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Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« on: May 30, 2021, 03:48:14 pm »

Today's Lightline is full of important announcements including the execution of the chief of the Lucifer Rebellion by the Ancients of Days today at 2:30 PM signaling what is confirmed to be the absolute end of the Lucifer Rebellion.

This was a very serious moment and it was stated that the Missions to Urantia (including the Magisterial Mission that began last October) are now all full steam ahead.

Also the entity called Logan introduced yesterday was revealed to be an imposter and part of the cabal to disrupt all missions and is no longer.

Thank you Tarkas as our MC, the Deity Absolute and the Universal Absolute, the Ancients of Days who announced (from full court session) that about 1300 insurrectionists and 400 Luciferian rebels were being executed.

Thank you Michael of Nebadon & Christ Michael who in unison advised us of an unprecedented episode taking place in the new and unique universe of Tintantium with its Creator Son, Jesus, seen in the cradle of Nebadon as a huge egg that is ready to hatch and bring forth an entirely new reality that is so bold and unprecedented it cannot yet be contemplated.

Machiventa Melchizedek stated he is now fully installed and functioning as Planetary Manager for Urantia

It was announced as well that tomorrow morning some may be able to see the formation of a cross in the morning sky.

Here is the link for todays tape:

NOTE:  Their may be another Lightline later today with Ron Besser and for a confirmation announcement!
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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2021, 04:23:19 pm »
If you are among the first to see the Monday morning cross in the sky, please let it be known. I am just saying to myself why a cross and not the aurora borealis play light with beautiful colors as announced before. It is the christendom that will for ever more be comfortable in the worshipping of the cross, in my own view. It's time to go to bed here, to-morrow is another day.
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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2021, 01:04:30 am »
It my guess, and it is only that, is that the cross will be the initial symbol because the other things you mention would not necessarily be recognized by most Christians as a signal of the Return of JESUS.  First they must get their attention, even if it means using a symbol that JESUS will change in the future.
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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2021, 03:23:58 am »
Good morning everyone.

I left my home at 6:45 am, long before sunrise

and went to a place in the countryside close to

Girona and waited. Saw a beautiful sunrise and waited

and waited but saw nothing else.

I enjoyed immensely the fresh morning air.


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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 2021, 03:44:22 am »
Good morning Lemuel. 8) 
I woke up early too and spent some time on the balcony waiting for the cloudy sky to be brightened by the sunshine but it is still very cloudy.Lets wait to hear from the American morning.

Love and Blessings,

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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #5 on: May 31, 2021, 04:00:54 am »
On this Master class Lightline call,it was revealed that when Lucifer fell, his being vanished and only his gown/robe was left.
But in actuality he had projected himself into his lieutenant Lanaforge. In one of the Lightlines past,I heard of how Ron had visited Judas on the Mansion Worlds and held a conversation with him a decade or so ago.Judas wanted Ron to join him in his endeavors whatever they may have been but Ron could hear none of it.
It was said later that Judas was so full of hatred for Ron that he collapsed and vanished just like had happened to Lucifer.My question is could he have also projected himself into someone else?

Love and Blessings,
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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #6 on: May 31, 2021, 06:22:12 am »
Good morning to all my brothers and sisters:

Woke up early (6:00am), took a short walk outside and looked up to the skies 360 degrees. No cloud cross over Central Florida skies yet.

Blessings to all,

José L. Vargas Núñez
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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #7 on: May 31, 2021, 07:21:04 am »
Hi everyone,
I also got up very early this morning, at 5:20 am. The sun was about to appear and the sky was a little hazy at some places. A beautiful day began. I went out, looked all over the sky but saw nothing. Came back an hour later when the sun was out, but nothing.

However I had a beautiful dream just before I woke up. In the dream I was in many different places and circumstances and wherever I went, I tried to get the attention of the people who appeared in my dream. I wanted them to look up and I pointed at the images in the sky, where every few minutes a very nice illuminated image popped up. Sometimes at our left side, then at our right, sometimes half hidden behind a small cloud, but all with a brightly lit scene about ten feet in diameter, from what I could estimate from here on the ground.

Beautiful images of parts of cities from around the world. I kept trying to get people's attention by tapping their shoulders and pointing at the images in the sky.  They watched, but didn't pay much attention and went on with what they were doing. I didn't really hear voices but more or less felt they liked it, but nothing special. They seem to say that such images were often seen at outdoor shows and in commercials. Nobody seemed to care.
Just before I opened my eyes, I saw an image of Europe and next to it a CROSS (two beams of equal length) and a six-pointed STAR (two triangles), with only their perimeter illuminated.

All of these images were so real. They consisted of thousands of tiny lights in color except for the cross and star, which glowed yellowish/white and were much larger than all the other images. They appeared right next to each other with a globe faintly in the background.  I stared at this gorgeous scene and I felt very sad. I opened my eyes and got up to go outside. It was a beautiful morning, but I saw nothing. 
Later I looked up the sunrise time for today and saw it was at 5:21 this morning.  Elise SophiaVeronica

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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #8 on: May 31, 2021, 08:51:53 am »
   Hello to all again,
   I like to make a correction to the word ‘perimeter’ in my dream story
   above, regarding the cross and the star. 
    I meant the ‘circumferences’ of both images.
    Elise SV

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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #9 on: May 31, 2021, 01:53:03 pm »
Good Day Everyone,
Likewise, I have not seen the cross, but I am sure that it will come another time. My concern is if the rebels – what is left of them – could stop the projection?

SophiaVeronica, you woke up one minute before sunrise that speaks of your timelines and dedication. Thank you for that. Your dream was meaningful also, and I discern that the shapes over Europe are indicating precision in mathematical formation – using basic shapes of equal length, the two straight lines and the two triangles that have equal lengths on all three sides - and wonder what it means. Would it refer to scientific approach of men to God’s glory? Usually Germans relate to life and problems the way their technology being most precision tuned always.

I share your heart brokenness in that rebellion can occur against Father and Michael, and it is truly incomprehensible to well-meaning persons. What Father God, both Universal Father and Michael, have to go through with their Creation! I find it very true and sad also that we can say anything to people nowadays, only very few have listening ears but looks like it always been like that.
"Hear this, O foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear.”
"Son of man, you are living in a rebellious house. They have eyes to see but do not see, and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious house.”
That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.” 
Jesus said, Let faith reveal your light to the world; let the revelation of truth open the eyes blinded by tradition; let your loving service effectually destroy the prejudice engendered by ignorance.

People are blinded by tradition and their prejudice (partiality) produced by ignorance. Is that because people are so conceded and confident of themselves that they must feel they already know everything (thinking partial as a whole, or relative as absolute, or temporal as that all it is)? Is being unwilling to keep learning a hidden form of arrogance? I have relatives like it, they just know everything so much better that they have lost their ability to listen, especially not patiently, and have a ready response with educational material lined up when I state even a half of a sentence at times. This is what humanity became without knowing God, even believers who do not seek God with a whole heart because they already know it better; those became experts in and victims of religion. It saddens my heart very much, even some people around me, but we rise above and keep the faith that Jesus (with Michael, Father, and all in the Missions) will make all things right one day.

Moses, I thank you for the summary of the Lanaforge story. It shows that life is stranger and much more thought-provoking than fiction and that the Light will always expose the darkness. We thank that Father has all the answers and he is so willingly and lovingly shares them with us. We serve an amazing God! Thank you Father! Now another thought, could any other spirit project themselves like Lucifer did, at yesterday’s mass depersonalization? I would think it had to do with the supreme but I could never imagine or comprehend that Mother Spirit was against Michael. This is my understanding from yesterday’s Lightline and now I listen to it again.

God bless you all, love, 

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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #10 on: May 31, 2021, 06:02:32 pm »
Just one question for thought. So during the lucifer trial he wasnt executed but rather he slipped away and projected himself onto Lanaforge.  How does projection work? do you not need permission from the person you are projecting? So in a sense Lanaforge was a double agent secretly colluding with Lucifer? One other interesting fact is. How is it that the Ancient of Days or the judges and whoever that keeps a record of the status of personalities not know that his name is still on the registry? Or am i missing something here? Its still quiet baffleling that the rebel are still in deep space on a secret planet undiscovered, surely the michael sons know how many planets were created, unless the supreme created a secret sphere unknown to most except the Father?

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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #11 on: June 01, 2021, 05:43:31 am »
Hello Everyone, here are the notes for the Sunday Light Line.  My apologies for the delay.
Light Line 05-30-2021 Sunday

Ron and Phyllis:
Welcome. We have 6 on streaming and 16 on call.

Tarkas: One Without Name or Number:
The individual we heard yesterday, Logan has been executed. What happened?
Everyone: It happened so oquickly we did not have time to react, except to remove the extreme danger out of the way.

Logan was from the Lucifer cabal. He was here to disrupt all the divine missions where he could, and he started with Light Line.
Ron has the story to tell you 12:15 A.M.

Ron: When I opened my bedroom door, and switched on the light. a bird flew across my room, a house wren, a sweet and smart bird. I upset him when I turned the light on and opened the door. But h was not in the house before that.
That was a Lucifer rebellion plant. Logan produced it.

A year and a half ago, Lanaforge had huge mice running on top of the curtain rods, toward my computer. Now the wren, this time an adorable bird.
I decided to go downstairs. and at the foot of the stairs is my front door, and pulled the door open , and the screen door and locked it open. Went back upstairs, to walk the bird out of the the house. I couldn't get the bird to do what I wanted it to do. It kept going upstairs, and downstairs.

Finally I decided, I will close all the doors in the upstairs. The bird flew into the bedroom and sat on the molding. I told him "I won't hurt you. My back against the wall, the bird cheeps and drops to the floor, and walks to the end of the hallway. He lifted his wings and flew down the steps. When I walked down the steps, there the bird was on the stoop of the door waiting to show me he was out. He flew into the dark.
TARKAS; What Ron hasn't told you it that Logan was going to kill him.

Logan cut the nerves in his right leg, and stuffed his belly so hard to stop the heart from beating. Bzutu confronts Logan: What were you doing? Logan: I am here to help. Bzutu: I caught you red handed.

Logan was a leader in the hidden section of the Lucifer rebellion, and was there to execute anyone who was going to use Light Line to instruct us. Logan came as a teacher, his lesson yesterday was called "hope". Hope was a good lesson, but the person was not only an insurrectionist. he also created the anathema of sin. He has now been depersonalized.

We now have the Ancients of days.
ANCIENTS OF DAYS: This is the father of the three of us. There are three of us, because each one of us is a specialist of one of the existential deities.

We are in session, court session. We tell you this for the simple reason you need to know this:
Today we are executing about 1300 insurrectionists, and about 400 Lucifer rebels.

The truth of the matter: Ron questioned how to characterize them:
The Lucifer executions, 400 have nothing to do with the original insurrection on world 7, when Lucifer seized control of Jerusem. Lanaforge was sent into exile. He reestablished the headquarters of Satania on Mansion world 6.

Lanaforge and Lucifer agreed: if Lucifer would maintain the 7th planet, Lanaforge would have the 6th.
The manifest has been reexamined by the Ancients of days. It was not written entirely by Lucifer. It was co-written by the creative spirit. The collusion between the Supreme, and the Lucifer rebellion, and the Creative Spirit took place.

We have nothing further to report, but you should be in shock. We will fill in more information when we can. Hail to our Father, hail to you, Ron. This is Michael of Nebadon.

You forgot to thank them. It is a privilege to receive information like that.

Ron: Thank you Ancients of Days.
Ron, you labeled the supreme as the Anti Christ. John the Revelator mentioned the Anti Christ coming at the final days. The final days are already here. This is not hellfire and brimstone.
But we executed 1500 insurrectionists, and 300 of the really vicious of the Lucifer Rebellion.

Understand that the trial must go forth with divine missions to Urantia They must be perceived by the people of Urantia.

We have dedicated one of these final statements to all of you: those on Call and Streaming. as members are all included: it is about all of you. This:

You are now informed that the ideal of a Magisterial Mission is now in performance. Further, that the Magisterial Sons are Serara, Monjoronson, Sensen, Rayson, and one other.
We are going to give Ron the honorary title of Midwayer, so he can join the spirit family, as spirit staff. They are in the days of imperfection in how long he may stay alive, and how he will serve Urantia.
The wren was intended to be a distraction so Logan could move in and kill him.
Bzutu saved the day again. Ron visions a parade, with Bzutu on a high structure greeting the crowds.

The Magisterial Mission has been in progress since October.

The trial for a Magisterial Son is to make sure he has a good contact. With all of you, he has good contact with 5 of you, to count you as dependable.

With that, the incarnations begin. We instructed you yesterday, to look to the sky on Monday morning. Depending on the cloud formations, many of you will see the cross. Ron knows Jesus dislikes it. But it is such a powerful symbol the cross is likely to appear. We may not be able to get it to appear in every sector of the world.
The heat of the sun dissipates the clouds. Just see if you can see it.

It is a symbol, everyone, to pay attention!

The loss of so many of you is the lack of patience. Ron never quits, and the hosts of these Light Lines never quit. Each one of you is precious.

Now this:
Ron is seeing a row of picnic benches in a long line. They are empty, except one person is standing to the left as you look at the benches, a single file.

Michael: interference approaching.
Stay your course.

Ron: I wait.
Michael: Proceed.
Ron: What you see with the picnic benches is that some day you will all have a picnic. You will have a lecture, and a meal afterwards. Ron is not sure he can be there, but he will be.

The picnic you will have in York, that day, is an ordination. Jesus ordained the apostles in a circle around him, when they were ready to begin their mission. That was the mission to Urantia at that time. Monjoronson the Magisterial Son, has asked for an ordaining of Jesus once more.

Ron: I want to stand by. Father.
This is FATHER: I am the Father of you all. What Ron is relating to you, is true. It isn't that it is an interference. We are getting from Monjoronson something else to be said.

I AM MONJORONSON, the Paradise Son in charge of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia. I am the official name entered.
Ron is concerned that there is something in the background trying to skew the information.

Immanuel, Manuel, in another language, is indicating the Trinity has executed the chief of the Lucifer rebellion.

Moment of silence, in order to tell you the story.

Ron is requesting a different transmitter. :
Lemuel: This indeed is a very serious moment.
I am not picking up a name.
Serious for everyone.
The silence is a symbol of respect, and also it is a moment of recalling of memory with mixed feelings for what was, for what could have been, and for what should have been.
But what is done cannot be undone. What is said cannot be unsaid.
And the faults that produce actions whether for good or evil, all have their consequences.
And the results are the same in the sense that justice must be made, and justice must seem to be done, and is done.
Nobody wants to see an execution. Those who do want to see it are sick themselves. I remind all of you no one can undo what has been done. You may regret it deeply, but that doesn't undo what has been done. That energy, whether positive or negative goes out into the ethers, and exists for a long long time.

What you are experiencing is indeed a moment of history. Most of you are uncomfortable. It is not pleasant. No one feels joy at a funeral. But nevertheless, justice has been done, and it was carried out swiftly. This day will be remembered for two things.
The good and the bad, so to speak.
Having said that, You have just been invited to look upwards tomorrow morning, and you will see that most powerful symbol. It is indeed a powerful symbol.
If you are fortunate enough to see it, you will feel something. You will feel hope. You will see perhaps a light at the end of your individual tunnel, and that feeling will rise in your hearts, and you will feel, "At Last! Thank God!"
This planet had to be cleared swept clean, and it has. Thank God. And all of those agencies that took place. And now the missions can go ahead full steam.
I who bring you this news, this information, also feel a tinge of sadness, regret, and darkness. But I also at the same time, feel a surging feeling of joy and happiness, welling up from the depths of my being, and I hope you yourselves can feel it.
With these words, I thank you. I have no more to say, and I bid you all a very good afternoon.

Thank you whoever you are. This is Lemuel. Thank you., I pass this back to you Ron.

This is MICHAEL: I want to make this clear, this is not about Mother spirit.
Who has been executed is the last. Lucifer was not fully denied life when he was "executed". He collapsed on the court. The form left the tunic, but spread out totally on the floor. There was no body.
It was discovered in exhumation, to learn that how he chose to hide was exceedingly clever, but refundable. Father knew it for some time, but thought he was harmless, he thought.
The matter is now open.

Lucifer transferred his identity to a lieutenant. as a projection. Lucifer projected all he wanted to hide unto a lieutenant. Both the Lieutenant and Lucifer have been destroyed.

May 30, 2021 is the date of the death.

It was not Vorondadek son, it was a Lanaforge.
Now another story about the supreme and Lucifer needs a correction in the debriefing.

Now from Lemuel;

Now that the boards have been cleared, so to speak, upsetting news is left behind now.

The immediate future is looking bright. but there are still clouds on the horizon, in that there is so much work to do. Of course you are waiting for the Return of Jesus.
I also have my mission. My mission is more concerned with the planet itself. It is my bestowal planet, and there will always be a place in my heart for Urantia, and my people.
You homo sapiens, have progressed extraordinarily, considering the many disappointments you all have had to face.

Although small in numbers, you are an important percentage of those who are spiritually oriented, and who have reached a state of spiritual consciousnesses that was unforeseen 2000 years. ago. Jesus must finish his mission. My mission in tandem, The planet is sick to death, not only what mankind has done to the planet, but the effects of the rebellion is in the air itself. Many of you don't realize this.

I give you an example. Someone is assassinated in a room. What is left in that room is impregnated in the very walls itself. Sometimes a place gives you the creeps.

The planets needs to be healed from all sorts of different ailments. That is part of my mission. But I am doing it with great enthusiasm. Father and I do not want to lose it. Between all of us, the Magisterial Son, myself, the Father, Jesus, Machiventa planetary manager, and the planetary supreme Gaia. All together will turn this planet around. In the future, it will not be recognized as the old Urantia.

It is a task we all face with enthusiasm and excitement. It will be done. It is the will of the Father. It will be done, because it is also our will, that it be done.
I will say no more for the moment.
Good afternoon.

Lemuel: Thank you Michael.
I hand it back Ron.


Ron: We will not take Q and A to let this this subject stand. Meanwhile, we cut this Light Line off for now.

Ron: I would like to open it up to Phyllis, to ask her how she thinks the next step should proceed.
Phyllis: I am experiencing something right now. I don't have the full knowledge of what exactly is going on.
Ron: try a transmission;
Phyllis: I am getting Deity Absolute.

Go ahead.
Thank you.

DEITY ABSOLUTE: As many of you have realized, this is a moment and a day of infamy for Urantia, for her populace, for her planetary supreme, known by most as Gaia for the system of Satania, for the local universe of Nebadon, and yes, even for the Federation.
You know me as the Deity Absolute. and of course your knowledge and your experience is extremely limited, as that is as as it is supposed to be.
However I come in with this reminder to you that nothing escapes me, my awareness, my knowledge, and my understanding. Disturb yourselves not at the words you have just heard, that the Father was in awareness of this situation with Lucifer, Lanaforge, and the supreme. Instead, strengthen yourselves in the knowledge that all things that must be known, are known, and they are accounted for. They are dealt with in the perfect knowledge of those who are perfect, and in the wisdom with which it is necessary to address each individual situation and circumstance.

Be not disturbed. Be not shaken in Your understanding, minds, your emotions, your will. But instead, be at peace, knowing that all that is discoverable is indeed known, and I as Deity Absolute in my sphere of influence, the purpose of my existence deal with all things in accordance with cooperation with the Father of All.
I encourage you to continue your awareness of my existence and my purpose. l rest in the peace of the knowledge of the Father of all, his purpose, and intentions.
With this I bid you a good day.

Phyllis: Thank you Deity Absolute. Anyone else?
This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON. I wish to thank the Deity Absolute for stepping in and bringing these words of comfort, restoration, and reassurance in my creation.

Thank you Father Michael.
I am not receiving anyone else at the moment, Ron.


Amethyst? a transmission?

When Jesus was born of a woman, and lived some years of his life as a human being, we think of the time of when he became aware that he was indeed a Creator Son on his final bestowal.
We look as Jesus now, as a deity, and with great power. We look at Tintantium, an unprecedented episode is about to take place, with Jesus as the creator of this unique local universe. We see in the cradle of Nebadon, a huge egg, an egg that is ready to hatch, not just a being, but an entirely new reality, so bold and unprecedented it cannot be contemplated.

The eyes look closely at Nebadon, Urantia, of the Uiniverse --Tintantium. Something unprecedented is about to hatch. You my children still stand in awe and marvel at what is to take place in this sector of the local universe, as this NUA unfolds. I Michael in unison with Christ Micheal tell you, feel joy. for joy will sustain you. I give you these words so that you truly understand the awe that will be felt at the events that will be seen, beyond the comprehension of some of the highest universe personalities.
Know you are on the cusp of some very tremendous events. Together we step back. That is all for now.

This is Amethyst.
Thank you very much Christ Michael and Michael of Nebadon for these words.
You are welcome.

Ron: a very important transmission. Thanks for being there.
We have Machiventa,

I AM MACHIVENTA. We Leave Amethyst unmuted. Go ahead.
We are now into the throes of a post-rebellion universe. The Ancients of Days have done their work, fully informed and totally . There is nothing left of the old Lucifer Rebellion not even among the insurrectionists, and no memory who wanted Satan to remain.
Elise, Amethyst, Lemuel hold up the walls of Urantia.

To Elise: consider Monday's Light Line.
To Amethyst : you might do another Light Line today later this afternoon. to hold a special Light Line in view of the final and desperate ending of the Lucifer rebellion today. May 30 at 2:30 P.M.
The announcement of the absolute end of the rebellion.

Urantia has removed all but Mother Spirit, and her lieutenant who wants to say something to Ron.

I represent Mother Spirit. I am the Creative Daughter. I am the Holy Spirit. I am the resurrection, as well as the life of Jesus. I hold him dear, you, Ron, I hold dear, and I hold Amethyst dear.
Dear Elise, you will soon be released.

Now this: (Some material got deleted)
. . . resurrected on the Isle of Paradise, where the work will proceed as an authorized representative of Humanity, from Urantia and all the planets of the system of Satania. Those of you who can follow this know of its its importance. Unfortunately we lost 2 on streaming. These Light Lines, and Wed. are master classes in the 5th Epochal as well as the new revelation.

The other ones are learning to do better.
Those who are hosts are doing so much better, we think they will be giving master classes too when the time comes.


Ron was almost killed. He wasn't afraid. and the bird waited on the stoop of the open front door, and flew away when Ron knew he was out. He knew Ron was his friend. That is an indication of the spirit work with the world of creatures. Bzutu helped the bird too. Helped him out the door.
Ron was attacked afterwards, but they are gone too.
We are going back to Amethyst:

Here is Machiventa.
This is Machiventa, and the lions share of the news you have already been given today. I only state further that, as of right t this moment, I am fully involved and functioning as your planetary manager. I expect no further cancellation, delays. I take the reins as of this moment and you can be assured I am here to do my duties.
This is all I want to say right now.
Thank you Machiventa.

Thank you Amethyst. To you, Ron.
Welcome Deity Absolute:
DEITY ABSOLUTE: Thank yourselves.
You are exalting Machiventa and anyone else that is finally clearing the worst of what you have participated in. Amethyst, Elise and Ron have been attacked, and Elise is being prepared to die, not.
The insurrectionists are many, but they are far from you.

As Deity Absolute I say to you there: you carry the trial of God gone fully wrong. Ron has his voice, and his mind, and that is strong is enough to overcome
Elise: get your rest. You will need it in the coming weeks.

Here is the Universal Absolute: We are honored.
Please proceed.

UNIVERSAL ABSOLUTE: You provide us an extraordinary look into the human psyche. I have never seen it so well presented.

Please understand the recording you have just received today, will be put up by Phyllis, and it is not erased. Phyllis make sure it has another repository,

Ron: Stay away from Texas. Stay away from UAI. They are being prepared to open like a flower.
The first debriefing is now a record in the {USA presidency --?} It is registered in UAI fellowship.

The agencies that were open are now closing. They are looking collaterally looking for ways to excuse themselves.
Your friends Steven Gitz and the friends understood what was wrong.
You are quite sure that the trial for you body Ron is fatal -- not -- but it will take a few weeks to regain your old luster. You will restrengthen.

I am the Universal Absolute. I seldom speak, because the Deity Absolute knows that is being prepared. But it must be put in the right place.
I place on your shoulders Ron a new epochal revelation will be formed shortly,.

I thank you Ron for the attention and the courtesy.
May the Father's will be done.

Ron: Back to Amethyst: there is a short broadcast coming.

This is TARKAS
I just want to give my thanks to Amethyst for her steadfastness on her Light Line Calls. She is not aware of the impact she has had on those who are not part of the forum. Many have benefited from her calls, Ron's Elise's Lemuel's, and from all the calls.
There is much going on on the other side of these calls that the hosts are not aware of. We admonish Amethyst to continue on with her rest. She is deeply concerned about the state of her health.

I Tarkas remind her that this is part of the process. It is much needed. You have new cells forming and useless cells being removed. This is important to Elise as well. This is important if you feel an unnatural need to rest. If you feel it, you should rest.

I Tarkas have listened to this entire call with joy , and some sadness.

I bid you all a tremendous thank you for who you are and what you are doing.


Amethyst: Thank you Tarkas. Ron I pass this back to you.
Ron: Thank you Amethyst. and Thank you Tarkas.
Tarkas: Go ahead and shut it down.

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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #12 on: June 01, 2021, 11:12:18 am »
Just one question for thought. So during the lucifer trial he wasnt executed but rather he slipped away and projected himself onto Lanaforge.  How does projection work? do you not need permission from the person you are projecting? So in a sense Lanaforge was a double agent secretly colluding with Lucifer? One other interesting fact is. How is it that the Ancient of Days or the judges and whoever that keeps a record of the status of personalities not know that his name is still on the registry? Or am i missing something here? Its still quiet baffleling that the rebel are still in deep space on a secret planet undiscovered, surely the michael sons know how many planets were created, unless the supreme created a secret sphere unknown to most except the Father?

I can only acknowledge your questions, DaCandyMan - for they are many not one and the answers may open many more -, and say that I believe we do not have the answers. Only Celestials can answer that. We read that Father knew it, but that is not a full answer either. Why not plug into today's Lightline to ask these questions yourself?

On the other hand I believe that the Universe and everyone in it even up to Paradise personalities are leaning about the unexpectedly widespread lucifer rebellion and it will take time to know it all. We are still in the cleanup stage with new discoveries made daily, and we trust our Celestial family for the best outcome. We can see however that there is no magic wand to end the insurrection and there is a real fight in the heavenlies. The bible said there was a war in heaven but mistakenly, for it is still raging.

The Christian concept of speaking things into existence relays on the assumption that Father God will immediately respond to our faith based words to bring them to pass. That says if it is in His will our words "will not fall to the ground". Now we begin to see that it is not so simple even to the point that Father announced the beginning of a New Universe Age to be able to deal with the rebellion on a historical basis as opposed to have to deal with it in the current system. All glory to God, he has excluded it from our lives, and once the adjudication is completed it is history. We hope and pray that there will not be new discoveries and hidden planets. I learned but not confirmed that they were hiding on Antarctica and no nation or any major corporation could claim any territory there or stick a flag down.

I believe that these entities cannot create anything, only can defile what has been created. They were hiding in unutilized parts of Uversa, they are hiding in the darkness and taking over planets - planetary systems and their inhabitants - by causing such moral decay that humans chose evil over good buy way of deception, not knowing the right hand from the left, therefore calling light for darkness. Jesus said people have seen the Light but could not comprehend it and that is deception to the highest. These devils are the masters of deception and lies and all things that is despicable, because evil so defiled their hearts. They won many hearts with their sweet talks and promises of riches and glory and honor in the system that they have 'created' and people fall head over feet to grab those promises, give up on all that matters the most, God, Worship, and responsible social living, to the point of losing sight of eternity and losing their soul. Even most Christians put first to adhere to the ways of the world and then follow Christ. Well, it does not work that way and he made it very clear that we cannot serve two masters. Its deception that blinds and it has many form of it. 

Your questions are attempting to explore the depth of this evil. There is no end to it for the bottomless pit can never be satisfied. I spent years trying to figure it out until I got so disgusted that could just drop it, because surely there is no end to the vest amount of information, as they have completely overtook the earth and everything in it. It would mean one would need to know all that is going on the earth past and present, and that is impossible. Now we see that they took much more in the Universe then was known to Deity, but not all. Far from it. Father can uproot it, wrap it up and throw it into the garbage like cleaning up vomit. We should not have to keep returning to it but focus on our goals to co-create a better world. Once God told me, if satan gets my time he got me. Oh how many time he got me to fight my way out of his traps! Of course with Father's help. While they each are but a speckle of dirt in the holy canvas of Father's glory, we are no match to the craftiness of the dark ones. Together they can do a big mess so now the goal is to "divide and conquer" them and let them reap what they sow. That was the Lucifer manifesto in short. We must see it for what it is on our part, a waste of time to investigate further, because there is no telling how long it will take. All we can do is hold our light in support of Father and “resist the devil” instead of trying to make sense out of it. "To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted." This tells us we have no change to understand the depth of evil if our heart is pure and I want that, but must be careful not to entertain it unrecognized! They can project into animals of all kinds, snakes, rats, and so on. I believe that is what this darkened spirit was referring to when making treats to kill us. Inevitably, a war has causalities when we go to the enemy's territory, so just have wisdom to know the difference. Call for help if anything suspicious.         

I closing, once I read Jesus said to someone that satan was such a liar that he believed his own lies and that is so obvious. They really believe that they are right, because they have nothing left to believe in, it’s pathetic. They could never even comprehend that they were offered repentance and mercy, so blinded by their own doings and cannot find the way out of it. Satan's last words were "I am not despicable and I know that I am right". So just let then dwell in their own righteousness until they all perish and that is all what matters now. We must hold eternal vision and focus on the Light so that our eyes would not get dimmed by their crafty lies like that speech of yesterday from the voice of lucifer. Their weapon is to generate fear and that’s what he tried to accomplish. Hell NO! Whoever spoke, just silence him and all, and we do not care to know his name or location. Let us go forth with the Missions. Thank you Father, Michael, Jesus and all our Celestial Guides and family for all that you do. We are standing by to do our part, leaving all darkness behind.  


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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #13 on: June 01, 2021, 01:11:20 pm »
Thank you SongatSunrise. Thank you all.  

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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 30 MAY - A Day of Infamy
« Reply #14 on: June 02, 2021, 12:32:13 pm »
I raised the question once before about John in his book of Revelations about the Devil being chained in hell and unleash after a thousand years. I understand that could be a metaphor and the answer I got was John didn't recalled. I'm only bringing this up because no matter how many times it's been reported of the cleansing and the depersonalizations of rebels and insurrectionist they keep popping up. There is no end to their evil ways. Father is aware of all things but He allows His Subordinates to gain experience in handling these situations.
So in reality it's not too far fetch that hidden rebels in deep space could run amuck in a thousand years from now.