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Tour Urantia Foundation Mansion Video - Chicago USA
« on: January 09, 2023, 16:47:29 pm »
A video tour of the Urantia Foundation mansion in Chicago fyi.

Ron here:  The mansion during the ownership of Dr. William S. and Dr. Lean Sadler, his wife, was their profession doctors office.  He practiced medicine and was a certified psychologist.  Lena Sadler also practiced her work here too.  This is also the mansion in which the Sadlers had their Contact Commission, and where the Universe Government, helped them download the contents of the 5th epochal revelation.  The mansion was also their home on the upper floors of the mansion, and today the mansion serves as the executive offices of The Urantia Foundation.

Thank you.
Ron Besser

///////////  "WE  are sure Ron will enjoy a tour of the mansion too someday, as it is full of treasures yet to be discovered.  If you would pull up the kitchen floor linoleum there is a trap door there where they used to keep ice.  In it is a pair of trousers left there by Bill Sadler, Jr. in order to trap a skunk his father swears gets into the house to steal victual out of the kitchen they leave lying around.  Further more, the place reeks of ice melting parfumes of the past era when Dr. Lena Sadler placed a house rate under the sink to scare Bill Jr, to stay out of the lower drawers where she kept rat poison and rat skillets as they called them in the past which are skillets that last about six weeks and then can be burned as they get saturated with fat not but with kerosene used to light the cooking stoves of that day quite often.  There is a rat skillet left in the basement but not one ever goes down there and for that reason the entire house is without a deal to make the house a true replica of the Sadler era use of the mansion.   I am indeed MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I am fully deserving to know the house thoroughly as I often looked through it to discover Lucifer or Caligastia hiding there, but they stayed away just because of that. 

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and Ron does services like this toi liven you people up as this place is like a morgue recently and he finds you forgetful too.  I just want to remind you that the Chicago Mansion, long before the Sadler's had it, was a Prohibition Era Speak Easy where you could get two shots of Whisky for 25 cents and get change if you could not drink the second shot glass full.  And one last thing:  the 533 Diversey Parkway mansion served briefly as a bawdy house for two years while they finished building it in 1878.  The architectural drawings she briefly  shows  you is the second renovation.  The first one was after a fire in 1889.  The last one was i 1903.  The drawing is misdated due to a currency issue in 1905 when it was drawn by a draftsman who was, well, drunk at the time.  AT your service Ron, as I am speaking for Dr. Sadler who loves to reminisce over these things as you do and you wonder why the do not do better?  they are cold hearted Germans for the most part as Seigel prefers personality missing and you would flunk the test all the time.  K.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service ."

Ron - Many thanks for a history no one would ever figure out very well at all Michael.  We thank you from an old historians heart too! Great!  Wonderful! 

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Re: Tour Urantia Foundation Mansion Video - Chicago USA
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2023, 09:09:24 am »

That headquarters of Urantia Foundation in Chicago looks very beautiful, because I had the opportunity to be there some 25 years ago for a world meeting of readers, but in this video and I only recognize the front of the mansion; there is transformation especially in decoration and furniture. Important for being the place where the material for the Urantia Book, the "Bible of the third Millennium", was gathered. Thank you Ron
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