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« on: March 21, 2023, 13:07:26 pm »
I awoke this morning to prepare for work with my morning coffee and it hit me.  This is the best laid plan with Adam & Eve introducing JESUS that I've seen so far.  Now why is that?

Well let's see, (of coarse this is my opinion and far be it for me to out guess the GODS) we've had many scenarios of the Second Return of JESUS, of which all were good but not good enough. Why?  I've thought and pondered the different laid plans for the 2nd Return and I kept coming up with, will the people of Urantia accept these introductions seeing that we are a dark and backward planet with our beliefs base on myths and half truths.  We already know some people will be a problem regardless and will not accept the 2nd Return.

With the early plans I questioned whether Urantia would accept JESUS not coming out of the clouds and HIS new policy.

I question whether the populace would accept the MAGISTERIAL SONS introducing JESUS in HIS 2nd Return.  When they have never heard of these SONS OF GOD let alone that they are the offspring of the ETERNAL SON & and the INFINITE SPIRIT. That's going way above their heads. For the MAGISTERIAL SONS to introduce JESUS for the 2nd Return  is good but the world knows them NOT.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEX is known through out the major world's religions, not as a Divine Son of the Local Universe of Nebadon but only as a High Priest of the Melchizedex Order in the Book of Hebrews.

Then you have John the Baptist or JESUS's Disciples all of which are good and the people know of them and would bring favorable results for the 2nd Return.

After all said and done I truly believe that Adam & Eve is the BEST LAID PLAN of all the scenarios for this occasion.  Most of the populace on Urantia know of Adam & Eve and as for they are concern it all started with Adam & Eve.

It will give Them a platform to explain what took place before and during that time. And I'm sure everyone wants to know the origins of the devil (caligastia), and how it lead to them being cast out of the  Garden of Eden and how the worlds of time & space receive spiritual revelation at different time periods in our evolution.  And how all this lead to the 1st Appearance JESUS. The people of the world can identify with Adam & Eve for many reasons.

I personally believe that this is the best I've seen so far that will bring the maximum favorable results for the introduction of JESUS for HIS 2nd Return.

I thank the FATHER and all the Heavenly Host and My TA.


PS:  I awoke this morning with this song in my head;  M-I-CCC---K-E-YYY   M-O-U-S-E go figure.  ??? ??? ???