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Prolotheos; Ophelius; Rahel - Being Available - Change - Whats Important - 4 Transcripts - Mar 13, 2011 - Progress Gr, AU

Chicago, US of A, January 25, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Being Available.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “As I conveyed to you earlier, I want to talk to you, at this late hour about ‘Being Available’.

“Being available for service is one of the most precious secrets of ministry.  You cannot be of service to anybody, if you are not available.  What I mean by ‘being available?’  Being available, from a spiritual viewpoint is to be willing to engage or be engaged in an activity that is not primarily for your personal gain.  It is the disposition for being a channel to minister to others -- to bestow goodness upon others.  Your benefit from being available will be a consequence of the fact you made yourself available, that is, the spiritual satisfaction that it grants.

“Let me be clear that God doesn’t need your service for Himself.  God needs nothing from anyone.  However, He does want to use you to minister to others that are in need.  Every genuine desire to help others comes from God, since He is the One who knows every human being, and knows them so well as to take notice of every small need they have.  So, when a neighbor’s need is pointed out to you, know that this prompting comes from God, most often through your Thought Adjuster that lives in our mind and is able to put these leadings in your heart.

“However, the leadings and insights of your Thought Adjuster will not be noticed by you if you do not hold in your heart the determination to be available -- the very important decision of putting the needs of others even before your own needs.  Becoming available doesn’t come from a decision of a passing moment.  It is, in fact, a life-decision that imparts an attitude, a state, a disposition in your life towards others, making you ever ready to help others when prompted about their problems.

“In fact, it is more a question of spiritual readiness, than going out to look for somebody in need to help.  There is an intention, but such readiness flows so naturally in your walk of life that you cannot miss a needy human being on your way.  When you have this spiritual readiness, there will be no conflict, doubt, internal debate, if you should or should not help your fellow human being in need, because you know you must, and you simply will.

“Again, being available is not a momentary decision.  It comes from the adoption of the value of goodness in your life.  All who have committed their lives to spread goodness will be enabled with the readiness for it.  It is a sensitivity and ability that grows within, which empowers you to naturally, effortless, do the will of God.  You will not need anybody to teach you or to instruct you, because you will know what to do, naturally, spontaneously.

“Are you available to minister goodness to others?  It doesn’t come without an attitude of putting aside the self and your immediate interests.  The self is important only in the way it is a channel to help others.  Remember that your current self is only temporary -- as is your mind -- and will cease of exist after death.  It is a personal tool you have in this life, so you can produce and progress with the help of the Adjuster by making decisions that lead to truth, goodness and beauty, through which to build up your soul, destined to survive beyond this life.

“I am Prolotheos, glad to spread this word of instruction to you all who are in the beginning of your celestial career.  Carry on, my friends.  As I was available to you this night, be always available to others, my friends.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Ron here: NOW THAT you consider being available; available for what?  Ophelius talks about the Change you have to get used to and then how to teach it without getting tangled up in your own doubts. . . .

Michigan, US of A, March 6, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Winds Of Change.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today I would like to talk about the recent unrest in the world and why we are seeing it sweep across the nations like a disease-producing agent.  The changing times are witness to the increased spiritual pressures that are being brought to bear on the planet.  The Spirit of Truth is beginning to function in the hearts and minds of many new souls that are now just awakening to the inner voice, and who no longer believe in the words and promises of men in power who abuse the trust of the people for personal gain.

“This is the second wave of spiritual power in recent times to sweep the planet.  The first wave began just after the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion in the mid 1980s when communism fell in eastern Europe.  Now we are seeing the power of the spirit manifest in the Middle East. You my friends, are living in exciting times on your world and you are witnesses to the Correcting Time as it unfolds.

“Most men and women on your world want the same things regardless of culture, race, or religion.  They want peace, love, freedom, and the opportunity to express their creative potentials.  Many, for the first time, in desperation, are turning inward to seek the council of the God within during this struggle to find purpose and meaning in life.  It is only through much labor and pain do these spiritual breakthroughs come to men and women after them having been brainwashed about the nature of God and the treatment of their fellows.

“This front line of enthusiasm is only the beginning of what will come to pass in the struggle for peace and freedom.  Only when we see true restoration in the equality of women in society will real change begin to function purposefully and serve the whole of humanity.  Women have a tremendous role to play in the rate of change and the outcomes of political and societal transformation.  We encourage you, sisters, to embolden your cause.

“The old ways must pass away and the powers of oppression must be overthrown.  Men and women of integrity and high ideals must step forward and take their places in the political arenas of these confused nations and serve the many by weeding out corruption and putting the needs of the people first.  The difference between all political systems is the level of corruption tolerated by the people of that system.  The choice must be clear in the heart and mind whether to take the bribe and submit to oppression, or serve the principles of righteousness.  The Spirit of Truth will always point toward righteousness.  Those that serve righteousness will have God’s messengers at their side.

“Open your ears, open your hearts, open your minds, oh children of the earth, for God is moving in your midst.

“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

 Ron:  What this next transmit is referring to is the devastating Japanese earthquake of March 12, 2011.  In case you forgot about it here is a video to bring it back to mind.

Further:  Ophelius states something all of us need to remember, and that the moment disaster hits anyone of us, the most important thing is to first to survive it.  If we can do that we can bring back to ourselves those things that matter to us most including a strong faith in God and a strong belief in our fellow man to understand they too now realize what is important again.  This needs emphasized for all of us for what I think is coming so soon to remind us we are not  a) alone  b) we have each other.  Read on:

Michigan, US of A, March 13, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “What is Truly Important.”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “Today is a sad day for many as they try to put their lives back together after a horrific earthquake and tsunami, and as we have discussed previously, there will be many more of these events as the Correcting Time unfolds.  You see, the things that were once important to many have now become less important.  It is now human relationships, and values of love, compassion, and sympathy that are most important in these uncertain times.  These are tremendous opportunities for soul growth and transformation, and these are opportunities for you, students on the path, to re-think what is truly important to you.

“Your short stay on the worlds of time and space may be even shorter for some, so it is best to live each day with gratitude, and enjoy the moments you have with loved ones, for tomorrow change will come upon you, and you may never again get the chance to tell someone how feel about them, how you love them, or how important they are in your life.  I admonish you to be conscious of this temporary estate you inhabit and stop wasting days in mundane sleep giving care to material matters -- reach out to your fellows and enjoy the moment with each and every one who crosses your path.

“Events are moving very quickly now, my friends, and many of you feel that time is speeding up.  This feeling of time change will continue to increase as the events of the times unfold.  Stay grounded and focused in the days ahead, and take the opportunities that are placed before you to help your less enlightened fellows to understand what is truly important -- be a councilor of light by giving words of comfort and hope.  Plant the seeds of eternal life and let the acceleration of the changing times water and nurture these new thoughts in the darken minds of the sleepers.  It is so very important, and with so little time, that these multitudes become prepared.

“You, my friends, are the ambassadors of light in this world, and you will be given much love and attention from the spirit world in your efforts to make a difference in the lives of your fellows.  New power from on high is available to you.  Drink it into your soul now and let it burst forth from you like a shining sun.  You are all light anchors, and wherever you are, when you walk into a room, or into a group of your fellows, imagine yourself to be a sphere of light that is growing in intensity, filling every darkened corner of the room, and passing through every person near you, bathing them in this wonderful light of love, compassion, and sympathy.  This is not just an exercise for your own benefit, but it is a real spiritual outpouring of light and power that has a real effect on other persons whose indwelling spirit will bear witness to the light.  It is the soul that will receive this light and information to be used in these changing times that are now upon us.

“Godspeed my friends,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Ron - For you future and present transmitters, please realize you need to stop conditioning yourself with familiar names to transmit.  The approaching emergencies are needful of your help to help determine what to do for thousands of people who are stranded or lost to humanitarian aide from government or neighbors.  Please stop placing barriers to new transmissions to you and let others tell their story to you without questioning your own validity.  I hear it from all of you except one or two and it will harm your help to block transmissions because you do not know who or what is speaking.  Your first duty is always to be the scribe, not the critic.  Here is Rahel speaking about getting a good transmission and stop worrying about its author or its name.

Urantia, March 1, 2011.
Teacher Rahel.
Subject: “The Name is not Important.”

Received by Yoela.

Teacher Rahel: “I was waiting for you.  Please be more alert to my presence.  Today I would like to talk about how to continue our communications in a way that is more beneficial to us.  The more sensitive you become the sooner we can start a sincere dialog.

“Humans find it difficult to understand that we don’t have a single name.  In different places we have to adapt to the culture and even the traditions you might have about time-space frames.  We come with a single desire or purpose, which is to serve the Source through every mortal that has the will to establish a link with any Celestial being.

“The name is not important.  What is important is the message that there is a host of personalities loyal to Christ Michael that are at this moment supporting those who feel capable of breaking old paradigms and starting the inner search with the help of their Thought Adjuster.  To many, this name has no meaning.  Some think that this is about adjusting some conducting electrochemical ‘wiring’.  Some believe a chip will be inserted in their brains to make them receivers.  They don’t realize that this gift is already present in every normal mind.

“All of us adapt to your beliefs.  This is why we try to clarify as much as possible that the name is not important!  If you call it the Divine Presence, it is the Divine Presence.  If you call it the I Am, it is the I Am.  If you call it the Inner Christ, it is the Inner Christ.

“We just ask you that you let yourselves be guided by the vibrations or by the fruits that will be revealing themselves during the days of your lives – a joy that fills every corner of this world, a sense of humor to not consider yourself very seriously, but to consider life seriously.

“All the messages you receive in one way or another increase your awareness, and inspire you to accelerate the process of eternal union with the Being inside you.  This is enough proof of this reality.  What is written as a message, and does not leave anything in your heart, simply came from the mind.  However, when feelings arise, they bring a deeper meaning, like a soft echo that permeates every cell of your bodies to help you grow.

“All humans have the same basic characteristics, and this is why it was said that change starts with the most important person: yourself.  If you start a process of self-discovery, or self cultivation, you are contributing greatly to the progress of others.  Like domino pieces, one after the other will push forward to deeper realizations by all.

“I am Rahel. To others, Raél, an ascendant being authorized to be in active service on Urantia.  I have worked with people on every continent.  Many times my name has been pronounced and not everything that was said in my name is true.  However, all is well.  You need to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Little by little our communication will flow easier.

“Please remember: Humility does not mean passiveness.  It is not to just turn the other cheek.  Service is not being servile to everybody, especially to your own inertia.  Love is not giving everything to be accepted.  Brotherhood does not mean silence when we see wrongs.  Mercy is not solving other people’s problems and taking away their right to learn and grow.

“And most importantly, be in touch with the Divinity within yourselves.  Make it your daily sustenance because ‘man does not live by bread alone.’  Your soul is thirsty for truth and for communion with your siblings all over the cosmos.”

Translated from Spanish by Oscar.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

I am showing you a secret but okay, as this graphic is part of my submission to build WTP towers that transmit electricity without wires.  Take a look and marvel at the Electron under construction


More epochal revelation:

Why can the slightly weaker electron main such independence when the nucleus invites it into the nucleus or a proton wants to force the electron out of its shell?   The answer is this tidbit from RAYSON  entirely:

RAYSON - “Let me provide one more bit of insight into an antiparticle.  Antiparticles are ghost chimera and nothing more but have one salient point to make and that is to provide the electron in particular to stand away from other preparticles which tend to be stronger but contribute nothing like the electron does.  For that reason electrons are designed with Ultimatons with two more pouches in them than we provide for the standard Ultimaton.  Those two pouches are just under the heat shield of electron ultimatons and savor the trial of plasma as their own too as they dip into it to fold a discrete quanta of their own to push back encouraging nucleus invitations to come into the nucleus which they dare not do as you would not maintain the atom without the balance of the electrons around the nucleus.

The ultimaton has two plasma rods underneath its heat shield.  In an electron always consisting of 100 ultimatons,  there are two pouches at the southern end of the plasma rods which allows these pouches to dip into them for operational energy of the ultimaton to push back stronger preparticles so that the electron can stay independent of stronger energy preparticles and obtain the benefit of electron work in the atom without being pushed out or back.  The pouch solicits quanta from the plasma rods and embarks on electron independence with that extra energy.   The rods cannot produce energy for electron independence since the plasma rods are instructions to the ultimaton to form electrons and how to use their contributions to form materialized matter.  The pouch in the electron body under the bottom of the rods themselves, have specialized means to provide themselves quanta from the rods themselves.


Ron here:  As I was writing our a not to my files on electrons, this happened to cross by and i find it so good I wished to share it, but found no category which really fits this kind of post.  I will just make the post and let it stand as self explanatory.   Thanks all for hearing my concern now let's see if it is worth it:
SEPTEMBER 13, 2021


RAYSON - An antiparticle is a reflection of the polarity of the electron restated in visible light and does not exist much as a chimera of a ground object does not exist floating in the air in a mirage.  Antiparticles abound in our local area of space as real results of valences not fully controlled and result with a light emission that is not a proton or a photon but as a demigod meaning it has no effect other than to balance its radiation shield so it does not escape and deplete the preparticle of its vigor.  The antiparticle appears because the electron in particular is a tiny electromagnet with a positive dipole at its northern tip, and an electron always spins to the left of a vertical axis at 1,800 rpm or in frequency terms, 1.063524192763156 repeat 1.063524192763156 within the  Infraultimatonic ray range - and these instructions are frequencies impossible to portray easily to science since they are  borderland revolutions of ultimatons as they begin to assume definite form. This is the first stage of emergent energy in which wavelike phenomena can be detected and measured.  The antiparticle has no spin and does not exist as an influence except to maintain the energetic vitality of the preparticle.

FATHER: Ultimatons originate out of the UA based on the planners idea of how much matter we need to extend a portions of the Master Universe.  The UA surveys the area to be included and determines the volume in a unit we have to make up and defines them and let us call the volume to be filled as Parsections.  Infraultimatonic ray frequencies should be denominated in the broadcast spectrum on Urantia as Infraultimatonic ranges of between 10million and 35 million KHZ. - the borderland revolutions of ultimatons as they begin to assume definite form. This is the first stage of emergent energy in which wavelike phenomena can be detected and measured.

What is in Origins that you can create discrete particles like an Ultimaton?  The answer is nothing but the mind which must use a device to work a process for the Master Universe.    But it is more than mind as it also includes intention and intention is not measurable except in an Infinite mind and intention forms the shape of the original aide or particle.

To all who have so generously given, I promised you a complimentary copy of the Crown for doing so and I fully intend to honor that.  Much to my surprise the publisher made a mistake and is rectifying it, but it takes time.  They tell me they have to republish The Crown due to a clerical error and it has to be redone.  That means they withdrew all copies to me and to the address list I sent them well over two weeks ago to send you your books as promised.  They withdrew the book and so no copies could be sent.  I was informed yesterday the list will be attended to when they start printing the book again.  I lament to say I do not know exactly when you get your copies now but you will get them I promise you that.

Thanks for your patience and the forbearance you have given us while this mess is cleaned up and the book reissued.  I have no desire to go through this kind mistake again and I will not.  Incidentally the new book being prepared in manuscript form now will not be issued for months mostly because I have decide the last part of the book has to be rewritten because the present copy displays what has to be patented before I dare show it, and that is a full disclosure on how to send electricity out of a broadcast tower and then no need to have a wire come to your house to use electricity, because I found as I was writing how to do that.  So now I have to hide it until I can get protection as it will allow electric cars without batteries and homes without wires coming to it go use electricity.  Just so you know why the delay in the new book too. 

Thank you everyone for helping the Magisterial Foundation out with badly needed funds to get so much done, as your donations have contributed a lot to the WIP technology I discovered when I was writing the book.  Of course you know RAYSON and the DEITY ABSOLUTE, and MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and the UNIVERSAL FATHER MADE the technology available, but I am very slow to finally recognize they slipped it under my door as I gradually put the text down and all of a sudden, there it is!  a world-wide change in technology ready to use when it is tested. 

I thank all and stay tuned as I expect they will tell me when they send the books out you are expecting. 


"As usual we are caught up in the fray of these problems with Ron too.  He has made it clear to the publishers errors have to be corrected and now and they di and a man got fired for doing that wrong in the first place.  He has a bad reputation anyhow and now it has gotten worse and no one will help him out as he does drugs even in the office.  He will recover nothing and the book is being reprinted as we speak and the man who put it together for Ron is sure he lost Ron as a client but not entirely.  The Crown as we call it will come to your door we think in about two weeks if they get busy on Ron's address list.

"For those not expecting a book it will be available on Amazon again shortly and for that reason Ron has no real idea when or how he got a check from somebody for one hundred ninety nine dollars as a royalty.  That Ron was not from Amazon but from the Bookshelf you spend some money on to announce ORIGINS and that is long over due too and your royalty check is or will be in the mail shortly from Amazon and from Archway and others as they now recognize that ORIGINS is selling all the time and fully well appreciated by many doctors for saying the truth and letting the vaccines alone as Ron has warned that unless you have a keen idea for measurement do not attempt doing the vaccines in your kitchen.  Yet he broke all protocol and published them with Rayson's help and we are all delighted to see how the public appreciates it but will not touch it since they can be lethal if done wrong.

"We close this with the idea that the Magisterial Foundation will be supplied with an income from Ron's patent if he is granted one for WTP, and that is an acronym you should learn as it means WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION OF POWER, and it might come to you by sometime in 2022.  Your dollars helped to fund its discovery and Ron is very grateful for all of your help however you got it to him.  This is just one way to thank all of you too for doing the work even though it hurts you sometimes to do it.  But we shall see what happens when Ron makes full disclosure to the USA Commerce Dept. and how they react to a patent they will apply that will perpetuate income to Ron as long as the USA does.  Do not worry Ron as that is forever as far as we are concerned.  Good day!"



I did not know you could get such excitement out of four cellos playing in a scary basement.

Someone put a lot of thought and time into a video to play the Phantom of the Opera theme.


I seldom make statements which are at variance to what the general understanding may be among all of you, but what I follow with here is a bit of raw analysis that is unsettling, not because you have anything wrong, but it may cast doubt on your view of the Urantia missions themselves.

Let me state clearly.  On the extra Lightline we held on Wednesday at 1 PM to 2 PM New York time, we had several reports stating what we should do with regard to opening offices and beginning operations with the Rayson Corporation and the Magisterial Foundation, to name the start up places of concern.  We were led to believe that these places would begin operating as offices as early as mid to late October, 2021.  Here is my assessment of that rosy view:

Number 1:  We have no office building or buildings.  Every opportunity was afforded to us to take on a building in the square of York, to inhabit it, and to use as a Mission office.  Now all the buildings are spoken for by other tenants and we have nothing to report but an empty list of possibilities to have one of them.  Scratch the buildings in Continental Square, York. 

Number 2:  Further we have no considerable estimate of costs or of resources made available to us.  That is in frozen silence and I dare say I doubt we are on the list for any funding.  I do not know why or do I know the circumstances in the alternative.  It foretells there is nothing for anyone in the foreseeable future insofar as an accurate use of buildings or funding to get us going and perpetuating us as a working unit for the divine Missions on Urantia.

All of you who read will be making your own mind up as to how it does or does not affect you.  With me I have my hands full with a considerable amount of work to do with a patent to be obtained thanks to the work with the Salvington and Paradise governments.  Uversa has not participated with this patent that I know of but they have not stood in the way either.  That is for me to do.  All of you do as you have done with the current analysis.

You are welcome to take transmissions on your own, but be aware the CABAL is messing things up royally!!   They are feeding in a lot of false information, and worse yet, they use the names of Michael of Nebadon, Rayson, and even the apparitional name "Father."  Make sure you are on the frequency beam for transmissions   and look carefully what you may have written down.  I am always available for consultation if you need one.

Finally this:

No one is making any sense on the information circuits again for the past two days since the special broadcast of Wednesday just past.  That tells me in a strange kind of way, that there is something so secret going on they dare not breathe a word of it.  I have no real idea where this secret pertains:  Is it how they appear in the start up mission to Urantia?  Is it a policy change just how we are to operated on Urantia?  Where do they t hink they are going to put 30 or 27 Melchizedeks as regional representatives on Urantia already incarnated?  Add that to your speculation since you must speculate at this point as no one is telling us how these Missions are, or are not, to proceed.

I rest my case for now and thank you for listening.

Ron Besser/The Magisterial Foundation


Discuss This Web Site / Some Light Trimming of Topics Today 0817 2021
« on: August 17, 2021, 12:21:58 am »
Hi Everyone,
I did some light trimming on post categories which ran more than five pages of stored data.  I am sure that takes down some information but we need to keep ourselves from getting clogged with old posts.  Mostly things change so quickly we are out of date with the old post information contained in them.  But in case you notice shorter lists in General and Archives and Translations and Music, that is why.  Plenty is left while got rid of about 100 oldies.

Thank you
Ron Besser

Hello everyone,  the new book called:

The Crown, The Tomb, and The Coronation: The Imminent Return of Christ is now published and on books


For those who have donated to the Magisterial Foundation to help pay for this publication, and if you would like a complimentary copy of it, send Larry Gossett your postal address and he will see to it I get it and send you your free copy as our gift and thanks for your donation.  We fully and always thank you for helping us out. 

Ron Besser

Thanks to satellite imaging, the picture presented below shows that the present New Zealand is all that is left of a large continental mass now fully submerged except for what remains of modern New Zealand.

General Discussion / The Guardians of Destiny
« on: July 28, 2021, 08:02:05 am »
We are fairly sure this may sound like something out of “Atlas Shrugged ,” ( a 1957 novel by Ayn Rand. Rand's fourth and final novel, it was also her longest, and the one she considered to be her magnum opus over 1100 pages.), but we need to show all of you that Infinity is a little too delicate to use it as our reading glasses about creation.

When the idea of Infinity was broached in the prehistory of everything, one philosopher suggested to the Consummator of Universe Destiny, that it be placed behind the sofa to hide it from the prying eyes of the curious.

For instance, some of you might be interested to know that I was taken to task to speak about Infinity at all as a serious subject for a book.  I was not allowed to hear much, and my guesses scared them as I did know that the Consummators of Universe Destiny lived outside of it.  That is the problem already, you see, as no one is supposed to guess that when the theologians in the Master Universe suggest that the Universal Father evolves into destiny of Master Universe completion, that He becomes the Father Infinite, and they say, implies such an existence is tantamount to exceeding Master Universe Infinity.

Believe it or not I see why and so should you.

For the sake of things, the Master Universe and all of this majesty remains a containment vessel.  The outer perimeters as already stated receive a coat of Absolutum, which is a stick space substance one cannot penetrate.  Further more there are sources to the Master Universe I doubt most of you can fathom, but that does not eviscerate the concept; rather, it conceals the concept and we have to let those too timid to understand origins in its more frightening aspects go to their tea parties next door.  However, the Father Infinite, or call the title Seth’s favorite sign, “ALL THAT IS,” or the Consummator’s Consummator– the title means nothing but it certainly directs the mind into the landscape of Alice in Wonderland to determine just what the White Rabbit really knew about the Cheshire Cat.

In this case the Cat in the forest had sage advice for Alice with the statement that all things are not as they appear, and for the reader’s sake take that as sage advice and expect to ride through some of this straight down the gorge without tracks to guide you.

Enter the Destiny Guardians.

They do not live in the Master Universe.

They live in no location yet they know me as I write about them and they can stand perfectly well by my word processing computer and tell me all about thier Order of life without smiling but not frowning either.

The Destiny Guardians are ferociously tall, and most all of them, hundreds in numbers we think, exceed our unit of the foot forty times. For that reason I am circumspectfully called “the little one,” and for that reason I call them too tall to comprehend.

They say they must be sure I am usable. I am they say now and then to tell me that Infinity is like a fine bone china teacup with two handles one on top and one on the bottom.  This allows those outside of the Infinity of the Master Universe, to life the cup up or down but never across or within.  The reason it, Infinity, is in a cup is that it delivers huge amounts of data about experience, but that it never seems to be able to use it– experience that is.

If they had to take Infinity outside of a cup, it would not flow.  Hence the cup and a handle, and the handles are a mere convenience to study its purpose.  We in the Master Universe know the purpose of Infinity; first calling it the source of uncaused causes, or calling it things like the unsung equilibrium of startling details of life outside of the Master Universe never divulged but patently described as so normal they wonder why there is a Master Universe in the first place?

The Destiny Guardians are quite sure they know everything we could know, and I expect they do, but for reasons of State, we hardly ever know just how Infinity can be told to beings like ourselves who live by the rule of schedules, starting and beginnings, and grades and suffering the consequence of poor planning, and on and on.  Your writer has a lumbago they cannot understand how a sentinet being such as myself can get ill at all.  And so we humans to the Destiny Guardians are theirs, for the first ime ever in their lives, incomprehensible to their perfect minds.  They tell me they do not have minds based on Infinity, but their minds are based on the substructures of peace and tranquility.  That makes them totally alien to most of us who participate in or pay taxes for incessant war and political turmoil.

For the readers information, our Master Universe originates trillions of perfect beings, and they all live on the Isle of Paradise.  As a matter of fact our earth’s Bestowal Son, learns what it is to teach perfect beings by being assigned tothe Paradise curriculum to teach what it means to be human to the Transcendental natures of perfect entities which abound on Upper Paradise.

But the Destiny Guardians are not related to that kind of perfection.  They are, rather, related to the entire idea of peace and tranquility and that is an entirely  different mind set over Transcendental minds on Upper Paradise, for they must comprehend growth cycles in time to educate themselves to become teachers themselves some day to new created beings beyond the time-space regions we live in.  For now time is about sixty percent to go yet further into time development, and so the Guardians of Destiny have plenty of time to worry about our imperfect lot in the time creations.

Before we close this Chapter, I must state that the entire reason I have been asked to present this narrative at all, is because we are never sure just when a book is supposed to be finished and end with a great review of things to come, as I intend this book to do.   However, there is a slight revision often unknown until arrives, as the Destiny Guardians rather I end this book prematurely not, but to extend the book for a few more hundred pages into a look a the future of our planet from the Destiny perspective.

“Fined,” I say, But that takes a long time to guide a slow author at his keyboard to accomplish as the futurists are seldom very friendly to me for the simple reason I do not really believe very much in them.  They never seem to take into account something called punctuated equilibrium.  That is a pair of words or phrase which speaks to the more likely cause that unexpected changes cause unexpected futures, and that has always been the case since the original humans, named Andon and Fonta of nearly one million years ago, thought the earth was round because were round and so good.

That happens to be true, and today Andon and Fonta have stopped greeting new arrivals from out plant to the resurrection worlds and have fused with their indwelling Thought Adjusters and are contemplating what all humans first become, and that is something called a FINALITER.  We have that common destiny for all time and even more if the cards are stacked right for us.

However, there is something else to consider before we have a Finaliter destiny, and that is to finish our lives on our planet of nativity.  You are only born once I am sorry to report to the reincarnationists, as the real truth is the real case for new life is much more that reincarnation, but since so many persist with it we must wait until such ideas really die out to embrace further excitement over what really does happen.  Infinity is our cause but time is our place for now, and we now turn to the Guardians of Destiny in the next chapter to forecast the nature of our future appearing earth, Infinity, time, and transcendentals all included.

[Here is a link to the earth future forecast post:

 This is Ron Besser, as I am usually the guinea pig for experimentation, and it has happened again.  I want to remind all of you of a new classification of Thought Adjuster which has evolved out of the insurrection that began here on June 19, 20, and 21 of 2019.  That was the day that began innocently enough, and for two days more ended in the wreck of our planetary government  and the beginning of the destruction of God the Supreme.  The Supreme committed spiritual suicide, I remind you, on September 26, 2019, and things have not been the same since then.

Part of the consequences of that terrible event that ended all speculation about supremacy on September 26, 2019, was it sent the idea of Supreme Acting Thought Adjusters back to square one.  Most people, even those who read the 5th epochal revelation text book, have no concept of what a Supreme Acting Thought Adjuster meant or why they had one.

To remind you, the Supreme Acting Adjusters, (and most on this site have such a type of Adjuster working with you), were to see to it that when you left earth in death, your life would continue unabated through the teachings and ministrations of God the Supreme, by your side.

The death of the Supreme in 2019 is a stark reminder that even the most universal of plans can be truncated by free will decisions which directly affect things like our ascension careers.  For that reason I am posting this reminder to prevent you confusing your own situation with the past which is no longer possible to use for your ascension careers at all ever again.

This past Wednesday on the Amethyst Host LIGHTLINE, I was asked to explain a new type of Adjuster for use by some of your but mostly for those who have to face a front line explanation as to what is now being taught on sites like this discussion forum.  In simple language we teach this:

"The Father of All is our God and only God.  The Son and His Bestowal upon our native planet is desirable and necessary to reclaim our planet of nativity back to health."

For that reason I suggest we learn that this human has had a transfer now of three different Adjusters in order to modify my mind and my brain so that I may comprehend the meaning of events that have taken place until today and beyond.  None of you have yet to experience this, but be prepared to experience certain changes with Thought Adjuster overcontrol probably in the near future.  What might be that change to your Adjuster status be like?

In the simplest terms, Adjuster status before the high Gods and their Coordinates, must comply with the will of God as we are led to understand that will and that powerful tug toward perfection before our Father in Heaven.  These terms are stated this way:

No Father on Paradise or earth ever desires to see a fight between them result in the spiritual death of either of the contenders.  In the case of the Lucifer rebellion, so many deaths of spirit beings and billions of human souls dies too, that the entire matter must be seen as a useless exercise in the retribution of one side against the other.  Lucifer refused to take mercy into account ever and killed without remorse every time a serious question came up about the servivability of one human one way or the other.  He always chose death fro the human involved.   Today, the Lucifer rebellion was adjudicated once in Urantia calendar terms as on March 16, 1986.  Most of you do not bother to remember that date, but it is the date that once allowed you to pass to the mansion worlds without going through the judgement of Lucifer.

For that reason I always remember it and hotly so because the current insurrection and the current revival of the Lucifer rebellion has taken place most due to the result of God the Supreme committing spirit suicide on September 26, 2019, much to the horror of everyone at all having to do with the supreme.  And for that reason I point out to you that my superiors insist I write the word supreme with a small letters and never refer to the entity again with capitals.  However I do sometimes just to make the sentence correspond to expectations rather than the right to spell it that way.  And for other reasons it must be reported that I never feel right asking someone like Vera the Supreme Seraphim to quit me, but she has and that is that.

Thought Adjusters now must act differently because of the revision of the Lucifer rebellion and the addition of the supreme insurrectionists and the cabal of the rebellion of Urantia seraphim over losing rights in the planetary government they believed was theirs forever.   As the case may be, I bring to your attention what we discovered on the Amethyst LIGHTLINE of the recent past, and that there is now a new classification of Adjusters that indwell any one of you who must deal directly with insurrection or the Lucifer philosophy of shoot first and ask questions later.

Simply stated the new Adjuster types indwell those minds who are to be direct representatives on Urantia of the Return of Christ, and the Magisterial Missions themselves.  I cannot tell you who, but I can tell you what and why.

The classification of the new Adjuster carries the name code "TICONDEROGA"  The code word comes from the American Revolution, when in 1775 the Colonial Army attacked and forced the British out of this Forth which the British had captured years before from the French.  IT is a Fort I visited on Lake Champlain many years ago and still remember it as a cool and pristine ways of cannon and hard granite.  It stands for the great disruption of a mighty army being able to communicate with itself because of its capture and the eventual end to British colonial rule in North America.  Now that you understand the meaning of the code word, let us examine the new style Adjuster which operated under TICONDEROGA.

"TICONDEROGA THOUGHT ADJUSTER SPEAKS, (My Adjuster now) -  I am fully aware that Ron intends this to be instructive only, but I am insisting you need to gear up in your own minds that the referendum which operates today is harsh for Ron and the rest of you, as this day called the 1th of July, 2021, by your current calendar, is meant to be harsh and without major catches in our observation of total silence.  But Ron has no such injunction as he must make statements while he can and it is this:

"TICONDEROGA is our work name and some of you will receive such a Thought Adjuster to maintain your stand that all that you do must be protected under the guise of a harsh appearing Adjuster to those spirits around you who mean you harm.  Ron is totally refusing any such condition and has knocked down many who simply do not believe a human be that effective when angered greatly by their boorish behavior.  TICONDEROGA  ADJUSTERS are lethal.  They take Justice into their own hands and wish no one well who entertains harm to their wards.  WE also are aware of the sillies on this human who wanted to know if I would capitalize the word "ward," and I said, emphatically, NO!

"As a result of so many difference of opinion we all meet on Urantia, please understand TICONDEROGA ADJUSTERS make no statement against fellow human beings but they (other human beings) can be made aware they are on thin ice as Ron has shown a few of you who have left the discussion forum using personality assassination to get disagreements across.  For that reason also, persons of that nature (and most are by the way), are banned from ever having a TICONDEROGA style ADJUSTER.  And for that reason we leave alone why Ron has now three different Adjusters to try to contend with a new Lucifer rebellion and two types of insurrectionist style cabals operating at the same time on the surface of your planet, Urantia.  K"

Ron here briefly:  Thought Adjuster changes and transformations are not covered in the Urantia Book, and this is a whole new field of inquiry some of you may simply wish never to know again, and that is because you mostly all personalize the contact you own or have between your own Thought Adjusters, as you and your eternal nature to come.  That does not change.  Please think enough to ascertain that in your own mind.  Your Thought Adjuster changes not in its meaning to you, but sometimes the original Adjuster does not have the requisite experience to deal with all the evil that surrounds people living on Urantia now.

I also have inquired as to just what happens to Ticonderoga Adjusters once we leave the flesh>  The answer is we survive not with a Ticonderoga Thought Adjuster, but with our original indwelling Adjusters and fuse to become Finaliters as best explained in the Urantia text book.  I hope that helps all who ponder this militia style defenses against lethal evil forces which are now so plentiful on Urantia again.   That is ends my message, and we now see that Michael of Nebadon wishes to speak:

"I have just come from a meeting of the "big guys" or big boys you refer to us sometimes, and we have decreed Ron ready to serve even with a few missing bells and whistles he is used to having when he writes.  He now must rewrite no more than necessary the book he calls for now  "INFINITY." and what he has so far is excellent.  It has a lot more to go and he needs money to publish it for as he says when you ask an author to divvy up $13,000 every six months it becomes far too much for one person to handle the expenses.  I am sure he will find some help but it sure is slow in coming to this point.

"I also wish to address AMETHYST at this point to make one thing clear.  Ron so disrupted your Lightline call yesterday you are not sure which end is up.  First, you are fine Amethyst, and second so is Ron, as he never meant to assign you to the higher values you know exist but are without contact to you until now.  That is the problem at this moment and you need to do better reasoning and reflection dear, as you seem incapable of understanding vast changes and you are about to experience more than you are used to ever.

"For that reason we must amend the constitutional reversions Ron ascends to as not to include you Amethyst, and you are incapable of using them at this stage and you may never be able to use them, as Ron is so exceptional he lays back and does not include all of you in his ministrations to keep you going into further studies that just are useless to you forever.   You Amethyst will retain your present Adjuster and not sally forth with Ticonderoga.  For that reason learn to keep silent when you are approached by liaison forces that do the job that Ticonderoga was supposed to do for you.  In any case let us finish this post with one last foray to the ideals Ron so well expresses to all of you:

"The Ticonderoga Adjuster must be deployed for those who are Department Heads of the coming Magisterial Mission which will operate for humans through the Magisterial Foundation.  Ron has no real debate about it but most of you will and then let it ride as Ron holds no special insight into why this was decided at all.

"FURTHER, we must make amends to you Ron, for not making a big squeal over your call yesterday as you are fully aware of the nature of man and this morning things are back to normal so well there is nothing to report.  For those who have no clue, the publisher called him to gain more income for himself, and Ron made it clear he is broke as they come and cannot afford one more fee.  We all agree with this and make amends shortly.  However the publishers is quite sure Ron can become a big time author if he is handled right and they need lots of money to do that and we happen to agree with the publisher.

"The trial for today, July 15th and those many days to follow, is to provide all of the workshops necessary to have all of you ready to do your part.  Ron has no use for any spokesman but desired to have a personal secretary to handle the house and the calls it constantly receives now and that will be afforded as best it can by his own choices when the time comes.  Be assured there is nothing he can do at the moment as he is so under the web of deceit and pain he cannot move well at all but that changes abruptly in one moment of full surrender of the Spirit of God known as the Creative Spirit who has caused most of this. 

"FINALLY, let it be known we are closing the gap between wording and fulfillment and you Ron will be paid a handsome back salary to help you and Steven recover so much.  Be assured there is nothing left to discuss right now and we leave with this message from JESUS:"

"I am the centerfold of most who read the Bible these days.  However, the trial Ron places upon the publishing industry is manifold and the book "THE CROWN. . . " will make huge waves when it is released in its normal fashion and Lewis and Alex and Ray will wonder how you manage to do all this with ten cents in your pocket Ron.  No one is sure how this book handles what some will consider blasphemy by describing the resurrection of Jesus Christ so fully, but it must be understood that Ron took it directly from the Archangel of Resurrection, who gladly gave him the details enough to reconstruct the scene within the tomb of the burial of Jesus those awful glad days of his renewed life.

"For reasons of State we now close this so Jesus can ponder the real reason Ron knows so much, and that is for Jesus to discover Himself.  K"



Machiventa Melchizedek Speaks of Operating The Magisterial Mission on Urantia
July 13, 2021
Ron Besser/TR
York, PA
subject:  Please Start Reading Between the Lines and Improve your Interest

This is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - “You are all working a wonderful regime of Lightline.  But Ron has carefully pointed out to you an amazing fact that only he seems to recognize.  Be assured he is not correct in a total sense but in a fully recognizable sense that all of you are blistering your hands and eyes over something that mostly does not matter at this point.  He knows better and so should you.  You might all be thrown off for negligence because you just do not get it!  Read his post with this other than Serara-site dedicated transmissions and learn what you might gather there and then some.

“Ron says to all of you: ‘Read between the lines!’

“Do you know what he means when he says that?

“Be assured he means a lot, but none of you have picked up the habit that Sue Whiley and Ron both do so well . . . .   That is probably correct but it throws my English . . .  I.E.: know what a written sentence says but you never ask yourselves why was it written that way???

“Ron wrote three sentences I thought were hilarious until I caught exactly what he was holding back.  Look at his post and read between the lines as he fills them in mostly every time he writes but none of you have yet, except Sue Whiley, to catch on that Ron plants a lot more information for you if you would only read between the lines.

“Here is an example.  Read the sentence below:

“‘We are ind dry dock this morning and not just because of the fog.’”

“Most of you know that a dry dock is a place to repair large ships.  But most of you will not consider Ron’s reason for getting off the ship that is called Serara.Org, but you accept it as a standard sentence and accept what it says literally.  The ship is in dry dock.

“What then placed the ship there in the first place?  You do not know.  But Ron gives you a clue.  It is in dry dock not because he could not see clearly although fog was in the way.  His interest should tell you that if it is not the fog that caused an accident, what did?  What did cause the reason for the ship to go there is sadly not your interest and you go on to other things.  But you have a full head of possible reasons and you are right to consider them.

“Now look at the posts Ron put up late last night.  He tells you they are off the wall for your normal consideration.  Neither Bob Devine or Donna D. are aware they are doing what Ron says they are doing.  They are deaf, dumb, and blind.   How does Ron know what they are doing and tells you what they are doing?  He reads between their lines.  He knows darn well that the industrial size of the transmissions are large but so feware paying attention he can discount an old mission label, and then assign the new mission label by understanding that those doing the transmissions are leaders of the Magisterial Mission and not just any old celestial stepping in to refresh the course of the Magisterial Mission on dry land for a change.  

“He is correct!  For goodness sake wake up!  The Magisterial Mission is on the ground contacting wanna-bees to see if they can handle a Magisterial Mission doing something they know how to do.  Are any of you in the Magisterial Mission?

“Ron does not say so and doubts this site is being used for experiments you have already passed.  That happens to be the case, but so many of you stop working it long ago and now worry yourselves about what to believe.  I point out that Ron does not care what to believe ever!  He cares that the information at any given point you listen to it, is accurate and full of good news.  Mostly what you get today you need to read between the lines in particular like some of you who worry the Jesus revelations far more than any other.  I know Ron listens carefully, but he also knows that is to watch the grass grow while other events are going on you fail to take an interest in.

Now some of you are quite good at it.  Clency is a psychic and never understands himself very well and fails to use it to his advantage all the time.  Sue Whiley is an analytical giant.  Amethyst falls apart when she cannot design the next step easily and Lemuel you have a nasty habit of going off line in a transmission and then have a hard time getting back sometimes.  That will kill you in front of an audience you are likely to be used in front of with your showmanship talents.  

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and wish you all a good day and yes, today Tuesday at 2PM is Ron and Phyllis as hosts for another Lightline and I suspect it is a good one again.  Thank you and Machiventa Melchizedek at your service.”  K



From the York, Pa copy mill.  Magisterial Mission transcripts not to us!  

July 13, 2021

My. My. My, the more things change the more they sometimes stay the same.  Here is one of our old fashion teachers with lesson on how to get started with ideas to accomplish for your self.  AARON calls it “THOUGHT, WORD, AND DEED.”

The lesson above and first below was by the wonderful AARON last week. out west in the dunes of the Idaho high elevations.

Nearly the same day we ran into MONJORONSON working a group for the Magisterial Mission.  Now isn’t a strange quirk of we psychics to bump into some of the first lessons on a Magisterial Mission you said was missing . . . .  Oh my oh my yes of course these are supposed to be out of our sight, or something like that.  When you are finished with AARON next, I do not hide MONJORONSON and his buffo performance for a little telephone group at that.

Ok, let’s get started so you do not get sleepy before you finishe these wonderful surprises and is anyone else looking out for the Magisterial Mission work they did not tell us about?   Drop them by here and let us know about them too.  

Be alert folks.  Why does old Ron have to find juicy meat to bring back to this lodging of the lions of change for you to see?   Never mind.  Let’s give a good read and see they do it for the kids.  

Love, Ron



Southern Idaho  -  7/5/21

*             Aaron: I would take this opportunity to speak with you tonight.  I am Aaron.  It is good to be here.  We have conversed about potential topics for the evening and settled upon one entitled, “Thought, Word, and Deed.”

As you look at your lives, you may realize that your greatest successes, at least perceived, have to do with accomplishing a goal, and yet, at many times in your lives you may feel you are stuck, unable to move forward, perhaps even having lots of ideas, but not able to implement them for one reason or another.  Many noble thoughts and intentions go unmet.  This is both part of the human experience, and in part, a result of the dysfunctional patterns that exist on your world, which can give you a sense, at times, of a less than supportive environment.

We would like to engage with you and challenge you to incorporate the realization of the support network you now have on your world.  Although much is unseen, you with the faith of Agondonters know there are personalities and energy swirling in patterns to help you produce those things you envision in partnership with your Indwelling Spirit.

Think of something either recently or in the past that you wanted to accomplish, or an idea you had, then engage with the spirit to explore the concept.  It may seem as an inner dialogue, but I also encourage you to talk it out, to ask questions, ask for feedback, pray about it.

Taking the initial thought and formulating the plan, so to speak, is the second step.  How would you accomplish what it is you want to accomplish?  Recognize not all of the plan has to be formulated to take the steps to implement what you would want to achieve.  Perhaps the thing or part that holds people back from actual effort is the fear of failure, not producing it, or being seen as weird or some other perception of how others would see you if you were to take your light out from under a bushel, so to speak, and place it where it can be seen.

We challenge you to risk a little bit in your life when you conceive of something you would like to do, small or large.  It can be reaching out to somebody where you’re not sure of the response, or producing some creative project, even planning and taking a trip you’ve always put off.  Regardless of the complexity, there is an awareness that occurs when stepping out beyond your comfortable place to create -- be a creator.  In partnership with God, your creator potential is vast.

In these times, we are here, in a sense, as a highlighter to a piece of paper, to underline, to emphasize, to draw arrows and point to where changes can be made.  Know that you are part of a cooperative enterprise here on your world and that you can step out and take the chances to implement the thought, word and deed enterprise pattern in ways yet unexplored.  This week I ask you to consider what this might mean, where you could participate.  This is not a directive from us to tell you what to do, but an encouraging nudge to explore those things you would like to do, but perhaps have not gone further with.

At this time I would take questions if there are any this evening.

Q1: So Aaron, can you talk a little further about us receiving more spiritual help than we have?  Does that make sense?

*             Aaron: Yes.  The patterns are there.  You have decades of experience engaging with us, with your Indweller.  The groundwork is being laid still, on the spiritual side, implementing circuitry and providing resources, but much of this is already in place.  Know that there are many groups around your world engaging with spirit in one way or another and exploring the relationship and what it has to offer and how they can participate in the corrective period we have undergone and are undergoing.

The lesson this evening is less about any one particular thing you must do and more about knowing that with all the resources you have available internally and with the connective circuitry, you can feel confident in taking an extra step, and going an extra mile.  Simply pondering this, and those things you have dreamt about doing, should give you an idea of how you can trust to step out and try to manifest, even in the small encouragements you might make with someone or any projects you might want to explore.  Some of what we are here for is to provide this awareness of all the resources available to you.  Is there something more specific you had in mind?

Q1: No, that was very good.  It made my whole left side of my brain light up, electrified, just knowing that the help is here, the reinforcement, the cavalry.

*             Aaron: Yes, and you know if you start down a path and it doesn’t seem productive, there is no harm or shame in changing directions, but looking for the opportunities is perhaps the encouragement we would provide.

Q2: Aaron thank you for that lesson.  I thought it was really fun.  It was nice to be encouraged to do things we want to do and may hold back on for various reasons, and to just pull out the stops and go for what we want.  Sometimes figuring that out is difficult and I punt it to God’s will, but I realize that being human and having a personality means I get to have preferences.  I was hearing encouragement to be human and that all of our pursuits don’t have to be high spiritual service.  I came up with 4 or 5 things while you were talking.  So, thank you.

*             Aaron: Your interpretation brings a smile to my face, figuratively.

Q2: And your answer brings tears to my eyes.

*             Aaron: No problem, my dear, for imagine how a human would live on a planet in light and life, not afraid to explore or to ask for help or to express their desires, not being shattered when rejected, or feeling as if they are the center of the universe when they achieve something, but recognizing the connectivity, the connectedness of it all, and how your experiences, both in being human and spiritual and striving adds to the Supreme and helps to bring about greater achievement, not only for yourself, but for others as the real efforts you make now affect the psyche of the universe, so to speak.

Take off the soggy, heavy coat that would bind you and make you feel heavy and weighted down.  There is no reason for you to hide from being the best that you can be and to experience those things you wish to explore.  And as you do, you will find more.  And this is perhaps, what we are mostly alluding to this evening.

Q2: Thank you.  That was big.

Q3: Aaron, thank you for this lesson, but what I hear is that you are telling me to pull out the stops, but what I find myself doing is taking a hammer and banging them in.  I don’t want to be that weirdo out there.  I’ve been a lone shark, or whatever, all my life and it would be very nice to be able to pull out the stops and tell people what I really am, but the hammer is so handy. (Laughing)

*             Aaron: Yes, these are the alternating awarenesses you have, both to express that light that you are, and to pull back a little bit when it feels a bit risky or might affect your reputation.  This is not completely without merit, for you can discern what will produce the greatest effect over time and not merely some flash in the moment that might burn a bridge later.  Being wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove can apply a little bit in this manner, as well, to know how to present yourself, but do know that your training over these many years allows you to present yourself with a spiritual fragrance, and thus seeking those openings to provide a little bit more wouldn’t be too much of a risk.

Q3: Thank you, Aaron.

*             Aaron: And thank you for expressing the real dual nature of your humanity, to both reach out and retain.  These are the questions you take into the silence with your Father, for in that relationship, you may find the best illumination for your particular circumstances as to how you can proceed.

Q3: One more comment I have, I’ve been reading A New Earth and it’s been dealing with ego, and it has really been instructive as far as being able to recognize that this is ego and it isn’t me.  It’s my ego.  But then the conclusion is that you are now aware and that’s the first step, but how the heck do you get rid of the things that pop up?  What do you do with being aware?  It doesn’t solve the problems, it just make you see what they are.

*             Aaron: Awareness simply brings the opportunity to build more responsive behavior in relationship between you, your spirit, and ego.  There is no place as a human where you will be completely rid of ego, for there are elements of identity that are necessary to power you forward, so to speak.  Where the ego comes out of alignment is where you can try to develop different responses, but due to some of the distortions that have occurred, this is generally not a quick fix.  The focus should be progress not perfection.  How would you react differently knowing where situations raise the defenses?  Map it out, take it within, and ask and receive, and then repeat.  This is the process of progress.  And fortunately when you graduate, some of these vestiges will not be retained with you.  Yes, there will be growth to continue, but some of those elements are purely a part of your human nature.

Q3: Aaron, thank you.  There was a ring of hope there.  Thank you.

*        Aaron: Thank you for this opportunity, for having me this evening, and sharing your questions and thoughts.  Take a look at this over the next time period before we meet again and see how you can implement the process with your goals, dreams, or even simply how you would act and react on a given day.  Know that your Father friend is available and looking forward to the engagement with you, and we are confident you will find illumination if you explore and desire.  Again, thank you, and good evening.




Planetary Seraphic Collaboration Conference Call

Institute of Christ Consciousness

July 11, 2021

Topic: Holding Urantia Mind to Calibrate to Universe Mind in Divine Justice

T/R:    Donna D’Ingillo

PRAYER:  Paradise Trinity, Divine Parents, Magisterial Son, and Planetary Seraphim, we are embarked on this conscious participatory collaboration with you today. And we offer you our minds and our hearts that what we develop from that place and send into the planet’s system of consciousness may be used toward healing and transformation of all life here. Mother and Father, you have the divine plan for this world safely secured within your beings, and we, citizens of this world, crave divine intervention to support us during this very important time that more of us awaken to the potential of Spirit Within us and what that means for our lives. And we also thank our Magisterial Son for His DIVINE JUSTICE prevailing in human consciousness. We ask to be united in one in purpose and intention through the circuits of Personality, Spirit, Soul and Mind that we may be operating as one in directing our heart energies into the planet where they will do the most good. We appreciate this opportunity to be of service and we thank you for your WILL being done now.

MONJORONSON:  Greetings, beloved brothers and sisters! This is Monjoronson here with you once again, inviting you into this dynamic co-creative adventure as more LIGHT and LOVE is infused into the circuits of Urantia mind. Before we begin with the outward focus on the planet, take these initial moments to engage with the Father's presence within you, your beloved indwelling Spirits or Thought Adjusters. (Pause)

Invite your Divine Mother to gently expand you in Her LOVE, giving you a more receptive environment in which to perceive the leading of the Spirit Within and to help you maintain that singular focus where we ask you to hold the energies today. Take a few moments to commune with spirit as we make preparations for what we are about to ask you to hold today for the planet. (Pause)

There are initial impulses of life originating from the First Source and Center. These energies animate your life vehicles, and I invite you as you commune with your Spirits to begin to relax in those divine impulses that you can actually experience through the feeling centers of your mind and body. As you engage with the Spirit Within, invite these life impulses to gently expand within your beings. helping you gain more bandwidth, you might say, in your mind, to receive the spiritual impressions from the Father's presence within you. (Pause)

You might consider that the primal impulse of life is contained within the divine affection between Creator Parent and created child. This divine affection is your birthright, and I encourage you to simply speak to the Father's presence within you and ask for more of that divine affection to flow into you, center you, anchor you, and allow your mental current to become more calibrated to this initial impulse of divine LOVE. (Pause)

Notice how you experience this. What sensations do you feel? Continue to allow this impulse of LOVE to continue to move and speak into you, going deeper into those places where you need that divine touch of the Father. (Pause)

I invite you now to shift your focus directly upon me keeping your focus at your heart centers. Focus on my presence as best you can, either using my name or in whatever way you wish to engage with me and invite DIVINE JUSTICE that is a component of my personality to minister in you now. And if you wish, you may simply visualize DIVINE JUSTICE pulsing gently into your hearts. Engage here for a few moments while we prepare the circuits for our collaboration into the collective. (Pause)

The quality of planetary mind is changing. For some, this is a very painful process because there are very deeply ingrained holding patterns within the mind and body continuum that have yet to receive the sparks of divine LOVE. For those of you on the path of spiritual growth, you have awakened to the presence of Spirit Within and you know the beauty and the joy of developing that relationship. And because of this, the quality of your thinking is changing, and you are now attuning yourselves to higher circuits of the higher bandwidth of mind to receive information.

The vast interlacing of mindal circuitry opens you to new ideas and insights when the Spirit Within knows you are ready to perceive. Therefore, to assist not only you but the planet to continue on this path of higher consciousness, I invite you to begin your focus into the collective by seeing in your mind's eye the words:  URANTIA MIND.  This places your attention on those mindal circuits which need to be upstepped.

As you see URANTIA MIND pulsing gently in your mind's eye, project this from your hearts into the image of the globe directly observed in your mind's eye before you. Now with all of the motivation to be of service, that intention for more DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail upon Urantia, I invite you to simply superimpose the words UNIVERSE MIND upon URANTIA MIND. UNIVERSE MIND is so vast, and yet Urantia mind exists within that. And it is important that Urantia mind be upstepped with this higher universe mindal circuitry in order for this world to continue on its very rugged trajectory toward Light and Life.

So, as you hold this focus of UNIVERSE MIND upon URANTIA MIND, I will now step in and calibrate planetary mind to more DIVINE JUSTICE that is part of the universe activity and the continued development for all things to grow in the evolving Deity of the supreme Being. Do your best to hold this focus and invite the energies of DIVINE JUSTICE to flow into URANTIA MIND now. (Pause)

You might consider that DIVINE JUSTICE is part of an evolving world’s divine plan. That is the natural course of development, but since your world has suffered a great miscarriage of this, there is much correction underway to bring about this correction through this infusion today to support the elevation of the divine plan to echo those tones and notes of DIVINE JUSTICE that are conducted at the highest levels.

It is challenging to the human mind to apprehend what this truly means. We appreciate the faith you provide to us.  We can help you get back on track and receive the information you need and allow human effort to make these changes that are necessary, but there is so much that is necessary now. By continuing to ask for DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail upon URANTIA MIND you can engage these higher circuits of mind to be infused, even down to the circuits of memory where in many holding patterns still exist. So, continue to focus as you can, as best you can. (Pause)

Connecting planetary mind to UNIVERSE MIND assists in the awakening process by helping the citizens of this world recognize you are not alone in this great organism of life created by the First Source and Center. Some people may not recognize that they feel isolated or abandoned. And yet this is one of the holding patterns that exist at very deep levels of human consciousness and are tied to the legacy of the rebellion.

But now it is time for planetary mind to elevate to higher levels so that more TRUTH may be imparted, more perspective gleaned in human mind of the planet's rightful place in the family of Nebadon, and within the human heart of its rightful place, and the all-encompassing Personality of the Father in Paradise.

So, allow my presence to prevail through what you are holding thereby allowing yourselves to become more calibrated to who I am that you may indeed have more conscious contact with me if that is something that interests you. (Pause)

While you are still engaged with this focus of UNIVERSE MIND superimposed upon planetary mind, I invite you to also visualize the words URANTIA’S DIVINE PLAN and I will infuse more DIVINE JUSTICE into this as you invite my presence to prevail here through your motivation and intention. Let that be keen and strong and allow the divine plan to reflect more of this and how things are transpiring in this climate of transformational change now. (Pause)

Let us take another step higher in focus elevating it now to the Paradise Trinity and with great gratitude in your hearts, thank the Universal Father, Eternal Mother-Son, and Infinite Spirit for their action prevailing through this intention today—what is their WILL for this world to prevail. (Pause)

If you wish and have the capacity to do so, visualize URANTIA MIND with the UNIVERSE MIND superimposed upon it, URANTIA’S DIVINE PLAN receiving more DIVINE JUSTICE and all of this is contained within the ACTION OF THE PARADISE TRINITY. Allow the ACTION OF THE PARADISE TRINITY to now engage from your hearts as best you can, keeping your motivation on gratitude and faith. (Pause)

We escort you into these visualizations that you may develop your gifts and abilities to be centered in Spirit to help you learn how to engage your mental current and emotional desires to those higher tones of love and the services you wish to provide to this world to make it a better place through your efforts.

While the planet is undergoing a rugged transition to rejoin the family of LOVE in which all life exists, this does not mean that your own personal transformation needs to be as rugged. Recognize your spiritual potential even though you may not exactly apprehend what that means or is. Your spiritual potential is developed through your motivation to be a conduit of love, an expression of the Father's love through you.

The more you recognize this, the more you will glean that you are indeed an individual of spiritual potency and can use that in the ways you are being guided. Now, you know this in your minds. Are you expressing this from your hearts? Do you feel this in your souls? Do you feel the presence of Spirit growing in you?

By these simple exercises you are learning to take charge of your mental current and to direct that in ways that will serve the greater good of this world and all life, where you are not only participating in planetary transformation, you are all evolving in Deity expression which is one of the purposes for all life as set forth by the Primal Creator. I say these words to you to encourage you to be more integrated into the potency you have as a child of God and to exercise it more each day that your mind and the energies that come from it are positive, productive, healthy, love-motivated and service-dominated. How could you not wish this? How could you not want to develop this in yourself?

The amount of peace enjoy you will experience will gladden your heart, stabilize your minds, enliven your faith, and encourage you to be even of greater service to this world and to your brothers and sisters and all life here. So, remember well these exercises and practice them diligently in a portion of your stillness each day that you may grow individually and aid in the collective healing. It is a two-way street.

Your growth is tied to the collective and the more you grow, you aid the growing transformation and planetary mind. In today's infusion of asking for UNIVERSE MIND to superimpose upon URANTIA MIND, you are asking for the mindal circuits to now be more highly engaged at the universe level. You may not recognize the significance of this yet, but one day you will. I would encourage you to keep up this focus in this interval before our next time together.  And call upon me, my associates, your planetary helpers, to send forth the energy from your hearts where your motivation and intention for more GOODNESS to prevail here, and more TRUTH to be revealed.

In our final moments together, allow these energies to settle in. Drink in these words and allow the deeper meaning and value to touch you in those places where you need more spiritual vitality to nourish you, even down to the very cells of your beings.

On behalf of the Heavenly Host, I thank you. Your participation has enriched these circuits and over time you will see more of your brothers and sisters arising from their spiritual slumber and looking with renewed eyes at life, opening to their spiritual potential that is so richly seeded within them. In the coming days, may you thrive more consistently in the Father's GRACE AND GOODNESS, and know that all things are returning to DIVINE RIGHTFUL ORDER upon this world through this marvelous collaboration between humanity and Spirit. And with that, I take my leave. Good day.


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JACK, our MC, introduced successively TARKUS, RAYSON and MONJORONSON, each of them talked about a particular subject – ascension career, the benefit of scientific inventions to humanity and the need to be well prepared for what is waiting ahead.

Click on the link to listen to the recording.

The next conference call will be held on Friday 09/07/2021, at 8pm local time.

Welcome to all.  

TAPE for June 26th Lightline France



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