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Forum Version upgrade and View Counts
« on: June 17, 2024, 15:39:52 pm »
Just FYI, the forum will be upgraded to the latest version of the software it runs on, Simple Machines Forum, which the site shows in the upper left and in the footer as SMF. @CharlesL, we await your schedule to try this. We've waited a while to keep up with versions so it's a little more work than just a patch upgrade.

And on a separate note, the large view counts are not necessarily a traffic count of live or unique people visiting in droves. But what it does indicate is the site is crawled with internet spiders and scanned with bots to a high degree, as well as any sharing and spreading of the content through other content distribution like RSS and social media. Hopefully that puts to bed the conspiracy or accusation that Admin (aka Ron) drives up view counts for the sake of looking more popular than it is.