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I posted this some time ago, but since our Lightline included the topic of fractals today, I thought it would be good to review. I certainly do not expect that you watch the entire 10 minutes, but thought some might find it interesting.  Notice the geometric  changes that take place to create the design(s).  Each level has a  mathematical precision related to the preceding and next level.   As a side note, this is what I envision infinity would look like if it was a visual thing. Where did the design begin?  Does it have an end?  The video shows it only as a snapshot of now, not what was before, and what is to come.

If you hit the pause button and just briefly study it, the complexities will really show up!

Hello everyone,
We heard from TARKUS on universe unity and we heard from Van as well. 
Also I am reposting a video under the artistic category on fractals that I posted a couple of years ago, as TARKUS used the example of fractal designs as part of his discussion on the unity between math and beauty as part of universe unity.

Hello Everyone,
Van was our MC, and we heard from JESUS, MICHAEL OF DOMINION, Mantutia Melchizedek, Machiventa Melchizedek. I that them all and those who attended this call.
Just for clarification on a question asked regarding the amount of time it would take for Urantia to enter the first stage of Light and Life. Keep in mind that there are seven stages of Light and Life before a planet can complete  Light and Life. Therefor it may take a few hundred years to begin the initial stage, but will take several millennia to complete the final stage.

« on: October 09, 2021, 02:28:17 am »
I thank MICHAEL OF NEBADON, Tyler and you Ron.  I see a lot of truth in these words and have had a session with Jesus that I will share on the Saturday Lightline. As to the answers to your questions you ask, I doubt if they are what you want me to see but.....

RON:  Why does matter have to be materialized?  You do not know.  Let the mind say what it is conjuring up about matter and describe it honestly to me in a statement and as questions that grow out of your feeling of non participation about accepting the process of materialization.

Amethyst:  Materialization allows humans and other low entities a vehicle of expression. Without materialization only spirit can exist and express, leaving no avenue for growth.

Ron:  Why do we learn how something is done to make matter appear when we have no sense about self origins which produce the plasma of pre matter?  Must I learn anything of the remote ancestory of universe building?  

Amethyst:  I cannot answer this, but only suggest that to know God as CREATOR, we will at some point need this understanding. 

Ron:  A million questions perhaps, but only those questions that pertain to your unease its all an abstraction.  Is it meaning less?  What meaning are you after you cannot find here in contemplating Absolutes or about administrative worlds to see over universe building or about Creator Sons and their career changes inside relentless universe changes to space they rule?

Amethyst:  What I see is ABSOLUTE DIVINE CONTROL. Nothing is ever left to chance and all is under the control of PRIME CREATOR, GOD.

Again, I don't exactly understand what you are fishing for here, but I do understand, (and have always understood) that AT SOME POINT, I must learn these things well. Yes I do see my human mind as inadequate NOW, but not in the future.

I also want to acknowledge the quote from SAI BABA from occerpa. Thank you. I see this as true and important.

« on: October 08, 2021, 01:34:24 am »
I have read this as carefully as my mind can do and I have a question about the comprehension of this kind of difficult material. Is our understanding of these concepts compromised because we do not yet have mota?  The UB implied that mota will help us with wisdom and soul growth, but I don't recall it saying anything about dealing with difficult concepts. Do mansion world students understand all of this much better than we do, or is this something that grows slowly in our ascension as we achieve the various levels of universe reality as we move towards Paradise?  There is so much that I think is, at least at this time, beyond my full  comprehension and I wonder if my inability to "get" all of this will slow my ascension career.  I can get glimpses and snippets, but am not able to stitch it into a more complete understanding. 

Hello everyone,
We heard from a wide variety of beings. Van and Bree were present and gave us transmissions. We also heard fron the CIRCLE OF INFINITY and THE DEITY ABSOLUTE. Elise transmitted Machiventa Melchizedek. We heard from Power Directer 4 regarding the core of the planet. Ron received MICHAEL OF NEBADON, RAYSON and MONJORONSON.  I thank them all.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: THE CIRCLE OF INFINITY
« on: October 03, 2021, 10:03:05 pm »
Thank you CIRCLE OF INFINITY and Lemuel. We need this encouragement. Lemuel, I hope you are feeling better.  :)

What a surprising revelation on Jesus tucked away under this category. His return is back on the front burner and ready, it seems. HALLELUJAH!

Hello everyone,
Van was our MC and TARKUS attended as an observer. We heard from Machiventa Mechizedek, MONJORONSON, and very briefly from Bree. We got a great deal of new information through Ron from Machiventa Mechizedek, The MOST HIGHS (Vorondadek Sons), MASTER SPIRITS seven, AYA, MASTER SPIRIT 5, MANTRANAYA, MASTER SPIRIT four, LUMINAYA, JESUS, THE UNIVERSAL FATHER, and MICHAEL OF NEBADON. We also heard from the ANCIENTS OF DAYS. There is a lot to unpack.

As an aside, I apologize for all of the fidgety sounds on the recording. I think that was me. I tend to forget that every movement I make will be recorded. I need to be more careful.

Hello all--
Van was our MC. We heard from the UNIVERSAL FATHER, TARKUS, Machiventa Melchizedek.  There was a lot of interesting discussion on the motives that cause rebellion. I thank all celestials and callers who participated.

Hello everyone,
Van was our MC. We heard from TARKUS, Khalil Gibran, and Ron provided a great deal of information from the MOST HIGHS, and John Foster Dulles through MICHAEL OF NEBADON and THE UNIVERSAL FATHER. I encourage all to listen as it provides a great deal of insight.

Hello everyone,
We had a good call. Van was our MC and TARKUS was there to observe and provide protection to the call. We heard from Van, TARKUS, and Bree, who was in phase for THE UNIVERSAL FATHER and CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY NUMBER 6. These transmissions were followed by a good discussion and I thank all of the celestials and human participants.

OK. I'll start the questions because I have so many and forgive me Ron if I ask things that you think I should already know, but there is just so much to unpack here. So please bear with me.

1.  You said this is a change in our planetary government. Does this mean that Machivnta Melchizedek is no longer our Planetary manager?

Ron here:  Machiventa says he is staying and that he heads the Urantia government and especially with all of these changes coming about, there needs to be a firm Melchizedek in charge.  "I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I am in charge of the new planetary government of Urantia."

2. Do these morontia "companions" replace the jobs that were done by our seraphim in the old universe age?  Can, or will they make themselves known to us at some point?

Ron- Yes and no.  The planetary seraphim act nonchalantly about this change but they should understand what they used to do on Urantia is now changed so radically they may no longer recognize it as the same planet.  The morontial companions as you call them are ready to serve Ron royally when he departs Urantia finally and they know him inside and out but the seraphim who used to attend him know him well too and there will be a small battle to see who gets to go with them.  Yes, Amethyst, the morontial companions are not called that but that is a good name for the concept too and they do take the place of the seraphic corp entirely on Urantia so that the supreme Ron detests as to his policy has no bearing on your or the rest attending these Lightlines and Streaming they afford too.

3. Does this affect the changes being made to our bodies for any life extension or is that now off the table?

Ron -  Yes.  Beyond that I do not know much as I have to learn all of this too as it was not taught to me before today's Lightline.

4.  Does this impact or change the plans for all the missions on the table?  

Ron - [MICHAEL OF NEBADON] "The Missions already knew these plans over a year ago but only recently have they been fully approved for Urantia.  I dare not speculate as I do not know how this works precisely and Jesus and the Magisterial Sons have already incorporated these plans into their Mission.  Ron reminds Michael that he should explain just who is affected to begin with and that is everbody who is a host for a Lightline, everybody on Streaming audience and even many who do not attend these Lightline sessions.  All in all there are about 40 of you who are destined to work together under the new decree.  Ron says are we alone in our new home under these changes?  The answer is no, as you join the MIDSONITERS in their ascension careers as they are the only material forum in my Local Universe of Nebadon who has attained, with you, this level of spirit accomplishment.  K"

I listened on the streaming and then the tape, and again I replayed parts of the tape. I am trying to understand if they fit into already existing plans, or if it changes all the plans.

Thank you Ron

« on: September 11, 2021, 04:35:12 pm »
Wonderful job Dominick!  Very impressive. 

Hello everyone,
Thanks to all for the good turnout and discussion. Van was our MC. We also heard from JESUS, Machiventa Melchizedek, Elise's Thought Adjuster, and CHRIST MICHAEL.

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