Author Topic: We are roughly Homo Spiritus or aren’t we?  (Read 750 times)

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We are roughly Homo Spiritus or aren’t we?
« on: July 16, 2021, 11:26:13 pm »
This was alluded to by Adam and Eve in Ron’s post (You Need to Know This clarification fact)  and I quote;

"Homo Sapiens is a failed species now.  Most of you are Homo Sapiens, but a few of you are already Homo Spiritus.  Most on this discussion forum, roughly 100 of you as members are also roughly Homo Spiritus.  The most active Homo Spiritus are Hosts of LIGHTLINE and you should be proud to be yourselves very soon, as the gift to those who provide these early services of what is to become the Second Return of Jesus to initiate the new line of spiritual humans as Homo Spiritus, is a grand reunion with their souls, not on Urantia, but on the old Salvington sphere of Ascension.  That has never been revealed before, and maybe it is premature to reveal it now.”

[ADAM and EVE speak again]  "WE now are using the new reflectivity apparatus installed while the Tuesday Lightline was operating yesterday the 30 of March.  The 30th of March is the true date of the Last Supper, Ron keeps reminding himself of, and so should you.  Be aware it has a tremendous value to be retaught on Urantia when Jesus has the time to start putting pieces of history back together for a war torn world of Urantia.
 "WE are now at the point to speak fully about HOMO SPIRITUS.
 "That creature is already among you and Ron is a great example of what they can be like.  So is Clency and so is Lemuel and much like Amethyst when she can reorient herself to not fussing with a ridiculous operation that family of hers puts her through.  Elise and Rene Duran you are on your way but need to condition yourselves slowly enough you do not get headaches like Ron gets so much of and such ringing in his ears he wonders who is hitting bell bolls in his head.   The rest of you like Larry Gossett have a while to go, not because you are slow, but because you are too busy to attend to your need to worship.  WORSHIP.
 "That said, HOMO SPIRITUS  has one huge drawback.  He does not like marriage contracts which send endless chilblains down Ron's back over the harsh conditions it places on parents once they are done raising children.  WE are not going to change that arrangement of contractual marriage but we are going to tell the church it is no longer a sacrament.
 "For reasons of State, we dismiss a full disclosure here, but the coming EPOCHAL REVELATION will have a full section devoted to sexuality and marriage and partnerships, and maybe the business of gay and straight will be better understood by all instead of a few.

"WE conclude this section on HOMO SPIRITUS to tell you all must understand it before exercising it, and it is human but more spiritually inclined. It is not an ephemeral like Mr. Barnes in the Homer Simpson series becomes on drugs and glows in the dark, but a perfectly good appearing human you all are but is modified not to grow fat or chunky like so many do now.
 "Further, HOMO SPIRITUS, adds a hundred years to the life span of the present Homo Sapiens.  In addition HOMO SPIRITUS is ready for marriage at fourteen not ever, but at thirty-five in all probability and will be restricted to two children period.  

Conclusion: A majority of us will be watching the unfolding of Homo Spiritus from the great beyond in our Morontial Life since we were not born Homo Spiritus but Homo Sapien. In any case, we will have had our time on Urantia. I must say pioneering a New Universe Age is intriguing indeed. That will remain part of the legacy of Homo Sapien. Thank you for reading.

Love and Blessings,
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Re: We are roughly Homo Spiritus or aren’t we?
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2021, 09:23:11 am »
Thank you Moses for your interesting post.

Indeed we still have little information on 'sexuality and marriage and partnerships, and maybe the business of gay and straight' here on Urantia. While waiting for the coming EPOCHAL REVELATION a little information can be found in 'The Origins of AIDS and Autism'. Starting with the section title at the bottom of page 79, in four pages you can read a bit about fivefold gender construction on this planet and of chromosome 185.