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Machiventa on the Subjects of MOVERS AND SHAKERS


Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Movers and Shakers
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 26/07/2021 11.00am(AEST)

“This is Machiventa.

“The subject today is to do with the term “Movers and Shakers”. In the case of the coming earth tilt of its axis, this is the Shakers. In light of the Shaker, it will require planetary emergency management and education, hence the Movers. One thing leads to another. This is an unfortunate event. Not by your doing but by the doing in part by those who tamper in rebellion and cause a planet to lose its own stability as well as the monmatia sun in its heat bearing light. The Power Directors do what they can to remediate the problematic areas that can be changed but to a certain extent. Now it is not preventable as the earth’s core does have its own metabolism to carry and ameliorate on its own but it also means it changes its external drives, hence the surface movements will slide in dealing with the imbalance due to the core in its turn to right itself. It can explode if it does not do what it has to to balance the heat overdrive.

"The sun is also another set of problems that it too presents a lack of strength in nutrients as it radiates to the planets in the solar system. It therefore becomes a light star and not a heat star. By the light star the sun just gives a light but no heat source or nutrients and so it lacks the radiance it once had to support life on planets that have plant life. You are of plant life, biological in nature that have its origin in the Life Carriers that bring an upstage of life plantation and purpose.

“I bring you the subject of Movers and Shakers because this is the term that now takes place, although it does occur in other inhabited worlds of time and space. They too undergo such changes but not to the rapid extent your planet will undergo shortly. This will cause a huge shock to many inhabitants who are not prepared for such disasters they cannot avoid. Such that many will be caught up in the disasters and will lose life as a result. Some things are avoidable, others are not. Some things are preventable and others are not. It comes down to the very essence of where and when these events happen and for you to be vigilant. It causes you, who are so, to be on the watch and act according to what is necessary to basically get out of the way of natural disasters when they occur in your vicinity. Forget the planetary view, although that too is transpiring, it remains in your best interest to do what you have to do in your immediate vicinity to survive as best as you can. What is safe is where you need to be. Some places are safer than others and that is for you to know and go to. What we do is to point you in the right direction and wait for you to act on it.

“As Movers, we do what we can and it is up to you to pick up on it and act accordingly. We are caring for your safety and well-being as best as we can. Although there will be at times in various places, emergency rescue will be required where certain individuals are not able to escape looming disasters. Huge migrations of people will emerge and certain border crossing will occur. This will also cause much demand on those resources that certain nations cannot afford where all else fails around them. The people, either the locals or visitors from other places, will need to work together to find some common ground of support for one another. It will also need leaders in the pack to allow the leadership to support the views of survival. Teachers will also be needed in areas of survival techniques, technology, mechanics and innovation to create ways of food generation, water purity and energy generation to keep people warm and comfortable. It will soon come a time of sustainable practices in the way it will support and flourish as this too becomes an efficient means of self sustainable life rather than the previous days of mass production and waste. You already know how the problem of plastic waste winds up in the world's oceans and causes problems for sea life as they too will grow hungry due to the ingestion of plastic in their internal organs. They are not getting the sustenance and as a result makes them more hungry. Sharks will go for humans too! Watch out as the sea life will turn on anything they can eat to survive too.

“So as you can see the very survival of life on the planet is at stake. The very use of your resources must be sustainable and efficient and not wasteful because what you make can create others uses as well. As your Planetary Manager, I will steer the committee meeting that oversees the world's resources, hence it will be a Planetary Resource Management Committee. In this way we will unite in ways to prevent waste and unnecessary use of resources. There is much to support life but it is a requirement to be more responsible in how you use it and consume it. Your life mechanism requires certain nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates to live and so it only needs a certain amount in each life form. The creation of food will change in line with the necessary requirements of the human form to thrive. It is not necessary to have so much mass production of everything. It is rather more suitable to concentrate on the bare necessity for life organisms to maintain itself. The world all over will change in the way it eats, lives and interacts. If food is a start, then what follows naturally is the way we support life on a beautiful planet. The planet will emerge with new lands as a result of all the upheavals of the crustal movements. You will encounter new ways to grow things and to find fresh lands that were never there before. Old lands will perish into the sea and hence certain infrastructure will also be gone. This is why it is so important to come together to learn new ways to produce food, water and energy to support the very necessity of human life on a planet that has gone through a huge change in life mechanisms.

“I stand ready with you and will be here to teach as I always do to support you in the endeavours to understand what can be done and to do it well. I have those in my Order also ready to assist those many in various places to know what to do when the time comes. It soon becomes obvious that there are Master Teachers among you who are wise beyond years to steer you in the direction of sustainable living and resource management. This is the crux of the work we are among you and it supports your interest as well. Much can be done when we are calm and able to absorb the new way of living. Gone are the days of old as you will find it no longer serves you. That is the time of the old “House that Jack built” and “Jack” is gone. Now it is the day of Renewal and Revival of the Human who becomes Homo Spiritus. It is this new form that envelopes in with the Infinite Spirit that indwells each of you. Your Thought Adjuster who guides you to the Father of All. So it is with this guidance, you know there is a direction and an ascension. Life on the planet is not the end for you but your very beginnings in your journey with the great Source of All and onwards into the eternal life beyond this one you know of.

“Those who pass over will resurrect and continue their life journey and you will meet with so many as well and learn a great deal more than already is available to you now. There is so much to gain in listening with us as we communicate and get you ready for the big blue beyond as there really is a huge big journey you are going to be knocked off your seat literally!

“Anyhow, at least you know what lies ahead, for now we need to focus on the here and now and take one step at a time as you deal with what is in front of you. For now you feel at least a failure and a hopeless nothing but let me assure you that most of you may feel that way for one reason. You are in hiding for the very purpose of being ready and useful for the times of great Renewal. This is when you will really shine because it is when you come out of the woods and stand ready with those who embrace the changes and the light that is within each of you. Right now you feel like a rusty can in the woods, but even though you are, you are still a useful can anyhow even though it rusts in the winds. The can never loses its shape or form and it still can hold water well. So too, do you go about your chores as usual right up until the times of Renewal where you will come out of the rust, polished up and beam all that you are the Father has fashioned so well in you all this time. You will be called the Lightbearers, the Truth Seekers and the Heart of God. They do not know it yet but they will. It takes great weather to bring out the best in you and so it takes shape and form and rises out of the ashes of rust to stand like a tall poppy in the field of many flowers. So as you can see while there may be trailblazers. Ron is one of them, he leads the way along with the Masters he speaks of. Jesus is one, Machiventa is one, Tarkas is one, Van is one and many more who come in the name of the FATHER. I ask that you capitalise the word FATHER. That is because He is your true Source and Centre of All as is ours. THE I AM THAT I AM.

“Let me speak further, I know this is a lengthy session but one that needs to be made at this time. I wish to also speak to you about the Movers. We who are among you will make ourselves known in a way you will recognise. When we do, we give off a light that you can recognise as your own with your Adjuster. When you are so attuned you will know it is me when I speak. I am Machiventa, we all come to you with our name first. Then we state our purpose and our intention in a message. This is one of them. This is the first of many in these times of change coming. You are a messenger who listens and takes the message at verbiage with me in your mind as one with mine. Yes messengers have Adjusters so attuned and are at oneness with the cosmic broadcasting circuit that presents these messages as they come to the mind of the messenger. I speak this term “messenger” as that is something that most people can accept although it is “transmitter” in our way of seeing it. As “transmitters” you are doing the work of a “messenger” in the world that requires such intelligence to be relayed. It is done in a telepathic way as well as intuitive with the Adjuster. It is a complex subject. But suffice to say, it is well done in those who have reached the psychic circle level of 3 and up and are attuned with the Adjuster within.

“I speak at length here due to the ability of this messenger to have the stamina to continue and I applaud her for it. I require a steady mind and a willing heart to do this.

“When you are ready, please transmit me, all of you. There are some of you who can do this and those of you who can please do it now. Call me and I am ready with you to speak with you. There is much ground to cover to speak to the changes and the preparation you will need to support you as the days come and things get pulled down all around you. So much so there is no electricity, no water, no food, no petrol. How do you sustain yourself? How do you know what to do? How do you keep your sanity? When you are able to sit still in prayer and listen to the voice within, take the notes and write them down, it will form a sentence, then a paragraph and then a story for you to see. It is there to inspire you, to steer you, to guide you in your way each day. The days will grow long as is the night. You may get weary, tired and hungry but the attunement in you will sustain you, did you not know the body can be uprighted by the sheer consumption of spiritual light that refreshes all your circuitry that runs in you?

“That is a revelation you just got and one that really opens the door to the capacity that you have in your form. There is the ability to sustain oneself in the Spirit and that in turn will sustain your life mechanisms. Such that you will not be hungry nor thirsty nor weary. The energy of the Father will sustain you through the days of so much lacking for human sustenance in a world of disruption. This is the early days of the Homo Spiritus and you are on the cusp of it. Soon you will come to realise it and acknowledge it. This one who makes this message is one that knows it now among so many of you who do this work already. Such messengers are already in the days of Homo Spiritus per se.

“Sue had to look that up “per se” and yes I did say that! I mean it. Look that up and you will see what I mean for you. Yes literally of itself you are becoming and are. So what I mean is that when you are so inclined with the Father within you are in essence very much in Spirit and in Love. That in itself speaks volumes. It will take a book to understand that and it is very much lacking in your understanding because you humans have been kept in quarantine and in the dark for way too long due to the Lucifer Rebellion and that has not been a healthy one for any of you. However,  even though you have gone through the valley of death, you have come to “see” the Father in your lives by your faith. Agondonter is the word for that. Seeing with Faith. This takes a lot of experience along the way to acquire, it takes understanding and wisdom to see and to know of. Father lives in you. In essence, in spirit and in your very energy. He is everything. As the Source and Centre of All, he is truly the great I AM. You know this term as a source term and as an identity of personality. Yes he is personal as well as pre-personal. That term makes it illogical in your mind but due to the infinite characteristics of the personality, pre-personal is an infinity tag. One that denotes timelessness. There is no beginning or ending as I AM simply IS. This truth takes time for time creatures to absorb and grasp. It is why you require the ascension program to digest all of it for oneself. That is why it is so important for you to have the Master Teachers among you to learn of such truths and to grow in them for your own potential.

“Your potential is ahead of you and you are growing already. There is way more to go and there is such an exciting adventure ahead that encapsulates all that the Father has for you to encounter. One that comprises so much of the abilities you are yet to discover in oneself. Jesus has mastered most, if not all of them, and is now a Creator Son in his own right. One that has learned to come to terms with the great I AM and its infinite purposes still unfolding as we speak. It is one great painting and a beauty to behold. Great is the Lord indeed!

“So I come to close with this one as the story is still a lot and this will have to end just now to allow for all of this to sink in. I will have more to say and look forward to it with you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek at your service. Good day."


T/R Note: I got up and did some chores, Machiventa asked me not to delay posting this message as it must be placed at this time. So I post without delay. Thank you Machiventa. Sue.

Moses Ouko:
Thank you so much for posting this transmission. Thank you very much Machiventa for your words. There is so much to read between the lines and digest. Thank you for the revelations.

That the Lucifer rebellion and quarantine deprived us of so much for so long as humans of Urantia, we say to that-‘It is what it is’ and we look forward to a bright and promising future with so many possibilities with the emergence of Homo Spiritus.

--- Quote ---The days will grow long as is the night. You may get weary, tired and hungry but the attunement in you will sustain you, did you not know the body can be up righted by the sheer consumption of spiritual light that refreshes all your circuitry that runs in you?

That is a revelation you just got and one that really opens the door to the capacity that you have in your form. There is the ability to sustain oneself in the Spirit and that in turn will sustain your life mechanisms. Such that you will not be hungry nor thirsty nor weary. The energy of the Father will sustain you through the days of so much lacking for human sustenance in a world of disruption.
--- End quote ---

This revelation in particular brings to my mind the Bible verse in Isaiah 40:31  “But those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not get weary; they will walk and not grow weak.”

Thank you once again and God Bless.

Love and Blessings,

Majesthia Gondo:
Thank you Machiventa, and Sue for this information. 


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