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I have here a model provided to me recently by the MAGISTERIAL SON, RAYSON, our SCIENCE OFFICER working with the Magisterial Sons on URANTIA today!

This model is a very simple picture of how Rayson will provide the schematics to provide electricity to homes everywhere at a fraction of the cost we spend today to generate it and to use it.

Simply put, if you place a series of electrical generators in a row so that they are all hooked up together sequentially, then if you place a steel coaxial cable deep in the concrete right under their generator blades, and feed that product out the door to a 100 foot tall transmitting tower, that generating plant can transmit electricity without wires to millions of homes around it at almost no cost.

The houses will have a little transmitting tower placed on their wall closest facing to the generating plant, and that will feed the entire house with enough electricity for all of its needs.

A 800 Kilowatt plant transmitter station can service up to 10 MILLION homes from one generating plant.  

But the really exciting thing about this is that the generating plant does not have to burn fuels at all to spin the generators to produce electricity, for that coaxial cable we run under those generators is able to tap into the flux of electrical charge of the magnetosphere (aka as the electrical properties of electromagnetism.)  That is what Tesla did in those wild experiments where he would sit in a room full of anodes and sparks all over the room creating a bizarre appearance of lightning running above his head everywhere.  It is this latent charge of negative ions in the earth's atmosphere that creates electricity out of the air just for the taking, and that is what our generators do with that coaxial cable running under them.   When those generators spin at about 10,000 rpm, and with that cable under them, they pick up the truons - a new word for you--  and a truon is a negative charge without being associated with a particle of any kind.   TRUON.   Remember that word and that principle!

The generators then pick up the TRUONS in the magnetosphere and spit them out onto the coaxial cable and because TRUONS can be transmitted without wires, the 100 foot antenna  (at least that high) can focus them as waves or beams of truons to antennas on homes throughout the community.  At home the truons channel into the house wiring and act just like normal electricity you get out of your wall mains for over a century now thanks to Westinghouse and Tesla insisting on homes being supplied with alternating current.

Today here in York one kilowatt of electricity to my home cost seven cents about.   Seven cents is astronomical cost as truons can be broadcast for less then a penny per one million kilowatts and homes would never have a power failure so long as those generators kept working.    Here is a crude picture of the set up.

Here is a statement from Oregon State University about the earths charge in exact detail.  It is this charge the creates the potential of TRUONS to form discrete particles not, but as true AMBIONS, which is the terms used by spirit to describe the magnetosphere on our planet.  AMBIONS form TRUONS and we have a lesson coming on them shortly with God's help for me.  Ron

URL reference

Capstones in Physics: Electromagnetism©1999 Oregon State UniversityP. SiemensWorked Examples page 1CHARGE OF THE EARTH

The earth's electric charge:  The electric field strength in the atmosphere near the surface of the earth is about 100 volts/meter and points downward.

The potential increases with increasing height, up to about 300 kV = 300 000 volts. This field is maintained by thunderstorms, which deposit negative charge on the earth at the rate of about 103 amperes.

Calculate the electric charge carried by the earth.E(R) = Q4εoR2 100 volt/meterR = earth radius 4000 mi 6400 km = 6.4 × 10 to the 6th power m

[This is Ron:  This is a foreign language to me and I include it only to show that the conditions exist to provide this concept to work and it can be calculated to what power and degree we can use the magnetosphere and prevailing conditions to do this.  Otherwise I doubt the above is complete either  and I let it stand as untranslatable to a non physicist such as myself.  Thank you.]

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Thank you Rayson and Magisterial Sons for making known a simple and economical way of the most beneficial distribution and use of electricity.
I wish it could be deployed quickly around the world to reduce electricity cost.

I remember a report on the Forum informing us about non-polluting electric generation, virtually free of charge because everyone should be entitled to electricity supply.
We need some scientists to take note of this information.

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Wow, that's very fantastic technology for the new era of world!

I remember Tesla invented the Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla Tower) to send electricity wirelessly and it is related with earth and ion layer in sky.

Wardenclyffe Tower [from Wikipedia]

The magnetosphere on the Earth is very similar to the magnetic field around a  magnet bar, which is depicted by the round alignment of steel powders around it in science school classes because the Earth is a kind of magnet itself.

I figure out now the reason of why such magnetosphere occurs as like a magnetic bar:

1. The compression, by gravity, of earth inside causes free electrons to exit out of materials underneath by the piezoelectric phenomenon. Because the core of the Earth are made of iron, there can much free electrons exit out.

2. Those free electrons go upward to sky because they are lighter than other gases and minerals. So, the ionic layer, ionosphere is formed located in the sky, by gathering of those electrons.

3. The rotation of the Earth on its axis moves the whole air in the sky also. It means also the rotation of the ionosphere itself.

4. Since the movement of charges like electrons means the current of charges, by the Ampere's Law, the current of the ionosphere causes the formation of magnetic field around it.

Geomagnetic field [from Wikipedia]

Without any need of the movement of the earth core as like dynamo theory, the magnetosphere can be formed by the logic above. But such movement of the core may cause the instability of geomagnetic field.

The reason why the positively charged core of the Earth does not cancel out the magnetic field of the negatively charged ionosphere is that the core cannot make magnetic field much because their atoms are not free and bound in them with pressure. In order for a currents to make a magnetic field, the charges which make the current, must be aligned to the direction of the current. Free electron can be aligned but the atoms in the core cannot.

But I didn't know that such big 100 V/m of electric field exist on the surface air.

And, though the `ambion` seems to be the name for the ionosphere, what is the `truon`? Is it different to `untimaton`? Is it sub-ultimatonic particle? or super-ultimatonic particle?

More, how the generator be made? Is it just a normal electric generator? and how the receiver in home is made?
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Thank you Maruchi.  I fully appreciate your post.  Let me help a little if I can and define some terms for you that all of us have to adopt if we are ever to understand how electricity can be transmitted without wires.  I am totally dependent on the Magisterial Son, and the His role as Science Officer to the Magisterial Missions to our planet.  That individual has chosen the personal name RAYSON to refer to him, and I do so all the time for many years of association with Him in my work here on this discussion forum.

RAYSON wishes you to understand Maruchi, that the science you quote above in your post, is out of date.  That means it is too limited for you to understand how a tower as you show that Tesla designed in 1901/1902 actually works, when it was new, to be able to transmit electricity without wires.  Here are the stats from Wikipedia:

Construction started: 1901
Height: 187′
Opened: 1901
Creator: Nikola Tesla
Added to NRHP: July 27, 2018
Architect: Nikola Tesla

NRHP = National Register of Historic Places.

Had Tesla and the people who backed him just allowed the tower to grow another twenty feet into the air, say to 210' tall, they would have succeeded beyond all of their dreams to do it.  The 187 foot height it was designed as sits too close to salt water and for that reason the ambient truons which are the latent charge power in magnetosphere, would have produced a spectacular show of sparks and the entire matter would likely have been dropped, but Tesla knew there was something about the tower which was not working at all, and he never figured it out.  It was the height of the tower too close to salt water and it killed the full use of the concept right there and then.

As RAYSON I speak now:

"Maruchi, Ron admires you tremendously to be able to grasp what is going on with this concept.  He also understands you have misquoted yourself in a couple of places and wants to define a couple of terms so you can relate the concept back into the physics you already know..  Please understand Ron is not lecturing you but defining terms.  Your translation into Korean is too stilted, too rigid, for the actual play of intellect Ron has to send you so you can grasp what we do to transmit electricity without wires.

Learn to use these terms in your physics:

Truon = This is the potential charge within the magnetosphere.  It is not a particle of any kind, but is the spark  that lights up the sky when the potential  truon converts to a negatively charged ion of electrical properties.

Ambion = This is a  condition.   Ambion = Condition that is within the Magnetosphere.

The Ambion is like a series of batteries hooked together and the result of all those batteries discharging into one discharge of voltage creates the Ambion.

The  Wardenclyffe Tower is too small.  It should be wider half again as much.  It is too short.  It is also made of a ferrous material and such towers must never be constructed of a ferrite style metal-material as that is a drain on the signal of Truons you wish to transmit.  The tower is also an Ambion pole.   That is, the tower itself acts like a hundred or two hundred batteries tied together by a single connector and therefore always is creating the Ambion condition.

Learn to deal with these terms Maruchi and you will eventually understand the following:

A Truon is ambient current saturating the Magnetosphere.

An Ambion condition is what releases the Truon into the Wardenclyffe Tower tip when Truons are emitted and thrown off the tower tip to be received by home antenna.  What the home antenna receive are Truons, but the home antenna itself converts the Truon to enter the house wiring as a flow of electrons.  The Truon is NOT a particle, but it is an ambient charge or voltage potential that will always convert to 300 ohms of power usage for the house and the house wiring will always transmit that exactly to utilities and devices in the house that require electricity to work.

Ron inadvertently gave you the secret to transmission means because he is sure it makes no sense to you that electricity is a flow of Truons.   It is not.  Electricity is the flow of electrons.  But the electrons must take shape when a Truon pushes the magnetosphere to dislodge an electrical potential.

Electrical potentials do not just exist in the Magnetosphere, Maruchi.  You seem to think that is the case, but it is not.  Electrical discharge potential is in every electron whether it is in a position to do that or not.  Most electrons just provide a stable atom.  But when electricity erupts, stable atoms become charged to with Truon activity.  For that reason never describe a pole as either positive or negative UNTIL the electrons are finished providing an electrical charge to either pole.  For this reason electrons can force one pole to have a positive charge when the other pole electrifies first.  This is why when you try to charge a battery you always hook up the positive pole first, for it you do not, the batter can explode.  Fortunately that is rare today, but in the old days when a car battery went dead many people tried to charge it with another vehicle battery and hooking them up negative pole first just blew one batter up all the time.  Manufacturers no long make battery is so sensitive but it is wise to charge battery to batter with a positive pole hook up first.

Truons are the ambient positive charge of that half of the battery.  The negative charged pole is never allowed to operate with electrons until they have established the positive pole somewhere else first.  Snake lightning is a good example of seeing a positive charge being established first, as the snake picture quality comes from the fact that the clouds themselves are without a sufficient charge to hold the release of electricity from the clouds or the upper levels of ambient charges the storm is drawing from to produce lightning.

Truons exist generally only in the vicinity of a storm center and are not found elsewhere within the storm itself' however, Ron saw ball lightning once and was amazed how it walked across a curtain rod and spit at him and was gone.   Never get near ball lightning if you see one as they are lethal and the body salts convert its discharge into about 800 ohms of a charge and it takes only 500 ohms to kill a person in this indirect way of receiving an electrical charge that goes straight to the human heart.

Ambion conditions however, exist only as a fraction of a second and set up the ability of the truon to flow or be transmitted.  We will leave that for now and speak to this for all of you:

AMBION Electrical Discharges are Unsafe at Any Place to Behold!

All of you use computers and cell phones.  They operate within an Ambion condition and as such they can catch fire if there is too much current being passed through them all the time.  Most computers are within a safe limit using electricity.  But Ron ordered two computers with extra electrical supply in order to ensure stability due to his power supplier being truly bad news to supplying electricity, and they still are.  However, by adding more electrical capacity to his computers, he also inadvertently got stuck into a grid like condition called brown out, and until he put his computers on a batter back up device, the brown out would savage the operating software and kill the computer with sudden failures which he could never explain.  For that reason he operates his present computer with a repair of new chips due to the fact that the old chips got burned out and no one has ever figure out how a computer chip got burned out this way.  In any case he is disgusted with Internet technology already and it will only get worse as techs learn to pull electrical charges before they erupt to kill a chip.  For that reason Ron has thrown the entire matter back to his wizard tech person Charles to handle the vagaries he used to handle well.

All of these electrical problems erupt over mis-application of power supply installations.  Ambion conditions erupt when there is too much electricity flowing into a device not designed to use that much power.  Ron runs a small room heater and tires trying to regulate it but that little unit burns electricity too fast and over heats a room quickly and so he shuts it off just as the room reaches his comfort level.  As a consequence the Ambion condition in the room is saturated and it feels too cool when it fact it more than correct to heat him.  The human soul knows nothing about hot and cold, but the human body knows it very well, and when the Ambion condition of the room is unbalanced, you always feel chilled.  To correct it, turn off the heater and let the natural conditions of the air around you rebalance the Ambion condition of the room.

We leave this and hope it has helped you enough Maruchi to consider relearning how to describe the transmission of electricity without trying to use electrons all the time to do it.  K  RAYSON."

Ron here:  Maruchi I understand this is hard to take it, assimilate.  For that reason I have asked Rayson to produce a Paper if he can ever find the time to do it on the Wardenclyffe Tower and its application.  Most electrical flavors on Urantia are useless unless one understands that the Magnetosphere, or as Tesla called it, the aether or the ether as we prefer to spell it, does actually exist in spite of Wikipedia poo pooing the concept.  Modern man hates change and it will take centuries to understand natural phenomenon if we use current science to explain it.  Some science is favorably done, but you need an electrical genius like Tesla or a divine Magisterial Son, like Rayson, to explain these things much better.  I am not that person but Rayson is and I cooperate to produce these insights that get pushed out of mind by most people. but they are accurate and must be studied someday in a serious manner. 

From Wikipedia:

"In physics, aether theories (also known as ether theories) propose the existence of a medium, a space-filling substance or field, thought to be necessary as a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces. Since the development of special relativity, theories using a substantial aether fell out of use in modern physics, and are now joined by more abstract models."

Ron - We finish this with one last statement from RAYSON now:

RAYSON -  "Maruchi, Ron has gone to extraordinary lengths to tell you what you need to know, yet you are fully discharged on the idea he is a fanatic not, but so well illuminated with spirit he fails to translate concepts satisfactorily to you.  That is wrong.  Be aware he makes every effort to explain things in terms familiar to you, but those terms you use to understand the electrical properties we deal with on  earth are so full of innuendo to a past era of thought, it ruins any chance man has to fully understand that electricity is not a mystery, but a bane of existence to the universe.  Electrical power usages on a world like Urantia one day will CEASE entirely and a type of lighting will appear so much more friendly and available that people like yourself will never understand it unless you learn to adopt the language Ron has so carefully instructed you to use to understand how electricity is generated for usages in the home for heating and invention usages.

"For that reason I want to adopt a Paper on the Wardenclyffe Tower and I will but not right away as I have much to do before I come to the lecture part of my work on Urantia.  For that reason we use Ron as best we can and he is fully amenable to my language, but he needs a translator with him too and I am asking the other parts of God to supply some of that if at all possible as many ascenders who knew Tesla, and even Tesla himself, can do it now, and that is valuable beyond all words to do this for the benefit of mankind.  I am RAYSON and thank you for paying attention to all of this Maruchi, but if you cannot make the change we have to go elsewhere to make this concept work.  So if you wish to be involved, learn the language and the concepts without bulking at all you run across because this is revelation, not a science lecture per se.  RAYSON."


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Thank you very much Ron. I am in good mood on by your effortful post.

I remember that I seem to have read a text that the 'salt water' or 'salt spray' was the key of Tesla's experiments.

It would need more time, frankly, for me to ponder and understand the post and the concept of 'Truon' and 'Ambion' because I and human are not such intelligent as celestial existences.

Thank you very much Rayson for teaching and I welcome your further teaching. I know your site, though its articles are stopped releasing anymore.

The 'ether' (aether), which current physics society objects its existence, seems to be 'force' (in Urantia Book) because they both are the medium of light. The famous Michelson-Morley experiment for the objection of ether is invalid, I think, because it is two-way passing of light experiment since the sum of the travel times of each of the two way paths of light yield the same value always for any direction of travel, according to the formula that I derived ago. If it is experimented in single one-way passing, the traveling time of the two light paths perpendicular each other will be different. Then, it means ether exist.

The field equation of Einstein for General Relativity seems to be just a math expression that the medium 'ether' ('force') is bent in the vicinity of material as similar like the surface water (ether) is bent around a bubble (material).

Thank you.
For a human to live in love is to think truly, word goodly and act beautifuly.