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Lightline call for July 17
« on: July 17, 2021, 04:56:25 pm »
Hello everyone--
We had a great call.  TARKUS was our MC. We heard from Malventia Melchizedek, Van, Machieventa Melchizedek, Power Director number 4, INFINITE SPIRIT, and JESUS.  I appreciate all who attended and all the celestials who helped us.
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Re: Lightline call for July 17
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2021, 12:08:14 am »
Hi, and I remind all that the Infinite Spirit payed us a call today to specifically announce a Urantia axis shift He indicates with the Power Directors will occur about October 15th a little before or a little after.  We are to expect between two or three days of dark or light in a row, and that tsunamis around the ring of fire on Urantia will cause more damage than expected.

The Infinite Spirit also cheerfully indicated to me later that the mid Atlantic States and those are Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and southern New York State, are safe for the most part.  And then He added that Lake Erie might tilt eastward and dump its contents as a tidal wave over the shore communities around the Lake in northern Pennsylvania.  Plate shifting in the east coast of the United States is expected to be minimal, but the Mississippi Delta might sink out of sight if the plates under the Gulf of Mexico crack further.  Thank you.

Ron for the Infinite Spirit and Power Director Four.

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Re: Lightline call for July 17
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2021, 12:25:27 am »
Thank you Amethyst for putting up this recording. Thank you Ron for the reminder.Thank you to all our celestial family for their words of encouragement,information and warnings all aimed at helping us to have better awareness in our lives on Urantia. Thank you to all the participants for their contributions. I noted the evidence of the new circuitry in place on this call as Larry transmitted very clearly and without halting.

Love and Blessings,

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Re: Lightline call for July 17
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2021, 04:49:47 am »
Hi Ron,
I cannot read between the lines as yet but could you please explain what Michael of Nebadon meant in the following statement quoted from the above lightline;
(After one hour five minutes into the recording)
I am the Creator Son of Nebadon. I’m also the President of the Federation. Don’t forget that. I also I’m Jesus. All this has conspired to hit me all at once and as a result I must be quiet with certain individuals. That does not include Urantia. It does not include all of you including Ron but it does include certain individuals I have supported on Urantia for dozens of years that speaks as Sananda or as Jesus or as the Archangel Michael or various other titles. They are being closed off. They have no idea what has happened but that has to be the consequence of not developing anything further with me and I lament not being able to have improved their staying power on Urantia and our help.

Thank you.
Love and Blessings,

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Re: Lightline call for July 17
« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2021, 05:32:16 am »
Hello Everyone, here are notes from today's Light Line.
Light Line 07-17-2021
Larry: Be with us, guide us that we may do your will. Be with us, the transmitters, those attending, and we invite spirit into our lives, and that we can hear the words of spirit.

Amethyst: your host, Larry Gossett, co-host.

I see Van here, and Tarkas will be our MC today.

TARKAS: We have a wonderful group here 16 on call, and 3 or 4 on live streaming.
We have a Melchizedek here you rarely hear from. He wants to provide a transmission.

MELCHIZEDEK, VALENTIA. Sometimes our names may sound similar to you . I am one of the 25 Melchizedeks who are currently or about to be incarnate on your planet.

I want to talk to you today about Mission Fatigue. Up down, over, under. This information you receive constantly changes.
This was the case a year ago. The problem is that so much has changed in the universe, with the loss of the supreme, as well as the resurrection of some Lucifer loyalists. But it not just ever changing Missions. It is the condition of the planet that disturbs you. So it should.

The geological issues, with the core, sun, and the tectonic plates are daunting. It is the seemingly total lack of common sense, the seemingly total lack of civility among the population. All truth, beauty and goodness appears to be absent, no matter where you look.

We too are fatigued waiting for things to improve. I was part of the old Teaching Mission, and was disappointed when it fell apart, about a generation ago. The fact we have human ascenders is encouraging, but we get fatigue too, and we are looking for a break for you soon.
You have not been aware of what is going on behind the scenes. So far our efforts are mixed. We ask you do not form opinions when you see things on the news. Don't form opinions. There are many layers of opinion that need to be peeled back before you understand more clearly what is happening around you.
We have made some progress with some leaders, yet many remain firmly entrenched in a hardened crust of evil they don't even realize.

The rebellion has damaged so many qualities of your population. But we are making progress. We believe the return of Jesus will be a game changer that will surprise the planet.

But much needs to remain hidden from you.
We are are glad to have human partners, willing to do what they can to help, even if it is in just a small way. Right now the Light Line is helping more than you are aware.
There are those who listen to the recordings in all the languages, and are trying to keep up with the changes which are beyond their ability to understand.

Another point I want to make. You are not isolated in your weariness, as you know many of us are as well.

We encourage you to continue what you are doing now. Each day, just put one foot ahead of the other, going about the Father's business the best you can. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Try to be prepared for earth changes, resulting in loss of electricity, food and gasoline.

In the centuries ahead, as you look back on these days, you will know these were some of your most difficult times, but you will also realize your steadfastness will be the source of your greatest rewards and accomplishments. The lessons you are learning now will prove to be some of your greatest memories.

Back to you you Amethyst:

Thank you Melvantia Melchizedek. (Spelling?)

Van: we are on the cusp of more activity. You may see it on the news. I, Van, am also glad Malventia decided to join us. I look forward to hearing from him again.

Thank you Van

Machiventa Melchizedek: I want you to know the rebels know that you are getting frustrated over the computer technicalities. Please always be aware that you are getting special attention, and the rebels can screw up your computer. Be prepared for it. It will happen.

To continue the transmission:

These times in the now, and the coming weeks and months, you will be hearing from a wide range of Melchizedeks you haven't heard of. Ron can help you with the names, and their positions. Just be cognizant of the fact they will be if not already, incarnated on the planet, to guide you through the initial stage of the missions as they develop.

Urantia has a reputation many of you are unaware of. As you go through your ascension careers, you will see that Urantia is a special place. Urantia is known throughout the universe in many different levels. It is an advantage for you to have been born a native of Urantia.

We are all very happy you are all here, and continue to be steadfast. Be ever mindful of your hearts, and minds, and your place in the missions.

Larry: Thank you so much Machiventa Melchizedek.
Amethyst: Thank you Machiventa.

Van is tapping me on the shoulder: He says, as you all know, I have been with Urantia longer than you all can even imagine. I have committed myself to continue to help shepherd for as long as it takes to get this planet into the days of Light and Life.

I have been here a long long time. I have a soft spot in my heart for the inhabitants of this planet, and especially for you and those like you.

It is a pleasure to be a part of all that is going on here. I step back and give back to Amethyst.

Tarkas signals that we can turn over to Q and A.
Larry: Ron do you have anything you want to present to us today?

Ron: I am sitting here listening
MICHAEL OF NEBADON: Ron was not interested in speaking, but Ron does have some news.

He has been talking with a phased supernaphim. Name(?)
This is the Infinite Spirit.
Ron: You are most welcome.

INFINITE SPIRIT: understand that when we speak to Urantia these days, we go through Ron first, because he is so experienced. We make this announcement through Ron to the group today.

Ron has has been speaking with a phased supernaphim. Most of you do not know what that is.

When a high spirit being desires to speak, they go through reducing power in order to speak, and appear as lower spirit being.

I am a phased supernaphim.

I have a very important purpose for Ron he hasn't heard before.

He woke this morning in intense pain. He couldn't breathe well. When lying on his stomach or sides, he felt it could crush the lungs a little But no. He had trouble getting a breath.

He asked the angels (?) Michael (?) Paradise(?) Ron was not under attack, but his lungs were being modified so he could breathe less oxygen so he could withstand what is coming next on your planet.


Ron saw a fire in the sky. When a planet's axis shifts, the moments could speed up real fast. You could see 2 sunsets in one day, or it could be dark for 3 days. It is an axis shift. not a pole shift.

Stick a pencil in an orange. That is an axis.
The Angona system coming through affected the various planets different ways. Urantia got tilted. The axis tilt gives us our seasons.

The pole acts as an axis. resulting in 24 hour cycle day. It is now 21 1/2 degrees west-east of the perpendicular. It will go to 32 west, and almost nothing east. You wi l have your seasons, greatly reduced in the northern hemisphere, 3 days of light and 3 days of dark. It will begin probably late October and last unto about the first week in January. It is an extraordinary event. York will be plunged into an Arctic winter. The normal temperature will be 14 degrees Fahrenheit cooler.
I am the Infinite Spirit. I know everything I should know.
Ron: Thank you!

INFINITE SPIRIT: I am usually arcane and careful when I speak through a human, as I do now.
The Book "Crown " is considered a work of art. Perfectly written out. The publisher is Writers Landing.
The editor, Katherine, found this difficult, said it is written so beautifully because I can't change a word without blushing a little.

Ron religiously took down the words of the Deity Absolute, the Universal Father, and Jesus himself in order to write the book.
Ron supplies the heart. Michael feels that the collection of Ron's work, released in October, is probably worth a Pulitzer prize, is gorgeous material and it keeps improving.
Ron: Thank you for your gracious attention.


Lemuel: Thank you. A simple question for Amethyst: Has she experienced any change due to the fact that she has a new Ticonderoga adjuster?

Amethyst: I did not receiver that adjuster. I knew that nothing had changed. I have my original adjuster. I am very grateful. He is so dear to me.

Weydevu: To Ron: regarding the axis tilt. Will the earth tilt away from the sun?
Ron: The earth will tilt 32 degrees off the perpendicular. It pulls the southern hemisphere more toward the sun.
Three days of darkness and light, does that meas the earth is slowing down?


Power Director 4: The universe orbit that the sun takes around Sagittarius is now misaligned because of "rotten weather" in space. We have had a space anomaly around the Sagittarius constellation. The constellation is in Orion.


Ron: I made Jesus chart: his mid heaven is Orion, if you are interested in astrology, which I am because of the ramifications for character.


The stars at the birth of Christ are almost at the same spot as it was back then.

Ron gets excited, when he sees something as serendipitous as this.

The Bethlehem Star was the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and the center star of Orion. They will never find it on today's charts.

The Harvest Moon is big and yellow because the moon is close to the planet, and rises in a shallow angle, and the atmosphere acts as a magnifier glass. Guess what happened at the birth of Christ. The birth star came up at a shallow degree on the horizon, and was magnified about 30 times
We told you to watch the sky. See the beauty the incarnation will do for your joy.

Thank you Power Director 4.

This is Gabriel:
GABRIEL: you are being advised, everyone, we think all of this will take place about the second week of October 2021. We need to have Jesus on the planet pronto.

The inability of men and women to conduct the business of great nations, please understand, that all the nations that have existed for a couple hundred years, must revise how they govern the population. The population must be reduced. There are 3 times the number of people that the planet should have.


That means that Jesus must face in "the Crown" to give as a full report of what is expected, the policies, and Bulletin 19, for all of you: Bulletin 19 is the foundation for "The Crown".

Ron has a publisher, a name and a face to go to, to publish.

We have fairly established that Ron has become a leader because of his wonderful Thought Adjuster.


Weydevu: Is Monjoronson still in Northern Utah?

MONJORONSON; I, the Magisterial Son, am taking the place of Rayson. Rayson will stay with technology. I am indeed incarnated. That's all will tell you.

Valerie: Is there a relationship between the axis shift and the tectonic movement?

Power Director: When the shift happens, it could create a jolt that could create a chain reaction of earthquakes, volcanoes, or tsunamis. The land and the oceans will shake. It is anyone's guess which part of the planet will receive the most activity as a result of this pole shift.

Valerie: Ring of fire?

Power Director: The ring of fire is the most vulnerable, but it could affect the whole planet. Don't be surprised if the activity turns up anywhere.

Robert: ?
Michael: Each dimension I was bestowed upon had its own particular challenges and experiences. I was challenged in all my bestowals. But the one I experienced on Urantia was the worst by far, and was the worst any bestowal son has experienced.

I was not able to leave the planet in a state I wanted because my life was cut short . That is why I have to return.

CREATOR SON: Mota worked to reveal to Ron who I was. He was able to differentiate what looks like babble to you. He is able to "read between the lines".

This, everybody: Ron appreciates that when the CREATOR SON speaks it is official and authoritative.

Amethyst may be delighted that the Light Line turned out to be so fruitful. I am president of the Federation. I am JESUS. All this has conspired to hit me all at once.

Certain individuals I have supported on Urantia, who speak as Sananda, Jesus, or Archangel Michael have been closed off. I lament I have not improved their staying power on Urantia.

"The Crown" has been reviewed twice. The book is about the size of "Origins". It has the sweep of history and the dictation of the Father, Deity Absolute and the Infinite Spirit till Jesus appears in Madison Square Garden.


Ron must take a dive for a little while. Tomorrow is the Sunday Light Line, then also Tuesday. We might have Phyllis take one of them.

Ron is ill with the pain of the leg tissues. They are almost liquefied. We will need to take him off line briefly.
Lemuel, unmute: Please transmit Jesus.

JESUS: Just a few words. So many things have been intimated today, only recently from Gabriel, I cannot give anything away of course. l am fully aware of the situation on Urantia at the moment. This is obvious even to a blind man, it will not go on much longer.

I am biding my time deliberately. I will know the right moment when it comes. It won't be perfect. but it will be right .

Watch the sky. When you see changes in the sky, I am about to make my appearance.
With these words, I bid you all a very good afternoon,

Lemuel: Thank you Jesus.

Weydevu: I am surrounded by trees. I couldn't see the sky if I wanted to.
Ron: climb a tree! You might live in a tree for a while!

16 on the call. Thank you to all the celestials, who came and helped us with this call.

Amethyst: And I thank Ron for coming in and helping. out. See you all later.




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Re: Lightline call for July 17
« Reply #5 on: July 18, 2021, 05:10:27 pm »
Thank you very much SongatSunrise. Thank you our heavenly familly for this informations. Thank you all.