Author Topic: Machiventa on Councils, Schools and the Revelatory work of Jesus  (Read 1910 times)

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Speaker: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: The Councils, the Schools and the Revelatory work of Jesus
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 02/10/2020 8pm (AEST)

Scribe: Dear Machiventa, I feel your presence and I sense you wish to speak, please go ahead and do so.


“Thank you. I would like to ask you to just be yourself when I am speaking. No need for any airs or graces or pretenses. I wish to just state the obvious as it has to be done to make clear the way it is to go forward for what Michael of Nebadon, the Ancients of Days and the Paradise Trinity wishes to use in the way of the business of reclaiming Urantia. Reclamation is mentioned due to the fact that Urantia was ransacked by the Lucifer Rebellion. It still is and we are intending to put a stop to it as it now stands to reason that the planet will suffer great losses in stature if no divine mission is planted well enough to gain human survival. 

“While in previous planetary governments and divine missions, more care was taken not to overwhelm the simple folk with higher intelligence but with the gradual progression of understanding such higher learning grants you. You are familiar with the way those ten councils were set up chiefly to involve a high level of skill and learning to take place with the inhabitants of the then era of the times of the Dalamatia schools. While this is a good start it ran into a stall as soon as the then planetary prince went into open rebellion with Lucifer. It placed these levels of schooling in disarray and eventually the leaders were forced to either leave or go along with the rebels. Some remained loyal as did Van and a few others. Now we fast forward to your century and are to reinstall a similar organisation and more in tune to the mores and cultures of your day. It is good that you read that paper (Paper 66) over again as those councils and schools were in good settings and would also be utilised on Urantia once more in various nations as it was all that time ago. Not much has changed in the way it can operate, the only thing that will change is in the nature in which Jesus wishes to go about the aspect of revelatory work, religion and ministry. 

“Adam and Eve are the ones to take on schools in the initial phase while the other councils will go about their more specific areas of specialty in dealing with the Urantian development. While the main three areas we touch on are science, philosophy and religion, there are other types of schooling that may be required in regards to animal management, agriculture, transportation, natural resource management and, more importantly, food production. This last one will be a necessity in relation to the earth changes that will wreak havoc to the food supply. Some areas will be decimated and other areas will be left unscathed. This is where there will be a lot of cross-border issues that will need to be ironed out in international emergencies. So much is to transpire, and the main issue to deal with is how the populations will respond to Jesus when he makes clear his purpose with humanity at large. This is a showstopper in more ways than one as the world becomes aware of the necessity of what he purports due to the planetary crisis that unfolds in all due respects. Many governments will crumble as a result and so the humans that remain will require leadership and a good set of directions as to how to deal with the changes and on going forward in a very different world they find themselves in. 

“I am greatly cheered that you are here to take this down for me as I need you and others to be taking more courage and faith to let this be as it may. Do not doubt your abilities nor be put off at the slightest critical juncture, we are all here with you in steering you forward. Your Adjuster is the true light that guides you and you are wise to trust your instincts as well as all that you are capable of in the psychic sense that is very much part of your mind endowments that attunes with Spirit. We commune with you just as you talk away with a friend. It is as close as that and that is why it is difficult at times for some of you to believe it. So there. Let it be and let us speak as that goes well in the way we deliberate here. Transmitting is a good task when you take the time to do it and let it flow as naturally as you are as relaxed as can be. No need to fret, or worry or strain to hear it as it turns out quite the opposite as if I speak like a friend to you. May I recall too that is the way Jesus did it with his friends too. His disciples just took those moments of asking and receiving of Jesus every time and they did get more by that way of exchange. So it is between I and any other of us in higher places that wishes to implore you with such lessons. Sephoris is learning as much as you all are and there it goes for most who come to aid Jesus and his work to help you. You are all disciples as you attune with your indwelling Thought Adjuster and give an ear to the Father within. We all do the same as we too are so inspired to take the moment of reflection, of meditation, in awe of the majesty of the Father of All who is very much present with you all and is to be praised. May I be forthcoming more in this way with you as you take a moment to ask of me to speak and I indeed will. I bid you well and I look forward to another session with you. God bless you and shalom my friends!”


T/R Note: Thank you Machiventa for coming forward to speak and I enjoyed such a more relaxed exchange and may these schools go well along with Jesus and all that may be for what Father would have for Urantia. Amen. Sue.