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I am posting this in hopes this helps to explain our work around heaven's announcement that JESUS will be back on earth for the promised return to earth again.  I am keeping this very simple since most Guests do not have the biography we do of the Life of Christ, a 500 page revelation from the angelic archives and written and researched by our celestial friends published to us in 1955.  The biography is brilliant and answers most of the history about what Jesus did before he became the Master and the Bestowal Son as Jesus of Nazareth.  

There is a link at the top of this discussion forum where you can read the Urantia Book,  The Jesus biography was written and given to be part of the 5th epochal revelation and found in a storage room upstairs in a very old mansion that was used as a doctor's office.  That doctor happened to be Dr. William S. Sadler and his Doctor wife, Lena Sadler and their son William Sadler Junior.  The famous name of Kellogg of Battle Creek also participated, as Lena was a Kellogg and married Sadler we think about 1897 or so.  I recite this for you since so few truly remember the effort it took to go through millions of page kept in the heaven archive about the life led by Jesus as a human on this planet.  The Midwayers condensed it down from about six thousand pages to five hundred pages.  IF you really want to know how Jesus led his childhood and his early adulthood, read the last chapter in the book, Part IV, beginning on page 1323, with an intro chapter about the bestowal of Michael on Urantia.   Urantia is their name for earth.

Let me now turn to modern history and very quickly as I want to keep this short.

When Jesus died at age 31 on the cross, the Father in heaven decreed that his promise to return again would be a final plan for our time today to be finished as a little young planet very immature in spiritual matters.  The idea FATHER gave to everybody was, this is the last time we ever let a Bestowal Son suffer the slings and arrows of political intrigue so bad over Jesus he lost his life.  The Temple Sanhedrin were jealous enemies, and that still exists today in many of our so called churches honoring Christ.

The Father assigned on the Day of Pentecost, several thousand angels and other types of spirit beings to a Bestowal Commission.  That Bestowal Commission flourished for over 2,000 years, from the date of the death of Jesus until about six months ago.  Now and then they dispersed until JESUS asked them to stay in session at that time and for now.

For that reason, when we came along, and learned how to hear and speak what spirit spoke as news to us to encourage us to spread the word as best we could through their dictation of what was happening on high for earth to know, we received the news that JESUS was returning from Paradise (there is such a place and it is huge) to Urantia, as they still call it.

We are naturally concerned about announcing such a huge news item and stayed quiet about it.  The formal announcement to us came in 2005 and they said it would take place in 2007 or 2008.  There then was an announcement by a Deity (there many more Deities than the Father, Son, and Spirit plus trillions of angels not Deity but Divine), that Jesus was not going to just appear on our planet but would appear in other places first to prepare the time unvierse we belong to to meet him on all levels of divinity or human anticipation.

Jesus had to interrupt a teaching career on Paradise.  Most of our guests do not understand what we had to learn too, and that is there are all kinds of different life in our universe who are not human but are not God either.  We are not God and we are a good example of a type of student that learns from Bestowals and other revelatory teachings and means too.  Jesus was assigned on Paradise to teach being we call Paradise Citizens, and they were learning from Jesus, what it meant to live the life of a human.  They are very curious about what a human is, and Jesus saw to it they got the general idea in his classrooms on Paradise.

One day JESUS was summoned by the UNIVERSAL FATHER to appear before HIM.  At that meeting Jesus was told that our planet, Urantia, (You Ran Sha) was failing badly.  He asked Jesus to consider returning there soon.  That was when MICHAEL OF NEBADON, the Deity that is a Creator Son and born (personalized) by the Paradise Father and the Paradise Eternal Son, as one of many thousands of Creator Sons to develop learning by time methods, ASKED to join the conversations and consider Jesus to return very soon as the planet was failing badly,  JESUS was a divine Son mainly because our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon (Nebadon is the name of our Local Universe) was part of the very mind and body of JESUS, thus making JESUS hardly fully human because he was Divine as well.  To make a long story shorter, JESUS agreed to enter the world of time we live on and plans with the Bestowal Commission came into being not so long ago.  

In 2008, and mostly because I am one of the few who can transmit the news directly from the Voice of God, they announced to me to spread the news that JESUS was coming back with a Mission to teach this world how to use time better and to remove what is most distressing happening to us.  Human babies are born with big brains, and to handle the size of our brains now, nature has placed a command center in our brains called a BRAINSTEM.    Evolution uses them to command learning and doing through time learning in particular.  It contains all of the important things that make us human including the recognition of God and that he exists.  Animal brains without the BRAINSTEM cannot know the experience of God at all, and therefore do not survive to a human, although all animals, upon their death, are saved as the energy they were and can be reissued if it is a good and friendly energy as pets in particular.

What now has happened on earth is that evolution changes brains by their use.  Unfortunately evolution can also retrograde evolution.  IF you do not use it, evolution takes it away, and many babies being born today are being born without brainstems, and that is mostly the genetic result of parents who do not have them either.  There are no genes in those conceptions to direct the formation of the brainstem that is an extension of your last vertebra at the top into your neck.  It sits in the back of your head about six inches (6") down from your crown and go in about about another three inches (3") and it is a big bump with a lot of little cells on it.  Those cells are your real intelligence and the more you have the merrier for being more intellectual.  Average brainstem cell count is about forty-five (45).  Some of you have as many as sixty some of you have as little as thirty.

A huge problem has erupted now on our planet where the brainstem does not form and the human appears human but remains an animal with high intelligence but unable to fathom the idea of God at all.  That development MUST STOP!

JESUS, therefor must spiritually reform the spiritual input on our planet for our species to replicate as human and not just animals who can just kill and shoot up churches, and schools, and murder indiscriminately.  Sure humans can do that too, but those without a complete intelligence brainstem are without much compassion or care for the human family.

Further, this site was founded by me to make sure that a small voice could be heard about the plans of God to deal with severe problems we have about our own self governance.  The Bestowal Commission contacted me around 2010, and I formed this site and the Magisterial Foundation to have an office we usual humans could also participate with the Bestwal too through administration.

We should break here.  A whole new danger appeared just as this was ready to be put to work:

1 - The God of time which is not the Father, Son, or the Spirit, but a whole different Deity called God the Supreme evaluates learning and sends it to the Paradise Trinity so they can universalize time learning to the rest of the universe which does not use time and does not know the languages we deal with down here.  In 2019, God the Supreme stated he no longer needed God the Father, Son, or the Spirit, and that he would rule time.  He invaded our own planet and tried to kill me and many others so we did not produce an administration that favored Father and Jesus.  Yes, the Universe is avery rough place because there are spirit individuals who agreed with the Supreme he should rule instead of our FATHER.  I made it clear such evil would never be accepted or practiced around me.  They felt I had to die and cripple my nervous system.  In any case JESUS announced that in spite of this insurrection they would go ahead as the Second Return and appear visible to our eyes.

2 - That is still hanging fire to happen.  

3 - But there is great danger and FATHER has chosen to sit back now, but slashed the Supreme out of existence for challenging the will of God, and placed Jesus ready to open a whole new era on earth to be rid of humans without brainstems as they cannot know God well at all, and to ask JESUS to hurry up while we have much left to work with.

4 - JESUS CONCURS and I transmit now for you to read the Voice of God as I hear Him as clearly as a phone call.  I do not channel.  When you are implanted with devices to do this as I am, I speak their voice directly.  I speak and type the Voice of Jesus on this subject for you now:

JESUS speaks - "WE are grateful for this post.  Much more, very much more, could be said, but not now.  I have concurred with Ron to say these things, and then leave them for your own thoughts.  WE carry great work to come to Urantia, but there are not enough people to fully understand how important it is I attain earth again and help to reform it.  Ron thought the best way to do some of this work was to engage some of you as our agents so you could learn true divinity work and learn how to follow instructions.  Most of you do so poorly in this we are force to train very much and as a result not many humans can be used to do this work together.

"HOWEVER, let it be known I agreed with Ron to use the Magisterial Foundation for my administrative work and I would do the spiritual work.  Ron does very well with that idea, but the higher administrators, very high above Me, hesitate to give Ron so much responsibility, and as a result he has had to wait and wait for approvals.  Then several days ago he received those approvals and then was seriously attacked by the rebels.  They cut his left eye until he bled badly inside of it and hit his nervous system to make him lame.  That is not corrected and may never be corrected unfortunately.

"Lastly, you need to understand I am going to be visible again and for that reason I can be wounded with gun fire or bombs or poison and so on, and we must make sure I am well protected.  We are using the Magisterial Foundation now to see to my protection, and to use Ron to place a brand new invention called free electricity.  Your science thinks it impossible but he has it down pat and it can operate easily, so the Magisterial Foundation will implement free electricity too through a company called The Rayson Corporation, named after a divine Son that helped Ron get it patented.

"Meanwhile we have to stay in spirit form mostly until we have permission to enter the veil and be seen by your human eyes in low enough frequency you can say you saw the person of the Lord when that time comes, and I say that is shortly to be done!  Good Day and Best Wish for  A MERRY CHRISTMAS to all as well - even you Moslems will have a lot to learn soon as it is not avoidable to see me and hear me very soon.   I AM JESUS, Blessings to all! K"

This Ron providing the narrative again.  We have been told exactly the same thing at least five (5) times before this, but Jesus gets into the same position you and I do when things happen to make it unlikely we or HE can do any good with a war raging or people shooting children to death for nothing but the horror of mental aberrations. We refuse to become cultish.  We refuse to speak without authorization, and for that reason we have promised to be used sanely for what Jesus wishes us to know and how the powers behind His throne are deciding our fate and His Work.

A great deal could be said and much more explanation, but start with this and let us see what the rest of this month may bring to us in joy and happiness that someone who cares about us truly is in charge again!

Thank you, and God Bless all of you.


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Thank you very much Ron and thanks also to Jesus, the one loved by all, for that pronouncement that, although it was intended for new guests, I have taken it as a nice Christmas present. Of course I have shared it with family and close friends.
Once again Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you
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Thank you Ron for taking the time to give this brief but clear account of history. This is something that people who do not read the Urantia Book still like to hear about and who knows, this may give them a broader interest in what is told in the 5th Epochal Revelation, a comprehensive and instructive account that despite all that is no longer valid, is still that great Revelation of God and His wonderful Creation.

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Thank you Ron, I hope you are able to keep worm.

Father be you exalted and let your love fill every heart in this season. We pray for those who are trapped and hurt of the terrible winter weather through the nation.

I wish a very Merry Christmas to all of our Celestial and human spiritual family members on Urantia. May the magic of the season fill your hearts with joy and continued anticipation of the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Blessings and Love,
Valerie, sonofGod  

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Seasons greetings to all,  I must say that even for a long time reader of our Urantia Book and member of this forum I found this a good read with some new ideas to ponder.   Thank you  so much .