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May 29, 2021
The Trials To Come
T/R: R. Besser
York, PA 1030am Local Time

“This is the UNIVERSAL FATHER, and I beg to report you all need reminding that the trials for your planet are already at work.  For this reason we state the following:

“No one who understands this need apply, but if you are the usual person on this planet, you pay no attention to the sky signs any longer.  That is mostly thanks to your empirical views of your so-called up to date sciences, which need a sound thrashing to bring back the normal interest of the average person in the search for universal and mechanical truth in My universe.

“For that reason I state the following for all of you to ponder:

“We are now into the middle of the year shortly, that being June of the year 2021.  For that reason we state that the entire matter of timing with your needs to live and have faith that what we do is for the general well being of your planet, that such well being is now placed in secure rapport to be had again, but for a brief period, starting shortly, the entire matter of safety with the crustal condition on Urantia is fraught with upsets rarely ever experienced by mankind for this planet alone.

“The transmitter has been warned by the highest authority to brace for terroristic changes to the crust in the Indo-Pacific regions.  Other regions with exploding crustal movements are the usual candidates for the Pacific ring-of-fire and so on.  However, we must add another cautionary statement, and that is to remind you that in the United States there lies a tectonic plate situation which underlies the entire Mississippi valley, and it is now sheered and broken ever since the mammoth earth quakes of the early 1800's.  The earthquake which shook the lower Mississippi in 1811, which was ten times stronger than the 1906 San Francisco earthquake which in itself raised that city to the ground burning what did not fall.  

(Read the  huge damage caused by the 1811 Madrid Earthquake: )

“For this reason, we suggest to those who read this plainly, to worry where you live if you live near a lake or large river, as distant earthquakes affect streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers thousands of miles away as streams and the like often are associated with the fractures in the earth surface which collect water and it runs through them.

“The earthquake of 1811-1812 known for its ferocity, today would devastate the entire Mississippi basin and would destroy modern New Orleans and even damage Phoenix, Arizona.  The bells in New Hampshire hanging church spires rang and rattled when the1811-12 quakes kept coming.  That is hard to believe but please note in the reference given to you on the Internet above, the trial that was left behind on the Mississippi River in particular, was the loss of life not counted, but we know what it was, and at least four hundred (400) people died on the spot when the earth opened up and swallowed them whole.  

“Consider 400 people as a huge number when the total habitation of the region at the date of the 1811-12 earthquake was only about 3,500 souls farming the region at that time.  For reasons of our own, I remind all of you that the entire matter of disasters in the United States are few and far between, but beginning shortly the Madrid Earthquake might be restated in the same area once again, and that would force the Mississippi over its banks because the New Madrid quake zone now extends clear to Chicago and east to Lake Okeechobee, in Florida, a 37 mile long lake that contains so many fish now it nearly chokes on its own population.

“Lake Okeechobee is without restraint if breached, and could be breached due to the fact that it has a natural erosion factor on its south face, and that is where it is most vulnerable, could overflow with such rapid decrease of it volume it could drown many thousands of Florida residents before anyone could grasp what happened.

“For this reason we warn all of you that the entire region from Florida, westward to the Saint Louis Memorial Bridge, is open to utter confusion and disaster, and this, may I remind you, is in addition to the concomitant dangers of earthquakes on the west coastal areas of the United States, Mexico, and Central America and even northern South America too.  I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER and I must insist this be heard if not heeded, as the time is coming for all well living humans, especially in the United States, understand your normal living habits and means of support will vanish.

“I AM FATHER, and all else matters not, as this entire regime of truth is full of rabbit holes as to how and when such things can or could happen.  This scribe is without good views at the moment either but he keeps himself on the ready by preparing warnings and giving advice to be caring for each other and to each other.  As your FATHER I too stand ready to help where and when I can.  For that reason we state this too:

“No one need count the dead as they will be legion, but the death rate from the Corona virus in Delhi, India, is so prodigious, no one bothers to count those who depart.  Blood is not enough to contain the healing necessary for India now, as the loss of life is prodigious enough to cause Us alarm over how to transfer so many at once.  They are poor and decide very little about their fate for their future work, but many are good and honest people who fail to live long enough to maintain a workable relationship on a mansion world for ascension.  The sad case is many have no residence up here any longer either and we must count the dead as more or less permanent due to the lack of any development in the soul whatsoever.  

“I add this to the danger of earthquakes, as the Corona Virus is now epidemic in places seldom seeing such diseases and we make no amends.  I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER and I have made a genuine attempt to care for all on URANTIA but the natural tendencies of its people make it almost impossible to attend to their needs fully.  Until we speak again, I wish you a good day.  FATHER.”

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Major earthquake in the US and Canada on the 31st of May 2021. Is the count-down already started ? Take heed and be cautious.
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