Author Topic: Brief Notice 27 October 2020 - Status of the Magisterial Mission  (Read 1274 times)

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I noticed while making changes to the placement of this subject that we were way out of date as to the status of the Magisterial Mission to Urantia.

As of this date the Magisterial Mission has been operating in spirit on Urantia since October 04, 2020 and is improving its influence greatly with the help of LIGHTLINE  and Advisory 30.  Stay tuned for more announcements in the section as to status and demands of the cabal and our reaction to it to be seen here.

For Reasons of State, we say nothing more until we have a chance to evaluate the influence and care of Advisory 30, as it has changed the status of Ron Besser and the concerns for the Urantia Foundation are now on board once more as a possible aide to the Magisterial Sons to inculcate the readership on Urantia to the idea of a Magisterial Mission and a new epochal revelation in place of the current 5th epochal revelation as it now stands.

The Magisterial Sons:

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Re: Brief Notice 27 October 2020 - Status of the Magisterial Mission
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OK! Thank you