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Deposition requires standards of governance
« on: September 19, 2021, 12:26:49 pm »
Sept 19th

What may have worked for you, you may have had to ask for a special understanding, and exception to a rule, a spin from something the community might not recognize enough to accept well.

It is the immature or growth part of the human experience to, at that point, accept your experiences as fact, and others as fiction.  It is at this stage of the lesson, normally, we’d apply the lessons on uniformity-unity, or how all spiritual roads of lead to the Father.  This is somewhat difficult under rebellious circumstances when the measure is the spiritual fruits thereof.  Hard to measure when third parties are spoiling your fruit, spoiling your fruit baskets, and spoiling your desire to be hungry for spiritual fruits.  Those are behaviors and policies antithetical to the Father and His spiritual Co-Ordinates.

To properly depose someone or something requires a standard upon which to judge who or what is being deposed.  Herein lies the need for Spirit Government to materialize enough to tangibly enact the spiritual standards without leaving it to just the Order of lower-case sons-and-daughters of the overall Order of being you belong to.  You need help, you need standards.  Your governments and industries have standards or their interoperability breaks down in a complex world.  Governance, codes of conduct, rules to live by; your governments are a construct, yet they are as natural as life itself in self/collective organization.

We have reached a stopping point.

Thank you.  Thank you.


These policies are being laid out.  They have begun to be displayed on the banquet table of governance.  They are explained as Vows, and can be interpreted in your minds as policy guidelines, not, rather policy standards for planetary interoperability, going forward.

Thank you
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