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Lightline call for June 09
« on: June 09, 2021, 06:12:44 pm »
Hello everyone,
TARKUS was our MC.  We heard from ARCHANGEL RYAN and HENSON, and from Porche through Lemuel.   I thank them and all who attended or listened on the livestreaming.  Our next call is June 16.
p.s. When I listened to the tape, I heard all of the background noise.  I apologize.  I looked more closely at my headphone and realized that the microphone was touching my shoulder and this is the probable cause.  oops

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Re: Lightline call for June 09
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2021, 09:38:08 am »
Greetings everyone.Sorry I couldn't post this earlier as I had internet issues.
Hello everyone, here are the notes for the LLUSA/EU on Wednesday, June 09th 2021.
Elise: Hello everyone, this is LLUSA/EU and I  would like to welcome you all to the session on Wednesday, June 09th  2021.I am Elise SophiaVeronica opening the call for today and I would like to extend a warm welcome to the celestial speakers for today as well. Your host is Amethyst and I will give this over to her now.
Amethyst: Thank you Elise. I will start our Lightline today with a short prayer.
Beloved Heavenly Father we thank Thee so much for this opportunity to hear Your voice through the celestials. I ask for clear channel and correct information and I thank You so much for all that You do for each and every one of us and I thank  You so much for our Thought Adjusters wo lead and guide us each and every day. There is so much for us to be grateful for. So very much and I thank You for all of it.  Amen.
Okay. Having said that I am going to check for an MC and it looks like its Tarkas.
Tarkas: Yes Amethyst, this is Tarkas and I am your MC and as usual Van is here too. So your first speaker is Archangel Ryan. As you and he have been in contact with each other the last couple of days, he wanted to step and add to this Lightline call.
Archangel Ryan: This Archangel Ryan and I thank you Tarkas for your introduction. In the last day I’ve been in consultation with Amethyst and her Adjuster regarding the role she will be willing and able to do for the mission. We are still working out the details and may not have it finalized for a while. There are several others including Gabriel, Sen-sen, Hensen and others whose names you would not know who are currently involved with helping with the task of teaming up the volunteers with the assignments that are suitable for them and for the missions. This brings me to the message I want to give to all of you.
We are going to ask each of you who are interested to think about what you would like to do. This of course does not mean that you will be asked to do it but we must get an idea of where each of you stands and what you think. Give this serious thought. Many of you have skills and interests of which are not fully known to us. We need your input to make these teams the best possible ones they can be. We ask you for the time being that instead of emailing Ron unless you need a specific direction, make your thoughts known on the forum under the category General Discussion.
We all peruse the forum and read your posts and we are getting to know you. We know that almost to a person each of you have hopes of getting an assignment and to be honest we do have a great need for use of humans who can be the flesh and blood contact to go out and act on our behalf. One of the most necessary qualities we need is discretion.
That Is to say just because you know  who is doing what at the human level including yourself that you keep this information to yourself until the time comes to make things more public. Please do not just sit and hope you will be asked to participate without responding to this call. This is one of the best ways to get overlooked. So spend some time with your Adjuster and learn what his thoughts may be and mull them over. We are looking at many of you on the forum but are not quite sure how you feel about things and we need to know these things. While we hope to be able to use as many of your talents, skills and interests, we are scanning the entire globe for qualified individuals. By the time the teams begin to take shape you will be introduced to many new names and faces. This is an exciting time for all of us and we hope you celebrate along with us as we move forward. Both the transmitters and non-transmitters have to keep working and develop the skill. This is to be one of the basic requirements if at all possible. We do understand that for various reasons not every person will be able to transmit and those who do will have their own level of proficiency but it is important that you do the best that you can. Just as an aside I plan on spending time helping Amethyst with her organizational and administrative skills. She did study in-depth organizational behavior in college but has forgotten a lot and some of what she did learn is not the way we want to proceed anyway. You can get some help from us picking some of your skills that have not been used for some time and we will add our own touch as to how they can be fine-tuned
I feel that this is all I have to say to you at this time and I hope you take our words to heart and we will be looking at your posts on the forum as we continue to delve into the task of matching the best people to the right jobs. I am Archangel Ryan and I bid you a good day.
Amethyst: I thank Archangel Ryan and I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to transmit him on this call. Thank you Archangel Ryan. I turn to Tarkas again.
Tarkas: This is Tarkas. We have Hensen on the line.
Hensen: Thank you Tarkas. This is Hensen and I am a lesser known Magisterial Son to you and do most of my work in the background. I will be the MC for future Lightlines so look for me when you ask for an MC and I will be starting this work any day now. Also Van, Amadon and Miriam will be doing more as well. We may work individual or a pair depending on the day and the news we will direct the hosts to call upon transmitters for additional transmissions. So beginning next week be prepared to be asked to step forward with a transmission. Of course that does not mean you have to provide, it just means that we would like to see a greater variety of voices on each call. Also don’t worry if you are not a transmitter as we will not be calling on you unless we get a strong indication that you have something to say. Another change coming down the pipe is that you will be able to raise your hand during a transmission while it is fresh in your mind for a question or comment and we will let you speak as soon as the transmission ends. We want all of you to be as informed as possible and engage in discussions. I am Hensen and I give this back to Amethyst.
Amethyst: Thank you very much Hensen for being here and providing us this transmission. I return to Tarkas for further instructions.
Tarkas: I think this might be a good time to open it up for some Q&A.
Amethyst: Lemuel before you came on Jose did pose a question to me that you should be the one that answers because it applies to a transmission that you provided. So having said that bethinking of questions and get your hands raised up and I will get to them as soon as I can.
In the meantime I want to comment a little bit on some of the training that I had on my college training on organizational behavior. I don’t remember much of it because it was quite a long time ago. One of the things that happens when you have a large organization is something called unintended consequences. I’ m sure you all know what that means .Let me give you an example; It was back in the, I believe in John’s administration ( ) where he wanted to create what he called the great society and he wanted to help the underprivileged. So a law was passed that said that single mothers would get some government aide to help them raise their children in a better way with less strain and struggle on the mother. The intention was to provide help for these mothers while the consequences that resulted because of this were quite unintended. What happened was women begun to refuse getting married because they knew that if they got married there would be a man in the house and law specifically stated that if there was a man in the house they would not be eligible for this aide. This was intended for single mothers. So over the course of the last few decades the nuclear family has disintegrated in many, many places in this country. In fact a very large percentage of children now born are born to single mothers and this is something that really needs to be looked at and discussed by our leaders.
Another thing I learned was how hard it is for people in large organizations to think independently and creatively. If you have a large organization and two to three of the upper management people agree on one thing then the rest of the organization has the tendency to fall in line and become sycophants because they don’t want to interfere or upset the upper guys, remember those bobble heads back in the sixties that people used to put in the back of their cars and the heads would just bob up and down as the car drove down the road. They did this because they just wanted to go along to get along and they did not put their mind into a creative thought action because it would cause them more problems themselves. So as I try to remember what I learned at that time those are a couple of things that come to my mind. I see no hands raised so what am going to do is unmute Jose and Lemuel…
Jose: Thank you. Lemuel this question arose in my mind while you were transmitting Portia (Pilate’s wife) during the sentencing of Jesus to the cross and Portia indicated that she was there and heard what Jesus had to say that and that brought her to tears. So I was just wondering if you could transmit her and let us know what she heard from Jesus at that moment.
Lemuel: Yes Jose, thank you for the question. I got my Thought Adjuster here, in fact I remember feeling that myself. She was so moved not just what Jesus said but the way he said it. His very demeanor under such horrific circumstances as you can well imagine. In fact in her own words she kind of fell in love with him and she knew deep within her heart that this man could never do anything –he was innocent and for that reason she managed to persuade her husband, Pilate (who was the governor of Judea at that time as you all know), not to have anything to do with his case and that is why he literally washed his hands off the case. That was it in a nutshell. I felt the emotion at that time and you know it is really quite something and trying to imagine anyone really..I mean she was a very important woman and she would be like the first lady.( The president of the USA and the first lady.)Her husband, Pilate being the governor of Judea, he always went out of his way to please his boss in Rome which was Caesar of course and he wanted to keep the peace between the Romans and the Hebrews. So not to upset his superiors in Rome he made sure to leave all alone so to speak and listened  to what Portia said and he himself couldn’t find any guilt in him and that is why he washed his hands off the whole affair. So well I hope that answers your question Jose. Does it?
Jose: I want to know if it was possible to know what exactly did Jesus say or what exactly did he tell Portia in that hearing and she heard and  I would like to know what did Jesus say.
Lemuel: That is something else. I couldn’t possibly answer that. Alright I will see if I can get her. Hold on a moment.
Portia: Yes. Good evening every one. This is Portia and it is an excellent question. The only thing I can tell you at the moment from what I remember. He did not say anything negative about those who condemned him and this quite frankly took me aback. I really cannot remember his specific words but he spoke about the fact that he had spoken openly in public to those who listened to him and therefore why was he being accused of sedition and other things. This was the only thing he mentioned about those who accused him. Just a question why, why was he being accused? Without any words of anger or disappointment at those who accused him. No. On the contrary he was very mild speaking about it and this really touched me and not just me, there were others as well. As I say Pilate my husband was also moved and I managed to persuade him ‘Don’t have anything to do with it. Don’t have anything to do with the death of this man and so those are more or less the things that I remember Jose. They were words of non-criticism of those who accused him. I know that under the circumstances one would try to defend himself knowing that his life was on the line so to speak. It really was literally but he did not defend himself at all and in fact it was as though the very strength that he had and portrayed was in his total defenselessness. He had nothing to defend and in fact this was amazing really under the circumstances. So yes I was really moved. This is Portia and this is all I have to say. I thank you for the question and I bid you all a very good afternoon.
Lemuel: Thank you Portia. Thank you very much. Jose, I hope that helps you with your question. Thank you.
Jose: Yes it does. Thank you Portia and thank you Lemuel.
Lemuel: Ok. You are welcome Jose. You are welcome.
Ok Amethyst back to you.
Amethyst: Ok. Jose you mentioned another question that you had. Could you ask it again and maybe I can get some help on that?
Jose: Alright. Like I said before another question I’d preciously asked I don’t know if this is answerable but anyway I’m going to ask it. Eve, she defaulted because she met Serapatatia who was kind of a chief of the tribe close by there, recommended that she could have a child with him to upgrade the human species. I was just wondering if this individual, Serapatatia is around still and if we can find out a little bit about him.
Amethyst: Ok, let me see. Adam and Eve are not here today. Perhaps Tarkas can shed some light on this.
Tarkas: I thank you for the question Jose. Serapatatia was deeply dedicated to Caligastia and to the course of Lucifer and he along with the other rebels were condemned and lost their lives and he no longer exists. He has not existed for a considerable period of time. He was in one of the first groups to be executed because of his deeds during that time. I hope Jose this answers your question.
Jose: Oh yes. Amazing. Incredible. Good to know. Thank you very much. Thank you Tarkas.
Amethyst: Thank you Tarkas. Thank you very much. Am still not seeing any other hands up. Is there anyone who wants to step forward and ask a question or offer a comment?
Lemuel: Just a quick one. It was mentioned the other day that the Archangel Ryan now an Angel of Record for the return of Jesus as I understand it and also that he has been elevated again to Archangel Michael. I wonder if you can comment on this or ask Ryan for himself, if he is able to comment on this please. Thank you.
Archangel Ryan: Yes I understand this. Lemuel, we Archangels are take turns. We rotate our duties. We will serve in one particular capacity for an extended period of time and then we move on and we replace another Archangel with their duties. Think of it as a clock and every time the hour changes we rotate. My next scheduled rotation that is to take place is going to be to take the reins of Archangel Michael and that is scheduled to happen relatively shortly. So when I take on his task, I will refer to myself as Archangel Michael and whoever replaces me in my current duties will be Archangel Ryan at the time. I know that that might seem a bit confusing and puzzling but that’s how it is done. Does that answer your question Lemuel?
Lemuel: Yes completely. I understand that. Thank you very much indeed. Thank you.
Amethyst: Ok. Roger Raz had his hand up.
Roger Raz: Thank you. If I could follow up on that, Lemuel’s understood but I’m not sure that I did. How long in the chronology that Ryan gave us.. the reality changes.. Someone else’s duties and took that person’s name, how do they or we or anybody remember which one they originally were?
Amethyst: We probably won’t remember, won’t know but they were designed that way. We are used to names to use for identity. In many cases addition to identity, celestials use names to indicate their particular jobs or assignments. So we don’t have to worry about remembering that it just the way things are done in the Heavenly Realms. For example Tarkas was at one time used to be ,I believe a Midwayer am I right Tarkas?
Tarkas: Yes you are right Amethyst. My name was not Tarkas when I was Midwayer but it is Tarkas now and will be for as long as I serve in this particular level that I’m working on now. Up here we use names for our assignments just as much as we use them for identity. I know that it is confusing to the human mind but that is something that you will come to get used too. After you fuse with your Adjuster you will no longer use your human name. You will be given a totally different name. So your names will change with your growth and ascensions and our names do change with our different assignments and responsibilities. Does this help you Raz?
Roger Raz: Yes it does. Thank you Tarkas.
Amethyst: Ok. Thank you Tarkas.
Roger Raz: The question I was going to ask was as I remember growing up as a child over fifty years ago hearing about scientist’s warnings that the coast of California was going to fall into the ocean someday .I’m wondering will our scientists be aware of the cataclysms on the West coast before they happen or not till they happen?
Amethyst: That’s a good question. Ok. I’m going to bring in Tarkas on this one.
Tarkas: This is Tarkas. Roger Raz, your scientists are already aware of the extreme vulnerability that the west coast is exposed to. They are already fully aware of it. They cannot predict any exact date. They do not know if it is imminent or if it is fifty years from now or a hundred and fifty years from now. They are aware of the problem but that is all they are aware of. Even on High the Physical Controllers (I believe) are in somewhat of the same predicament. They know the danger is there and they know its imminence. They are able to much more closely hone in on a time range though they are saying very soon which is a subjective word but they too cannot give you a specific date. Just know that it is a very, very dicey situation as it stands now and the human scientists know it. They have tried their best to communicate this to the population without putting everyone in a panic. So everyone knows about what they call “the Big One”. Anybody on the West Coast, you say the Big one ad they know exactly what you are talking about because they have been warned and they know. The exact day and minute, this really no one knows. I hope that answers your question Raz.
Roger Raz: Yes. Thank you Tarkas. I have a couple of follow-up questions if I may. At one point we were told the likelihood of that occurrence, the tectonic plates collapsing on the West coast would suddenly be sunk. I’m assuming with what the Broadmoors told us a couple of weeks ago and some of the other discussions that that percentage is now higher. We still do not know if that’s going to be week, a month a year or later a century, is that correct?
Tarkas: That’s correct. There is no specific date.
Roger Raz: The other follow-up question I have is my understanding that these Lightlines are perform warnings to the populace in the coming cataclysms if there are going to be that unpredictable, how will our warnings be of assistance to the general population?
Amethyst: Well. This forum has already received the warnings regarding the West Coast and these warnings have been mentioned many times. There’s been ample opportunity given to those who choose to move out of that area time to do so. Some of them choose to stay and some of them are moving out so they have already been warned.  But again a specific day we can’t say “Get out of Dodge by 5 o’clock on Tuesday.” It just doesn’t work that way. We have already informed them there is danger. They know this. They have been informed many times and they have been given time to make changes should they choose to do so. But that’s the best we can do for them. Does that help?
Roger Raz: Yes. Thank you.
Amethyst: Ok. Alright. Did you have anything else Raz?
Roger Raz: No
Amethyst: Ok.
Lemuel: Can I step in Amethyst and add something to that please? For Raz.
Amethyst: Yes. Of course.
Lemuel: I think one of the most important things that we must remember is that the initial reason for Lightline is to be informed in real time and this is why it is so terribly important that the transmitters are able to have a permanent connection if possible with their beloved Thought Adjusters. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have Lightlines on a weekly basis, throughout the world there is one every day or nights as you are aware of. Hopefully if something terrible happens, then within a very space of time we are going to be informed but nevertheless there may be circumstances of such tremendous proportions that it might just be down to one or two persons. I’m talking about those of us on the forum and perhaps others throughout the world that are in fact able to have information directly from their Thought Adjusters (because the Thought Adjusters will know, there is no question about that).Remember the Thought Adjusters are spirit and so they will know. The problem is if someone is able to receive that and this is where the transmitters come into their own. I hope that answers your question a bit more Raz. Thank you. Ok.
Amethyst: Thank you Lemuel. Raz does that help?
Roger Raz: Yes does help. Thank you Lemuel. But I do have another follow-up question if I may. This is somewhat related to what you were just saying Lemuel and also to what Archangel Ryan was saying and asking us to post on the forum our interest and our abilities. I’m wondering,… our Thought Adjusters know us better than anyone else. How is it that they would like us to post our abilities on the forum?  Is that more of a statement of our intentions? Because out Thought Adjusters know more than we do what our abilities and capabilities might be.
Amethyst: Ok. Roger Raz. Let me just say a couple of things then I’ll give it back to Lemuel. The point of putting it on the forum is just to;
No.1 State your intentions
No.2 State your skills and interests and we can just use these.
You will be getting this information from your Thought Adjuster and through your Thought Adjuster put it on the forum. Ok Lemuel go ahead.
Lemuel: I will go public now and say what I intend to put on the forum. First of  all before I do that, just to answer you more specifically, I always suggest to people, ”If you have to think about it, then there is obviously doubt.” So this is something that you must feel in your heart and I think in you heart of hearts you know what you are most interested in and so that’s for you to decide with your heart, not your mind. You must feel it of course.
 In my case and obviously I’m ex-military and I intend to put on to the forum that this is my interest. If there is anything to do, if Father has His own army them of course I volunteer and take one pace forward immediately and I volunteer to work as a soldier in any place in the world. Or if the Melchizedeks have security forces or anything like that. That would be my main interest because this is something that I feel and as I’ve said many times “once a soldier always a soldier”. I was a good professional soldier and I still am at heart so that’s what I intend to do. So this is what I would suggest to anyone, you must feel you are what you are and I’m sure you do. It’s just a question of feeling it. If there is doubt England we say “If there is doubt, Do nowt”. This is something you feel. You don’t have to think about it. Ok. That’s it….
Amethyst: Very good advice Lemuel. You are absolutely spot-on on that. Ok.
Valerie: Thank you Amethyst. I just had a thought when we were talking about name changes that here on Urantia we have family names which are reflecting on activities like Smith or Butcher. I mean in the old days nowadays this not very much like that..We tried to reflect on our profession. I was listening to the Lightline yesterday and all these questions come because for me actually I do know this kind of happened but it was put on a different reason but it still surprised me that the soul,our soul was already trained to the fullest in the Mansion World and have the skills and  have a new name because Ron’s soul was speaking under a new name and was just so independent from Ron that it really surprised me and I don’t believe I understand this.
Amethyst: I think that’s an excellent question Valerie. It kind of took me by surprise too. Now Ron happens to be on the call today so I would like it f Ron would address that.
Would you address that Ron?
Ron: Tell me again what I’m to address again
Valerie: I was wondering about that your soul was completely independent from you while speaking. That we were told that our souls were already trained on the Mansion Worlds and we are going to be surprised but we know and that was a bit of surprise to me because we know we can have out of body experience even on ….. But I had not been aware that it has a new name for the soul and the soul talked to you like it was a completely new entity. That’s what I don’t quite understand.
Ron: Well, first of all understand that the soul goes through phases of growth like you do Valerie, and like everyone else (others). The soul is initiated with you, through you and remains with until about age 25. After that age, somewhere in there, the soul is often given permission to detach and be trained on the Mansion Worlds for various aspects it needs to know to help you spiritually grow as well. That my Adjuster has been on the Mansion World now for thirteen (13) and half years. I have regularly a conversation with some people on the Mansion Worlds through the soul. I can speak to them as though they are my neighbors. They don’t allow a lot of it mainly because they don’t want to reveal what the soul knows back to me as my future life. Now when you die Valerie, that soul is already attached to you. They know your moment and as a result, everything that needs to be remodeled into the soul for you to be there is remodeled in and then when you close your eyes for the last time, you step out and you can even look back at your body. You are the soul, you are you and everything else the soul used to be. Now you are in command and you are you through the repository of the soul. Yes ( they are independent).They have to be to be able to train separately from you. I am getting a tap on my shoulder. Just a minute.
Michael of Nebadon: This is Michael of Nebadon, Ron. Beautifully stated. Valerie listen to it carefully. Ron has it right to the ounce. What the soul must do and replicate for you to be you. For that reason we are now going to transfer you to the Mansion Worlds where Ron’s soul is very active right now and the soul wishes to speak.
Ron’s Soul: I’m, Ron’s soul. I can speak independently because Valerie, your soul and I Ron’s soul, have our own mind and our own means of communication with the higher spirits. Ron has managed to synchronize with me, the soul so well I can speak from the Mansion Worlds anything I want to tell him and he takes it very well. Most people do not. You Valerie would be a mess if they told you everything you could know about where your training is taking place. For that reason, I am providing you this idea Valerie. I’m Ron’s soul. I can see Ron sitting at the desk transmitting but I’m here on the Mansion Worlds. How do I see Ron? Well, me being morontial and near spirit, I can fold space. That’s totally alien to you. But we can do it. I can look at Ron as though he is fifty feet from me when he is in fact thirteen light years from me. So you do not comprehend or would not comprehend .All I can tell you, Ron understands this but you do not and you would be upset. So therefore the independence of the soul is necessary but we frequently never tell you. I turn you back to Ron.
Ron: Yes Valerie.
Valerie: Thank you. I just have a question there. So when the soul is at the Mansion World from me, then what is left of me here on planet Earth is the flesh only and my mind? Then I communicate with the soul so to speak during the life time?
Ron: You communicate through your Adjuster to the soul. You don’t do it directly like I am doing.
Valerie: Ok. Thank you. This is very interesting. Basically I don’t have a soul for the time being.
Ron: You do Valerie. It’s not either or. The soul is always in connection to you. It’s just that the physical presence, when the education starts, that the soul is literally dependent on the Mansion World for the teachers. Let me tell you something interesting. During the Lucifer rebellion, all of the Angels that helped the soul transfer to the Mansion Worlds are called Transition Angels, almost all the Transition Angels were snared by the Lucifer rebellion and we lost over half of them due to the adjudication of the Ancients of Days and were depersonalized. You have an Angel who is a Transition Angel standing by your side right now. I do not have that Angel primarily because I can make direct that contact. Your Transition Angel is the one that keeps you two together regardless of them being on the Mansion Worlds. That should help you.
Valerie: This is amazing information. Thank you very much. I have one little question. So my soul is able to communicate with my loved ones who are already on the Mansion worlds?
Ron: That’s a different story. Yes, they are aware of you but are not allowed to communicate. The reason is that if everyone communicated back to their planet of origin there would be no communication circuits that were ever empty. It is really a means to keep communication open rather than inundate it like we do our telephone service down here and nobody can make a call sometimes. So your loved ones are not permitted to speak to you directly but they are in contact with you. They know your life. They know what’s going on. They know your concerns. They have nothing to say directly.
Valerie: That’s interesting. Thank you. Now one more question about the soul. So the soul has a different name, is that the name I will have there when I arrive at the Mansion World?
Ron: Yes you will use it primarily after resurrection then that name will change when you fuse.
Valerie: I received the name Victoria. Would that be my soul’s name?
Ron: I told you before Valerie, Victoria was the name of your Guardian.
Valerie: Oh. Ok. I’m sorry if you told me and did not remember. I’m, sure you did but I have a lot of new information to ponder. Ok. Thank you so very much. One more question and it’s not about the soul. It’s about yesterday’s Lightline because we understood that Remway and Semway will be the Magisterial Sons coming with the Magisterial Missions which again changed to be right now or very soon? But I also heard that Monjoronson will also reincarnate and you said you would like to shake his hand. So I got a bit confused there because a Lightline before we were told that him and Serara stepped back and other sons have come in their place so could you please clarify.
Ron: Yeah. I see the point. May I suggest that you don’t worry about all the in-betweens that we speak to. When it finally happens you will have it clarified for good. Even what we said yesterday is still the subject of an enquiry by the Father. It may change yet. So don’t worry about it. You got approximately right. Stay with it. It’s good enough for now.
Valerie: Yes. That’s a good answer because that makes it clear. So thank you very much.
Ron: You’re welcome. I turn this back to you Amethyst.
Amethyst: Ok. You are finished Valerie?
Valerie: Yes. Thank you.
Amethyst: I thank you very much Ron for stepping in and answering Valerie’s questions.
Does anyone have a comment that they would like to make before I close this down?
Jose: I just want to wish Ron a Happy birthday again.
Amethyst: Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Happy birthday Ron. Ok. Now that we’ve gotten all that taken care of.
Ron: There’s some sort of mix up going on. I’m finally being able to come back in. Thank you so much Jose. I appreciate it, the old man does. Thank you.
Jose: You’re welcome.
Ron: I do have something from Tarkas.
Tarkas: Thank you Ron. It is Tarkas to say to you Amethyst that the trails that you are experiencing today are not unusual for you. But Ron is discovering that the trials for the Lightline processes are all askew today primarily because the company that services you is being inundated with calls for conference calls. As a result the equipment is not behaving very well again and we just wat to alert you to the fact that when your dashboard starts to act up, don’t blame yourself blame the service for the most part.
Amethyst: Yeah, yeah. We’ve had enough problems with the service that I’m kind of getting used to its kind of part of the landscape.
Ron: Yes Tarkas is that all?
Tarkas: Yes it is Ron. Thank you.
Ron: Thank you Amethyst go ahead please.
Amethyst: Alright, alright, Ok. I thank Tarkas for being our MC; I thank Archangel Ryan and Hensen. I hope I didn’t leave anybody out.
I thank each and every one of you for attending and with that I’m going to shut down…
I’m going to thank each and every one of you. I love it when I have a good number on the calls. We had 11 on the call here today and I appreciate the attendance from each and every one of you. I’m going to say good bye and I’m going to end our call for today and I hope you will be here next Wednesday. Saturday Ron will be taking the call. My next call will be next Wednesday. Thank you everyone.

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Re: Lightline call for June 09
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2021, 02:12:34 pm »
Thank you Mr dear Moses. Thank dear All