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General Discussion / Flashflood
« on: September 17, 2023, 10:29:07 am »
12/09/2023, it is reported that flooding in eastern Libya caused by storm Daniel has left thousands of people dead or missing, but the death toll is estimated to be far higher and this happened some days later after the Morocco earthquake. I am not so pessimistic, but analyzing what is happening in this part of the world, I can’t help myself thinking that we are witnessing the starting point of doomsday as announced and that tsunamis, volcanoes and tectonic plates may be the next on the list. Don't get me wrong, I am not a bird of ill omen, I am just thinking aloud.

General Discussion / NASA
« on: September 14, 2023, 15:12:22 pm »
A media briefing was hosted by the NASA on this day of 14/09/2023 to discuss  the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), the new terminology for UFO(Unidentified Flying Object). See it here on YouTube . It’s a pity that a Melchizedek was not invited.

General Discussion / War-mongers
« on: September 14, 2023, 12:49:40 pm »
Geo-politic is not what I am accustomed with, it is not my priority in my list of interest, but this last two or three months I was brought to look at it very closely, particularly to what is happening in South East Asia which is not the only play ground for war-mongers. There is another territory, the Indian Ocean, where I am originated, which is highly sought after the main protagonists of the world: USA, France, China, India, just to name some of them.

There are many islands in the Indian Ocean and some of them were under the jurisdiction of the British Crown, until 1968 when the country, where I was born and grown up, became independent, together with two or three others in the same area, which were supposedly freed from colonialism, but still remained under the power of England.

The Chagos island, where there was a small group of individuals, living happily like “Robinson Crusoe”, was sold to USofA and the population deported to England. Further away from the Chagos island is Agalega, a small portion of territory, occupied by India. Both Chagos and Agalega islands are military based, whereas China is well planted on the borderline of Africa, facing the Indian Ocean, pretexting to look after the well-being of the African people.

There is no doubt in my mind that those nations are preparing for an eventual probability of a WWIII.

General Discussion / Apocalypse now
« on: September 12, 2023, 11:09:33 am »
Morocco was struck on Friday 08/09/2023 by a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake, killing more than 2000 people and hope fades for finding survivors.

It was announced that planet Urantia will be shaken up on her basement and that natural catastrophes are to be expected around the world.

Are we already in it right now ? Just pondering.

Threads for New Transmissions / The chess game
« on: September 09, 2023, 10:46:41 am »
The following is a transcript, in English version, of a short transmission received from MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK during the French LightLine session on Friday 08/09/2023. I was urged to make it known to the forum members, so that we may all be on the same page in regards to where we stand within the actual situation. There are some supplementary explanations that are not in the French version, but the main idea remains unchanged.

Here we go : “I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, the PLANETARY GOVERNOR, coming up to you, so as to clarify a situation that may seem muddy to some of you, but truthfully it looks like a chess game. You may ask what is it all about. For those who don’t know, a chess is a board game played between two players that simulates a war between two kingdoms. The mental and physical energies are fully employed by the players and a game, during a championship, may last for many hours or even days.”

“Why am I talking about a chess game ? The planet Urantia looks like a chess board where two kingdoms are at war, the good on one side and the bad on the other side. During a chess game, a player does not know the move of his opponent and vice-versa. That is why, during a championship, it takes so long to come up with a winner.”

“The chess game gives you an idea of what kind of situation we are into up to the neck. We are aware of your frustration when there is a setback, but we have in front of us an opponent that does not go by the rules and each time we have to pull back so as to have a new look to our way of acting. The game is not yet over, but it will be soon, you can be assured, so hold on tightly to your seat, you may feel some jerks all around the place. I now take my leave, be in my peace.”

That’s it, folks.

Threads for New Transmissions / The crusader
« on: September 03, 2023, 08:36:58 am »
This morning, I was awakened by a sound in my left ear, like a whistling and after one hour later I received a message from an unknown entity.

“You don’t know me by name, I am not a cabal, I am what is known as a “crusader” who participated in the beginning of the campaigns to deliver Jerusalem from the Islamic hegemony, but I was killed on the battle field during the crusade of 1101, not having the privilege to enter the Holy Land.”

“The crusades to the Holy Land lasted for almost two centuries, starting in 1095-1291 and to-day, when I look upon the situation on Urantia - the several attempts to free the planet from the claw of the rebels – it is not different from what I have experienced in the past.”

“The 1101 military campaign, when I lost my life, was a total failure because it was not well organized and it can be the same for Urantia if there were not a good preparedness to kill the chicken in the egg before hatching. I am a crusader of ancient times, now taking his leave.”

France LIGHTLINE Tapes and Comments Your Host Clency / September tapes
« on: September 03, 2023, 03:42:51 am »
The discussion was based mainly upon what was said during the two last Friday conferences and its avenues towards the future. Here is the link to the audio-recording :
The French LightLine will be held, hopefully, the next Friday, 08/09/2023, at 8pm local time.

France LIGHTLINE Tapes and Comments Your Host Clency / Saturday LLF
« on: August 31, 2023, 10:02:24 am »
Please, dear attendees, be aware that our regular meeting this friday will be held the next day, saturday the 2nd of september and hopefully the LLF will be back on the normal schedule next week. See you there this coming saturday.

General Discussion / LightLines
« on: August 31, 2023, 04:04:17 am »
Ron, sorry for bothering you, just want to know if you are still up to hold a LightLine to-day, thursday the 31st of August and to-morrow, the 1st of September. Thank you.

Threads for New Transmissions / Ready to go
« on: August 19, 2023, 09:30:00 am »
“I am TARKAS, the One without Name and Number and I will be brief. So far, as I can notice, all the parties engaged in this conflict – ‘The Freedom of Urantia’ – are in the starting box, waiting for the go-signal. It will start with the US of A and its extension to the world will depend on how much it will be welcome by the population. It will surely be a roller-coaster ride, but it will get through up to the end.”

“In this year, 6th of June 1944, during WWII, some of you will still remember the landing of the Allies Army in Normandy, France, for its deliverance and it was done in a very bad weather condition. When a go-forward signal has been launched, whatever may be the actual situation, there is no postponement. We are all waiting with bated breath the 31st of August. This is TARKAS, your faithful servant, signing off.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Spiritual tsunami
« on: August 17, 2023, 12:13:14 pm »
MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK : “I am the PLANETARY MANAGER of Urantia, I am here to warn you all that there is a spiritual tsunami lurking around, ready to let loose and can take you by surprise if you don’t pay too much attention of what is going on. So I advise you to hold on tightly and not to show up as long as the tide of the tsunami is not over. There is no need to put your own life in danger by being bold.”

“The European continent, particularly France, being the first born of the Roman Catholic Church, is deeply concerned about the situation, perhaps more than the other countries, with an exception for Italy where the Vatican is well planted. As for those of different faith and wisdom, they will look at it in a distant view, leaving those of Christian faith to debate among themselves of what is right or wrong, but they, themselves, will have to face the reality, whether they like it or not.”

“We, the MELCHIZEDEK TEAM, on our side, are ready to take the bull by the horns in whatever the situation may be, we are well trained to handle the worst scenario. As the Planetary Manager, I, myself, will be at the helm of this gargantuan adventure. What I can tell you for now is to remain calm and to stay away from angry mob.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Beleive without seing
« on: August 16, 2023, 13:10:01 pm »
Thought Adjuster: “I am the FATHER within, your INNER GUIDE, to show you the way, each time you seem lost and don’t know where to go from your standpoints. I am always there to respond to your inquiry, so don’t be shy, you are not alone in this adventure, I am with you - beside, backside, inside and ahead. The situation may seem ambiguous to your appreciation, but hold on a little, it will not be long when all the pieces of the puzzle will come together and you will have a clear picture.”

“In this country (FRANCE), there is a saying that goes like this – “Il faut voir pour croire” – in other words, it means in plain English - “Seeing is believing”. But which comes first ? Do you have to see before you believe or is it the way around ? Believing without seeing is what faith is all about. Unfortunately, most people belonging to a religion, who claim to be faithful to their belief, go by what they see – representation of GOD and past religious personalities. You have read the book “Crown…..” and you know as well what happened to Apostle Thomas for not believing in the comeback of JESUS. To-day, there are many “Thomas” and whatever you say to them about the “SECOND RETURN”, you meet a closed door. Don’t give up, they will flock to you at the right time. Be in my peace.”

France LIGHTLINE Tapes and Comments Your Host Clency / August tapes
« on: August 05, 2023, 05:36:56 am »
Just explaining to the attendees how the Celestial Government is organized so as to help Urantia get out of her muddy situation.
Here is the link to the audio-recording :
The next session will held on Friday 11/08/2023. You are welcome to attend.

Threads for New Transmissions / No stone unturned
« on: July 19, 2023, 10:20:46 am »
Unknown Entity : “You have asked for more news coming from our side, so here I am again to tell all of you not to bother yourself too much about the “how” and “when”, you will be informed in due time. We don’t deliver too many details for now, only just what is necessary for your knowledge, but don’t worry - you, the workers on the ground, will be fully instructed. The UNIVERSAL FATHER has declared that no stone will be left unturned on Urantia and it will be - just wait a little more, it will not be long. Like in a puzzled game, all the pieces are put together to form a visible image and we now have a clear idea towards what we are heading. Stay the course and you will be rewarded.”
MICHAEL: “I am the CREATOR SON of Nebadon, just giving you a brief overview of the situation right now. First of all, let me tell you that, formerly, we moved forward like a little child who is learning to walk properly, by putting one foot before another and you all know how many times we failed because of the interferences of the insurrectionists. We have learned from our past failures and to-day we go forward precautiously, so as not to stumble over a pitfall. We do have a plan that has been revised many times, because it was not adjustable to new conditions, that is why, in some measures, there have been regular changes in the announcement of the Second Return of JESUS. All of you, registered on this forum, are dear to me and you will be used according to your qualification, your experience in life and your adaptability to any situation. You will soon be in the loop of what is happening and as it has been said – no stone will be left unturned.”
Thank you Father MICHAEL and the Unknown Entity for coming to me this evening.

Threads for New Transmissions / A change is gonna come
« on: July 16, 2023, 01:54:35 am »
This is what I received this early morning at 6.00 o’clock my time zone, at almost a jump out of bed. It is short and intriguing, I don’t know the value of it, I am just laying it down on the table for your appreciation.
There we go : “You don’t know me yet, my name and my Order are of no importance for the time being. What I want to tell you is that your planet Urantia is going to experience an upheaval on a large scale, she will be shaken up on her basement, many will be distraught and will don’t know what to do. My advice to you is to keep cool, don’t panic, particularly don’t show up what is going on, stay away from the crowd for your own safety. My colleagues and I are here to help, we are what you may call “rescuers” of the galaxy. The population of Urantia has gone so astray that there is a need for a deep cleansing and the time is appropriate. You can lean upon us, so be of good courage and cheer.”
Thank you unknown entity for coming and delivering some heartening words of support.

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