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Dominick, is your conference call number the same as Ron Besser's  ? As I now have Tuesdays off and would like to take up an extra seat in your live audience. And thank you for your time to answer this question. Good day sir.

Threads for New Transmissions / A Magic Carpet Ride
« on: August 27, 2023, 18:24:04 pm »
I am the SOUL of this one known to you as Ghost Dancer. He is my ward, my scribe, a student on this earth school that a select few of you know as Urantia, yes.

My purpose, to guide him ever so gently, a nudge, a whisper at times with a suggestion  every now and then to just try going down this road instead of that one. Whilst still respecting his free will of choice which road he would like to experience. 

All roads lead to GOD or SOURCE.  Likewise  there are no roads leading away from a life within a life experienced. 

Awakening him ultimately from his sleep of indecision. I am his Knowing. You see I have known him since his inception or incarnation and even before that. I know his loves, his hates, what makes him laugh and what brings a tidal wave of tears to his eyes.

There have been moments that you all have experienced here where it seemed like you were almost going to accomplish something, as in get the job, get the girl of your dreams, get that scholarship only to have some seemingly  unseen force pull the carpet from under you, sending you toppling backwards. In a judgment  of you own as a complete humiliation. Back to the drawing board, so to speak.

In hindsight,  or given enough distance from those humbling events you might get a inkling  that these were all just learning experiences ? Indeed a classroom outside a classroom. This world and its challenges is just that and no more.

No one here is getting graded by their endeavors, whether they be accolades or failures.Yet they are also not exercises in futility. I am here as Ghost Dancer's SOUL reminder to find that same carpet that you all think you fell off of and remind you that it was just another lesson or an opportunity and to get back on it.

Life indeed can seem like a magic carpet ride,yes. Neither do I want you all to think of your SOUL as a genie with a magic lamp waiting to serve you ? We don't reside in a shiny brass lamp hidden in the sand dunes of some desert, but the very center of your being.

I bid you all to come to us here within your very center. A small lite is there that can never go out. This lite is there asking that you only feed it with logs of inquisition or advise as to where to and what to do next.

Watch as the little flame rises to your acquisitions  and invites you to sit a spell next to it's warmth and unconditional love ? To want to know something  is the admission that you currently know it not. So we bid you all to just ask and receive. Include us and then watch the very carpet you appear to be on take off for this Great journey of your very awakening to possibilities beyond your greatest imagination !

I bid you all a good day or a GOD day. This is the SOUL of this one receiving for you all and he is my scribe, my student and my most beloved. 

Threads for New Transmissions / WE ARE HERE
« on: July 24, 2023, 15:42:10 pm »
We are the Missionaries of the MELCHIZEDEK Order, and we choose to speak through this one. We are here presently on Urantia and if you are of an inquiring mind ? We actually have been residing here for quite some time though mostly in spirit,  but now in the flesh, as you like to commonly say here.

As it is stated on the top paragraph.  We are Missionaries, as in the one's  that are on a mission. Not to be confused with those of the bygone era of stalwart men in black robes wearing crosses sent to spread the word of Christianity to those that were oblivious to their sins and to repent, thusly in order to avoid the flames of Hell below.

Nor are we not to be confused  with the four horsemen in the revelations of John. Although some might mistake us for them. Be assured we have come not with bow and crown, neither a sword, a balance scale, nor a sickel of death riding chariots of different colored horses.

With that said, you are indeed living in times of a reckoning. This transmitter has just received an image in his mind of a vast field. A harvest if you will, of both weeds and tares. From the beginning of times here you have always had the given right to free will, and so it is presently amongst you.

Our reference to the word or concept of reckoning is that you must all come finally to a decision. That decision being of what really has served you up until now through your transgressions. You do have the power as children of God to make a heaven here or a Hell, just by your choices of what you would like and how you deem to get it, true.

As we have been observing amongst you that the weeds here have almost completely taken over the tare. This is not a judgment on our behalf, but a observation.  Yet for just a little longer each weed has an opportunity to be a tare still, just by turning the other way and leaving what it has created for new way of acting, a new way of being and finally a peace that up until now could only seem to happen in your dreams that can believe it or not still set you free. Although you up until now know this not.

No my friends and brothers of Urantia  we are here not to sell you insurance by knocking on each of your front doors, but instead a assurance that the Kingdom has come and is already here. We would ask you join us in this present moment right where you are standing or sitting whilest reading this post.

What then has served you up until now doing it your way ? War, famine, pestilence and death ? Perhaps another frosty pint of misery to wash it all down penitrating you right to your foundations is needed here ?

Or would you receive the golden chalice we offer fit for a true child of a most loving FATHER to just come home where Love resides, a banquet table set with the most heavenly ambrosia awaits you here for your palate, a sturdy comforting chair for your tired feet, where perfect health and well being is your natural state.

Choose now, or keep reliving the past over and over until the lesson is learned and you choose rightly ?

This has been the Missionaries of the MELCHIZEDEK Order and we choose the tares in you. Closing our commencement for now. Good day.

Ghost Dancer : Thank you Missionaries of the MELCHIZEDEK Order for this message. 

Threads for New Transmissions / I AM THAT AND YOU
« on: June 22, 2023, 15:25:12 pm »
This is THE UNIVERSAL FATHER,  the very Source of all of Life. Think you not that you can transmit Me like this one ? Than think again !

For I AM the ONE that breathed life into you from the very beginning. I AM both the air you breath and the One who breathes it.

You are all thoughts in the Mind of GOD. Just like I AM putting the thoughts in this transmitter to write down. I AM indeed the WORD, but that need not make you any less because you are being both the paper I write on and the ink that spells the words and deeds you must accomplish. 

Our very relationship of who you are and who I AM and why we are on this grand adventure of eternal life is written in the heavens as well as on you heart.

If you find yourself lost in time ? Go then to your heart closet and seek holy counsel with ME. For I AM both your compass and your map. You are my life and always have been MY greatest treasure and I AM yours to have and hold. 

It is you that chose to incarnate at this time in your history on this place you call Earth. To be part of the greatest awakening of humankind in the annals of historic precedence of who you all are and where you have always been. 

Your gift of free will was not given you to sit on your laurels, liken to sitting on a folding chair whilest watching a parade go by. But to be everything in it and you have been all of it. Only wearing a sad mask instead of a happy one.

You were the foolish clown in time, bending balloons into poodle dogs, the ferocious tigers  that would tear apart his enemy, the marching band that knows only one song, the corrupt politician riding in a model-t car waving at those who support his laws only to fatten his own wallet, and of course the juggler trying to make sense of it all.

Take My word for it. Once it's all over and you realize it was all a dream that you could ever separate from your source, Me your FATHER you can finally set down the lion tamer whip and the clowns big shoes and wig and stop swallowing swords for a living (sacrificing your dignity ).

And finally awaken to our true relationship to live life to the fullest with Me, through Me, and as Me. For you are all Gods. What else can a Creator make but more like Himself  ? For I AM all that you have experienced as you because you wanted it so. 

It is time tear down this circus poster for it has gone on too long. The big tent is coming down and the sweepers are ready to clean the streets. This has been THE UNIVERSAL FATHER and I have spoken.

Ghost Dancer : Thank FATHER our First Source and Center for this message. 

Threads for New Transmissions / A Sticky Note From Jesus
« on: May 18, 2023, 17:16:46 pm »
This is JESUS, my peace be unto you. Although you are all looking forward to the day when you can see me back in the flesh, be assured this will indeed come to pass, happen and I will walk, talk, partake of meals and be present among you.

I'm taking this time through this transmitter to relay the message that for a little while I can be even more available to you in spirit.  You need only ask in My name and I can be present with you, not only in this moment,  but every moment from now on hence.

I am the Shepherd and you are all still My precious lambs. I feel your aches and pains. Let Me guide you to greener pastures where all your needs are met because you now choose to roam and graze in Me, just as I do in the FATHER.

Everything the FATHER has for Me I inturn can offer to you still. Did I not say," No one comes to the Father except through me ?" Know Me then like you have read about in your scriptures and you will know again the FATHER as well. I understand that you all are well versed in the Urantia book, as well as the Bible. 

I am come to teach you all again about this same said thing. Simply put your relationship with the FATHER , to Him love above all else and that of all your brothers and sisters here. Love them all with a Father's love, like I have always loved you from afar.

Now take My hand because I have come to offer it again, with the FATHER'S help as we are closer to you even more than your own breath. In fact I am you. You are now my hands to comfort, my feet to go to those in need, my voice to talk to those that would hear the 'Good News' again that the Kingdom has come and is here among you.

This will be for now a short message. Liken to a sticky note, only post it on your frigerator, not. But on your very heart so you will forget it, not. I know you all have busy lives here, things that appear so important that they can distract you from not only reading this message,  but My very voice in you now.

Know that this not be so ? I ask only that you stop every now and then in your day to hear My voice which is your FATHER'S  so you can be whole again and not be without. Your lack is being without, be your own cure and remedy by being with and know lack, not.

This has been JESUS,  my peace I leave with you. P.S, Just like I have done in the past so many millenia ago. I call you all to do also. Be the sauve that heals, not the thorn in your own side,  which is your brothers.

Threads for New Transmissions / The Good News Again
« on: April 30, 2023, 16:31:19 pm »
This is JESUS, peace be unto you. It has been two millennia that I promised to return to you all here on Urantia. For those few that have kept the faith living here in time, true. For Me it seems like only yesterday ?

It truly saddens Me that I have to be a witness here that not much has changed since my life as JESUS, FATHER MICHEAL's seventh bestowel. Only that which you now call the United States is now the new Rome, still dividing and conquering in the name of freedom and democracy, yet in reality still cloaked in wolf's clothing disguised as sheep in order to pillage, loot and ransack just like the Roman's did so many years ago.

Yet I did promise to return to yet a New Jerusalem this time located in the far west. A country at that time as I had said that was, "over run by heathens." The one's  commonly and collectively known as native Americans or Indians, true.

I would at this time like to ask of forgiveness from this very transmitter as he is one of those same said native americans I spoke of. Indeed where two or more are gathered in the FATHER'S name love is the glue that binds their separate feelings towards each other making them not strangers or enemies, but brothers again. And so it is.

So just like my previous occasion here I again walk the streets of Rome (the United States) taking down notes, making observations, and listening to what concerns the populace here busy themselves with. What is on their minds as well as the wishes of their heart's desires.

Approaching not a single citizen, yet listening still to their very hearts where I still reside. For some, but for the majority mostly I am blocked. Much liken to a best friend you once had in high school but can no longer relate to, so you not only have deleted their number long ago on your cell phones, but have purposely let go of the the memories shared that you ever knew of them.

You call that 'ghosting' in your urban dictionaries. But I have come today through this transmitter appropriately named, 'Ghost Dancer ' to share again the Good News. That I have not forgotten any of you here on this whole planet you call Earth. I will not ghost you. Even though I am presently for the time being here in spirit. 

We here up on high, as you like to say. Have heard your prayers each and everyone of you. Prayers for a bigger house or a brand new car, not. But those few good prayers for the betterment of humankind, humanity as a whole, yes ! To send help to your brothers, your sisters that struggle and yes even your neighbors across the great seas to know again the love GOD has for them and to manifest this love here and now. So that all might be a witness, so that all might feel that hope is not lost, ambition be rewarded and desire that all get the same opportunities to add to the collective. And of course just to feel good again about themselves, to be loved, respected and appreciated. 

It is all to come forthwith. In fact for some of you it has already happened. The Kingdom has come because you kept your heart doors open to receive Me today and let Me in. From now on do only that and I will come and supp with you also. 

Enjoy the rest of the day. This has been JESUS  and My peace I leave with you.

Ghost Dancer  : Thank you JESUS for making your presence known in my humble abode and through these words in the transmission. 

Threads for New Transmissions / I AM Yours To Behold.
« on: April 28, 2023, 20:44:18 pm »
This transmitter is smiling from ear to ear upon this request to start a transmission using the "I Am" as a beginning to a sentence. 

As I am currently reading a book about a famous guru from India called Sri Ramana Maharshi. His teaching lesson for others is in the form of an inquiry  of 'who am I ?' As a way of eliminating the questioning mind, the ego and hearing only the answer, that which is God.

After just writing this down an image of Pinocchio  came into my mind. This is a familiar children's story here about a boy made of wood who ultimately wanted to be as real as his father who made him. So he tries to do just that by looking for his true self outside of him. In a world that was just as fake as the material body he walked around in, much like ourselves.

So here we go,.. I Am your CREATOR ! The very FATHER of all creation ! And you are all my beloved children  in whom I Am in love with unconditionally. I created you in the image of Myself so you would never tell a lie and this is the truth. I AM created you with a will to choose good or bad so you wouldn't feel like there are any strings attached to you, liken to a puppet. 

I AM not a puppet master. Do not ever call me Geppetto like this children's story. I AM your FATHER,  you are all My sons and daughters alike.

I AM called by many names across the universes of universes, but never call me late for dinner. (a little humor injected here.)

You may feel at times while in time that you have wondered away from Me ? Maybe for some some of you that I have forsaken you ? Seduced by the sites and sounds and yes religions of the this big city called Urantia.Yet I tell you this honestly that there is nothing  outside of Me, the very I AM that sustains your very existence. If you could see me now you would know this to be the truth that would and could set you free, for My nose is not getting longer by telling you this unlike the story of Pinocchio. 

You need neither travel in a space ship back to Paradise in Havona or die to the physical  to hear Me or feel My embrace.

Notice that your material parents as well as those of you that already are parents. That there is a point in your life where the parents start to live their lives through their offspring  ? The children's experiences and achievements,  as well as their downfalls and their heart aches ?

This I AM also doing through you now and always. Your very wish is My delight, but I do warn, be very careful what you wish for ? Because it is given freely. For My love does rain on the weeds and the tare.

Everything and everyone is there for your salvation. See not your world as broken, but just another opportunity to fix it. How you may ask ? Just by being the love I AM. You are Me, as I AM you. 

You are my Pinocchio and all my love is inside those fragile bones covered with flesh. What your hands create I create with you, every tear you shed is mine also when you fall from grace. And it is My very hand that picks you up again and brushes off the dirt from your your holy robe that I put on you in your  creation from the very beginning,  though you see it not.

It is the I AM who like this transmitter inquired with his question of who am I ? Your beginnings were the Word and that Word begot the very extention of Myself  as yourself.  There is no place you can wonder about where IAM not. And you are as real as your CREATOR because I do not make puppets. Think you not that your strings are severed ? You are always Mine as I AM always yours. I can only make what is real, false I cannot do.

For now let this all sink in and let My thoughts  of you be yours  also. Love attracts love, be that to know Me again, for Love itself is the actual form of I Am. 

Ghost Dancer : Well I feel blessed to transmit this message thank you FATHER that is the great I AM.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Giving It Back To Peter
« on: April 24, 2023, 02:08:36 am »
This is Ghost Dancer and I must apologize to Paul for my lack of appropriate capitalization  as I was under the gun, so to to speak as I had dinner engagement with my sister and I am for now a one finger typer. My transmission do often take a good hour to transmit and then the re-writing of said transmission to this forum sometimes take even longer. Often the transmission in various places is rewritten and even some sentences are completely replaced in the process.  Truly as our Sainte Mother Teresa once said, " I am just the pencil, it is He who does the writing. " This too is the truth so help me God. And I thank you Ron and our CREATOR SON MICHEAL as well as Paul  for your congratulatory comments. I will to keep trying. Thank you

Threads for New Transmissions / Giving It Back To Peter
« on: April 23, 2023, 15:30:33 pm »
In these times of uncertainty,  change and fear, how will it all end or when is our beginning in Christ to begin  ? I turn to a famous scripture  by Paul in 2 Corinthians 4:16-19.

"Do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly  we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving  for us an eternal glory that far outweighs  them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. "

Despite that beautiful saying by Paul, he still invested in a temporal material kingdom  presently known as the Christian  or Roman Catholic church. Instead of the kingdom within us.

So let us take this same scroll from Paul and give it back to Peter, who truly new Jesus personally  and see what he has to say either about this scripture or about the times we appear to be living in ?

Peter : This is Peter, also once known as Simon. In your scriptures it also states that I Peter were an even better orator than Jesus Himsef ? I am truly chagrined, for it is the FATHER  in Jesus that puts the words in my mouth. Just like this transmitter  is doing now. So I can never take full credit for my sermons back then because they are of God and God only.

But let us get back to this inquiry of this scripture  before you fall asleep again, much like a boring church service on a Sunday afternoon  much like this one ?

Let me open this letter by quoting Yeshua Ben Yoseph, Jesus Himself ? " Peace be with you all, our peace always be unto you." You are all truly His apostles, though you humbly  except the title as agondonters. Truly those who chose to be last will be first in the Family of God. Notice that we no longer refer to Kingdom of God here ?

Once you do arrive here you will observe that there are no queens, princes, dukes or duchess, neither be there a court jester like Weydevue, surfs or peasants.

In heaven in order to have something  and keep it, truly is to give it away or rather share it with those that appear to have it not, thus. Unlike your material world where those that have more than enough refuse to share it neither with their progeny, let alone their neighbors on the other side of the picket fence nor across the Great seas.

We up here do indeed hear your prayers and I am come through this one to giveth you your daily bread or rather the meat the world  knows not of.

What does this scripture at the top of this transmission mean then ? " Fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. "

While still in the physical  our eyes or senses do seem to translate all that is going on in front of us. So what I would  like to ask of you is to do and only do that, is to fix your whole mind on GOD. Are you here yet ? There you go , welcome.

Ah yes, in this place where you are now, is there war, famine or pestilence ? Do you feel in need of clothing in this state ? Food in this state ? Or shelter from the cold or heat in this state of being ?

If your answer is no ? Then you have truly succeeded  in being reborn into the spirit  by investing in that which is eternal,  the unseen. The FATHER knows what you need while even there in your humble beginnings Urantia, and will give it to you providing you don't invest in it so much that you want to stay there. Then unfortunately you will have listened to the lies of the serpent and will go down with the ship. Rise then above this Titanic for it was created to keep you drifting away from  your true reality. The Heaven that you could experience  right now, not something  or place unseen after letting go of the physical or what you call death. 

Live then to prove Jesus never died on the cross, but live'th in you now!  Ask then for the mind in Christ Jesus be in you now and it shall be. Our FATHER is in need of saviors not martyrs.

You can and have indeed nailed yourself to the cross. But the nine inch nails are only held there by your thoughts. Release your thoughts and forgive your own trespasses. And you will truly find yourself  with Him now at His grand table set in a garden beyond your imagination, just for the asking because it is HIS will, the FATHER'S that you have what He has. Because that is the purpose of HIS creating you, to know why and remember where you are and where you never left.

Liken to your coins in America  that say, " In God We Trust." And so it is. 

This has been Peter the Apostle  and I leave you for now. Only in the now can you find m again and you are and always have been a thought in the Mind of GOD, And that is your food for thought and it is where we all reside. Enjoy and partake, bless it to receive it, share it to always have it.

Ghost Dancer : Thank Peter for this well needed  sermon. Amen


Threads for New Transmissions / The Tree of Life
« on: March 25, 2023, 19:52:03 pm »
This is Eve The Material Daughter here to speak to you along with my husband Adam The Material Son by my side always. We have come together  to speak as one through this transmitter Ghost Dancer. 

Rather than dwell on that infamous moment you  all know us from when we partook of the famous apple that got us kicked out of paradise.  We would like to share a lesson on what life would have been and still can be here  on Urantia if we had stuck with the Tree of Life instead.

Genesis 2:16
"From every tree of the garden you are definitely to eat."

Now, now we can hear you all growning on such a fantasy, as if all of you also had just taken a bite into a sour apple. Indeed the bitter taste is and was everlasting, let me assure you.

Genesis 2:17
"But from the Tree of knowledge  of good and evil you may not eat, because  on that day on which you eat from it you shall surely  die."

We speak only of this version of temptation  rather than the one in the Urantia book only because the first is more well known than the latter. And we indeed want to expand our reading audience  past the collective few that we have now, with all due respect. 

But what then inquiring  minds might ponder was the big difference between all the trees and the one that was forbidden ? Indeed that knowledge for some of you at this time is being offered in this very lesson.  But only if you are willing  to let go of what you thought was true, to partake or exchange  with that which will set you free at any moment if you choose it ?

What we're offering is a kind of fruit that you've never tasted before. Likewise we're  asking you not only to open your hand to receive it, but open your minds to it's  delectable savor.

I'm now to speak of a spiritual food and not one of material. You see to partake of the Tree of Life is to wholly depend on The FATHER'S uninterrupted  perception of truth and goodness  for you. Because back then humans were as innocent as doves, you see innocence is an attribute of GOD, the FATHER  and so it was and still can be an attribute of His children,  if they so choose right.

The forbidden Tree closed the door to knowing the truth that would set you free, so to speak. And instead opened the door to perception  of themselves  and the temporal world around them. Much like a tourist visiting a new country with no maps or guides.They did not know whether it is safe to drink the water or what street would lead them to a safe house or hotel. Lost in paradise,  yes. The people from then on had to rely on their physical senses. 

We have all been there. Indeed that is our common ground we share as Adam & Eve with you all. You need only turn on a television set or open up a newspaper these days and wonder what has this world  come to ? Where has love gone to ?

We are here to share a secret. Love has gone nowhere, it is you that have gone astray. I would like you now to to take that word nowhere  and create  a space between the letters w and h, both  on a piece of paper and in your minds class. Now repeat after me and say, Love Is Now Here.

This my children in GOD is both how you can receive again  the fruits from the Tree of Life and how this transmitter receives our voices as if we're standing right next to him.

This lesson is over. This class is dismissed for now. This has been the Material Daughter Eve and Material Son Adam. Now go and play nice in this garden Urantia that we have planted in you. Good day.

Ghost Dancer : Thank you Eve and Adam Material Daughter and Son for this transmission. 

Threads for New Transmissions / Who Am I ?
« on: February 14, 2023, 13:47:00 pm »
Since today in America it is recognized as Valentines Day I thought it would be appropriate and well needed to quote Jesus on the subject of love, courtesy of His scribe at that time by the name of Glenda Green.

"Love is the Source of all life that has no end. Your very name is love, and your character  is composed of all that you have loved, all who have loved you, all who shared your life, and everything  you have brought  into existence  through your love. That is who you are. You will or can never be separated from that love. Love is your immortality. " - JESUS 

Threads for New Transmissions / Of The Finest Wheat
« on: January 25, 2023, 15:00:41 pm »
UNIVERSAL FATHER is it thy will that I communicate with my Family of Celestials in brotherhood with you at this time ?

UNIVERSAL FATHER: It has been granted.

Ghost Dancer: Very well then, is there anyone from my family of GOD in spirit  wishing to share a message at this time so I can make your word be known and publish it on this forum  ?

Good afternoon TARKAS, ONE WITHOUT NAME OR NUMBER do we have a clear channel today ?

TARKAS: There is no clearer  channel than the Father's Will that it be so. Go ahead with this transmission.

MONJORONSON: This is MONJORONSON and SEN SEN Magisterial Sons we speak as one for this transmission. You that are parents here are quite familiar with the teaching that children  should not play with matches or they will get burned ?

Recently your scientists in the United States although  still in the beginning stages have had what they call a breakthrough  in a experiment demonstrating that one can ignite a thermalnuclear fuel in a laboratory setting for the first time by bombarding a hydrogen pellet with laser beams, thus producing out a flood of neutron particles the byproduct being a product of fusion, carrying 3 megajoules of energy. A gain of 1.5 of energy.

Initially the reason for these tests being to further their nuclear sources of weaponry. The side effect or other side of the coin being a possible new source of energy for a world running out of options. 

Although mankind feels they have advanced far from the days of Anton and Fonta. We here from above see things differently ? If we could we would encourage you all to head for the hills, so to speak and run away from these lab experiments and go back to living in tree houses much like Andon and Fonta did.

If it wasn't for the fact that you have already eliminated that source by leveling most of your forestry altogether. That number currently a loss of 47 million hectares of trees. A hectare meaning 107639.104 square feet.

Returning to our introductory statement. What happens to children that don't know how to safely play with matches ? They will be taken away or the alternative being letting the whole place soon enough be burned down to its foundation. 

You have indeed read in your scriptures that the weeds will be separated from the wheat ? At that time weeds will  be collected in bundles to be burned, but the wheat will be gathered and brought back to the barn. The barn being the House or Kingdom of GOD.

The purpose of this talk or symposium has been to be the bearer of good news in that all of you that have taken time to read this message are of the finest wheat and have nothing to worry about. Let things then come as they may, for your future is brighter than any forrest fire that could be seen even from Paradise ! 

This has been Magisterial Sons MONJORONSON and SEN SEN and we bid you a good day.

Threads for New Transmissions / Be You An Empty Pitcher
« on: January 15, 2023, 12:27:03 pm »
This is Ghost Dancer, I address you TARKAS since you have stepped forward to provide us through Ron Besser this refreshing news that the cabal has been wiped clean from our planet Urantia. Who then is to help us get rid of the cabal ransacking us from within ? As we are all here of origin, judged matter as humans ? The very cosmic body of Santania where we all live in and are ?

This is TARKAS, and I do thank you for this question that does still appear to plague most of you here that appear to be living in the flesh on this very nursery known as Urantia,  and are yet to be reborn of the spirit. Let me then Ghost Dancer reply to your enquiry  in a way and language that you can all understand  ?

I will to use as my reference point the well known story of Jacob's Well found in both your Bibles and your Urantia books. As you have read, Jesus said to the Samaritan, " woman, I thirst, can I use your pitcher to draw up this water that is everlasting ?"

What Jesus meant by that empty pitcher is the very well within you all that begs to be filled with the Father's Will, which is also His blessing for mankind or like you have stated in your question,  judged matter. That famous apple that Eve bit into sharing it with all mankind made you all aware only of what appeared to be outside of you and no longer the Kingdom of Heaven within,  thus your new found nakedness or empty vessel.

You are this empty pitcher only as long as you believe it to be so. Free yourself  then from bondage of your thirst or emptiness for God. There was never a lock on your prison door, but your very thought that there was so. You need only let yourself  be filled by this living water by taking no thought for yourselves or rather everything outside of you.

Ask again and you shall be refilled again. But only by being reborn of the spirit, God's empty pitcher or vessel by being humble and meek and not being full of this self of delusion can you then know again of your fullness in Him, of Him and always with Him.

This is TARKAS and I bid you all a good day with a little help from JESUS Himself. Be at peace for now.

Twas the night before Christmas  when all through the house, not a transmitter was receiving, not even Ron Besser's computer mouse.

Freshly baked loaves and smoked fish were hung with care. In hopes that Jesus Christ would soon be there.

God's children were nestled all snug in their beds ; while visions of the Second Coming danced in their heads.

With Amethyst asleep in her curlers and Lemuel having a eggnog nightcap, we all said goodbye to our circuitry for a long winter's nap. 

When out from the pier arose such a clatter, we all sprang from our beds to see our once disbeliefs shatter.

When what to my wondering eye did appear, but a fishing boat pull up with twelve men no older than thirty in year.

With a man of pure light standing at the helm, I knew in a moment it was our brother Jesus returning to us home !

He told them to drop anchor and called them by name ; On Peter, on Andrew, and sons of Zebedee ! On Philip, On Nathaniel,  On Matthew and Thomas remember to give as you have received and that means for free !

As we drew from the window and were turning around, there were Jesus and his apostles had entered our abode without even a sound.

He was dressed in white linen from head to foot, and so too all his disciples smiling back us with that same joyful look.

A wink of His eye and a nod from His head, soon gave us an acknowledgement that he was never dead.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to work, filling our hearts with comforting thoughts that we all understood.

Suddenly they received a signal to return to their boat pulled up on dryland. And away they sailed to once more make fishers of man.

I heard Him exclaim, " My peace I leave you for all my flock have a goodnight. You will see us all again, but for now we must take flight."

From Ghost Dancer and my Father Fragment,  I hope you all enjoyed. Merry Christmas. 

Gather around you my brothers and sisters in God that enjoy a good story. For I am come to share something that you can all learn on this occasion of a Christmas times of old. 

I once had a disciple named Judas Iscariot. He was a only son of a very wealthy father and doting mother. Both parents spoiled their son tremendously  and let him do and gave him whatever the boy desired. Consequently, when the lad had grown  strong enough,  he drove the parents from the house and enjoyed himself with harlots as far as his nature could take it.

It was not long before the lad had squandered his parents property. Both had to turn to begging and soon after died of grief and sorrow.

When the lad was thus himself impoverished,  he repented somewhat and asked himself; 'Well, why did I turn out thus and not otherwise? I did not give birth to myself, much less beget myself; neither could I do my own upbringing,  and yet everybody tells me to my face that I am a wretched scoundrel and a villain who on account of his lewd and evil tricks cheated his parents  out of their hard-earned property  and in the end was even responsible  for their premature death.

How can I be blamed for this ? I admit I may have acted very badly, but is it my fault that my parents did not give me a better upbringing? What am I to do now? Poor, without money, without a house, without work, without bread ! The easiest and quickest way out would be to steal and to rob. However, it would be anything but pleasant to be caught as a clumsy thief and then severely chastised. The prospects where robbing is concerned are even worse. But now I know what I shall do. I shall learn some skill, even if be the ancient, silly pottery trade which made my father wealthy.

No sooner said than done! He became apprenticed to a good-humoured potter in Capernaum and within a short time learned with diligence the skill of the latter. The old potter had a daughter who soon after became the art students wife.

But, contrary to the carefree life our Judas used to lead before, he now, as a master of pottery, became hard-hearted and stingy. His wife often experienced his hardness of heart. He produced good merchandise and began to frequent all the markets whilst letting his people at home starve and overwork. Whenever he brought plenty of money from the market, he did give a little bit to the most industrious workers. However, when home, brought only little, life was very hard in his poor household. 

In order to have extra income besides his pottery, he leased a fishing business and a few years later became involved in natural magic, since in Jerusalem he had several times watched Egyptian or Persian magicians earn much money with their magic. But although he spent a great deal of money on it, he did not achieve anything.  He also studied magic with some foreign Essenes who pretended to be able, if necessary, to create a whole world with everything it encompasses and carries.

He soon found out that he was at the wrong end of the stick and turned his back on his fine teachers. In that year he heard of all the things I was doing, and how all this by far surpassed everything hitherto on this earth called 'working wonders'. And this was the real reason why he became My follower, leaving everything behind, so that he might  learn from Me how to work wonders and earn much gold and silver this way. He was not very interested  in My teaching. When he listens to My speech, he really only wants to hear Me explain in what way and by what means I have worked one or the other miracle. Well, he never succeeds in picking up any thing useful to him and is therefore, always bad-tempered.

Actually, he will in this world profit nothing from Me. An act of betrayal, followed by the darkest despair, will drive him to suicide, and his sad end will be a rope and a willow tree. For he is one who tries to tempt God, and this and must be a great sacrilege. But he who dares to commit a sacrilege against God must of necessity commit it also against himself. First against God, then against himself.

Now, inspite of all this scheming and hopes, he finds himself totally stripped and without  means and does not know where to turn. He never had faith in God or any firm trust in God's power, kindness, and help. Because the deception  has ruined him completely, he no longer communicates with the world. As he is too foolish, his mind cannot find a way out, despite all his searching and efforts.

From the facts that such a man, for a long time to come, keeps on trying to destroy himself because he is full of hatred for life, without which he would not have committed suicide, you can see clearly that he thereby not seldom does incalculable harm to his soul.

And that my brothers is the story of the Grinch that tried to steal Christmas for his own profit. Let us now turn the page in time to my very presence among you and wait to see what shall happen next? This has been Jesus Christ and my peace I leave with you always and in all ways. 

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