Author Topic: The Struggle between Time and Mercy; rebellion  (Read 99 times)

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The Struggle between Time and Mercy; rebellion
« on: September 21, 2021, 01:00:55 pm »
Sept 21st, 2021
Cabal and Syndicate.  A cabal is secret syndicate encoding planetary structures with reality paradigms subverting spiritual circuits, broadcasts and personnel representing and emanating from Paradise, which is the Central Universe and its Core, The Isle of Paradise.  Ultimatons emanate from Paradise, broadcasts are from Personnel, and paradigms are of a Universe Age.
As the aspects and dawning of Spiritual Government appear, representing The Universal Father through the Order of Michael, your Creator Son is your progenitor, and therefore, also referred to as your Father.  Jesus was the 4th epochal revelation to your planet but was also an entire Local Universe revelation as a 7th Michael Son bestowal enacting sovereignty within it.  Your planet was receiving a technical Bestowal Son of Paradise which just happened to be a unique circumstance in relation to the other planets you jurisdictionally group with who would otherwise receive an Avonal Son from Paradise to mark planetary dispensations.
The fact that the Local Universe Rebellion within Nebadon permeated through the Master Universe by ramification of the Supreme‚Äôs policy gaffes, leading to violent and spectacular dissolution by its own hand, means we also have the tributaries of rebellion flushed with a New Universe Age impacting all Seven Superuniverses within the Master Universe. 
Lament free will all you want but the struggle over policy administration between Deities was in relation to Free Will within Time.  It makes sense then that Paradise agencies and resources are at the root of the problem, here in Nebadon and also on this planet (within Nebadon). Understand, if the Supreme had its way you would not enjoy Mercy, and that the struggle between the Order of Michael and the Supreme seems to be about this relationship between Time and Mercy.

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Re: The Struggle between Time and Mercy; rebellion
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2021, 09:59:31 pm »
Thank you Dominick for sharing this. It is so well put. God Bless.

Love and Blessings,