Author Topic: YOU DON’T KNOW BECAUSE YOU DON’T READ  (Read 149 times)

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« on: July 18, 2021, 01:32:28 am »
This is not the original title of this post. I woke up this morning with ‘Read a post a day” in my mind.Then what spirit has been saying in the Lightlines began playing in my head and I had to change the title.

You don’t know because you don’t read; you assume you know; you have lost interest; and so on and so forth.  Even as recent as in yesterday’s Saturday Lightline (17th July 2021), The Infinite Spirit speaking through Ron said “You’ve been told over and over “ when explaining why He is appearing as a phased Supernaphim to Ron. The title then kept ringing in my head and that’s why I chose it.

Yesterday while reading a post of a transmission by Ron, it seemed so new as if I had not read it before. It made me realize that I need to read very often as opposed to just flashing through the forum so that I increase my knowledgeability and awareness.

These are times that we all need to keep on top of things as the Missions are rolled out real-time. The best place to do that is right here on the forum through what is being revealed and shared with us. It is such a great privilege to be at the front-line of receiving Universe information and current affairs that seems only like a fantasy to many on Urantia. I know it is very normal not to feel like reading  something once you have already read it but if the knife is not sharpened from time to time then it will eventually be very dull and of little use. Kindly let’s try and sharpen our awareness and preparedness for the coming Missions. Thank you and God Bless you all.

Love and Blessings,
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