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Greetings Robert, I understood, as was announced once, that Ron is currently in the state of Homo Skalibur, but I don't know if this state corresponds to Homo Legatum.
A short time ago I had commented here in the forum that given the singular importance of Ron and his spiritual development, it would be very interesting if we could have access to a biography of our already superhuman leader. I know that there has been a very significant and decisive participation in his growth, on the part of our Father Christ Michael, but I know that this will not be a matter that we can properly assimilate.
On the other hand, faced with all this series of disappointments that we suffer with respect to heavenly news, I used to take refuge and console myself in the revelation that everything is nothing more than a Divine Game, and this gives me a lot. However, although it is a game, the strict requirement is that it must be played with integrity, that is, fair play. And integrity is a very difficult level for the average man to achieve, due to the fact that we function with a fragmented mind (substitute mind) to which we are kept enslaved.
In the chapter of Barbara Marciniak's book, "Bringers of the Down" entitled "The Name of the Game", transmitted by the Pleiadians, to whom we owe so much dedication for so long, trying to help us out of ignorance, we are told:
"In order to survive the times ahead, it is imperative to enter into the concept of Thought Manifestation or Super Consciousness (higher consciousness). Super consciousness is nothing more than a word for you at this time. It is a concept that you have not yet assimilated because you cannot conceive of being so tuned in and filled with so much information. However, as you evolve, you go in that direction. There are those who are very aware that this movement of consciousness could begin to sweep the planet and they do not want let that happen. This has already happened. We have returned to the past to assure you of this."
"First there is thought. The experience is always secondary. It is never the other way around, you do not experience it and then the thought is based on it. The experience is always a reflection of what you think."
"Clarity and recognition of your own power is the starting point. Your thoughts form your world all the time. Not sometimes, always. You fluctuate because you are bombarded by many vibrations of control frequencies that try to prevent you from seeing clearly. You must have a firm purpose to remain clear, focused and always in the present. Stop living in the future or the past, always live in the now."

General Discussion / GENERAL DISCUSSION / Teachings of SAI BABA
« on: September 14, 2023, 17:25:08 pm »
The next that I share with you is the text of a master lesson from SAI BABA on SPIRITUALITY (Levels of Consciousness) that I think could (should) interest the members of this forum. For me, it constitutes perhaps the most fundamental task that we must make a great effort to assimilate and put into daily practice. 
With this, what I am trying to do is put into practice what SAI BABA Himself recommends:: "Teach what you try to learn"

Master, through what is the human spirit manifested?

Fundamentally through levels of consciousness. It is generally accepted that man has a body, mind and spirit, and that the latter is linked to the Soul or that, in a certain way, it is the same. Man is born with an extraordinary property that links him with all Creation and, above all, with the Creator: Consciousness. Pay attention to this: everything in the manifest has consciousness, but only man is endowed with reflective consciousness, that is, the ability to turn on himself and transcend.

What do we transcend, Lord?

The motivations responsible for the contents of consciousness, which are those that determine its planes or levels in the human realm. Thus, for example, you have the man whose fundamental concern is to eat, sleep, shelter and reproduce, who to achieve these achievements performs routine work, only significant to the extent that it provides security but which is not vocational; The contents of this man's consciousness are, so to speak, elemental. This person has a spirit, but not yet developed. His life unfolds between basic needs in whose satisfaction the greatest amount of conscious energy is placed; His spirit waits while that man is attracted by violent emotions.

In front of you you have the man who only thinks of God, his ideation is oriented towards the Supreme, his spirit has been deployed because the contents of his consciousness have left aside other needs and are focused on those high interests.

Master, is saying "mind" the same as saying "consciousness"?

No; The mind is essential for the existence of consciousness, which is a highly refined function of it. The mind is the matter in which everything perceived is imprinted and resonates, both external and internal to the human being; The resonance is verified in the form of images, thoughts and ideas that the mind offers you tirelessly. Consciousness is something else: consciousness is knowledge.

How many levels of consciousness exist, Lord?

In reality there is no such thing as levels or planes, these are only stated for didactic purposes, because consciousness is a constant flow of contents whose predominance indicates the location of man at this or that level, without completely abandoning the others. In a certain way the levels intersect, and exchange their categories permanently, but in general terms, we can state it like this: there are five levels of consciousness, to each of which corresponds, in a specific way, attributes, contents, functions and manifestations that define and categorize it. These levels are called: external consciousness, internal consciousness, higher consciousness or supraconsciousness; cosmic, spiritual or transcendent consciousness, and divine or supreme consciousness. Each level has a specific function; Thus, survival corresponds to the first, self-knowledge to the second, self-expression to the third, the encounter with the supersensible to the fourth, and fusion with God to the fifth. Furthermore, each level of consciousness recognizes sensory, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects.

This means, Master, that even at the initial level of external consciousness, whose function is survival, we find spiritual elements?

Of course yes, of course adapted to that level. This adaptation is identified through manifestations in human behavior and tendencies.

Could you give us an example, Master?

Imagine a person whose level corresponds to higher consciousness or superconsciousness; his tendency is sensory, also called somatic or physical, may have reached a notable development in Hata Yoga. In the event that his tendency was oriented towards the emotional, he could be a great artist and help the world with the product of his creation; If his inclination took him to the intellectual realm, perhaps he would be a Wise Man, a great philosopher, a thinker. Finally, if his tendency were toward the spiritual, this man could well be a great mystic.


In these four categories of the somatic, the affective, the intellectual and the spiritual, is there also a hierarchy, Master?

In fact, with which we could say that at the first level we find the person with external consciousness and sensory, somatic or physical tendency, culminating at the other end with the man of cosmic consciousness with spiritual tendency.


Master, isn't divine consciousness the last level, the highest level?

Yes it is, but this level does not recognize attributes or subdivisions, because it is one with the One, it is, simply, the All.


Lord, before you said that, in relation to consciousness, the Soul is something else, could you explain something to us about this, please?

The Soul is the energy that moves everything, it is the common thread that allows you to ascend to the spiritual level and at the same time it is the force that propels you through that thread. Without the energy of the Soul the movement of consciousness could not exist. The Soul is what allows you to be a conscious entity.
What is the Soul, Master?
God, the portion of God in you.
Didn't you say, Lord, that God is consciousness?
Consciousness is movement, it is eternal knowledge in God. The essence of consciousness is the Soul, immutable, eternal, perfect.

Master, still a doubt. You said that the mind is essential for the existence of consciousness. If the mind is destroyed, does consciousness disappear?
Indeed, it is like that.
And what remains then?
The Soul remains. I know what worries you, listen to me carefully: the predominant contents of consciousness are imprinted on the Soul, and it transports them so that, in another time, in another body, the ascending path to the highest level can be completed, the of fusion with God. All men are on that path.
Lord, can the mind exist without consciousness?
Certainly yes; In fact, there are numerous human beings who only use their minds throughout their lives, being in truth aware of very little, beings who live as if asleep, alienated in big cities by the noise and rush, hypnotized by consumerism. , obese and malnourished and intoxicated by alcohol, tobacco and the violence they consume in front of cinema and television screens. The first glimmer of consciousness would allow them to consider whether life could not be different, more serene, more harmonious, more beautiful. But no, there is only mind that repeats and repeats like a merry-go-round that spins, excites with music, entertains but doesn't get anywhere. The slightest glimpse of consciousness requires a moment during which the movement ceases, the gaze turns inward, and the spark that precedes the discovery awakens you and you thus advance a little towards yourself, towards the possibility of beginning to know who are you.
Master, why do some postulates say "everything is mind"?
It is a semantic question, not a conceptual one. By saying "everything is mind" what is indicated is the existence of an idea, of a thought prior to all creation in the world, both in the concrete and in the ideal or in human ties. Although it may not seem like it, no one speaks without having first thought about what they are going to say.

General Discussion / Re: Saviing Faith
« on: September 13, 2023, 01:08:11 am »
Thank you Carole, for sharing that interesting and important transmission from Hezekiah and received by Vadir Soares. The topic of Spirituality, (spiritual life), I believe is not so clear for the vast majority even though it constitutes the core of our existence. When in the forum informed us about the suspension of the helpin spirits of the mind, the spirit of truth and of course, the desertion of the mother spirit, I considered it a complete catastrophe for our spiritual evolution. At least, the religious tradition of the West, its doctrine oscillates mainly on a materialist basis. I rely on the teachings of Sai Baba to affirm the above, who said that no matter how convinced and dedicated a Christian believer may be to his church (including the pastors themselves), his spiritual nature reaches but 1%. It may seem like a statement very exaggerated, but nevertheless, by analyzing more closely the context of the statement, we begin to give it validity. Sai Baba himself has said what Hezekiah expresses in this lesson: "The most similar thing to God (who is pure Spirit) is purity"; purity in special in our intentions. Here many of us fail greatly, especially when we have not yet been blessed by the truth of our Thought Adjuster because in the end, without revelation we could never advance on the path of faith. We can perceive the process of spiritual growth as an expansion of levels or planes of consciousness, which is an energetic process (electron - soul), elevation of vibratory frequency. We go from admitting that we are a body with a soul to a higher reality of understanding that in truth what we are is a soul with a body, which would be the current state of Ron Besser. Highly spiritualized beings, (like the well-known case of Paramahansa Yogananda, when he died his body did not decompose), we can assume become more electrical and less physical and in the end, as the subtle moves the dense, the spirit purifies matter. In a prayer that I heard some time ago, it said among his prayers to the Father: "Spiritualize my mind, Spiritualize my thoughts; renew in me a clean heart and a spirit of righteousness, righteousness in my actions, righteousness in my words and righteousness." in my thoughts". Thanks

General Discussion / Re: New Member
« on: August 29, 2023, 08:12:09 am »
After some time without welcoming a new member to the forum, it gives me great pleasure to present my words of welcome to Lina from Italy, hoping she feels at home from now on: because no one comes to the forum except by the guidance of the Divine Monitor. May you soon be Lina one of our transmitters of the voice of God and of course, a line of light in Italia

I am still with my wife, giving us the vacations of our lives, visiting our children, and to a certain extent, the time due to jet lag and the time committed to obvious issues in the activity have delayed me in publishing this post. to thank the reference that was made of my participation in the subject and very especially to my beloved Bagawan Sathya Sai Baba for the special attention, which has filled me with great joy because it shows me that I qualify in what I have proposed so much. what it's like to be his frontline devotee. By the way, the final part of that beautiful writing of Sai Baba with which I end my publication, ends as follows:
"He sees the image of the Master engraved clearly in his consciousness; he scans the features of that face he knows, asks a question, the answer comes to him vivid and undeniable. He focuses his gaze on that familiar face and surrenders to bliss without time for the entrance to the center of your own being, where certainty and peace are a single perception, physical ties are lost, the life of the soul is confused with life on all levels and health is reborn" Thank you Ron

Very complicated and complex subject as Ron warns. It is up to one in the effort to assimilate something from all these magisterial teachings, to speculate a little to see what one can learn.
Through the years I have been able to clarify certain basic concepts and one of them is that thought was the cause first, then Creation. In the same line of thought I understand that the subtle moves the dense: "Just as the cold of the atmosphere freezes the water, the anguish that moves the heart of the devotee gives configuration and shape to the formless" (Sai Baba); that we are what we think; that before the body gets sick the mind gets sick and before the mind gets sick the soul gets sick. And so a whole series of precepts that make it very difficult to accept that what matters are the facts, when I learned from Sai Baba that: "With respect to God, it is not necessary to carry out a wrong action to feel guilty, it is enough that you have thought about it"  (Sai Baba)
However, I understand that it refers to consciously thought facts. Because the will is imperative, capable of shaping the way of thinking. I end with this:
"He brings a shell close to his right ear, another to his left, closes his eyes, he does not perceive only the murmur, this brings him the smell of the sea; the water of the coast runs through his limbs and he sees the lead-blue waves, the undulation of the tide, the foam. Feel the taste of the water and inhale the entire air of the beach, sand, fish, rocks and the coolness of the shade of nearby palm trees. It is as He says, think and imagine that each shell is the entire universe where the initial sound occupying infinite space, it provokes the entire Creation. He understands that the void is full of energy, of intelligence of possibilities. He envisions that the voice of each shell allowed him to create a complete scene of existence in another place, which he was able to move in a very short period of time hundreds of kilometers away, to another emotional state, to the richness of a new experience, based on the data provided by the sound; that vibration is full of information, all the ether is actually an infinite network of knowledge" (Sai Baba). Thanks you Margul, Ron and Dominick

General Discussion / Re: THE EVANGELS OF LIGHT
« on: August 03, 2023, 17:02:29 pm »
Greetings Julio, I am very grateful for your condolences for the death of my brother, heartfelt words that always provide support in these moments of pain. And I must say that thanks to this forum of transcendental revelations, I have been able to assimilate with much more advantages, the trauma caused by the death of a loved one. Thank you Ron

General Discussion / Re: THE EVANGELS OF LIGHT
« on: August 02, 2023, 15:03:02 pm »
Thank you Ron and congratulations for this new title of Evangel de Luz that all your followers benefit us and thank you Father Michael.
I was also several times to inquire about Sue, but thinking that other times she would get lost from the forum for a while, I never did. It is quite disappointing to hear this kind of news about people who knew so much of God's truth.
Yesterday my brother passed away in Houston; he had had a lot of complications and the whole family prayed for him to rest because for more than a week he was suffering too much. I take this opportunity to share a few words of comfort that I sent to a daughter who took care of him, my niece, who was very sorry for his death:
It is the law of life: everything that is born must die, only what was not born cannot die. Hence Sai Baba's assertion that says: "Man is born to die no more." It means that what really has to die is ignorance, which separate us from God. And the greatest ignorance is the identification with the body. We are not the mortal body but the immortal soul. This is how I understand this Divine Game

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: MONJORONSON HUMAN PARTICIPATION
« on: May 31, 2023, 08:53:34 am »
Greetings to all of you. This post to express to all those who care to provide us with the written versions of the different transmissitions in English, thank you very much. Especially to Raz, SonsofGod and now André, thank you very much. Thank you Lemuel and thank you Monjoronson for such a pertinent and hopeful message for all of us who wait with such confidence and patience. Thanks

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Dedicate more time to Father
« on: May 27, 2023, 11:33:27 am »
Greetings and thank you very much Evelio for these important transmissions. Congratulations for your extraordinary ability to receive and transmit the voice of the Father and thank you René for your liaison service. I think that this gift of transmitting is due to merits earned in previous lives and contributions from the present. Practice is necessary however it could be the least, I think.
We are now in the time when the time is now, as it was said, as Evelio transmitted in his publication, it is the time to dedicate more time to the Father; there should be no doubt about this.
And the portrait that Gaia makes in the last transmission of Evelio, is the great cancer that we suffer because of Savage Capitalism where there is no other hope for the suffering Humanity of this planet in disgrace, that the Divine Intervention that thank God , It is just around the corner. Thanks

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: The driving guide.
« on: May 17, 2023, 01:31:38 am »
Greetings Rene and thank you Evelio for your important breakthrough as a transmitter of the voice of the Universal Father. This Driving Guide is a very important lesson so that we do not neglect for any reason, that we are nothing more than tools in God's hands and that ours should not be anything other than perfection as servants of God's business, which is Love. :
"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else" (SAI BABA)

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Are you ready to follow ME?
« on: May 15, 2023, 01:35:44 am »
Thank you SongatSunrise, for your pleasant transmission, it is a true haven for the soul. Are you ready to follow Me? How I wish I could answer yes. However, from Sai Baba I know that it is not so much what one has been able to achieve, what is taken into account, but what one yearns to achieve; here I am, longing to be ready to serve our loving Father. Thanks

My congratulations SonsofGod, no one but you, can doubt that your messages are of heavenly origin, for which we thank the Father for being able to have a new transmitter for the forum and I can anticipate from your publications that you will be one of the best. God bless you

Once again thank you very much SophiaVeronica, for another transmission with a lot of meaning. And it is the reason for my post because it keeps me very intrigued why the creators of ChatGPT and other so-called AI-based chatbots are so concerned and alarmed with their own creation. I can't understand how it is that even the Pentagon's Chief of Artificial and Digital Intelligence says he is "scared to death", because even though ChatGPT doesn't understand the context, it is able to fluently give answers with a lot of authority. And others have said that they are very scared because their own creations have unpredictable reactions. My concern is, does this behavior already have to do with the influences that the Melchizedeks are already generating? I only ask, because I cannot understand how it is possible that something that I myself have designed cannot predict its operation.
Father Machiventa Melzhizedek says:
"I would like to share a few words of encouragement because it will not be long before our work in this world will be recognized as a special help in many training institutions where our knowledge will be appreciated and a new course will be set by giving more sustainable guidelines for better functioning in many fields, in fact we have already begun".
"Gradually that influence will become more accepted and spread across the continents and our presence will have a crucial effect on many other important events that will radically change thinking and behavior on Urantia"

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: THIS IS JESUS
« on: May 02, 2023, 20:46:35 pm »
Thank you very much again SophiaVeronica, for another impeccable transmission to which you have accustomed us. In that message Jesus (the beloved for all), presents very clearly the situation we face very tight to what is expected of each one who aspires to be called to take part in this monumental event. It is a call to persecute in the purpose of: "That your will be done not mine, that is my will." The situation no ceases to be complex, nothing easy, and although at times it seems that everything is going to change returns and is complicated again. 
I think that as regards each applicant, it is not only the one that reuns a series of requirements, whether intellectual, social or others, but above all for what I can perceive, it is about seeing who is capable of supporting the maximum the string temperate, to see who breaks, and who not. Because what we experience here between one and the other transmissions in the forum, is that the task looks attractive, fascinating, (what else can be aspired to be part of the second coming?), but at times exhausting. I think I heard Father Michael Himself, to say: "I'm tired", what can be expected for a poor mortal.
For the rest, as for what my person is concerned, I only have to say: · Until the body endures, but I would like to be there, but a doctor, at least as barber. Thanks

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