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« on: March 10, 2022, 03:09:53 am »
T/R: Lemuel
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 10th March 2022  07:00 Local  06:00 Z

Do you remember your teenage years?  You may have been a big headache
for your parents who often found you lounging in an armchair, gazing into
space, and obviously contemplating another world. Do you remember the
dreams you had, and how you imagined them all coming true? Do you
remember how you felt at that time?  You felt wonderfully excited!
Ah, "those were the days", you may say.

Well, those days are long gone! Are your dreams long gone as well?
You know what they say; "if you haven´t got a dream how do you expect
them to come true"? Also; "if you haven´t got a dream, what have you got"?

Your thoughts have power. Your imagination can create wonders, you know
that, so how is it that your dreams haven´t come true? You create your own
reality, this you also know but it was a pity that you were not taught this when 
you were young. A dream is a wish that comes from the heart, that´s why you
feel excited when you let your imagination run free. There is no limit, only
that which you set for yourself. So perhaps it is time for you to dream again.

Remember, we had a recent subject in which we talked about it being never
too late. Well, it is never too late to dream, and although your present dreams
will be totally different from your youthful ones, nevertheless, they are just
as valued as ever. Can you put a price on a dream? No, of course, you can´t
because dreams are priceless. Then if dreams are priceless, how could you
have discarded such treasures you once had?

It is never too late for anything, unless you are dead, then indeed it is too late.
Until death overtakes you, you are free to dream again and to feel again that 
excitement welling up from deep inside that stirs you to the very core of 
your being.

Relive your forgotten dreams and see if this time they come true.
They can and they will if they are for your highest good and for the highest
good of all, and that is something you would truly wish for. Is it not?

Until next time.

Good day.