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Volume 10 - ADAM. Statecraft (introduction to). 06.18.22
« on: June 18, 2022, 10:31:44 am »
Audio Link (17m)

  • Who, What, Where and How of Governance, labelled the State
  • Statecraft on a planet and scaled to universes
  • Order of the Sons of God pursue statecraft
  • Participation in statecraft typically begins on your first day of school

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Re: Volume 10 - ADAM. Statecraft (introduction to). 06.18.22
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2022, 10:39:31 am »
Good Morning.

My 5* doesn't work, so I am sending you this question on the forum.


To Melchizedek,
Would any member of your team consider running for Congress?

We need a few fresh faces.
But for real, would you consider it?
Michael appeared as a fully qualified entity of his order in all his bestowals.

It could be a way to work toward the Regency.
Thank you for your consideration of this topic!




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Re: Volume 10 - ADAM. Statecraft (introduction to). 06.18.22
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2023, 06:36:14 am »
Volume 10 ADAM. Introduction to Statecraft. 06.18.22
Transcript by sonofGod
Volume 10 June 18, York PA
This is Adam, and this wraps up our series of the first 10 lessons, more or less touching upon the modern state you are in. There are multiple applications for that word State, is the state of your being, your minds, your status, evolution, and also the organization and evolution of your current name and application of your civilization, or civilizational units of the State, with a capital S.
In other words, the model of governance that has taken shape after such kingdoms and empires were made within between certain classes, organizations, and societies to create further institutions known as the State. Those states were founded on several or different in varying degrees of principles and structures, such as democracy and autocracy, but what remains consistent is administration, and executive and somewhat legislative bodies within these, say, super-structures of the State, that function to govern.
For example, there is always a bureaucracy and in the animal kingdom, there is always an innate, almost unconscious drive to establish oneself in one form or another in a dominance, and or social hierarchy, specifically in the mammal type of being whether it is endowed with spirit or not. So, one can go back and review volumes 1 through 9 to get a good grasp and foundation for what I, Adam, would like to launch into with volume 10 here, and that is the State. 
Yes, but the now advanced need of inter and intra State relations, politics if you will but relations which we have touched upon with words such as statecraft, which imply these verbs of action and doing not just theorizing or observing. Statecraft implies and involves the order of being known as the sons of God as in the branch of Universe species belonging to the Eternal Son, within the Trinity of Source known as capital G, God.
The State is a microcosm albeit in evolutionary form of the Universe, and that the Universe has the same personal prerogative you do individually, and that has to become perfected in a non-crystallized way, and that is too complex to simply say it requires any one thing. You get some images and those are correct. Now, imagine a vast multitude beyond count and you get the idea, but know this. When the Super State called a planet - because that is the ultimate boundary of the State, think about it -, there is always, whether true or not, the accusation or existential threat of one State becoming too big for its britches and either desiring or thinking it is capable of modeling the world, dominating the world, whether it truly wants to or not, or deserves the accusation, but eventually that limits of space and time limits such a State to the planet it lives on.
So, you can imagine, statecraft is a universal function that is more or less interplanetary then even inter universal, and there is plenty of space to allow this to grow and flourish within a multitude of states and regions of space. Statecraft in the current state of things requires many such things in the soft sciences as we examine things like politics, civilization, culture, societies, organizations, even the sciences themselves, and the scientists are mired in things like administration, as they typically cannot raise their own funds at the same time as conduct the science itself.
Even the sciences are intertwined in the State. Everyone actually has the ideal of ‘boy, couldn't I enjoy being left alone with all these other administrative duties’, let alone legislative obligations, or even worse executive responsibilities. It is pleasant to have no accountabilities and to be able to focus on pure production, essentially without service. But we're always servicing something even if it's to service ourselves, we must in your case, clip your nails, cut your hair, wash your bodies, brush your teeth, address your maladies, feed yourself. You get the idea.
So, when we are contributing to the civilization unit that we will refer to as the State, know that it is governance of a structure of interconnected organizations that allow you to eventually pursue that specialization with more and greater efficiency in the administration of those comings and doings. And when anchored in truthful, good, and beautiful principles of God, Paradise Trinity principles, and then applied and experienced through your personal attainment, your education, both in and out of institutions. For do not forget the Infinite Spirit together with the Universal Father provide you the education at the soul experiential level you benefit from, in the education spheres you originate on. For that's what we look at these originating spheres of time and space as well. It is not just the compulsory education the state may or may not enforce on you, although that is certainly the most basic and experienced and observable one that you come into contact with.
So, statecraft can start there and we will continue at a later course in the more advanced things, but statecraft you could say begins when the child leaves the nest, the safety of the family unit, and then must socialize amongst these greater spheres and circles of civilization, tribe, institutions and so on. When they go to school and suddenly have all these other relationships between their peers and their teachers and administrators, also the functions even to get them to school along with those time and energy structure and commitments.
Statecraft typically begins there for the individual experience and that then becomes extrapolated and expanded into eternity, but as a meta function, not as slavery. It is simply a structure of being able to do anything that you will be always trained and educated on and never quite thrust into anything that you have not in some sense prepared for with that pleasant combination between the thrill of adventure and the safety of the Father.
Good day on this Saturday around the world. I am Adam and together with Eve, I and Eve thank you all for listening. Good Day.
"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the sons of God!" 
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being;"