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Tues LL 05.21.24 ARTHURA


Dominick O:


New Symbols, Old Rebellion, Basics of Universe Organization of Time and Space and outside of it.
The analogy of universal brotherhood to harmonics.


* 052124 Tuesday Lightline USA, Host Dominick O
* Subjects: New Symbols, Old Rebellion, Basics of Universe Organization of Time and Space and outside of it. The analogy of universal brotherhood to harmonics.
* Speakers: Arthura
* Transcriber: sonofGod
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Welcome to Tuesday Lightline everyone, it's May 21, 2024. Lightlines for those listening are universe broadcasts from various spiritual centers of yes ministry. And when you hear a beep, that's just someone entering the meeting. Just have to speak over it. Welcome, Roger. But for those new and possibly listening, these are universe broadcasts picked up by a human receiver of a transmission, an old process of give and take, its called transmission. That’s for sort. Previous Lightlines outlined this in detail, of which there are two right now. I'm speaking to the audience that might be new and listening on YouTube, we've just started uploading Tuesday Lightline to that.

So, we're going to possibly do something novel today, not too far off the scope. But we do have a change of pace with some lessons. And where do we begin? Is there anyone to bring some order to my speech? And before we do so, we pray to Father, and we thank Jesus for showing us the Father within, and the weight of the Father through Michael, our beloved Creator Son of this universe we live in.

Welcome, everyone, this is Arthura. I will speak to the group and strive to bring order to the slight chaos of the human mind. Greetings to all. We have quite a lesson today, as I admonish this transmitter to relax and get on the beam of transmission. You listen within, and when you feel the stream, let go, and let the stream take you. Some of you understand what that means, and some of you will catch up.

I am Arthura and I hail from parts outside of the Creator Son’s universe. The universe is administered and broken down, for lack of a better word, into distinctly named units, with different properties that you could loosely call reality. Some of that reality includes time and space and some of it does not. And yet there is a common denominator regardless, and that is what Jesus referred to as the Father. You could talk about this without such a personality name or pronoun, for those of you allergic to them, that there is a universal source, but you miss out on the fact that source also has personality when it deals with other personalities, of which you are part of that mystery. This mystery defined as personality, that changeless aspect of you that is constant, regardless of your form, or your status in time and space.

Also, with the folks new to the Lightline, there is a reference material of revelation. In other words, this is an qualified as a loose definition of revelation. Transmission broadcasts don't always contain revelation, but they do contain the personalities of you could say the regulator's that is divine administration's, and deities, and all have the common denominator of this one deity, the universal Source and Center, the Father. The Prime Creator could be somewhat confused, depending on what aspect of the universe you're talking about. The local universe, in other words, has a Prime Creator, the Creator Son, who is in all respects the Father of his local creation. But his purpose with you is to graduate you, those who are endowed with this Spirit of the Father, to graduate you beyond the boundaries of this local creation and onward to Paradise, which even resides outside of space and time. For that reason, you are on the precipice of what the fifth epochal revelation foreshadows and calls for, which is new symbols and a reformation of religion.

What remains constant amongst all of that change is the particle experience of the individual unit, you, of your unique personal experience, regardless of time and space, or the religion of the time. But you are capable of having this spiritual growth that literally qualified you for salvation in a non material form.

Now, the material form is now beginning to be understood as fundamentally electric. We will be for, for record sake, speaking some recorded revelation of the fifth epochal, which is found an a book released in 1955. But before we begin, we speak to the fifth epochal revelation, and then we will speak to the lesson to solidify that home. That not only did the end section of this book asks or hint that new symbols are needed, but that you should be doing something with it. And this was after the last session discussing the Bestowal of Christ Michael in the life and times as Jesus, and how the church made a mistake of making a religion about Jesus, or that basically what you do if there is an error to be held in the evolution of a religion. Certainly a revelation is that you do something about it, as opposed to doing something with it.

The transmitter doesn't entirely understand the statement either, but understands enough to go with it, that to do something with it, emphasize on with is to create a harmonic wave, you could think about it that way. And then if you were doing something about it, stress the word about, you are creating a gravity field. What this does, is creates the false notion that you are doing something with it, when in fact, you are only doing with it to perpetuate that it exists at all. You can linguistically check the math enough to understand that if you identify as a book, if you identify as a Urantia reader, a Urantia Foundation, UAI, what have you, you are not to be burned at the stake, but you can easily understand that you are doing something about it and you should stop fooling yourself that you're doing anything with it.

Your endless study groups, conferences, need to teach, is doing something about it. That's not to say it's not worthy of anything. But the fact that you in general have done something about it to the extent that you prosecute those who do anything with it needs to change. And so, we ask you to begin to understand the new symbols that are emerging, new ways of thinking about reality that will provide a scientific understanding of brotherhood, and that brotherhood is a harmonic and not a gravity force. Brotherhood is not necessarily electric, but harmonic wave frequency and with that, gravity tends to lock you in, gravity keeps you within a force, or as a harmonic, frees you to be free of gravity sometimes.

Alright, I've lost my… I've lost my place. Where do we start again, Arthura?

This is Arthura. Let me begin by clarifying that these are transmitted files and downloads that the receiver receives. He is asked to convey the words he understands enough himself to understand the concepts and communicate them. That's the art of transmission. That if you do not have the concepts and vocabularies, it is very difficult for a transmitter to speak to anything not understood. And therefore is it the work of the transmitter, on the aspiring transmitter, to constantly update with new information, to constantly update his or her own vocabulary, and be an open system to information. Those with a closed system are more inclined to be a less effective transmitter, but probably a more effective administrator in performing any work to be done, but you could be your own worst enemy.

So let's grapple back with the lesson of Brotherhood as a harmonic gravity, is electronic, and if you're doing something about revelation, you have a specific gravity. In that sense the foundation had a specific gravitational pull to preserve the text. Secondarily to that was distribution of said text, and that broke down within one or two generations and that gravitational force. And now, nothing is escaping it from within its gravitational pull.

But to that effect, the contrast is the Magisterial Mission and Foundation. They are different. The Mission is the deities themselves in the form of Magisterial Sons. Avonal Sons, Sons of Paradise origin, brothers of a Creator Son. The universe has a push in a pole, an exhale and inhale, a positive and negative, those sorts of things. The Creator Son from Paradise works in such harmony with the Avonal Sons that execute and perform bestowals onto the planets within the domains of these Creator Sons. Both are working on behalf of the Father, of the Paradise Deities, which you could think of as the first, second, and third Source and Center, which is personified in the Holy Trinity, the Paradise Trinity.

And the fact that your religions confused whether Jesus is the Eternal Son or Holy Spirit as the Mother Spirit, is simply this harmonic, that what happens on smaller scales, typically is expressed in larger scales. So you simply need to expand the harmonic, if you're stuck in the mind gravity of the local universe and everything that's happened. Of course, that's your entire reality. But if you're thinking that Jesus is the Eternal Son, just understand, he is of the same source as are you, sons of God. And that you can understand orders of different divine beings, if you understand the taxonomy of personalities through the Paradise Trinity of the Universal Father, spoken to initially on this Lightline, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.

Those are unqualified deities, meaning, they need no qualification. That does not mean they are unfit. Unqualified means in this context, they require no qualification, for there are no - you could say - antecedents. The difference is the concept of the Supreme, which is a qualified deity in so much as it was created by the Paradise Deity. And your ancient traditions have this force of supremacy, which is expressed in the observation of the grand universe of time and space.

So, the Grand Universe you could say by definition includes time and space, the Masters Universe contains everything outside of the Grand Universe. Those are the higher harmonics of your spiritual ascension. You will die and cease to be an electronic material form, and you will survive as something greater than that in a new form.

Well, we hinted at that measures, thank you for listening so far. And thank you all for attending today. We welcome Charlotte as well. Welcome Charlotte.

Arthura, you're here but I, I know you're not transmitting. You're asking me to…. okay, I'll read from this first. Okay, some of the novelty of those joining a Lightline and this forum, where you can talk more offline of these Lightlines at Serara is a name that's out there on the internet as far as cartoon characters go, but this is the name identified as one of the Magisterial Sons. So, if you get confused looking at the Internet, just as you see lots of different versions of a Michael character over the years, same thing probably happened with Serara. But Serara is one of these Magisterial Sons, and the Magisterial Foundation simply wishes to do something with them. If we were doing something about it, I suppose, we would be trying to convince you all that Serara existed and that you should know about it.

Instead, the .. those involved with the Magisterial Foundation, strive to work with these Magisterial Sons. And of course, it's under the executive direction of the Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. And all of us are subject to the will of the Father, and unified in doing the business of the Father. So, the Magisterial Foundation has worked with the revelation and proposing to help in the Missions has produced a patent. And so, this is an example of something you can do with revelation.

It's something you can do with, I'll repeat that, revelation. And this is Arthura. We're beginning again. And I'm just going to use this transmitter’s notes as we go. But who else has used revelation? Those who have been great minds have understood the importance and significance of symbols. The symbols of old, one of the oldest symbols is the Flower of Life. And new symbols have emerged with new industries out of many patents. And this transmitter listens to some information that seem to qualify for some of this. And that would be the…, the lectures, the content, the website discoveries of these symbols, at a website called … well, it's six letters in the row. T as in Tom, C. O, T as in Tom, L. (

The patent owner of some of these patents needs to be researched, but he certainly understands space respiration. He has made .., and also has made discoveries in electricity, and gravity. And so some of these need to be extrapolated. Some of you listening are waiting for work, and here's some work we can give to you, if you want to do something with it, rather than do something about it. If you're listening constantly, you're doing something about it. We asked you to do something with it now. You can look at that website,
Ø  you can find out who's on the board,
Ø  you can find out who … where all the patents are,
Ø  and you can cross reference that in sections related to the ultimaton, and the fifth epochal resolution.
Ø  You can find out what harmonic wave resequencing is

But we need you to listen to a Joe Rogan podcast, with a…. with talents on it, which just recently came out.
Ø  You need to find out what those table of elements are, that had been produced in the past that they… that these terms are referring to.

The table of elements can be completely repurposed into wave harmonics, and frequencies.
Ø  Some of you can help the board by researching those who are challenging the utility of current particle physics. They're out there.
Ø  You can find out about Eric Weinstein. He's a … seems to be a champion of at least calling for new models of physics to be unleashed.

Well, that's a that's a bad word, I suppose, but the same lesson, the same gravitational pull of current physics understanding is there. And so, it is not enough to do something about it, and contact traditional organizations who are more interested in their self-preservation and preserving the status quo, as opposed to being an open system of information for the sake of a harmonic brotherhood.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that everyone is interested in a harmonic. Most people are interested in the status quo of the that gravitational force is given off.

Ø  We need… we need someone in the Magisterial Foundation to be part of a newsletter. And that means making sure there's an actual email list with names and emails to give communications to. And that's certainly to be expanded to multiple corporations that are nonprofit.
Ø  Another good segue is that for those interested in the patent, there is the … (Dominick someone get the reference material)  … there is the bullet point or the information that the electricity is being broadcast on an FM carrier wave at 86.4 megahertz (MHz). That's been brought to our attention that that may not be possible. And that given these current constraints, we urge those people to investigate the possibility that it could still be broadcast at 87.3. 87.3.

Those currently involved in the Magisterial Foundation are Ron Besser, the patent inventor, and creator of the nonprofits themselves. That took a lot of resource at the time, and he has worked with the deities, the Magisterial Sons, and the Force Organizers of the universe to produce that patent.

The reason someone should be looking into that website referenced earlier, is those symbols being created out of a non two dimensional view. In other words, it's greatly expanded to at least four dimensions of the symbols coming out of the negative space in the Flower of Life, with nothing like a straight line versus curve curvature. And looking at energy has electric, magnetic, but also has frequency and light, sound and color.
We will now read ..

Do you want to do that?

Yes. But we will now read for the record, as we've outlined these things, it's not to get too much into these things. That we just outlined. But now you can do some research as compared to some of the statements made in the fifth epochal revelation, known as the Urantia Book, and specifically related to the term ultimatons.

Alright, I'm just deciding which to read first. All right, this one. This is under the section energy, mind and matter. Within the subsection four, energy and matter transmutations, about the third paragraph down. Quote,

“Gravity presence and action is what prevents the appearance of the theoretical absolute zero, for interstellar space does not have the temperature of absolute zero. Throughout all organized space there are gravity-responding energy currents, power circuits, and ultimatonic activities, as well as organizing electronic energies. Practically speaking, space is not empty. Even the atmosphere of Urantia thins out increasingly until at about three thousand miles it begins to shade off into the average space matter in this section of the universe. The most nearly empty space known in Nebadon would yield about one hundred ultimatons—the equivalent of one electron—in each cubic inch. Such scarcity of matter is regarded as practically empty space.”

And then we'll skip a couple of paragraphs and continue reading. Quote,

“The quantity of energy taken in or given out when electronic or other positions are shifted is always a “quantum” or some multiple thereof, but the vibratory or wavelike behavior of such units of energy is wholly determined by the dimensions of the material structures concerned. Such wavelike energy ripples are 860 times the diameters of the ultimatons, electrons, atoms, or other units thus performing. The never-ending confusion attending the observation of the wave mechanics of quantum behavior is due to the superimposition of energy waves: Two crests can combine to make a double-height crest, while a crest and a trough may combine, thus producing mutual cancellation.”

Close quote.

Ø  So, a couple of things there should be compared immediately to the lectures I've just referred to on that website.

Ø Also, it's interesting to note the number 860, of roughly correlates to the weight of the FM spectrum of the broadcast., and someone should be checking that relationship out as well.

There are two other quotes to be referenced. And this is also, these two are also in the same section referenced. Quote,

“Mutual attraction holds one hundred ultimatons together in the constitution of the electron; and there are never more nor less than one hundred ultimatons in a typical electron. The loss of one or more ultimatons destroys typical electronic identity, thus bringing into existence one of the ten modified forms of the electron.”

It continues to the next paragraph.

“Ultimatons do not describe orbits or whirl about in circuits within the electrons, but they do spread or cluster in accordance with their axial revolutionary velocities, thus determining the differential electronic dimensions.”

I'm just going to stop there before I read more. But,
Ø  this should be compared to the concept and invention and patent related to what's called the linchpin outlined by the inventor of that patent. Again, that's at the website

And recently, I've outlined on a recent podcast at the Joe Rogan Experience, which is the number one podcast I think in the world. So he gets great, great guests. Continuing quote,

“This same ultimatonic velocity of axial revolution also determines the negative or positive reactions of the several types of electronic units. The entire segregation and grouping of electronic matter, together with the electric differentiation of negative and positive bodies of energy-matter, result from these various functions of the component ultimatonic interassociation.”

Now, close quote. So, these new symbols that are called for in the Urantia Book are, if I'm following this line of track, these new symbols I could say are now outlined in the rediscoveries or discovered, if you will, of that patent owner, of first name Terrence.

And so, we have all these new symbols arising that are corroborating the electronic science and frequency harmonics of matter itself. That was outlined in the revelation over 50 years ago, almost coming on 100 years. Certainly the Flower of Life dates back even before most of known antiquity.

Now, you could say if you believe this is a prison world, that some of this understanding of our reality is the result of something disastrous in human history. You might say that if this is a prison planet, it is also a rebel planet. The rebels in prison, (are) the people. People are defined as evolving souls, and these people are now populated with the very Father that the rebels blasphemy against. And they fable the plans of the Creator Son and strip down known reality into what the rebels can manage.

The rebellion itself was court adjudicated outside of the jurisdiction of the local universe. There is no fiat extinction yet, of the rebel. That would be the rebel cause, if you will, reeling and decrying the draconian rule of the Ancients of Days. This is one of those manifestos of rebellion claiming that if all the rebels would just unite, they could disbar the Ancients of Days from working.

You should know as humans that you should not follow this for it dooms your soul. They confuse your soul with your immortality. It is they who enjoy immortality, but the human obviously does not enjoy immortality. If you have past lives, you are much more likely to have insights into records of the past. You are created as unique beings, and in the moment of time as your birth the records of past lives could be part of this divine spirit within, revealed as Father himself within you. The rebel has no care about that. It blasphemies against it, and in fact, as we revealed in the last Lightline, has even destroyed souls. For it has no bearing. Your soul therefore has no bearing on whether they exist or not, as you could say, on their own sovereign governance. If you resist, if you get in the way, you are rubbed out. Period

It was adjudicated by the higher courts in 1986. 1986. That means you had all the world wars and Cold War, all these wars that still has legacies exist today on the planet, are playing out, but the rebels themselves have not been entirely removed. You do not have a clean break. Jesus did not solve this, for that was not his mission entirely. These next missions, you could say, are. The laws now on your side, our side, your side. How do you produce something on the planet that removes the … for lack of a better word, all the problems you have?

Well, begin by the yin and yang of creation and destruction. If your philosophy is trying to do something about something, you are more likely to fall into a victim creation dynamic as opposed to creating something. So the revelation given forth is certainly not to be beaten by people over the heads. If you were to go to this website we asked for example, and identify yourself as a Urantia book reader as so many have done before, it's over. You don't need to do that. You don't need to mention it. But there's information in it that is collaborative, and how can we collaborate to work with you?

Likewise, are you not to say, Hey, do you know that this information exists in the Urantia Book? Because it existed before the Urantia Book. So don't fall into that trap earlier? It's just how you found out about it. And are you doing something about it? Or are you doing something with it? And if you're doing something with it, how are you doing with it? Are you in harmony? Are you trying to harmonize? What harmonic are you coming in at? And who are you speaking with in interacting with who might have a different harmonic?

The new symbols therefore are this adjudication, this new paradigm really of looking at what's possible in the future, and not focusing on the recriminations of the past. From a meta theory perspective, everything that divides you right now and makes you seek reparations, or justice, are they… what are they predicated on? It is not enough to logically outline of the harms done, of the faults of another construct, if you are, indeed, brothers and sisters, you are more than just electric formations with the accident of consciousness. We, we laid before you the revelation, there was war in heaven, your planet is affected, your paradigms of reality are affected.

The cleansing of this problem will result in these new symbols, taking effect on how you view reality, and as that begins to happen, it will also dawn upon you whether overtly, accidentally or incidentally, what have you, that the deities themselves have spoken to you, literally face to face, and we will do so again. Your own divinity has the source of spirit, but it is high time you understand, like your Disney films, that Spirit also has form and structure to it. And that the realm of magic is the philosophy of the realm. And that the harmonic of love is the source of the universe and God itself and himself. And of course herself. For the one God has created all of these multiplications and divisions of reality in a wonderful system of what you are apart, and that you will be reintegrated back into the fold.

You have some fruitful thought today all over the board. Some of you have some homework. Some of you have been given science, some of you have been given philosophy. Others will take history from this.

And if you like, you can join us and ask questions at the forum. And if you have trouble getting in, it's basically kind of locked up, because of security. Automation gives it about 100 to 300 spambots a day. So if you really need to get in, you can contact And that's the administrator of that forum. And you can ask your questions there. We had some great questions this week, and we look forward to more. Thank you, Arthura, and thank you those on the call. It's 2:54. Anyone on the call can now press five star on the telephone, if you have any questions. Otherwise, we might end. We thank everybody for attending, Five Star. Ron, do you have anything you can unmute yourself.

Hey, Steven, hand raised. you're unmuted.

Oh, thank you, Dominick. I have a question relating to the Magisterial Sons’ Mission. It was given to us about a week or more ago that all the missions were suspended, I’ll you use that word, except for the Magisterial Sons’ Mission. Yesterday on Lightline, or could have been yesterday on Lightline? I think it was on the Lightline, Ron got this, it was stated that all the missions are on hold. So the question I have, and I may have a follow up, is, what is the status of the Magisterial Sons’ Mission today?

The understanding I have and let me check in .Alright, the Magisterial Mission has been on, so it cannot be necessarily off. What is certainly stopped as human participation with direct liaison at this time, as as we look at possible transitions. The Michael Missions are certainly off, the planet is not receptive at this time to make it a mission that would produce any lasting fruit. Does that help Steven?

It does. And that gives me a chance to follow up with this question. The Magisterial Sons, and I think he just said it, are somehow the brunt, I guess you would say, of some material or human being cause. And since 2015, or 2016, when I joined the forum, I always had the feeling that the Magisterial Sons, Monjoronson and Serara, could be spoken to, or about, in the biblical stance, or in, or from the Bible itself. Are they? The Bible talks about two witnesses, that they're here on this planet for 1200 and something days or 42 months, three and a half years, to be exact. It’s the way the Bible says it, if I recollect that properly.

Yeah, and I'm not the best Bible student but I think the missions, certainly the word magisterial has a few select, or majesty, anytime that in the … I think, was it Revelations? Maybe mentioned it?

Well, back to the biblical point of view, is these two witnesses are on the planet for three and a half years. They are here to put the planet in good shape, to put it that way, both human wise and in which spiritual health. And …  but the people don't like what they hear. And it comes to a point where they want to destroy these two witnesses. And the Bible says that if they tried to harm that the fire would do out of these witness's mouth. Well, I don't look at that as literal fire but certainly the mouth, that speak the answers that they would have, certainly didn't save us. The insurrectionist if they would find them would kill them. Finally after …

So, you're saying, you're saying Stephen, that, that you in your mind that correlates with the Magisterial Sons incarnated? Is that what you're getting? Okay.


That's something to think about. I can't speak to it. I don't think they're going to. Just to close out some of your question now is that we do have some of the fruits of whatever is transpired before now, and that is this patent. And that certainly, that we keep knocking on a paradigm that we assume is receptive to this, when we know it's probably not. Therefore, we should be looking at new sources of colleagues and brothers and sisters who are open to the invention and possibility and probability and the fact that this patent works. So that's why I cited those sources. Steven and Ron, unmute yourself if you had something, but I had something further for the board. We wanted this done.

If I can say … if I can say one last thing, Dominick, is the final .


At the end of the three and a half years they are not killed, well they are killed, but they have a spiritual lifting, a resurrection, and the world is going crazy on this. And is this the type of thing that the Magisterial Sons could participate in, to open the people's eyes and hearts? That was the final point. But go ahead, Ron, if you've got something

Yah. I hear, no, Steven, they would never be harmed.

Okay, well, okay. Well, they finally won’t then. Yeah, okay.

Okay. I'm gonna mute you again, Steven and go to Ron. His hand was raised. Ron, you had your hand raised. Did you have something?

No, I didn't.

All right.

I did see something beside my name, but I didn't do it. I don't have any. I really have no comment, Dominick.

Okay. Well, I'll put you back on mute, and I thank you for for answering.


That concludes today's Lightline. Tomorrow's Lightline for Wednesday has been canceled. We wish Lemuel all the best in his surgery. But he knows he will be missing transmitting for that reason tomorrow. So, wish you well, praying for you, Lemuel. And look for the forum for any announcements. We apologize if there were miscommunications, but we took it as it came and we realize it wasn't the best, but it is it was what it was. And we resume our normal schedule certainly this Sunday. Thank you and have a great day.


@Dominick, are you referring to Terrence Howard? His Hydrogen Technology, currently being developed in Uganda, is of particular interest. I do hope he gains traction; we watch, wait and  hope. Wendy

Dominick O:
Hi Wendy,
Yes, the link the podcast is in the description section of the YouTube link. The lightline posted to YouTube has some visuals in it where those things are mentioned (23:30). The audio is cleaned up, too. I was able to remove many of the audio gaps on the original recording -- Dominick


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