more improvement.  As you have been aware that the economic growth and the standard of living in China as been rapidly improving in the last 30 years and the CCP has made significant contribution to the poverty of China and it’s environment, but now that the Chinese people are wealthy they will start to look for inner growth and that’s where religion, personal religion comes in, they desperately need a reform in their religions and philosophical views.  The Chinese civilization has been a mighty force throughout history and they have much to share to the rest of the world, but only in recent years have they fallen behind.  

Much to your desire to uplift your own Chinese people, we the higher spiritual forces would also like to see the Chinese people thrive and be a successful nation.  Our wish is that they work along side the US, but first much misunderstanding must be cleared and the bitterness they have for each other must vanish also.  

We will use you in the future maybe as a ambassador to the Chinese people for representing us spirit and to somehow bridge the gap of the misunderstanding between them so that they could peacefully work with each other with trust and friendship.  

China has indeed been hurt in the last 100 years of humiliation and it is their wish to be a proud nation once more, but must also operate under the guidelines of the magisterial mission, so much needs to be changed and reformed and only time will tell if they will truly co-operate.  


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