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LLUSA TUE - 12 OCT 2021
« on: October 12, 2021, 03:24:12 pm »
Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us on today's call for Lightline USA TUE - 12 OCT 2021,  here is your link to today's tape:

Thank you Tarkas, Jesus, Machiventa, RA and Welmek.

Ron Besser will be your host for the Saturday Lightline on October 16th, using the Lightline USA attendance options.

Have a great week all.
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Re: LLUSA TUE - 12 OCT 2021
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2021, 09:22:42 pm »
Hello Everyone, here are notes for today's Light Line.

Light Line:
This is Tuesday. Oct. 12, 2021

This is TARKAS. There have been difficulties on Urantia for the last 49 hours. Yesterday didn't go according to schedule. The problem that erupts all the time is that the entire matter of an incarnation did not happen, as of yesterday, because of an attack on Urantia. The problem was they all reported in, Michael Melchizedek, Rayson, but they didn't go through the Serene Ability to become flesh.

Ron could hear Rayson, in spite of attack on the planet itself.

Ron was surrounded by Cabal.
The problem we have is that the materialization is quite subject to the stability of the spirit circuitry. There is no circuitry when there is an attack, we shut it down. For that reason, we could not bring about what we intended to do.

Ron could hear, but could not see. Ron was not going to say more until there is some understanding of what happened and what it meant.

20 on call. 7 on streaming.

The problem now surfacing, is that we are not finished clearing the cabal on Urantia. Ron wondered if we are going to hold a Light Line today.

I want to introduce Rayson. Welcome.
RAYSON: Yesterday was a terrible day for all of us. You both waited, but we couldn't carry it off. l do not need that binder. Ron The WTP. How to wire it up.
The email you sent to the Utility hasn't been opened yet. Ron is outraged at the extraordinary nonchalance from those who are supposed to be working.

I doubt he will ever look at it. We will send a particularly nasty-gram to the planetary commission. They let in a cabal member knowing that it was of the Cabal.

The cabal member tore down the circuits that have to do with incarnation. Rayson will repair when he can. You Ron will receive instructions when it is time to start.

The trial for everybody, is to make sure you understand the missions are going forward, in spite of the latest takeover by the cabal that knows no good behavior.
They are trying to steal vocabulary from Ron.

We have prepared a long Light Line today, and it is worse because we started late.

Phyllis: Go ahead with a transmission.
This is TARKAS. I will continue this for the moment. Others are waiting in the wings.
You are asking why is there still cabal? We have addressed this issue many times before. Father is reticent to exterminate if there is still a possibility of rehabilitation. It seems intolerable to you on Urantia. This is an opportunity to learn the better ways and the will of the Father, Tolerance is difficult for you, But in this unstable time you are experiencing, so much can be the straw that breaks the camel's back. How you handle this as mortals, is a testament to your growth and opportunity to see thy will be done, not mine. Jesus' example shows us that the will of the Father is not always in line with your experience and perception. None of you have the contact, the connection with the Father, that Jesus had as a mortal.
That understanding has to come through experiences. This has been an experience for the record books. Your adjuster will help you though this, and give you the patience, tenacity, and faith, to sit quietly, and wait. Not putting the cart before the horse will benefit you in coming days, and you will recognize the growth within yourselves. It is the desire of your heart, or you would not be here today. Continuing experiences enable you to grow, to become what you can be, with personalty gifting, the TA's, their guidance, companionship, and mentorship for all these situations. We guarantee that the maturity in your lives will continue to grow. Don't be distracted even when these missions are visible to your eyes. Remember you have been counseled that you will see difficult circumstances, as the transition takes place.
There is a guaranteed reaction among the populations that will be seen and experienced. The worst possible situations will give us opportunities to work itself out. Potentials, throughout the creation, always when it comes to a great change in the situation of free will beings of any planet, where spirit needs to step in, there is always resisitence and resentment, misunderstanding and lack of perception. That which is not fully understood is feared, and the reactions involved in that. This a great learning opportunity. That is simply a matter of perception, faith and trust in the Father, and in his ways as we learn to walk in that.

That is where the real transition begins.
As Tarkas, one who committed to these Light Lines, I choose to highlight for you, and bring to your conscious minds to recognize within each of your own lives the growth you have already achieved, and the confirmation that that growth will continue.
I leave that for now.
Phyllis: Thank you Tarkas, for redirecting our thoughts and focusing on the will and ways of the Father, trusting him in all situations.

Lemuel: This is JESUS. I am downhearted, and I know you are all downhearted too. Tarkas gave you excellent words. But is difficult what you have to support. My heart goes out to all you, my beloved sheep. So many disappointments, yet here we are again with the same situation. My appearance has been put on the back burner. My dears, I want to take you all into my arms and comfort you. Yes it is so hard, but there is a reason for everything. Though you cannot reach perfection NOW, you will look back in the future and say Thank God for that.

The circumstances are different from our side of the fence. The bottom line is always be the will of the Father. You cannot understand his ways because you are human. Father knows the beginning and end of everything. We do not. We know what is in front of us, the Sons, and their Missions, my return, what Rayson has to do.
Try to understand that collectively these missions have not known the like in the whole of creation because it has not been necessary. You all know the uniqueness of this planet, what it has suffered, and yet, Michael chose this planet for his 7th planetary bestowal. That has brought extra problems now, that have to do with my second return. But nevertheless I am sure in the not too distant future, we will all be able to say "Thank God for that!"

It gives extra time for extra planning, and for all sorts of things. In the mean time, you have more time to grow. You have been tried, and tested, and not one of you have been found wanting. That includes streaming, the call and the internet.
I am so very proud of all of you, and I love you dearly. So please, please, do what you are so good at doing. Pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off, and start all over again. You will grow because of this experience. For my part, we have the opportunity to make extra preparations. It is always good to have extra time to do certain things.
This delay will give us, as celestials, to prepare with the extra time. You will continue to grow. My dearly beloveds, be of Good Cheer! I am also of Good Cheer. It cannot be otherwise.
This is all I have to say. I hope to come back and say other things to other things. I can see you have understood, and that you have accepted it. Just in this few minutes, I can see it.
That is all for now, I bid you all a very good afternoon.
Lemuel: already I am feeling different. Encouraged, heartened by his words. I hope you have as well.

Thank you Lord Jesus for those words.


Back to you Phyllis.
Thank you.
Ron: Machiventa will speak through Phyllis

Phyllis: Please go ahead Machiventa.
MACHIVENTA: As your planetary manager, I apprised you to be ready for changes in the government in this planet. We were counting on a bit of a reprieve with the intentions of Rayson, and the manifestation of getting into place some of the transitions for the beginning of his incarnation. The cabal in no way stops the Missions already planned for this planet.

The government includes our work, and including the morontial beings joining us. This is not an area that affects your lives per se. Much information is not revealed to you, because different intentions and purposes of the celestials includes its own evolution, over and above the evolution of your mortals.

When there is a cross over of intentions and purposes between the mortals and morontial, it is normally not our work to tell you much because humans are so uninformed so they would not be benefited. We are as the planetary government. We are doing our jobs, assignments are in place, and we are constantly adjusting in our situations and our actions with what is going on in the mortal world. As well,
the nations and states, the attitudes of the people, and the regression of the populace, is causing a lot of ripples and difficulties so we need to revise things constantly on the fly. This is not our only task. But it is a great opportunity for us to bring all this together.

There will be repercussions in dealing with the Federation. Cooperative plans and decisions must be made.
Teamwork is involved in things to go forward in a beneficial manner. We benefit from these experiences, and progress within the Father's will.
I assure you that my fellow Melchizedek brothers are definitely doing our jobs, and happily so. We believe the Father's will and ways are the only way to go. Over and above all things, His love is the glue that holds all things together, and the intention that makes all things work.

Thank you for your patience. waiting for us to bring you these words, Thank you Ron

Phyllis: Thank you Machiventa.

RA: It is a wonderful place to be here at this moment, as Consummators of Universe Destiny. Urantia continues to surprise us. You continue to surprise us by making our expectations and exceeding them in many ways. As you know we seldom personally address the mortals of any planet. Urantia is the exception. As you also know, and have been made aware of the situation with the need for a NUA, this is a constant topic of discussion, and of great interest for of us, as well as for all of you. Opportunities exist that have not existed or presented themselves as such as they do now. It is a very interesting scenario, for the Consummators of Universe Destiny to observe, for the Deity Absolute to consider, and for all within the Circle of Infinity to choose, to oversee, and what will be permitted to reveal itself as major decisions that are constantly made at this point in time, to allow this NUA to present itself, and to unfold and to come into a fruition and manifestation that was not fully clear, and is still being pursued for its possibilities, and its functions, and establishment as part of the Master Universe itself, even affecting the Outer Space Levels. Where I could give detail on this, it would make no sense to you at this moment in time. As you pursue your individual journeys toward enlightenment, you will become aware of the many vast changes that bring new opportunities and potentials, far beyond that of the previous Universe Age. We, as yourselves, move and flow with these opportunities and potentials, and look forward to these potentials for growth to become a reality for you all.
I step back now.

Thank you RA. Thank you Consummators of Universe Destiny. Thank you for bringing that connection to our conscious minds, for us to think upon. and to speculate. Thank you for revealing truth to us constantly.
Phyllis: Any one else to give a transmission?

WELMEK: I step in to address this group, as a teacher to the mortals of Urantia, I am encouraged by stalwartness, and your willingness to not give up. It is encouraging for me and all of us who are interested in Urantia, for it is such a focal point for possibilities that previously never had the opportunity to come forth.

Reach out to myself, Welmek. I am there for you. Do call upon me with your questions. I will be there for you as well.
This is Welmek signing off for now.
Phyllis: Thank you Welmek.

Ron: Thank you for taking the transmissions. Welmek used to teach in a group in Indiana. Is there anything in particular you wanted to say?
Welmek: The trouble we got into at times because they were so enthusiastic.

Ron: Anything you want to say Welmek?

Tarkas: Welmek remembers something in Indiana. One of your group members insisted on forming a symposium out in a place called Naperville, in Illinois. If you think you are having trouble, wait till you hear what Indiana pulled in 1995. One group member wanted a symposium so that Melchizedek would appear. They sang, and played guitars, waiting for the materialization, which never came about. They sat they there for at least 2 days, and after 3 days, they went home, and no appearance of Machiventa,, Welmek or Gabriel.
That was a high water mark of the Teaching Mission. The Urantia Foundation got a hold of it and mocked them, because the UB says don't expect incarnations, because they just don't do it.
I am in receipt of at least three calls for incarnations that didn't appear.

Jesus was supposed to meet with Ron. That was unpopular. Never serve wine.
Welmek: Well stated and well reviewed.
Ron was ready for an incarnation because he wants to sell the corporations. He wants people to understand these are genuinely divine institutions. We own them. But Ron is stuck with the institutions until there are more incarnations.

RA: Phyllis broadcast what you considered the usual propaganda. The cabal has once more tried taken over the planetary government.

Q and A. (none)
Thank you everyone for joining us today. No questions. Thank you for being our brothers and sisters, joining to know His will and his ways. I close this tape down and remind you of the Saturday Light Line on October 16th with the same access numbers. Have a good day and week.

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Re: LLUSA TUE - 12 OCT 2021
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2021, 09:51:22 am »
Thank you SongatSunrise for this transcription. Thank you all.